Kigal-Note/Curse Creature: Pettiness
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Name: Pettiness
Rank: F-
Type: Curse Creature (Humanoid)
Lifespan: Indefinite
Attribute: ERROR
Traits: Curse Creature


A Pettiness is the most common Curse Creature to find. They are horrid creatures born from the pettiness of man, more specifically, their desire to get stronger, which can be translated to their desire to level up, meaning it is impossible to get rid of the Pettinesses unless everyone on Terra Sol stops gaining levels.

Like other Curse Creatures, they are embodiments of their curse, which in this case is the desire for bloodshed and EXP, even if they cannot obtain it, making them the most passively aggressive creatures in the World System...only outranked by its fellow Curse Creatures.


A Pettiness looks like a tall and thin human, around 2 meters in height, and they almost seem to be wearing a black suit. Their arms are even thinner than the rest of their bodies and consist solely of thin, sharp, and horrendous claws. Their heads are a single lump of exposed, pulsating flesh with only an exposed mouth on its face.


Average HP: E+ Average MP: G- Average SP: E+
Average STR: E+ Average VIT: E+ Average MAG: G-
Average RES: F Average SPD: F- Average DEX: F-
Average INT: E- Rarity: E+++ Danger Rank: E+

Pettinesses are stronger than what people assume from their thin and frail bodies. They can easily break the arm of an adult man, and they will try to grasp their prey with their arms and eat them alive with their horrifying mouths. 

They do not have any special abilities except for the standard Curse Creatures ones, such as having an aura that constantly inflicts Fear to non-Curse Creatures and being able to erase skills from the targets that they have wounded. In their case, it's when they have eaten a part of their victim.

If you ever encounter one of these, destroy them before they can act or call any of their friends. These guys swarm like cockroaches. 

Filyn's comment: These guys are so boring...not that I ever underestimate them.

Garami's comment: Just looking at them is enough to reduce your SAN points. Of course, you mustn't underestimate them!!