Chapter 3: End of the contract…
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Phoenix expression turned solemn, the name she read on the diary impacted her greatly. She took some time to calm herself. The she looked at Lily, who remained silent all this while, and asked: “What is your relationship with Grace Hoggwart?” her tone sounded indifferent, but a faint concern betrayed her.

When she heard that name, Lily quivered on the floor. The fact that a total stranger mentioned her deceased grandmother’s name, made her apprehensive. She forgot that Phoenix was an otherworldly creature and the few extraordinary things she did just a few moments, and pounced on her. She grabbed her shoulders firmly and yelled: “I could ask you the same question, how do you know my grandmother’s name? I knew all her friends and acquaintances, and you clearly isn’t one of them...”

“So you’re the one Little Grace adopted… She concealed that fact from you, I wonder why?” Phoenix mumbled this, and it didn’t escape Lily ears, she lost all rationality at this point. Shaking Phoenix very hard, yelling louder: “What nonsense are you talking about, What adopted? What hidden fact?… If you are someone from those who killed her, I swear I’ll end your life myself...”


Lily sentence shout was stopped by slap from Phoenix. She pushed Lily away and with a cold voice she exclaimed: “I dare you to say that again! If you were not related to little Grace, you would have been dead already!” Lily her cheek, the burning sensation made her recover her wits. She was going to apologise when Phoenix spoke again: “Also I won’t believe that there someone on this puny world that can scratch her skin. Let alone kill her. Hmpf!”

Lily now was baffled, she didn’t understand Phoenix point, she asked her voice still shaking: “What do you mean? Grandmother died from poison...”

Phoenix widened her eyes, and just as Lily did previously, she pounce on her. With her strength she grabbed tightly saying in anger: “Poison, are you sure? Just so we are clear, there is nothing on this world that can harm her, NOTHING! If she died from poison then it was the deed of external forces to the Earth… now that is interesting!” She finished her speech with a chilly murderous intent leaking from her body for a short instant. Frightened by it, Lily shivered vigorously and nearly fainted.

“Anyway. Now, I’ll clarify some points. First, Grace and I were sworn sisters. The fact that I wasn’t here when she died is another matter, I won’t talk about it. Second, now that I am here and aware of how she died, I’ll make all the people related pay a heavy price for it. Finally there’s the fact that she hid the truth from you. So I’ll tell you about eventually, but not before I investigate thoroughly why she did so! So for now, I’ll have to stay here for my investigation, I hope you don’t mind. Also I am terribly exhausted, is there a room available?”

Lily dozed once again from Phoenix’s monologue. Instinctively she pointed at the stairs and said: “Second floor, third door on the left, there’s a bathroom inside.”

Phoenix thanked her and disappeared into her new room. Lily was left alone, standing like a dummy for a long while. Her mind was a mess. Thinking of her late grandmother, tears streamed on her cheeks. She staid motionless for a long while. Finally her phone rang and woke her up from her dazed state. Picking the call, a shout came the other end of the call: “CEO, we need you right now! The Reedish company ambassador is here. He’s going to end the contract...