Movement In the Shadows
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Lewis was training silently in the cellar, the street long abandoned and ignored by the populace of the capital - even the residents of the local slums had long abandoned this corner of the capital to let it be reclaimed by the rats and insects which scoured the belly of the beast like parasites.

There was no utopia in the world of Mortals; however, there was heaven for the strong and hell for the weak there's no equality in this cold world of ours just strength...

A lone tower stood standing in the depths of the wasteland more than ten miles away from the capital gates, deep in Hell's Forest it stood solemn and solitary hidden from the world, like something out of a fairy tale it was undisturbed as it blended into the nature around it a healthy green moss grew up the sides and a beautiful lake and waterfall could be admired from the windows on the highest floor - the tower was filled with noise: explosions, screams, cheers and sobbing.

On the top floor staring out a window a young man in his teens stared into the distance - the rising palace of the capital in full view, hatred burned furiously in the depths of his dark blue ocean like eyes as he stared at the capital palace that rose into the sky like a sword piercing the heavens themselves.

"Young Master." A figured clad in a black cloak bowed behind the man, reverence in his eyes as if he was finally seeing the god he had worshipped for his entire life for the first time.

"Are our preparations complete?" His dark brown hair swayed with the wind as he turned, his handsome features clearly defined in the sunlight peering through the window - strangely not a speck of light approached the cloaked man however as it seemed to avoid him, focusing on the young man like a spotlight.

"Everything is in place, our troops will storm the capital and our third realm experts will storm the castle in the chaos taking down the Monarchy in an instant!" His voice had started off quiet and had ended loud and confident - he had complete confidence in the plan of the Young Master, after hiding themselves for so long the world would finally know of the brilliance of the Young Master!

These were the thoughts that went through his mind at the moment yet the young man remained indifferent as if this was merely a small part of a much larger game, "Taking over the second layer shouldn't alert our so-called 'God.'" The words were laced with hatred, the Kingdom only had one religion and it worshipped the Creator, "King of all beings, King of the Universe.." All titles used by King to boost his own ego to another level after being able to form his own world - of course despite being able to create a world he couldn't create living beings or creatures with souls.

Everyone that was 'trapped' here once had ancestors who had lived in the vast Universe, these ancestors had recorded how they were captured by King and forced to conform with his rule, gradually only a few still believed in the teachings of their ancestors, now anyone who dared say the Creator had forcefully imprisoned them here was branded a heretic.

The young mans name was Nine, his father had brutally trained them since young; however, he had held no hope for their future - instead of naming them he deemed giving them numbers based on the order of birth was more acceptable and yet out of all of his brothers he was the final survivor he had cultivated like a demon and reached the Core Gathering Pinnacle Realm at the mere age of seventeen but had hidden himself from the world.

His father had told him of how the madman the people worshipped intended to merge this world with a world born from the creation of the universe itself - such an endeavor would expend much of his power and put him into a weakened state however it would also annihilate everyone in the original world.

As his own world was much larger than the world he was trying to merge with and he possessed an unstable foundation due to how fast he had cultivated the only way King could truly assimilate himself with a world created by the universe would be by burning the life force of everyone in his own world to force a successful merge.

When Nine's father had told him all of this he had been too shocked to believe it, but over time he had gradually come to accept it - his father had shown him an Image Recording Jade which was badly damaged but had been created by the ancestors the day the World had been compressed into the 'layers' of today, after that the Jade had turned to dust but head left the scene engraved in his mind - he could only harden his will as he vowed to kill King and escape to explore the vast Universe in the outside world.

Recovering from his daydream of the past Nine waved his hand at the figure who had been patiently waiting for him to speak for several minutes now.

Finally, the first step of his plan would come to fruition. He balled his fists and his thoughts drifted to his father - despite how cold-hearted he had been towards him and his siblings in truth it was for their own good, if they were destined for death in the future it would be better to give them a quick one so they could reincarnate sooner into a better life; however, Nine had been the only one to survive the tests and had to bear the weight of the world by himself.

He stared into the distance, the hatred replaced by pain as he sighed a lonely sigh at the top of his tower. Even his subordinates didn't know the truth of the world and would blindly worship the 'Creator' the faith had been so deeply engraved into them from birth that he couldn't hope to 'free' them.

Only one of his subordinates had already doubted the 'Creator' that was the cloaked figure that had just disappeared, instead of subordinate it would be better to call him Nines' closest friend. He had discovered the boy in Hells Forest, barely surviving on scraps, when he was nine he had encountered the boy shortly after his fathers' death - he had treated the boy like a brother from that day on after the loss of all of his own kin.

But to keep up appearances he called him Young Master in public but brother in Private, again Nine couldn't help but sigh at the lack of privacy he possessed - even in his own room there was someone watching him, he could feel their gaze on his back, it was an amateur spy that had infiltrated his organization to gather information but as of yet he had only shown the Spy what he wanted him to see.

'But it's time to rid ourselves of these annoying flies,' He had already noticed the spies' intention to leave after the report of their plan had been said aloud however he dared not to in case he alerted Nine, little did he know he had already been noticed the day he had first tried to spy on him three years ago.

"Die." He said simply, not even looking back - the Spy felt a cold chill down his spine before he felt his whole world spinning the last thought through his head in that moment of shock, 'Isn't that my body?'

Before his cold lifeless corpse fell from the beams of the tower ceiling and hit the floor with a thud, his head hit the ground a short second later and rolled away from the corpse, a look of surprise still present on his face - even in death, he had no idea how he had died.

"Time to begin..." Nine mumbled and disappeared out of the window, diving from the highest floor, a dark cloak had appeared on his back before he swiftly disappeared into the distance towards the capital, shortly after hundreds of black-cloaked figures rushed after him, they had been waiting in the trees for this moment...

Now was the time to act...