Han Hui Yin
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“Sorry Dr Gyum, Ms Han is here to see you,” his assistant interrupted his train of thought as he was writing down his subscription. He looked up at his assistant he nodded, “Please let her wait until I’m done here with uncle Mannu, please give her some refreshments in the meantime,” he instructed her.

She nodded her head, closing the door behind her. Walking back to her seat in the front of the building, she looked Ms Han who was sitting at the entrance of the door looking like a nervous wreck. Clearing her throat, she caught Ms Han’s attention, “Ms Han, Dr Gyum will see you after he is done with the patient.”

She nodded her head and looked down at her hands nervously. Time seemed to slow down as the earthly scent of the rain entered her nose. She looked out of the door and frowned, looking down at the sack she brought with her, she pulled the strings apart and opened it.

Pulling out a green coat, she covered herself and stood up. Picking the sack up with her, she walked over to a chair away from the door. A few moments later, assistant Sanu got up and went inside to get Ms Han something to eat and something warm to drink.

She returned with a cup of Cinnamon milk and a bowl of chilli stew to keep her warm in the cold. Thanking her, she drank from the tea and started eating. Soon Dr Gyum was done with uncle Mannu.

His gaze landed on the young woman eating from a familiar bowl. Today she had on a faded two-tone, red and orange tunic with a green coat over it and red faded pants on and sandals. A smile formed on his lips as he approached her.

Her eyes focussed on him as he walked over. She placed the empty cup inside the empty bowl and got up with a smile on her lips. Bowing slightly she was stopped by Dr Gyum, “Bless you,” he said and smiled.

“Doctor, you sent for me?” she asked. Dr Gyum looked into her blue-ish green eyes and nodded, “Mn, let’s talk in my office.”

She nodded her head and walked over, handing assistant Sanu the bowl and cup with a thank you and praise for the delicious tea and milk.

Stepping into his office, he helped her sit down on the visitor's chair and sat down on the second chair beside her. Holding her hands in his, he looked into her eyes that had little life left in them saying, “Hui Yin, I’ve thought about what you asked of me.”

Hui Yin looked at him cautiously, “Have you come to a decision doctor?” He slowly nodded his head as he thought about it again. Paying close attention to the look in her eyes he said, “Hui Yin, your actions as a woman are hard to comprehend but I understand what it is you’ve asked of me and it is just too much of a burden to take responsibility for. I’ve spoken to my elders about it and although most of them are against your wishes, I’ve come to decide that I will help you on one condition.”

Hearing his words her lifeless blue-ish green eyes shone with a tinge of hope. A smile formed on her lips as the worried creases eased on her forehead. Dr Gyum was awestruck by what just these words of his made change to her. He expected Hui Yin to say something but she didn’t.

He continued, “My condition is that if you can never let anyone know of this. I too want to get married and have a family of my own someday and this would ruin things for me, understand?” he asked her. Hui Yin nodded her head to his query.

Swallowing her worry she said as the tears welled up in her eyes, “Dr Gyum, I wouldn’t have come to you if I had any ill intentions. All I want is to be happy and this will be my blessing if you grant it to me. Doctor, I don’t need money or you taking responsibility for me, all I need is for you to…”

Dr Gyum rubbed her hands consoling her while he said, “I understand, you don’t need to speak,” wiping her tears away her continued, “We can do this tonight and I will meet you at the inn where you are staying when my work is done today.”

Hui Yin nodded in agreement. The two stood up and he walked her out. Covering her head with the sack, she ran off in the rain back to the inn to warm up and get herself ready for the night. Dr Gyum watched Hui Yin run off in the rain and sighed, she was truly beautiful but because of her past, things wouldn’t be enjoyable for her every day.

Going back to his office, he sat down in his chair and sighed. Never in his life did he think he’d help a patient in this way. Hui Yin had a good heart and for her to be treated this way wasn’t good at all. Both of them were villagers but he had the opportunity to study and bring his family status up.


Knocking on the door of her room, Dr Gyum felt nervous. Hui Yin opened the door slowly and her eyes widened in surprise when she saw that it was the doctor. Dr Gyum frowned as he saw the unsure look on her face.

As he walked in he asked, “Why do you look so surprised, have you changed your mind?” Closing the door behind him she scoffed, “Oh goodness no doctor, I haven’t changed my mind, it’s just that I was preoccupied with something and didn’t know you’d be here so soon.”

Dr Gyum raised a brow at her when he saw that she was smirking, “Preoccupied with?” Hui Yin looked at the doctor and lift up a book that she was reading, closing it, she held it up so he could read it, “The Boy Cried Wolf, why?”

Shrugging her shoulders she said, “When you look at it, my life is similar. The boy who cried wolf was my sister who warned me and I was the sheep that got eaten by the wolf, luckily for me, I was just injured and managed to survive the wolfs tyranny but I had to climb mountains before I was found and treated.”

Dr Gyum looked at her surprised then smiled, holding his hand out towards the bed he asked, “Shall we?” Hui Yin nodded shyly as she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. Walking towards the bed with Dr Gyum following behind her.

She stopped on the side of the bed and moved all of her long her to the front. Turning her head to the side she asked, “Will you help me?”

He didn’t nod and only did as he saw right. Pulling at the strings that kept her tunic together under the back of her neck loose. It loosened and dropped to the ground. His eyes travelled down her slender back to her waist. He watched her hands trace the sides of her waistband and tuck her thumbs in it.

Tugging on it and moving her hips from side to side, she pulled it down all the way to her ankles. Stepping out of it she turned her head to the left, “Shall I face the front of the lay on my back?” she asked him.

Dr Gyum stepped forward and ran his slender fingers down her back leaving goosebumps behind, “I don’t want to be too intimate,” he said weakly. Swallowing the pooling saliva, he watched as she nods her head slightly and climbed onto the bed on all fours.

He disrobed himself, dropping his white and blue robes to the floor. Stepping out of his shoes and stocks, he climbed onto the bed behind her. Running his hand down her back tracing her spine, with his other hand, he raised it and touched the warm and soft entrance that Hui Yin owned.

Sucking in a deep breath, he pressed his fingers forward against it and started ministering his expertise. Hui Yin gasped and bit down on her bottom lip as the tears started falling from her eyes. She felt a thick, warm and lengthy organ enter her moments later.

Dr Gyum pushed his way, gently into her as he felt her soft walls contract and suck him in further. Lowering himself, he trailed kisses up her back to her neck. From the corner of his eye, he saw the tears falling onto the sheets and chose to ignore it.

Pulling out of her completely, he forced himself in completely then out again. Repeating his actions, the room soon filled with grunts, moans and lewd sounds. Feeling himself near his climax, he firmly gripped her waist and pushed himself all the ways in and unloaded inside her.

Feeling the warm fluid enter her body, Hui Yin’s tired legs gave in. She dropped face-first into the bedsheets while Dr Gyum dropped down on her. He slowly pushed himself off her and rested beside Hui Yin.

Turning her head so she could breathe, she saw that he was looking at her. Forcing herself to smile she said, “Thank you.” Dr Gyum chuckled. Shaking his head, “Don’t thank me yet, it’s still too early to say.”

Closing her eyes after turning her head, she pulled the sheets over her and fell asleep. The next morning when she woke up, she was full of pains and aches. Sighing, she got up and found that the doctor wasn’t here.

Deciding that it was for the best, she called for a bath to be brought up and got ready to leave. Leaving the inn and bidding the workers and innkeeper a farewell, she got onto her donkey and travelled back to her village.

While on the road back, she placed her hand on her stomach and closed her eyes while she prayed to the Heavens, “Since my birth, you have chosen my path for me. I’ve suffered for sins I am not aware of and I hope that you will forgive me by granting me this child. I swear that I will love this child like my firstborn and will cherish him or her. I care not if this child is a boy nor a girl, I just want them to be healthy. I will teach this child to love you as I love you. I will teach this child to love their sibling whom they may never know. This child and I will worship you together, we will honour you with all-out being. And I wish for this child to be loved by everyone. To grow freely and to accept you. I wish for this child to love me, me this selfish woman. And I wish that if you grant me this child that they will live a long and happy life.”

Opening her eyes, she let go of the reins, she bowed deeply and took the reins in her hands once again.

“I just wish…” she said looking ahead of her. “I hope that my firstborn will live a well without me and not be mistreated,” she continued with a sigh heading home.