Extra 3: "The Fox Demon and the Regent" Chapter 1
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When he woke up again, Zhou YunSheng found that he was lying inside a horse drawn carriage. Outside the road was very rugged. When the carriage passed over the gravel, it would shake so much the people inside felt like their bones would be broken.

Zhou YunSheng felt like his entire body was uncomfortable, especially his stomach. It felt as though there was a steel knife lodged there, the pain was indescribable, all the way into his soul. This body clearly had suffered very serious internal damage. Which world was this?

He was just preparing to retrieve the memory of the body when he discovered that his hands were now a pair of snowy white and furry claws. He tried to move his five fingers and the little claws moved around. They looked both very stupid and very cute.

Okay, it was unnecessary to retrieve the memory. He already knew where he was and what race he was. It was quite clear that he was no longer a human but a beast. To be more specific he was a demon beast however this world was not a fantasy cultivation world but rather an ordinary world that had a little bit of magic. {T/N: The Chinese word “yao” which most people translate as “demon” are not the same as western demons. They’re a magical race, usually beasts, which can cultivate to have powers and turn into humans. They can be  good but are mostly portrayed by traditional lore as evil/mischievous/the cause of misfortunes and disasters.}

There were no clans of powerful demons in this world and there definitely weren’t any immortals flying around on their swords. There was only ordinary humans. In his last life, Zhou YunSheng had stayed in this world for several decades and other than the host and the host’s sister, he had never seen a third demon beast. They also didn’t have any particular inborn talent nor special demon cultivating magic, they were the most low level kind of demon without even basic self-protecting abilities. Thus their ending was very tragic.

The original body’s name is Yu Li. He was a completely snowy white fox. He had lived for more than fifty years. While this sounds like a long time, actually for a demon beast he had not even reached adulthood.

His mother died early and his only relative was his sister. Her name was Zi Li. Zi Li had cultivated for more than three hundred years and was already able to change her flesh and bone into a human shape. Her appearance was very beautiful.

Because their cultivation required them to inhale a lot of yang energy, so every so often she would go down the mountain to seduce a few men. She wouldn’t kill them and would only suck out about half of their yang energy before stopping. If they rested for five or six months they could resume living as energetically as before, so she could not be considered an evil demon.

Since she had experienced so many men, logically she should have a heart of steel however unexpectedly she was felled in the hands of a scholar. Yes exactly, the fox demon would always fall for a scholar, this has never changed since the ancient days and even Zi Li was not able to escape this fate.

The scholar’s name was Li WenHan. He was the nephew of the Lord of the Zhen Guo manor in Nai Jing City. From a young age he was not treated well by his father’s wife and so was sent away to the countryside to live.{T/N: He is the son of a concubine.}However Li WenHan was ambitious. He studied hard and came first in the imperial examinations. He was then given an assignment by the Emperor to go to the become a minister in a place not far away from the Imperial City.

When Zi Li met him he was living in harsh and poor circumstances. In order to help him win first place and avoid the assassins sent by his father’s wife, Zi Li had put in all her effort and didn’t hold anything back. Li WenHan also had the intention to make Zi Li his concubine in order to thank her. So when he went to his new assignment he took Zi Li with him and they indeed had some loving days together.

However as the old saying goes, “ordinary peasants know loyalty but scholars are mostly ingrates”. Seeing as he only wanted to give Zi Li a concubine title to thank her, it was clear that he didn’t have much genuine feelings towards her. Mostly he just wanted to use her. After taking up his post he made some achievements worth being proud of, and also met the daughter of a prominent family in the Imperial City. After they saw each other a few times they developed feelings for each other.

Zi Li was a fox demon after all so her temper was extremely fierce. When she inadvertently discovered the two people doing things in the study, she was so angry she immediately exploded and began a large argument.

In order to protect the reputation of the woman he loved, Li WenHan ordered a guard to block Zi Li’s mouth. The noblewoman was even more vicious. She directly took out the dragonbone whip that was hanging around her waist and whipped Zi Li until she fainted dead away, returning a tooth for a tooth. Then she sold her to a brothel.

Prior to losing consciousness, Zi Li was shocked and frightened. Although she didn’t have much power, however she was still a demon beast. Dealing with a few humans should be no problem for her. However she could not even withstand two blows from the noblewoman. Each whip caused Zi Li to feel like her soul was being split apart. The pain was terrible. Even the Court Preceptor didn’t have this kind of powerful ability.{T/N: An high ranking official which is like an advisor/strategist to the Emperor. In many stories this role also takes on a divinator/sorcerer type persona. The literal title 国师 means Teacher of the Country which I thought sounded weird so I randomly made up this title lol.}

When Zi Li woke up she was already in the brothel. With her last breath she ran away and jumped down the cliff and was found by Zhou YunSheng. She barely managed to tell him everything that happened, including the strange power of the noblewoman. She told her younger brother not to seek revenge for her.

If Zhou YunSheng wasn’t being controlled by the villain system, then of course he would choose to heed Zi Li’s warning. He was barely half a chi long {T/N: A chi is about 34cm}, he didn’t have any magical powers and couldn’t even change into human shape. Even an eight or nine year old child could kill him easily. How could he be the opponent of this vile pair?

In any case that noblewoman was not a regular person but this world’s daughter of fate. She was taken care of by the laws of the world and she had the female protagonist’s halo. She could be said to completely untouchable so of course when Zi Li met her, she could only suffer the fate of a cannon fodder.

However villains had to have the attitude and courage of “even while knowing there is a tiger in the mountains, to still head towards tiger mountain”. Zhou YunSheng had no choice but to the accept the system’s mission of “getting revenge for his sister” and go down the mountain to seek out the female lead and his own death.

The female lead’s name was OuYang MingYue. She was the daughter of the first rate prominent OuYang family’s official first wife. However because her mother had died early and her stepmother was unkind, she had been sent to the countryside to live as a child. All around her were ignorant farmers and even the maids beside her were being controlled by her stepmother. Under these circumstances it would be logical for her to die easily but whether it be fortune or misfortune, when she was fourteen she drowned and when woke up again, her soul had been changed to that of a female assassin from modern day. The assassin’s name was also OuYang MingYue and from that day her magnificent life began.

This OuYang MingYue was not even a little bit like the weak and cowardly original OuYang MingYue. Her manner was extremely fierce and arrogant and her method were cruel and ruthless. If anyone crossed her, she would repay the deed tenfold. She extremely disliked the rules and regulations women of this day and age had to live in, how they had to be quiet and ladylike. All of it was simply bullshit to her. In the modern age she had many lovers so once she came here of course she wouldn’t change her personality. If she saw a man she liked she would use all her power to get him.

Li WenHan was not only handsome but had some power. As soon as he came OuYang MingYue locked on him and using a few tactics, hooked him. After this came Zi Li’s tragedy.

It has already previously been said that the daughter of world is helped by all the laws of the world. In order to let her have smooth sailing, the world would continually give her golden fingers. And the golden finger that the female protagonist needed the most happened to be in Yu Li’s body. That’s why the Zi Li who had been cultivating for three hundred years would inexplicably fall in love with Li WenHan, become his concubine and then sacrifice her life for no good reason. It was all to bring Yu Li to the female lead’s side.

In the future the female protagonist would conquer many men. Almost all the civil and military ministers of the court were willing to die out of love for her. But her greed was endless, even the world’s two most powerful Emperors went to war in order to gain her as their Empress. In the end they had no choice but to call it a draw and thus the legend of two Emperors sharing the same Empress was born.

However if the female lead’s strength was like a normal person then it would be impossible for her to conquer and be with so many men. Thus the world gave her a very important golden finger and that was Yu Li’s demon core. Yu Li and Zi Li’s core was completely different, Yu Li was born with a pure yin body and so his demon care was extremely special.

After Zhou YunSheng came down from the mountain he thought of many ways to get close to the female lead. Because his appearance was cute, he was eventually taken in by the female lead as a pet. However the Court Preceptor who loved and admired the female lead discovered him and killed him, then gave his demon core to the female lead to eat. After the female lead consumed the demon core her entire body changed. The originally already beautiful appearance became even more radiant and with it she gained a seductive and enticing quality that could steal the soul. Her female part also became like a heavenly temple, any man who tasted it would feel as though they had floated into the sky and become an immortal, they only wished they could die while having sex with her.

This wasn’t all. The female lead’s sexual appetite also changed. She became like a fox demon. Every month on the full moon she was become crazed with lust. She needed to have sex with seven or eight men and drink her fill of their semen, otherwise she would wilt away. Thus, who dared to try to possess the female lead on their own? Even if they had the heart they didn’t have the power. Thus the female lead was able to legitimately possess many men in her life and everybody accepted it and even lived together happily under her control.

While Zhou YunSheng recalled the female lead’s life, he used his claw to cover his face so that his expression would not make the other people suspicious. But he quickly put it down after remembering that right now he was just a fox demon. His face was full of fur so his expression couldn’t be seen at all.

This time he was also too late by one step. Yu Li had already become OuYang MingYue’s pet. He had tried to wait until she was asleep to kill her however instead he was heavily injured by the golden halo protecting her body. Even his demon core was cracked, it would be difficult to heal without eighty or a hundred years. Last time in order to heal his injury, Zhou YunSheng had inhaled a lot of people’s yang energy and that was what led to him being discovered by the Court Preceptor. 

But in this life he didn’t need to do that. He simply needed to call out 008’s power to help heal his demon core. However Yu Li’s current body was far too weak, his meridians were as fragile as silk and if they he wasn’t careful he could die at any moment. He could only absorb a little bit of energy per day and slowly heal himself over a long period of time. It would take at least five or six years before becoming completely better. However this time Zhou YunSheng wasn’t in a rush. There was no system to push him along to his death. No matter how long it took he could wait. He definitely needed to get revenge for Zi Li however the most important thing right now was to find his lover.

He thought for some time before he felt a twinge of pain. A delicate jade-like hand had picked him up and placed him inside a fragrant and warm embrace. A clear voice laughingly asked, “What are you thinking about, you look so stupid.”

Zhou YunSheng raised his head. He saw OuYang MingYue smiling at him. This year she had just turned fifteen and her features were just starting to open. On her forehead she only wore a faded silk flower however it didn’t detract from her appearance at all, but only made her seem more radiant and mesmerizing. However one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. No one knew better than Zhou YunSheng how cruel and ruthless she could be. Don’t believe her when she appears to treat Yu Li like a precious treasure. If the need arose she would without hesitation use him and then throw him away.

OuYang MingYue obviously didn’t expect a beast to reply back to her. It was only that she was in a good mood so she decided to play with him for a bit.

She patted the little fox and then looked at the maid by her side. “How long until we reach the OuYang manor?” That’s right, after she had utilized various methods, the OuYang family had finally remembered that the previous mistress of the household had a daughter in the countryside. Right now it was time for her to come back to the city to get married.

Her maid slid open the window and looked outside. She said respectfully, “There’s about half an hour until we each home, my Lady.”

Li WenHan had been sent out for three years and this time he was also coming back to the Imperial City to find a new post. If he could obtain some recommendations from above then perhaps he could directly jump into the sky and become an official next to the Emperor. The OuYang family was very prominent at court. If he could obtain OuYang MingYue as his bride, then he could also gain some valuable networks. Then he could fight with the father of his wife. Thus he voluntarily took up the job of escorting OuYang MingYue home. This way he could also meet her family.

As a newly risen star in the political world, Li WenHan’ behaviour was very good. According to the rumors, he had already been named by the Regent to become a civil minister at court. His career was looking very bright. 

By contrast the OuYang family looked as though it was filled with power, however inside the cracks were already showing. They also needed to gain some new blood in the court, especially someone like Li WenHan who didn’t have any other people to rely on. OuYang MingYue had already asked Li WenHan to mention her in his letters and to vaguely express his intention to marry her, in order to increase her importance. This way she could gain her father’s attention and suppress her stepmother.

Thus these two people’s feelings for each other can’t be said to be very deep. It was more that they were attracted to what they could use in each other.

After half an hour, the horse drawn carriage came to a stop by the side of road. OuYang MingYue raised the cover up and looked at the gilded plaque over the door of the house. Her heart was very cold.

Li WenHan got off the horse and went to knock on the door. He was interrogated by the doorman and felt displeased. It didn’t take long for Grandfather and Father OuYang to hurry out. They opened the door to welcome their daughter into the house. Their behaviour was very friendly as though they had not sent this daughter out into the countryside to live and die by her own accord.

The men soon went into the study to discuss business. The women went into the inner courtyard to gossip. OuYang MingYue’s stepmother held her hand and asked her how she had been all these years. A few times tears even fell out of her eyes, just as though she missed his stepdaughter very much.

In terms of acting ability, OuYang MingYue also didn’t give an inch. She lay in her stepmother’s arms and cried pitifully. The look of adoration in her eyes leaked out like water. The two women held each other and put on a great show for Zhou YunSheng.

In the demon clan, the more pure the coat the more pure the body. Yu Li had the “pure yin” body that appeared less than once in a thousand years. He also had a pair of large, round and amber eyes. When they peered at you innocently, it would melt hearts of stone into water.

His body length was no more than half chi and could be held in a maidservant’s palm. He looked like a soft and round ball of fluff, it was extremely cute.

OuYang MingYue’s stepsister OuYang YaEr took one look at him and ordered her maid, “Give him to me.”

“Be careful little sister. Don’t look at Xiao Bai’s weak appearance, he’s quite wild. I’m scared he will hurt you.” OuYang MinYue said in a gentle voice. {T/N: Xiao Bai = “little white”.}

OuYang YaEr glared at her. She reached out and snatched the little fox into her arms. She began to pat him. In this life Zhou YunSheng was not under the control of the villain system and thus had no obligation to express loyalty to OuYang MingYue. Thus he obediently lay inside OuYang YaEr’s embrace. He squinted his eyes and made a comfortable “gu-lu” sound.

OuYang YaEr said gleefully, “It looks like Xiao Bai likes me. Older sister, can you give him to me?”

OuYang MingYue said, “If younger sister likes him then go ahead and take him.” After she spoke she took a silk purse out from her waist. Secretly she retrieved a small red bean. Without any noise she aimed it at the little fox.

Zhou YunSheng’s fox core was damaged so his entire body was already very uncomfortable. Now something shot into him and became embedded in him. By reflex he scratched OuYang YaEr and jumped down from her embrace and rushed into the grass. OuYang YaEr’s hand was scratched and there was a little bit of blood. She screamed loudly.

“I told you he’s a wild animal that needs disciplining but younger sister you didn’t believe me. Go quickly and find a doctor. If you delay it might leave a scar.” OuYang MingYue hurried to help OuYang YaEr, pretending be very concerned about her. But secretly she thought, why didn’t the little fox scratch her face?

The stepmother treated her daughter like a precious pearl. She immediately got extremely angry and wanted to skin this vile beast alive. OuYang MingYue didn’t give any opinion however it was OuYang YaEr who couldn’t bear it. She said it was because she wasn’t holding him properly and it wasn’t the little fox’s fault and not to hurt him. Only this way Zhou YunSheng was able to keep his life.

Zhou YunSheng hid in the grass and forcibly endured the terrible pain in his body. He obtained a little bit of energy from 008. He intended to hide himself and leave the OuYang manor but seeing that OuYang YaEr had stepped forward to protect him, his heart slightly moved and finally he decided to stay.

The reason was number 1, his demon core was injured and right now was his weakest time. If he left the OuYang manor he might not be able to survive. You should know the value of a snow fox’s fur was very high. Just a small amount could be sold for several hundred taels. If he ran into some greedy person then he would lose his life. 

Number 2, his lover’s identity was definitely somehow very high. After entering the cycle of reincarnation, his identity and status in life should be someone equal the the sons and daughters of fortune. And this daughter of fortune would gain an extensive network. If he stayed by Ouyang MingYue’s side, the probability of encountering his lover was very high. It was better than randomly trying his luck outside.

He carefully sent the power back into 008. There were already a few meridians who couldn’t bear the power and had already broken and Zhou YunSheng could still barely lift a claw. He lay on the spot and silently breathed in and out. It wasn’t until night had fallen that he returned to OuYang MingYue’s courtyard.

“My lady, look who’s come back!” The oldest maid Huan CuiEr came out and saw the little fox so she picked him up and took him inside. 

OuYang MingYue put down the book she had in her hand. She ordered, “Let me hold him.”

CuiEr handed him over before discovering that there was a lot of blood on her left hand. She couldn’t help but cry, “Ah! Xiao Bai has been injured!”

OuYang MingYue laughed coldly. She reached into the little fox’s blood covered fur and used a forceful and piercing motion to retrieve the red bean from inside the fox’s flesh. Then she wiped her hand and said, “In this life the thing that I, OuYang MingYue, hate the most is the thing that is disloyal to its master. Clearly you’re my pet but you laid so obediently in someone else’s arm. If that’s the case then I’ll be the one to ruin you personally, so as to not let anyone else have you. Luckily today OuYang YaEr knew her place and chose not pursue the matter. Otherwise tomorrow morning I would take taken this beast’s carcass over to her and see if she still dares to take him!”

Everyone who heard these words would feel a chill down their spine. The two maids inside the room went white in the face. They immediately kneeled down and kowtowed vigorously to express their loyalty. Zhou YunSheng’s entire body also trembled, however it was not because of pain but because of anger.

OuYang MingYue. Every drop of blood you made me spill today, I will definitely make you repay it tenfold tomorrow!