Chapter 33: The Hydra
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This is before one week before he got out of the forest and fought with the monster in the middle.  It was also when Anhaern Yesneiros fought those monsters.


Kuro was cleaning himself up as his body was soaked with blood and dirt, and his body was also full of scratches and bruises. He used his healing magic and so he can move as he was aching all over his body.


Meanwhile, as he was cleaning his body…


“Nee~ Alice~ do you think I can now beat the monster in the middle?”

“Kuro-sama, it is up to you whether you think you can beat it or not or whether your strong enough or not.”

“Hmmmm~ I can slice the monsters from far away~ like those in El*fen Lied I can twist them but by using wind magic… but I don’t thin- no, I can do it!!”

“Nice Kuro-sama, that’s the spirit.”

“…That’s not even giving me some fighting spirit at all.” I replied with the same tone as her.


“Haa… Anyway, I should prepare for the fight tomorrow and sleep for the day.” I said as I returned from the spot where I came from the first time I arrived here, I built a house made of hardened earth… I watched some videos back on Earth, where they created houses out of the woods… But this, hahaha! It’s made out magic, effortless~…


“Kekeke magic banzai!  ...Though it’s small enough for 1 person to sleep in... I want to design it but and put some woods like playing Min*craft, not just some big square block made out of dirt but...that’s troublesome…” Well, I still slept outside and only slept inside if it’s raining or too cold to sleep outside.


I returned after some time, I cook the meat with some herb that I hunted meat earlier are now cooking with the fire magic I first learned after I appeared here. ‘Magic so good~ its makes your life easy and drinking water is not a problem too~ there’s that space magic too after being taught by Alice~ where I can create space in like a different dimension and put things...

I hummed as I wait for the meat to cook.


Though I was happy right now, I didn’t know what was coming tomorrow that would make me thought that I don’t have a cheat at all and almost died….

The morning had come as I can hear the birds chirping and woke me up. I started preparing my breakfast, which is meat and some herbs. I exercised for an hour or two waking my body up.


Now as I still didn’t know what’s on the middle and how strong it is… I started preparing necessary things to brought out and use later.

“First a makeshift dagger safety purposes~.” It’s a dagger I created after killing some look-alike tiger, it was so freaking big its paw is bigger than my head.

“Next is… nothing…? Ahh~ right~ I always use freaking magic as this was a world where mana is real~ Ehehe~”

“…Kuro-sama are you okay?”

“What the heck~!” I slapped the air when Alice retorted.

Well, it’s true that I liked using magic but I also tried everything else like using; a spear, a somewhat sword made of wood, A bow that always breaks after some use… and all of them are poorly made… only the dagger is good… but it’s good that I maxed out their levels.


“Still it’s very useful~ … AS IF!!! MAGIC IS GOD MAGIC IS GOOD!! MAGIC IS EVERYTHING!!! AHAHAHA!” I started laughing by myself.


It hurts when Alice is not retorting after that at all…

ohh? it looks like it raining but somehow it’s only falling down on my face. No, I’m not crying! Not because I felt betrayed by my system, it’s just sweat that got on my eyes… yes, sweat.



Let’s just get moving….


Kuro was walking towards where he thinks the middle of this forest is with the help of his system...


As Kuro gets nearer and nearer, he is feeling some kind of bad omen as the forest was still and quiet as not even a bird can be heard. Making him gulped and nervous… he was erasing his presence as to not get noticed by other monsters and get himself tired before the fight.


“But still what’s wrong with this… its so eerily quiet… What the f…”

Before he finishes his sentence, what he saw after he arrived was a wide clearing of the trees... And a fucking BIG yes BIG Hydra... Like those in any fantasy anime…


Nine long heads, big-bodied, a tail, scales that are shining in the sunlight… The hydra was sitting (?) in leisure.


“Hooollyy shittt~~ that’s guy looks freaking coool~~~~!!!!” I shout as quietly as possible as I’m fangirling that awesome looking hydra.


*Snorts fire*


“Ohhhh!!! So cooll!!!!!” I shout loudly this time forgetting that the monster I’m looking right now is probably the strongest I will fight. It looked in his way… with its nine head and those predatory eyes that can even probably make someone die as it looks into someone's eyes


“Ahhh, Fuck…” I was forced to feel like prey and was trembling I can’t even move it feels like I’m being petrified.


The hydra began to move its big body as its heads are moving in different directions.


‘Shit shit shit!!! Move!!’ I forced my body to move and it moved after a second, I moved away from the spot I was in earlier and moved while erasing my presence.


“Looks like Calm Mind and Survivor title is now finally showing its effect…” I whispered as I begin to calm down.


I take a look at the hydra again whose now looking everywhere until one of its head stopped at my direction and stare at my spot.


“What the fuckk!!!!” I moved away again away from that spot.


“How the fuck am I supposed to defeat that thing!!” I shouted as I move from trees to trees.

“Calm down Kuro-sama”

“Shit! Haa… you’re right…” I stopped again and tried to put my all power into stealth hiding my presence.


“Fuuuu~ …Yosh, Calm down Kuro… think, think on a way to defeat that….” I calmly thought as I move far away from that spot near the hydra.


“Magic…. Magic~~ Firee… water… earth… wind…” My brain turns into full speed thinking of a way to fight it.


“Its scales look very hard, and its body looks even tougher… eyes… does it have any other ability? I saw it snort out a fire… but that’s it.”  “Hmmm…. Maybe I can make a blind spot using a smokescreen from fire and water? No… maybe it has some organ sense like those from snakes… How about I create a big block and earth and stomp the hydra with it… or just make a wall made of earth and make it fall on top of it…”


“Tsk, I can’t do this just thinking without testing it out properly… Maybe my magic can really do it… Ahhh!! FUCKKK BE MAN just do it meee!!!” I tried to pump myself up.



I rushed towards the hydra’s back as soon as I’m close I gathered my mana to its fullest and fired a single line of wind because its power might lose if I’m far away, *Slice~* …the fuck! It just fucking grazes it!?


One of its heads turned to me abruptly and its neck bulges and it looks like it’s about to spit something out…

*Rooaa!!!!!* Fire was approaching me quickly, in a panic, I immediately jumped back trying to dodge its breath attack… but…

“Oh fuc-“Its tail was closing by quickly hit me on my side of stomach. “Gaaah!!!!” I flew far away and from the first impact on the ground almost made me lose my consciousness.


“Cough! Cough!” I coughed some blood “It hurts~ haaa… Cough” I stand up again after brushing the blood dripping on my mouth.


The hydra is now walking towards me slowly… as if mocking me and looking at a tasty prey…


“Fucker... You will pay for this! Even though you look cool, I’ll never forgive you for looking down on this guy”


…Now that I think about it… Alice probably knows it’s its weakness…


“Alice! Do you know the weakness of this guy!?”

“Kuro-sama must cut off all of its head be-“

“Of course right~ not!!! Its scales what’s with those scales!??”

“Its scales and hide can be made for good armor-“



“Haaa... my bad I asked it the wrong way, do you know how I can remove those freaking scales.”

“It’s okay Kuro-sama, you can remove its scales by either brute force or by heating it high enough and by freezing it making it brittle…”

“How… does making it brittle by heating it hig- ...How about its hide? …No never mind…” Fantasy… yes, its fantasy… I thought to myself trying to not get angry again.


While that talk was happening the hydra was almost near its attack range… Now all of its head is now still and moments later all of its necks started bulging…


“Yo~ Bad… isn’t that kind of bad?”

“Yes Kuro-sama I advise to get away quickly or you will toas-“

“I know that already! But wait… It's charging its breath and not doing anything else... maybe it’s a chance?”


For that to know he needed the hydra to do its thing again.

“For now eat this!!!” I casted earth magic with a pointed end and fired it towards the hydra… “Somehow I feel like I’m the Av*tar lol”


Even with the seriousness the boy still makes jokes to himself and his system…


After some time fighting for a long time the clearing is now almost burnt black and some spot has small craters on it due to the two fighting… During that time the hydra is also damaged heavily… not… as the hydra keeps healing itself


“Haaa… Wtf! It’s healing ability fucking annoying!!! RAAAHHHH!!!!” Thankfully its fucking scales are not coming back.




I felt that my body is getting heavy now as this probably the usage of mana as I kept using it without resting… but this is now or never as I can see the hydra’s recovering slowly.


This time the hydra staggering body stopped again… Now is the time!!


“Hahahaha! Wai- Shi- *Swisshh~* *crack~* Cough!!” The hydra’s tail hit me in the chest this time and I heard a crack on it… I rolled over on the now dirt with some ashes a few times before stopping…


“…It’s over… isn’t it? Cough! Ahhh it hurts~” I said as I lay looking at the sky… I slowly close my eyes as I can feel the beating of my heart slow down…


“Alice: Overta…. the host… Activ-….Bers-….” “Kuro- do- wor- …ve this to me…” My consciousness fades away…




Deep inside his mind, he woke up…

“…Where am I? *echo* Where is this? *echo* who am I? …who’s that? *echo*is that me fighting? *echo* All I can see is the hydra… This echoing is annoying me, me, me….”

I can see my body moves in a way that I can’t probably do… and it’s using stronger magic than me…



Outside of his mind….

“RAAAHHHH!!!” A beast (Kuro) is rampaging while letting out blood lust on full, scarping the hydra life bit by bit with magic stronger than before… The screaming hydra is trying to fight back but it can’t hit the beast (Kuro) at all…


The beast (Kuro) created a big boulder with pointy end while pointing it on the top of its body “Gurraaa!!!!” and fired it with so much force with the help of wind magic… the earth is shaking as if there's a small earthquake.


*SSHHHHIAAAAAAKKKKK!!!* The Hydra screamed as all of its heads fall down. And stopped moving… but the beast (Kuro) didn’t stop and sliced all of its head in one go…


“Grrr… (Bastard almost Killing Kuro-sama) RAAHHH!!! (I’ll pulverize your body until your gone on this planet!!!)” *Dogon~*x2 *Boom~!*


Moments after all you can see is meat everywhere and a blood-soaked human standing still… The body glowed for a moment healing its wounded body before falling down quietly…