Chapter 118: Red VS Yellow
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***HR. Location: North America***

(Ursa wife of Zod.)

Ursa and her teams of prisoners/soldiers were in a forest very far from their previous location. They had found that this planet though barren of life due to a previous war was...friendly? They encountered a lot of older people willing to give them places to rest, and eat free of any form of payment. Something about helping travelers in need and not asking questions. It, it was odd to Ursa. What if they had been enemy spies? But apparently Kryptonians looked a lot like the people of the planet so no one questioned them.

No, that wasn't entirely true. They did come across area wide security several times. It took Ursa and her team a few weeks to learn the language of the planet. So when they first met the security believed they were illegal aliens? What ever that meant. But once they spoke fluent...English. It wasn't much a problem. Though it wasn't much of a problem to begin with. This planet was strange, it empowered them! Ty-Nell ripped one of the area security personnel in half during an altercation. He hadn't meant to either. He simply pulled and they had come apart.

Now, Ursa and her unit were in the middle of a forest practicing their new abilities. Ren Jim-Ner was currently floating several feet off the ground. She didn't understand how she was doing it. But many others tried to emulate her and fell down. While others jumped into the air far higher than Ursa had ever seen! But even here in the forest they had to be careful. They had encountered many strange, and powerful creatures.

A mammal with thick brown fur that could stand on its hind legs to intimidate. Normally such creatures wouldn't scare the soldiers of Krypton especially with their new found strength. But this animal had spikes, or thorns growing out of its hide. It could roar so loud that could break bones, and rupture organs. It was also thirty feet tall! It had bashed Ter Val-Gith with one of its paws and sent her over a mile through the forest.

Thankfully planet security showed up before the fight could continue and safely put the beast down. Ursa and her team had to run and gather up Ter. But they escaped with out being found. But these planet security teams were far better trained, and equipped then area security. Ursa recognized them from the prison ship. The JLI the badges would say. Now? Ursa and her team were sitting in a dank cave watching as a JLI security force flew over the forest looking for them.

“I must applaud their discipline. We've been hiding for nearly a day and they are still looking for us.” Nadni Klon-Jyd said softly in the cave entrance.

“I believe they think we are in danger and are attempting to help us. You can tell, that...flier is still looking around frantically. Afraid we'll be dead on the ground and it will be her fault.” Torox said next, he had worked with emergency response on their home world many years ago. He knew the look.

“If she spots us we'd have to kill her. They can't know we are here. If they realize we are part of the prison ship?” Og-Ti said next, he was watching the woman carefully.

“She's leaving, I can see the teleportation rings around her.” Nadni said next, and sure enough the airborne JLI popped from their sight.

“Commander, how's Ter?” Torox asked as he carefully made his way to the back of the cave. Ursa looked up with a schooled expression but her her lips twitched down ward into a frown. Ter was being looked at by their unit's medic. Ral-Taz, he had served as a combat medic during the war.

“She'll live, what ever is on this planet is accelerating our bodies ability to heal. But the next few hours will be painful for her.” Ursa said in her cold indifferent voice. They heard the audible sound of a bone being popped back into place and Ter screaming into a mouth guard.

“Hello! I know your in there.” A man's voice called from the entrance of the cave. Everyone froze in horror! “Please we just want to help. One of you is injured, I can smell the blood.”

Ursa, and her entire team jumped to their feet save for Ter though she tried. Ral forced her down and took up a defensive position in front of her. They moved in sync as they traveled to the entrance of the cave but then Ursa raised a fist to the air telling them all to freeze. There standing in the entrance of the cave was a man wearing what looked like Kryptonian armor. More specifically he had a Kryptonian house symbol on his chest. Deep blue, and red color scheme but the symbol on the chest was of the house of El!?

“How is the house of El, here?” Ursa called out in Krypton. The man looked at her in shock, than a smile that could light up the cave grew across his face.

“Are you from Krypton!?” The man asked.

“We are, I am Ursa I am the commander of this unit.” Ursa replied, her indifferent expression cracked to reveal a smile.

“Welcome to Earth!” The man said then he glanced towards Ter.

“We need to get her into the sun! It will help her heal faster.” The man said, as he pointed at her.

They carefully pulled Ter back into the open area in front of the cave and sure enough she healed faster. The man with the house of El on his chest took a knee and looked her over. His eyes glowed softly and he smiled. Ursa could help but take comfort in that smile, as did the rest of the unit. Something about him made them relax. Ursa had to cough to get everyone to focus again. The man looked up to her and blushed a bit embarrassed.

“She'll be fine. She is already healing. You are all from Fort Rozz right? Did you work there as guards?” The man asked.

“We were residents there.” Ursa said carefully. “But when the ship crashed the prisoners escaped. We had to flee or be overrun. We didn't know this was a Kryptonian colony.” Ursa continued, as she tried her best to give only half truths.

“Oh its not! I mean a few of us live here. But its...Its complicated! You should all come back with me to the station! We can explain moment.” The man said softly, as he pressed a finger to his ear. Then the posture of the man shifted. It was a minute change but Ursa and her team noticed it. The man's face fell as he looked all of them over.

“Commander Ursa, may I please request that you and your team surrender peacefully.” The man asked, and the whole unit took a defensive stance. Teleportation rings started to appear around them five...ten....thirty.

“We have done nothing wrong! What we did was for the glory of Krypton!” Ursa shouted at him as the teleportation rings finished and armored troops appeared.

“I understand you believe that. But please, just surrender. I don't want to have to fight my own people.” The man said.

“You will try!” Ursa shouted and she threw a punch at the man and her fists broke across his face. CRACK! Ursa's bones in her hands shattered from the impact.

The fight was short, as it was brutal. Despite their training and extraordinary abilities. It was clear that Ursa and her team still needed more time to absorb what ever was in the air on this planet to have a fighting chance. The world security JLI took them down almost effortlessly. The man, or as he was code named; Superman. Took them back to the Watch Tower Station. There much to Ursa's horror was a dead man! Jor-El. Where were they!? Jor-El had died on Krypton! Dru-Zod had killed him, himself.


***HR. Watch Tower Station***

(Erik Lash, and Hunter Saurian. /Agent Wraith)

Dr. Multifarious requested that Lash come back once a week for sessions. He agreed, but aside from that she gave him a clean bill of health. Though she did agree to him getting a week off. She told as much to Wonder Woman, but of course she kept what they talked about to herself. Patient, Doctor confidentiality. So Lash was cleared in body, mind, and now it was spirit. What a better place to go then paradise island to restore ones spirit.

However, before he could leave Lash wanted to start the upgrade process for the station. It would take considerable time to upgrade the station to grade C. Especially since they had to upgrade the station while it was still being used. He went down to the second saucer towards the main data port. The walls peeled off from one another, while he, and Diana were swallowed into a private room. Diana looked around with a curious expression. She had never seen the main port. Vici's main core folded out from the main wall, along with her very own Droid Service Module. A module of one.

“Please give me a moment, I have to compress this down into a sizable bite.” Lash said to Diana as he sat down on offered chair from the station. Diana did the same and crossed her legs watching intently as he activated his store catalog.

Diana saw a book made from starlight appear above Lash and he reached up with his clawed hands to retrieve it. Hundreds of spell script ribbons began to surround him one by one. Each one revolving around him at high speeds. Power was the word, and power is what came from Lash now. While in his Transformation state he gave off tremendous amounts of it. No, it wasn't the raw physical power that came with Superman. Or even one of the Gods or Goddesses of Olympus. But the type of power that came from Lash none the less was Power.

To Lash, the book made of starlight contained anything, and everything he could buy with Dream Points, and Ability Evolution Points. He went straight to the C upgrade volume for the watch tower and got a prompt from it.

  • Attention User, the current design model is no longer optimal would you like to change it?

    • Yes/No...

Lash blinked at the prompt a little bit confused. He scrolled through the DP catalog and found out that because of designs he obtained from the MCU story/even Rift he could now create a singularity mass energy core. This would allow for a different type of construction that had once been impossible. But that raised a few questions. Did that increase the amount of DP to spend on the next upgrade? Yes, it raised it by another 500 points. So from D to C would be 1,500 DP. But he did have 30,000 DP to spend.

  • Yes/No....Yes.

With that selection done several new design schemes popped up. Lash went to the review section of the catalog and read through the different people who went with what design. He was not the only one to obtain a singularity core. Lash selected one that was an easier design that his current orbital ring method. But the entire station would have to go through a retrofit. But overall the station would be larger.

  • Attention User, you've selected the upgrade key for your Watch Tower Station.

    • C grade upgrade key is 1,500 DP. Confirm? Yes/No..... Yes.

An orb made of pure magical energy appeared in front of Lash and Diana's eyes lite up as she looked at it. Vici's main data port opened up and Lash placed the orb into the port. It rolled in and the port closed. A hum of power poured through the whole station, as millions of spell script ribbons flowed through the station. Technically Lash could afford the next upgrade key to B grade but he wanted to wait to purchase each module for each upgrade. Speaking of which!

  • Blue Lantern Hub: This hub will help coordinate between rings across the known Universe. Allowing for communication not only between Blue Lanterns, but any Lantern that volunteers to link up with the hub. Lantern Hub will work in tandem with Galactic Sheriff Module. D grade module 20 DP. (R&D module applied)

    • You have purchased one Blue Lantern Hub for 20 DP.

Technically Lash should have purchased that before he did the C grade upgrade key. Thankfully it didn't increase the price. Which he was confused about. He'd have to ask Dawn about that later. Maybe it was a bug? The Blue Lantern Hub would allow John, Hal, and Katma much needed coordination between the station and other rings. The Sol System was still outside the protection of the Guardians. But Lash knew not all of the Green Lanterns followed them anymore. This hub would help.

  • Slave Trade Hub: Universe wide slave trade is a growing market. From criminals to innocent victims of chance. With this hub you could profit from selling people to the market. Obtaining a growing network of empires, pirates, and governments. (Not Recommended) C grade module for 30 DP. (R&D module applied)

Lash's eyes twitched with anger at the module. Yes it was not recommended but it still angered him to no end that it was even an option. Though the cold logic of Saurian did explain a few things. They could purchase the module to buy, and free any slaves that arrived. Also, criminal slaves would actually be worth something instead of soaking up resources. There was logic to the argument. But even Saurian didn't like slave trading. No, they would not purchase it.

  • Defensive Platform: An automated platform that could assist with the defense of the station, planet, or even the solar system. The platforms come in a variety of types, styles, and configurations. Allowing for offense, defense, support, or utility. Or all four! C grade module for 30 DP. (R&D module applied)

Lash will have to wait on that. Once the upgrade was finished he would also have to purchase no turrets, and engine cores. Even with his vast amount of DP he could spend. If he was not careful it could easily disappear. He still needed to upgrade the planetary shield he purchased during the Rolf Dex invasion. Along with a Lunar Academy. The different type of platforms was intriguing. If he did all four, which apparently was more expensive they were essentially mini-stations of their own. That would be useful in the future when he starts to terraform the different planets, and moons in the Sol System.

  • FTL Slingshot Module: A form of fast travel for even FTL. This module will allow ships of different types, and size to Slingshot through star systems greatly decreasing travel time. This module is experimental. C grade module for 100 DP. (R&D module applied)

    • You have purchased the FTL Slingshot Module for 100 DP.

  • Travel Hub: This places your station on the universal network for travel agencies looking to travel the different galaxies. Ensuring your station can be used for fuel, resupply, and repair of civilian vessels along with some military. Works in tandem with Galactic Sheriff security company. C grade module for 30 DP. (R&D module, and FTL Slingshot module applied)

    • You have purchased Travel Hub for 30 DP.

  • Refugee Hub: This places your station, and solar system as a volunteer place to take refugee's. From war torn societies, all the way to settlers looking to find a new home. The hub will allow the organization, and placement of refugees. Works in tandem with Galactic Sheriff security company. C grade module for 30 DP. (R&D module applied)

Lash would hold off on the idea of turning the Sol System into a refugee system. Not that he didn't think that most of the JLI wouldn't have an issue with it. But where would they place them? The public opinion on Earth when it came to aliens wasn't great right now. So, that would mean they couldn't be placed on Earth. Mars was still wrecked. The moon was meant to be a training center. But there are several places in the Sol System that could be worked on to allow refugees. So Lash put a pin on that module, and he would bring it up with the JLI senior members next time he had a chance. He made a note in his communication message board. He also messaged Yihune his personnel assistant. Who he hadn't seen for a while. He also needed to see Vyllith.

  • School of Magic: This tailored module will create a dimensional pocket that will allow the User to create a school for Magical origins. The biome can be selected when first purchased but can not be changed after. Works in tandem with Dimensional Gateway Hub. Biome types are as followed...(See Tool Tip) C grade module for 100 DP. (R&D module applied)

    • You have purchased the School of Magic for 100 DP, Biome selected continental four seasons.

Hazah! With the pocket dimension they could now train, and educate spell casters. At least until the moon was ready to receive students. With Zatanna's recommendation the environment would have all four seasons. But they could actually set a clock to the weather patterns. Lash would have to look into it later. He also needed to visit his own personnel hell. Lots to do.

  • Life Boats: Though every station has escape pods. Life Boats are designed to hold more people for longer periods of time. They can accommodate a wide range of alien body types, many of them have basic engines, and quality versions even have FTL. Recommended amount for C grade station, 100. C grade module for 10 DP per boat. (R&D module applied)

Lash winced at the recommended amount. A total of 1,000 DP for all of them. The Life Boats looked like triangle shaped ships that would be spread out across the hull of the station. Anywhere from 5 people, all the way to 50 people per boat depending on its design. It was a, 'I would rather have it, and not need it. Then need it, and not have it' moments. Lash put a pin on it, and added it to his favorite to be purchased later.

  • Ship Bay: Works in tandem with Shuttle, and Fighter Bay. This module allows the construction, and storage of (Corvette, and Frigate class ships) Depending on quality, type, and size. The Ship Bay can hold 1-3 (Corvettes) and/or 1-2 (Frigates) C grade module 30 DP per module. (R&D module applied)

    • You have purchased 4 Ship Bay's for 120 DP.

  • Docking Ring: A ring will be built around your main saucer section allowing ship types from Corvettes to Cruisers to dock. Transport systems are integrated to carry crew, and supplies towards specific trade hub. While ship umbilical cords will create ease of transfer for repairs, fuel, and resources. C grade module 30 DP. (R&D module applied)

    • You have purchased the Docking Ring for 30 DP.

Lash looked through the different modules. Many of them were grayed out. Not accessible due to his unique type of station. While there were more for B and A grade stations. The A grade station was huge! Practically a city floating in space. They only had two...Three more months before Zod was supposedly suppose to show up. Ah! That was right, Lash was suppose to visit Fort Rozz. He had way to much to do! He glanced at several things he could still purchase. He could also evolve some of his abilities. Though he would ignore all the low level versions. Another few days and many of them would evolve thanks to the Power Stone. He decided he would wait. So he closed the book and dismissed the catalog.

“Finished?” Diana asked, as the book of starlight faded from view.

“For now... I have to much to do.” Lash replied with a rueful expression.

“You can take a few days, Lash. The world wont end. I promise.” Diana said as stood up and offered him a hand out of his chair. Lash took the offered hand and stood up in a fluid motion as he towered over her. She rolled her eyes at him as the data core compressed into the wall and the walls folded back.

“Lara?” Lash asked in surprise as he saw Lara Lor-Van, Kal-El's mother on the other side of the walls. She smiled at him, and nodded to Diana who returned it.

“I know your busy but we have a problem.” Lara said to him. Lash's shoulders sagged and gestured for them to move towards the elevator in the stem of the station....

Fifteen minutes later Lash walked through the prison on the station. He passed a variety of cells that contained different prisoners that had been recaptured from Fort Rozz. Some of the prisoners were not violent, and had served their time. With the new travel hub in the process of being built they could now charter ships to take them home. If home is where they wanted to be. While a majority of the prisoners they had captured were blood thirsty even to this day. Naya'il was up for the challenge. Many of the prisoners went through harmonic rehabilitation. Several of them were bolted to the floor, or the walls in their cells as they screamed to anyone to listen to turn off the noise.

Lash came to a stop in the new detention center specifically designed for Kryptonians. Red sun energy was being infused into the cell network to sap them of their strength. While additional magical effects did more. To slow their infusion in the long run. It could be reversed of course. But none of the Kryptonians they had captured had been good people. Lash ran a clawed hand over the screen and the cell door/wall went transparent.

Commander Ursa was a tall, lean woman with short black hair that looked like needed a bit of trim. She wore a prisoner jumpsuit that had been provided for her. According to the bio scans she was pregnant and was a few months along. What ever suppressant she had been given had worn off. Now it was to late. Either she would have the baby, or it could be removed. Ursa looked up and saw that the wall had grown clear and she glared at Lash.

“Commander Ursa, it is a pleasure, and an honor to see you...again.” Lash said to her in perfect Kryptonian. He performed a military salute, fitting of his station he had while on Krypton. Ursa's glare softened just a bit as she returned the salute.

“I don't know you.” Ursa replied, Lash pulled back his hood and Ursa stepped back in shock. But Lash could see. She didn't know him.

That was both good, and bad. Lash was terrified that his Cosmic Patron would have pulled the Kryptons from his time fragment to be the enemy. But Lash could also understand why their Patron didn't. If Lash knew them, then it would have been possible to find an alternate method. Maybe plant the Kryptonians on another planet? But no, that wouldn't happen now. Zod would come, and he would bring what armies he had left to find his people.

“What are you?” Ursa asked, as she stepped forward to look at him in better detail.

“You would know my house as Ligadian.” Lash replied, and a look of recognition passed over her face.

“I thought the science guild stopped making your kind. Are there more of you?” Ursa asked, taking a relaxed stance in her cell.

“As far as I know, I am the last of my kind. But the universe is full of surprises maybe there are more of my house. So from one soldier to another, I am sure you have questions.” Lash offered, as he pulled his hood back on.

“Is this a Kryptonian colony?” Ursa began.


“What of Krypton?”

“Krypton was destroyed several cycles ago by the instability of the planets core. The exact specifics of who is to blame is unclear. Either it was a alien machine intelligence named Brainiac that caused the destabilization. Or it was the science guild as they drilled to the planets core for fuel. Maybe a combination of both.” Lash provided, and Ursa's eyes went wide in horror.

“YOUR LYING!” Ursa screamed as she ran her fists into the magical shield.

“Dru is alive.” Lash replied, and Ursa stopped punching the shield.


“His exact location is unclear, however he should be with in the solar system with in a few months. I believe he is following the SOS of Fort Rozz.” Lash replied to her and a glimmer of home was kindled in her eyes.

“Will you hold us prisoner like the science guild?”

“That depends on you, and Dru-Zod. I personally have no issues letting you reunite with your forces if you promise to leave for another system. We can give you fuel, supplies, and resources to start a brand new colony of Krypton in a neighboring system.” Lash replied, and before Ursa could ask another question he continued speaking.

“Let me be clear about something. You are part of an endangered species. A peaceful solution is in your best interest.” Lash said, and paused for Ursa to ask another question.

“Ligadian, are we not all part of the Kryptonian blood line?” Ursa asked, and Lash gave her a deadpanned expression.

“How many of my brothers, and sisters did you send to their deaths because we were not pure Kryptonian?” Lash replied with a growl, and Ursa looked like she had bitten into something sour. “If you day start spouting the hypocrisy of survival of the fittest? I'll remind you, that Ligadians are superior to you in nearly every way. Case and point. You are in there, while I am out here.” Lash finished, and Ursa looked like she wanted to deck him.

“So my people will be hostages?” Ursa asked.

“Yes. Kal-El doesn't want to destroy his own people. But he's been outvoted... The man wearing blue, and red.” Lash said, and explained who Kal-El was. “If Zod starts trouble, we will finish it.”

“How is Jor-El alive? I saw Dru kill him.” Ursa asked.

“Time travel.” Lash replied nonchalantly. Ursa's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets.

“Why didn't you go back and save Krypton then!” Ursa screamed at him.

“I did...” Lash replied, and Ursa stopped.

“When you travel through time it doesn't change your current time line. All it does is create an alternate reality. Believe me it gets confusing. And that is only one method of time travel. Different methods have different results.” Lash said, DC Comics gets all sorts of convoluted with time travel. “I traveled through time. In that reality Krypton was not destroyed but it did suffer a catastrophic event. However, you and Dru lead your people to a neighboring system and survived. Jor-El, and Lara Lor-Van were destined to die. So when I came back, I took them with me.”

Ursa fell to her knees and looked up at him in shock, and despair. Something inside of her cracked, but didn't break. Ursa was made of tougher stuff than that. However, she was struggling with Lash's claim. Time travel was ridicules! But she also knew the simple fact that if you eliminate what was possible, you then reach towards the impossible no matter how improbable it could be. Or something like that?

“In some point in the future Dru goes back in time to save Krypton. However, he doesn't travel back in time to his current present because he understands it doesn't work that way. I met the old Dru, and the new Dru in the new Krypton. As odd as it sounds we actually got along.” Lash said to Ursa then said a few things that only Ursa, and Dru knew and a look of utter defeat washed over Ursa.

“So in this....reality you and I never met?” Ursa asked.


“Were we friends?”

“Ursa you don't have friends. You have allies, you have enemies, and you have Dru.” Lash replied, and a smile tugged on her lips. Lash crouched down so he was at a better eye level for her.

“Why are we stronger here?” Ursa asked, and Lash debated on telling her why. The merits, and demerits of it.

“Krypton had a red sun, this solar system has a yellow sun. While the planets atmosphere is also less polluted.” Lash said oddly enough. Krypton at the time of its death was a toxic world. Well that depended on the comic origin for it.

“In the end there are hundreds if not thousands of scientific reasons as to why you are stronger. But essentially any solar system with a yellow sun empowers people who lived in a red sun system. However, what this will do to the next generation remains to be seen. It could still effect them, or they could be completely normal.” Lash replied, and Ursa nodded in basic understanding.

That had always been a question that Erik the gamer wondered about. Was it simply Kryptonian DNA that would be enriched under a yellow sun? Or was it because they had lived under a red sun for so long that it empowered them under a yellow sun? Little details that Erik never learned in the DC Comics. Trying to use scientific theory in a comic book, for a comic book race didn't always work out. In most comic origins if anyone had a shred of Kryptonian DNA you would be powerful in a yellow sun.

“We are hostages, aren't we?” Ursa asked.

“I wish you didn't have to be. But I spent enough time around you in the alternate time line to know that this is exactly what you would do if we were in opposite places. No, actually you would just kill us.” Lash replied, and Ursa smiled at him just a bit.

“Yes, sounds like you spent time with me.” She replied.

“Do you want to have a natural birth? Or do you want artificial incubation?” Lash asked, and Ursa's gaze turned cold as she wrapped her arms around her abdomen.

“I'm not that cruel, Ursa! I will not use a child as a bargaining chip. Even if you would.” Lash said to her, and she flinched under his accusation. Why? She'd done it before back home.

“Your word as a Kryptonian, you will take care of him?” Ursa asked.

“Yes, I'll take care of Lor-Zod.” Lash said, and Ursa blinked at him.

“Artificial then.” Ursa replied.

Lash called for Naya'il and Ursa looked shocked at the angelic being. They talked logistics, and Ethan was soon called to the prison to arrange the operation. Jor, and Lara promised to take care of Lor-Zod like any child of Krypton. But in the end Ursa made Lash give his word three different times. She 'trusted' him more than the house of El. Something about him being brutal, and honest. She didn't trust nice people.

Lash spent some time looking at the other Kryptons in the prison cell. Part of him hoped he would see Kemuna, or Kursta. But no, they were not around. Maybe Zod had them? Maybe they were dead. In the end it would be better if they were he believed. They wouldn't be the same people in this time line. Lash left the prison and met up with Diana. She practically dragged him towards the transport hub before someone else stole his attention.

With an audible POP! Lash saw the crescent moon overhead. Warm tropical night air rushed to meet him as he inhaled and smelled the scent of fresh air, grass, trees, and salt water. He looked around surprised to see that the portal hub deposited them on the port city of Themyscira. He had thought teleportation to the island was prohibited? Several Amazonian guards came to meet them. He saluted, and bowed to Diana, and to Lash.

“Princess Diana, brother Wraith. Welcome home.” One of the guards said.

“Diana, why were we able to teleport directly to the island? I thought the protective shield prevented such measures.” Lash asked, as he stepped off the designated spot.

“Normally you would be correct. But it is because we are both welcomed on the island that the shields allowed us to pass. If another group tried they would be diverted to the nearest portal hub under Warden control. Or they will teleport about a hundred feet in the air above the north atlantic ocean. Which ever one!” Diana said with a grin.

The port city of Themyscira was populated by both Amazons and women from mundane to magical, and even a few alien. Though most of the visitors were not allowed entry to the main island a few had been selected to train at the academy on the island where they trained Amazonian warriors. Or in this case JLI female members. There were absolutely no men in the port city. So when Lash in his Agent Wraith disguise walked through it, even at night. He was a surprise to many.

The women in the port city of course recognized Diana aka Wonder Woman. It took a bit of nudging from the Amazonian guards for the visitors to hear that Agent Wraith had been given a unique, and rare privilege of becoming a brother of the Amazons. Emphasized by the fact that he was allowed passage into the inner parts of the island. He and Diana walked out of the port city. Neither requested a horse, or carriage. They simply wanted to walk.

“We are clear Lash, if you want to remove your Transformation.” Diana said, and Lash did. The grip reaper shroud faded into the air, and his reptilian form merged into his body. He kept his armor of course, but it shifted with him. The only difference was the purple tear stone in his forehead.

“I thought that was in the center of your chest?” Diana asked, noticing the different position. Lash blinked, and felt his forehead and received a tiny shock energy for his probing fingers.

“Ah! Damn it! Just what I need.” Lash said softly, and the stone seem to take offense and sent another shock of energy through Lash. This time through his head. He winced, and Diana started to laugh.

“You got that from the Rift right?” Diana asked, after she finished laughing at him.

“Yes, is partially sentient. Owe!” Lash said, and received another shock. “It's never been to Themyscira so it must have moved its position to look around.” Lash finished, and the stone seem to hum in acceptance for that comment.

“So why was it in the center of you chest on the station?”

“Space stations are something its seen more than once. A new world? Always something to see there.”

“So, how are you sister?” Lash asked, and Diana smiled at the familiarity between them.

“I am well, brother. Happy to be home. Happy to be here with you. You have a tendency to work more than Bruce does. He barely gets three hours of sleep a night! I know Selina hates it when he is gone so long.” Diana said, as she looked up at the stars above them.

“I didn't miss their wedding, did I?” Lash asked.

“No, its scheduled for a week after Samhain. We have several months left. You are suppose to give Selina away at the wedding if I remember correctly?” Diana asked, as she turned to look at Lash for confirmation.

“Yes! I'm happy I didn't miss it. Bruce is actually going to leave Gotham for at least two weeks! He may go mad!” Diana laughed in delight at the idea of Bruce being so fidgety. It wasn't that Diana didn't believe in Bruce's work in Gotham. But the man never stopped working.

Diana reached out and took Lash's hand into her own. Lash was startled for a bit, but squeezed her hand in return. They walked side by side, hand in hand for several minutes. There was a connection between them. Almost like a live circuit. It wasn't romantic. Just a comfortable companionship. Though Lash could feel the power tear drop stone circulating energy into Diana. Lash was a walking espresso machine now. After another ten minutes Diana was practically skipping next to Lash.

Along the road they started to hear music. It was not the normal string, and leather drums music that he would hear on Themyscira. No it was techno, trap, bass, nightcore music. Lash tilted his head in confusion. Such music wouldn't be on Themyscira? Unless..... No! Lash looked at Diana who smiled at him. Then they both ran over the hill to a familiar sight to Lash. It was the techno rave stage he had made so long ago when he first visited/ infiltrated (Chapter 48) Themyscira. The Phantasms were very life like as they danced the night away. Along with hundreds of JLI trainees.

“Why is that still there!? I thought the magical energy would have ran out by now?” Lash shouted in horror.

“We don't know! It's just been operating ever since!” Diana said, and pulled Lash along towards the thousands of Phantasms, Amazons, and JLI trainees.

On center stage was the DJ who wore a panda costume. The music remix was fresh, and new despite the fact that world had grown stagnant since the invasion. The detail to each and every male, and female in the rave was staggering. Lash remembered that he had assigned a Parallel Mind to the creation of the illusion when he first made it. But this...this was way more than before. Many of these illusions had False Life imbued into them. Bending, and even Reality Warp had been applied. But curious, and curious. It was all his magic! It should have been a constant drain on his his reserve.

“A big shout out to our creator! Agent Wraith! Thanks for giving us life big man!” The costumed panda said across the huge crowd. All of the Phantasms cheered, and waved at him. While the 'real' guests looked around confused.

Magical drinks that could get anyone drunk were provided! Young men, and young women danced the night away as the bass was so deep it could be felt in their bones. Lash pulled his armor off and put on a pair of shorts, and a cotton tee shirt. He pulled Diana into the crowd and they danced! Lash made a complete and utter fool of himself. But he danced! Then with the help of a bit of spell craft he helped relieve Diana of her armor.

Bare foot, with a leather skirt, and a leather halter top that exposed her midriff, and back in cross straps. Her hair was tied back in a loose braid, and she wrapped her arms around Lash. The music picked up pace as tribal music drums were washed over female vocal trance. Party drinks were forced into their hands and they drank. So, so much! Lash knew they had drank to much when Diana was practically glued to Lash. Sweat glistened her perfect form. Her back was pressed against his chest, and she danced against him like he was a pole. Lash loved every minute of it.

But like most good things it eventually came to an end. As the sun started to rise the DJ finished up the music and as the first rays of light touched the rave the entire illusion faded from sight. With a promise to return once the sun had set once again. Wagons had arrived to carry the exhausted off back to their rooms as it was the weekend. While Lash carried a exhausted and incredibly drunk Diana on his back towards his villa.

To little, to late did Lash learn that because of the power stone his metabolism was through the roof, so staying drunk was nearly impossible unless he continued to drink! But that was fine because it allowed him to carry Diana home. Well to his home! He had guest bedrooms. Diana continued to hum the songs they had listened to for nearly an hour. She nuzzled Lash, and played her hands up and down his chest as he had taken his shirt off midway through the night.

“How you feeling, Princess?” Lash asked, and yelped lightly as Diana had bit his ear.

“Diana!...Hic! Don...Don't call me Princess. Where are we going?” Diana asked, as she looked around.

“We are headed to my villa simply because I have no idea where you live.” Lash replied, as he turned on the street to his home, almost there.

“What are we going to do there?” Diana asked softly, breathing against Lash's ear which sent a shiver through him.

“I am going to put you to bed, and let you sleep this off.” Lash replied with a smile.

“I can....hic! I can stay awake. We...We can still keep dancing.” Diana said, as she tried to bounce into a partial dance on his back.

“Diana the party is over. Dawn has come, but the rave will be back tonight if you really want to dance again.” Lash passed by a few guards who looked at him and he nodded to them. His hands were full. The guards smirked at his luggage.

“Why are you You had more than I did.” Diana said. Amazons are not lightweights! They can hold a lot of drink in them. Which meant the magical drinks of the rave were truly strong.

“Its the stone. I can get drunk, but I wont stay drunk for long.” Lash replied, and came up to his door. He opened it up with out a key. He never had it locked, there was no point. It was Themyscira, who would rob him?

He walked into his villa and flipped a few light switches on then walked up the stairs to the guest bedrooms. He picked one and walked in. He sat down on the bed, and slowly deposited the drunk princess. Diana didn't want to let go, but he assured her they were home. So she slowly let go and fell against the bed. Lash carefully pulled her to the center of the bed and set a pillow under her head.

“Do me Lash?” Diana asked, her eyes half closed.

“Of course I do.” Lash replied, as he slowly pulled her braid out. Diana seem to get a little frustrated as she reached out to grab him. He grabbed her hands into his own.

“I know you what you meant, Diana. Yes, I do.” Lash said, and she calmed down. A small smile tugged on her lips.

Lash reached under her back and undid the strap to her top and pulled it off. Diana's eyes went a little wide but she didn't stop him. He removed her skirt as well and folded them both up for cleaning later. Diana was the culmination of perfection when it came to the Amazon female model. She was a demigod in all things. Despite the wonderful view Lash didn't gape at her. He simply pulled the sheets over her obstructing his view.

“Not while I'm drunk...” Diana said simply, as she pulled the sheets up and curled up on her side. She peered up at him from her pillow.

Lash moved to set her leather skirt, and top onto a chair nearby. He also took out her JLI uniform from his spatial storage. It almost didn't fit due to the size constraint. But they pushed it down there. Another thing Lash needed to evolve. He turned the lights off and nearly made it to the door before Diana called out to him.

“Hmmm, wait!” She called, holding out her hands to him. Lash turned around and went back to her. He leaned down and she kissed his cheek. “Thank you for being you, Lash.” She said to him, and promptly fell asleep.

Lash quietly closed the door to her temporary room and went to the master bedroom. The villa had been cleaned since the last time anyone had been here. So it was picture perfect. He all but collapsed into his bed. Though he was physically awake, his mind was exhausted. He curled up and went to sleep. For the first time in.... He didn't know how long?


(Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman)

Diana opened her eyes in the guest bedroom after a few short hours of sleep. She groaned as a piercing headache invaded her mind. She curled up on her side and realized she wasn't wearing anything under the sheets. She also realized she wasn't in her bedroom? Where was she? She slowly sat up in the dark room that blissfully didn't have any light in it. It was one of the guest villas. They more or less all looked the same.

To the side on a chair was a casual leather skirt, and top. Along with her JLI uniform. She reached into her head and tried to remember the night she had. She and Lash went to the illusion rave. They danced! They drank...So, so much. Then...What happened after that? Diana vaguely remembered Lash carrying her home? No to his villa! Right. The rest was..foggy?

“Get down!” Lash said from his bedroom, Diana jumped from the bed in a hot second and went to the hallway ignoring the blinding sunlight coming in through the windows.

“Lash!?” Diana called, as she went to his bedroom.

“Co...Cover...Cover the flank! I....Nooo!” Lash screamed incoherently. Diana opened the door to his bedroom and saw him asleep. He was shouting, flinching, and jerking in his sleep. Diana felt her heart crack at the sight of it.

“I...I'll get him! Don't leave!” Lash shouted in his sleep.

Diana walked into his bedroom and closed the door. She slowly slipped into his bed, and pulled the sheets back. Diana hadn't grabbed anything to wear and honestly didn't care! She was naked, as was Lash under the sheets. She slipped to his back and gently wrapped her arms around him. Lash flinched, and jerked in his sleep. His hands grew claws and he flailed for a moment.

“It's ok...It's ok...” Diana said softly, and Lash settled a bit in his sleep. But he shouted again, he screamed!

“No...NO...NOOOOO! I can save you! Don't do this!” Lash shouted, tears streamed from his eyes. Diana held him tight to her chest.

“I've got you...” Diana whispered to him over, and over. She held her friend, and tried to sooth him as he screamed again and again.

Lash's sister Lizzy had said that Lash rarely ever slept. Any time he did he would normally have nightmares. Vyllith had confirmed it as well. Now Diana truly understood it. Lash screamed again and his body grew scales, and claws grew from his hands. He let out an inhuman scream! But soon calmed down, as his body reverted back. Diana was thankful that the villa had been properly sound proofed otherwise the guards would have rushed in at this point. Maybe they still would.

“Please don't go! NOOOOOO!” Lash screamed, and tears fell from his eyes. Diana's heart broke for her friend.


Lash opened his eyes and looked at his Clock several hours had passed. He felt warm arms wrapped around him from behind and as his Sensory Awareness activated he saw it was Diana. She was pressed naked into his back side. He didn't remember going to bed with her? Yes, he was still in his bedroom. Something must have happened.

You were screaming. -Saurian called across the link. She kept your grounded, anchored here.

Lash didn't remember his dreams. But he assumed he should be thankful for that. Normally when Lash slept he would visit the memories of his reincarnations. Obtain an ability? Looked like it was just nightmares this time. He had plenty of those. He shifted slightly, and held Diana's hands. She shifted, but stayed asleep. She must have fallen asleep when he finally settled.

Lash had imagined many times being naked, and alone with Diana in bed. This was not one of the situations he had imagined. He tried to regulate his breathing, to slow down. Maybe fall back to sleep. But his mind, and body for that matter only needed a few hours of sleep to rejuvenate. Thankfully he noticed he had several prompts to look through. He pulled up the first one.

  • Congratulations User! Magical Perception has evolved into Minor Magical Perception.

    • Effect: Slight increase to abilities power.

    • Effect: Slight decrease to abilities energy consumption.

    • Effect: Slight increase to range of ability.

  • Congratulations User! Beast Speak has evolved into Minor Beast Speak.

    • Effect: Slight increase to abilities power.

    • Effect: Slight decrease to abilities energy consumption.

    • Effect: Slight increase to the variety of beasts.

  • Congratulations User! Sensory Awareness has evolved into Minor Sensory Awareness.

    • Effect: Slight increase to range. 10 meters to 12 meters.

  • Congratulations User! Minor Other Worldly Lore has evolved into Basic Other Worldly Lore.

    • Effect: Works in tandem with Cosmic Awareness.

    • Effect: Allows for slightly more information to granted to the User.

  • Congratulations User! Spatial Item Shifting has evolved into Minor Spatial Item Shifting.

    • Effect: Slight increase to the amount of items that can be shifted.

    • Effect: Slight decrease to abilities energy consumption.

    • Effect: One set of simple clothing can be stored.

  • Congratulations User! Soul Bite has evolved into Minor Soul Bite.

    • Effect: Slight increase to abilities power.

    • Effect: Slight decrease to abilities energy consumption.

    • Effect: Slight increase to amount of experience, and information gleamed from target.

  • Congratulations User! Dream Eater has evolved into Minor Dream Eater.

    • Effect: Slight increase to abilities power.

    • Effect: Slight decrease to abilities energy consumption.

    • Effect: Slight increase chance to obtain experience, skills, and memories.

  • Congratulations User! Night Eye has evolved into Minor Night Eye.

    • Effect: Slight increase to abilities range.

    • Effect: Slight decrease to abilities energy consumption.

    • Effect: Can slight see more colors in total darkness.

  • Congratulations User! Minor Magic Tracking has evolved into Basic Magic Tracking.

    • Effect: Slight increase to abilities range.

    • Effect: Slight decrease to abilities energy consumption.

    • Effect: Slight increase to the different things the User can track.

  • Congratulations User! Minor Skill/Power/Spell Trainer has evolved into Basic Skill/Power/Spell Trainer.

    • Effect: Slight increase to experience gained from teaching.

    • Effect: Slight increase to experience given to students.

    • Effect: Slight increase to a broader sense of abilities.

    • Effect: Works in tandem with several other abilities. (See Tool Tip)

  • Congratulations User! Parkour has evolved into Minor Parkour.

    • Effect: Slight increase to abilities power.

    • Effect: Slight decrease to abilities energy consumption.

    • Effect: The User has a slight increase to the comprehension of what they can, and cannot climb.

  • Congratulations User! Foresight has evolved into Minor Foresight.

    • Effect: Slight increase to abilities power.

    • Effect: Slight decrease to abilities energy consumption.

    • Effect: Slight increase to information obtained, as well as what the VI Avatar may obtain.

  • Congratulations User! Minor Meditation has evolved into Basic Meditation.

    • Effect: Slight increase to abilities power.

    • Effect: Slight decrease to abilities energy consumption.

    • Effect: Slight increase to memory recall, emotion control, and starts to understand astral projection.

  • Congratulations User! Stealth has evolved into Minor Stealth.

    • Effect: Slight increase to abilities power.

    • Effect: Slight decrease to abilities energy consumption.

    • Effect: Slight decrease in being spotted.

  • Congratulations User! Farming has evolved into Minor Farming.

    • Effect: Slight increase to abilities power.

    • Effect: Slight decrease to abilities energy consumption.

    • Effect: Slight increase to knowledge about different types of plants, animals, and life on the farm!

  • Congratulations User! Plant Control has evolved into Minor Plant Control.

    • Effect: Slight increase to abilities power.

    • Effect: Slight decrease to abilities energy consumption.

    • Effect: Slight increase to the abilities manipulation.

    • Effect: User can now slightly control alien plant life for increased energy consumption.

Lash quickly read through the different notifications and rubbed his head in confusion. He honestly had forgot about some of those. Like farming! He got that from his reincarnated life in one of those farming simulations. But the information granted to him was oddly helpful towards terraforming. But at least the power stone was doing its job. He pulled up his Domain spell tab and saw that many of his standard level spells would evolve in a few days. Spells like Daylight.

Lash ever so gently pulled Diana's fingers apart, then shifted around so he was facing her. She pulled her arms towards her chest in her sleep. While Lash reached out and pulled her closer to him. She snuggled into his arms and they fit together rather well. He casually dragged his nails up and down her back in smooth sensual motions. He felt her shiver, and he smelled her arousal as she slowly woke up. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at Lash in mild surprise.

“Good morning.” Diana said softly.

“Good afternoon.” Lash replied. Diana wrinkled her nose in mild irritation and nuzzled deeper into his arms.

“Would you like some lunch?” Lash asked, and Diana opened her eyes to look at him. A smile growing across her face.

“Are you making?” She asked.

“Of course!” Lash replied.

They stayed in each others arms for a few more minutes before Lash reluctantly let go and wiggled out from under the sheets. He stood up naked in front of Diana with out any hint of shame. Diana admired the view as he pulled on a white tunic that extended to his knees. They were on Themyscira after all. He tied a belt around his waist and he was done. He left his room and cast Immaculate on himself to get cleaned up. Then went downstairs and started to use his Cooking skill. Diana came down stairs after she took a quick shower. She wore her now cleaned leather skirt, and leather top. She sat at his dinner table and waited.

“Breakfast food for lunch!” Lash declared as he placed a belgian waffle in front of Diana along with pancakes, eggs, sausage. With milk, orange juice, and water.

“Breakfast food is always appreciated no matter what time it is.” Diana replied and dug in.

They ate in comfortable silence until they finished their meal. Lash cleaned up, and they soon left his villa to walk through the city. Has protocol dictated he should visit the Queen if possible. So they made there way towards the palace. Lash could feel the irritation from his Cosmic Patron. Why? Why hadn't he and Diana done anything while they were in bed? To be perfectly honest, sex wasn't really on Lash's priority list. But he did love teasing his Patron. A crack of thunder rang out above the skies on a clear blue sky. Diana looked up in confusion.

“I wonder why Zeus is calling?” Diana asked.

Lash felt the distinct sensation of a red flag being propped up. His Cosmic Patron was irritated, and would have their fun one way or another! Lash smiled lightly as they walked into the palace halls and made their way towards the gardens where Queen Hippolyta sat watching, and listening to the birds. A smile grew on her face as she turned to see them approach.

“So, brother Lash. Should I prepare the wedding ceremony for you and my daughter?” Hippolyta asked, Lash froze mid step and Diana turned bright red.

“Mother! Nothing happened!” Diana blurted out.

“Ohhh? Pity, I think you two would be a good match.” Hippolyta said, as she tsk her daughter with a mock look of shame. “I assumed you would have tied him to the bed and had your way with him.” She continued, and Diana all but turned into a tomato and stormed towards her mother in pure horror.

Diana, and Hippolyta had a mock shouting/whispering match. A smile remained on Hippolyta's face the whole time as she blatantly teased Diana. After all it was a mothers job to embarrass their child! Lash occupied his time by looking at the rare specimens of flowers, and plant life in the royal gardens. Many of the plants didn't exist outside of Themyscira anymore.

“OK! OK! I am sorry. I am sorry that you feel embarrassed about being attracted to Lash.” Hippolyta said with a grin and Diana all but screamed at her!

“No! We are done!” Diana turned on her heel and snagged Lash's hand and dragged him from the gardens.

“It was good to see you again!” Lash called out.

“You as well future son in law!” Hippolyta said with a smile.

“You are insufferable!” Diana screamed at her.

Diana! Wonder Woman! Demigod of the Olympians, warrior for justice, and slayer of gods! Turned into teenager by her smothering mother! Lash tried not to laugh, especially since Diana had his arm in a death grip. But it was hard not too. Diana was normally very composed, and hard to read. But right now she was an open book.

“You know she was only teasing you, right?” Lash asked, once they had left the palace and Diana and stopped dragging him along.

“I know...Its just. Mother's just....” Diana began and tried to find the right words to describe the situation.

“A mother teasing her daughter about spending the night with a boy?” Lash asked, and Diana glared at him while a smile tugged on her lips.

“Nothing happened! I was drunk, and you didn't take advantage of the situation.” She replied.

“Of course not! I'm not that kind of man.” Lash said in a matter of fact tone.

“I know! That's why she can tease me. Because she knows nothing happened. She can trust you. I can trust you.” Diana said, and continued to march towards the training academy.

“Diana...Are you not allowed to have physical intimacy with other people?” Lash asked, actually curious about the answer.

“I....It's complicated.” Diana said.

Holy crap! Lash was glad nothing had happened. Of course he now had a better understanding as to why his Patron wanted something to happen. It would have complicated Lash's life even more. Drama! Lots, and lots of drama! Yay, drama! Lash said sarcastically in his mind. They walked in silence for a while and if Lash remembered the academy was several hours away. So he used Transformation and dropped to all six limbs.

“Come along Diana, take me for a ride!” Lash said in his animalistic voice. Diana burst out laughing and jumped onto his back.

“Be gentle with me, its my first time.” Diana said slyly.

“Slow and steady to start, hard and fast to finish.” Lash replied, and started in a gradual lope.

“You're incorrigible!” She said with a shout as they started to pick up speed.

So began the first day of Lash's week long vacation on Paradise Island with Wonder Woman.

First draft, raw, unedited. Sorry it took so long this time. Life got in the way. Thanks for reading.