Chapter 32: Before Leaving
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Thanks to the people who voted earlier I also changed the title @... (forgot his name as I deleted the announcement already) and continue the series from here on and decided to no rush it




I’m now packing things up before putting it on space I… let’s just fukken call it “Inventory”… While packing things up… I have someone helped me and it’s the one who will go with me and Charlotte… It’s the High-elf Anhaern Yesneiros.

Charlotte kept annoying me to bring her when I told her that it will be a long travel. She kept insisting so I decided to let it be, which she became so happy…


“Kuro-sama” Anhaern stopped moving and looked straight at me…


“Yeah?” I also stopped moving and replied, now that we’re alone looking at her again she’s so beautiful…


“I’ve been meaning to ask this to you since I first heard it…” She paused for a moment and sit on bed gracefully…

“Hmm? What is it?” I urge her, she somehow looked serious…


“I heard you talking about… The Forbidden Forest from the others and that night before you had eaten Charlotte-sama…” “Pfftt!! Cough! So-so What about it?”

“Is… Is it true that you trained there before meeting Charlotte-sama?”

“Yeah…? So?”

She began to tremble “Can I ask you when did you exactly meet Charlotte-sama…”

“It was probably a week before walking out of forest defeating the monster in the middle and recovering and a few days before I met her… I rescued her from the bandits…”

“I-I see… so you were still at the forest at the time… perhaps…”

“Perhaps what?”

She began tearing up… “W-where you the cause of making the earth shake that happened in the middle of the day?”

“Why are you tearing up? …Yeah that was probably me (not actually)”

“So it’s really you…”


She began releasing some killing intent “ITS YOU!!! It’s your fault! You almost Kill- Hiii~!”

“Oi… you can’t just point your killing intent on someone…” I said on a low voice… but….

“It’s your fault mon!! Uwaaaa~~!!! You almost made me into a slave and almost killing me!! UUUUuuu~~~ wahhh~” She began to cry like a kid.


"Wai- wait, stop crying why are you crying?" Kuro was very perplexed at the sudden crying elf who's been showing no emotion whatsoever and calm AF was now crying in front of him. Then...


A girl came in wearing a smiling expression.


"Kuro~ what are you doing making a girl~ cry~"


"Ehh!!? No~!!?? Matte!!! Chotto matte!!?? Stop coming with near with that expression somehow its scary!!"


"Waaahhhh it's your fault I've almost been made into a slave!!!"


"KUROO~ Ufufufufu~ A slave, you will make her into a slave~?"


"Hii~" ahh shit I squeak like a fukken girl... “No, you’re wrong! Listen to her first before you try to do something to me!!”




“Hic... It was his fault, his fault hic...” “Yosh yosh it’s alright” Charlotte was patting her back while telling her it’s okay. After a moment she stopped crying… “Are you okay now?” “Yes… Thank you very much Charlotte-sama”

“So can you tell me why are you saying that to that thing?” Charlotte said as looking at me like a trash.

“It was when….” Anhaern began telling her story.





“I see you are an adventurer at first and you just arrived at the town and wanted to go to the Capital So you had taken an escort mission towards the capital after hearing about the forest, and that town is where I came from too and was still probably in that town… So while the mission is ongoing and when you guys got near that forest the ground began shaking in the middle of the day. Monsters started coming out… You guys fought it and somehow won but it made you guys tired… After that night comes and you’re the only one who’s looking out…”

“You got ambush by a bandit group and killed everyone except you that was probably making a trade with the one inside the capital, and the one who attacked our carriage and the one Kuro killed… I see… that’s why you were there at the cellar and thankfully they didn’t touch and left you there. After that Kuro arrived and massacre the people there and saved us… It’s all because of Kuro’s fault… *stare~*”


“…What? How was that my fault? She just became defenceless and got kidnapped…” I said at her… scared. “Hhmmm? You saying something Kuro~?

“No, nothing at all Madame”



“Care~ to explain what was happening a week before you met me~?”


“…Un, I was fighting a monster in the middle of the forbidden forest, it was a big clearing and it’s a hydra that I was fighting …”


“…”x2 The two became silent for a minute before Charlotte started laughing.


“Uso~ stop lying~ a hydra hahaha… you’re not kidding are you…” Charlotte was patting the air, but started sweating…

“Yeah I’m not I almost got killed but thanks to my title Berserk… I survive…”

“Then why you didn’t tell us you fought a freaking Hydra!!?”

“Eh…? …I have nothing to say at all? Why would I tell anyone I fought some hydra…?”

“WH-what!? S-some Hydra!!!??” Charlotte shrieks while Anhaern’s head was bobbing up and down vigorously.

“You Idiot!!! *swishh~*” A punch was coming to my face “Why!???” I screamed, of course, I didn’t evade and caught it with my arm…

“Yo-you…”*tremble*x2 “Haaa… never mind can you please tell how did you defeat it?”


“You sure? It’s not interesting at all…” “Just say it!!” “Okay~ okay jeeez”

“Just don’t sleep in the middle of it okay?”

“Un, un”x2

What happened to your expressionless face Anhaern… you look like a kid right now…