Chapter 12 Censored
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Around 6AM, Zhao Xuan opened his eyes. His pupils completely didn’t have any of the confusion that usually accompanied someone who had just woken up, instead they were sharp and cold.

Instinctively he felt for the little fox in his embrace however his hand only touched an expanse of delicate and smooth skin. It was like touching a piece of beautiful jade but at the same time it soft and supple, just one touch could make you addicted. He froze with shock, then his eyes immediately began to glow with light. He hurried to roll over and looked inside his arms. There was no sign of the little fox, but instead there was a fifteen or sixteen year old youth that was completely naked.

The youth seemed to have experienced an episode of some kind of pain or torture. Small beads of sweat covered his body and the early morning sunlight cast upon it a seductive glow. He was lying on his side, and his flexible body was curled in a graceful manner. It showed very early his slender and delicate waist and two long legs. His small and thin hands and wrists were pressed against Zhao Xuan’s collar, the appearance extremely trusting and dependant.

Zhao Xuan held his breath and gently parted the long, silver-white hair that hid his face and gazed into his features. It was though he had been violently hit in his chest, his heart was beating out of control and his head felt dizzy.

This was his little fox. His little fox that had turned into human shape. He was even more beautiful than Zhao Xuan could have ever imagined. Right now he was lying inside his arms. Although he had gotten bigger by quite a lot, however he was still small and weak looking, extremely evoking of sympathy. His entire body was beaded with sweat, smooth and slippery, white and supple. It was like a beautifully scaled and delicious fish that made one wanted to swallow him whole into the stomach. 

Zhao Xuan’s breathing became heavier and more erratic. His hands began roaming up and down the little fox’s body in an uncontrolled manner. From his shiny and fine silver-white hair to his smooth and white shoulders, and then slid down his graceful waistline to his full buttocks. His hands lingered on these two taro-like small mounds before sliding down further and feeling, inch-by-inch, the little fox’s long and slender pair of legs. He wrapped his delicate and jade-like feet in his palms and began kissing them fervently.

Just thinking about his slender hands, beautiful feet and tender flesh, Zhao Xuan began to laugh in a mesmerized and low manner. He was so cute, no matter if he was the animal Li’Er or the human Li’Er, he was still so cute. He was so adorable that Zhao Xuan wanted to spoil him all the way into his bones.

Zhao Xuan kissed both his feet and then inched up to kiss his clavicles. Then he wrapped his arms around both sides of the little fox’s body and stared into his face.

His features had still not completely opened up. His face was as small as a palm and still immature. His snowy white skin was flushed with a pink hue, the appearance was extremely tempting. His full and round lips were red and dewy, as though they had been dyed with mulberries or cherries.

As he looked at him Zhao Xuan’s throat became dry. His heart thudded like a drum. He wanted to wake the little fox up so he could see his eyes, they definitely would be so enticing that they would still away the soul.

He tried to control his crazed heartbeat. Inch-by-inch he pressed closer to those red lips. First he reached out his tongue and licked it a few times, then his eyes went dark and he opened the lips and plundered the depths of them. He had completely lost control and was totally unable to make the kissing soft or tender. He wrapped his tongue around the little fox’s sweet and tender one and stirred and sucked it with a loud smacking noise, and both of his hands were occupied in playing and moving up and down the little fox’s slender body. His desire was uncontrollable.

Even if Zhou YunSheng could sleep like the dead, he would definitely be woken up by this.

His chest felt stuffy as though were was a big stone pressing down on it. There was an object inside his mouth and it was hard to breathe. His entire body felt sensitive as it was being kneaded and caressed, and deep inside him a fire was lit up. He moaned as he slowly came awake. Just as he opened his amber eyes, he saw his lover’s handsome face come very close to him. His lover asked in hoarse and playful voice, “Li’Er, you’ve finally woken up. Since you’ve woken up, let’s continue.”


Censored adult scene here. If you want to read the uncensored one skip to the next chapter.


“Are you full?” Zhao Xuan flipped him over and embraced him in his arms. A thick emotion was brimming from his eyes.

“Very full.” Zhou YunSheng sleepily blinked his eyes. He licked the corner of his red lips as though savouring the memory of the taste.

Zhao Xuan laughed throatily. He lowered his head and gave him a wet and passionate kiss. Then he felt his smooth and slippery shoulders and said tenderly, “If you’re full then sleep a bit more. I don’t need to go to court today.” 

Zhou YunSheng huddled into his arms and fell into a sweet slumber.

After turning into a person, his sleeping position improved a lot. He no longer constantly twitched his claws and large tail, and of course he no longer drooled. He had red cheeks, red lips and thick eyelashes that contained pearls of dew. His entire body was filled with red marks, just looking once it was obvious that he had just been violently loved.

Zhao Xuan propped himself up on one arm, staring at the little fox fixedly. His chest vibrated with his joy and contendness. He completely didn’t care about him being a demon and also wasn’t worried about being dying from his yang energy being sucked out. He only desired that every day once he opened his eyes, the first thing he would see would be the little fox’s beautiful visage. Just by reaching out his hand he could touch his body. This was the greatest  joy in his life.

Wang Bao didn’t sleep for the entire night. He stood outside the door and struggled internally as he listened to the passionate sounds emanating from inside. He completely didn’t understand how a living person suddenly appeared in his Lordship’s room. And he actually didn’t get killed by his Lordship with one blow, but instead rolled on the sheets with him.

The sounds finally came to an end, and the sky was also lit up. Finally he got up the courage to knock on the door and said, “Your Lordship, do you need me to come in to help you dress? Right now the sun is already high in the sky.”

As soon as the knocking started, Zhao Xuan covered the little fox’s ears. His eyes were angry.

He used his inner energy to send a secret message to Wang Bao to tell him to get lost immediately. Until noon he wasn’t allowed to disturb him. When he heard his footsteps move away, he lowered his hands and helped the little fox arrange his quilt, as well as kissing him on the forehead. He cuddled him and went back into a deep sleep.

Zhou YunSheng slept until noon before finally sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

The golden sheets slipped down from his shoulders, exposing his white jade body filled with love marks. This sexy image once again roused the fire in Zhao Xuan’s belly.

He gathered the other person into his arms, and lovingly felt him up inch by inch, he passionately kissed the little fox’s lips for a while before finally getting up to get dressed.

Zhou YunSheng gathered the blankets around himself and stared with interest at his lovers’ strong and muscular body. He said, “Zhao Xuan, I don’t have any clothes to wear.”

“You can wear mine first. Later on, I’ll ask Wang Bao to find some tailors to make clothes for you. It seems you can’t wear the ones from before anymore.” As he spoke he took out a small bright red jacket and playfully compared it to the little fox’s body.

When Zhou YunSheng saw this little outer coat, his face went quite red. He felt embarrassed so he used his dewy amber eyes to glare at his lover. However he didn’t have any evil intent, and instead because of how bright and moist his eyes were, it only looked both pitiful and cute.

Zhao Xuan’s eyes became darker. He held the back of the little fox’s head with one hand then sucked on his fragrant and slippery tongue. Then he said lowly, “Don’t use that kind of gaze to look at me, otherwise today I won’t let you get off the bed.” Thinking that it was the little fox’s first time, he had already forcibly suppressed himself. However in the future he wouldn’t let him get away so easily.

Not only was Zhou YunSheng not frightened at all, he instead reached out his tongue to intertwine with him more. He savored the taste of his lover’s mouth. Even his saliva contained yang energy, so to Zhou YunSheng it was extremely delicious. Before, his demon  core was damaged, because it was extremely weak he didn’t dare to overly suck too much. However he no longer had such qualms. This lover’s power was beyond the limits of this world, so to suck him dry would like sucking the world dry. It was something that would never happen in 800-1000 years. So right now he could suck as much as he wanted, he didn’t need to spare any thought for him. 

Zhao Xuan loved his innocent and all-consuming method of kissing. As he was kissed he laughed, he licked the saliva at the corner of the little fox’s lips and then rubbed the tip of his nose ashe said, “How come you’re so greedy?”

“You haven’t seen what I really look like when I’m greedy. I’m scared that in the future you won’t be able to afford me.”  Zhou YunSheng raised his eyebrow. His smile was slightly strange.

He was thinking about the female’s lead heat every full moon. She had only just consumed a demon’s core and it was already so hard to handle. Being an actual demon, how great would his desire be? His lover was so powerful, just one of him should amount to ten others right? As he thought about it, he looked at his lover’s penis which even though was soft, was still extremely large. He thought he probably wouldn’t have any problem.

In the manual about demons it was written that fox demons would go into heat on the full moon. When Zhao Xuan saw his sly his expression, he immediately guessed what he was thinking. However he didn’t feel troubled at all but instead excited. He embraced the little fox and said smiling, “Whether or not I can afford you, you will see when the time comes. Even if I die inside you, this life would have been worth it. But I’m afraid you won’t have that capability.”

Zhou YunSheng was teased by him until the fire in his belly rose again. His wet eyes  glared at him and he humphed, saying, “Whether or not I have the capability, you just wait and see.”

Zhao Xuan was precisely waiting  for this sentence. In his heart he thought that this little creature was innocent and easy to fool. On the surface he couldn’t help laughing. He rubbed his rough chin against the little fox’s tender cheek, touching him until the other person begged him to stop. Finally he opened his closet to pick something for the little fox to wear.

Zhou YunSheng obediently stood at the end of the bed. He spread out his arms and waited for his lover to dress him.

He had been so many rebirths, of course he knew how to wear ancient clothing. However right now he was a fox demon that had just changed to human shape, logically he shouldn’t understand these human things. He also wanted to bully his lover slightly and so he pretended to be dumb.

In this life Zhao Xuan was high and lofty Regent, he had always been served by others. He had never served anyone before however he didn’t even feel the slightest bit of annoyance. Instead he found it extremely enjoyable.

He himself wore a pale green robe, and picked a jinpao the same color for the little fox. He carefully dressed him and while doing so he naturally felt his little waist, touched his little hands and ate his tofu thoroughly.

After finishing his dress, he had the little fox sit on the couch. He rolled white stockings up his small, delicate, jade-like feet. After putting on he, he habitually kissed his feet. His face was very warm and tender.

Zhou YunSheng knew his lover had a foot fetish. Actually the truth was as long as it was a part of his body, Zhao Xuan would love it to death. Sometimes Zhou YunSheng would find it a bit annoying, but most of the time he from the bottom of his heart that it was very sweet. So he only laughingly stepped on his face a few times.

Zhao Xuan felt that the interactions between the two people seemed intimately familiar. The little fox clearly had only just turned into human shape, but somehow it seemed that they had lived together for a long time. Their intimate and loving interactions were sweeter than a pair of newlyweds. He completely didn’t feel annoyed at all when the other person stepped on his face, instead it filled him with joy. He saw that the little fox was wearing a black stud earring on his left ear. He immediately came closer and sucked it a few times.

When he received his lover’s data, Zhou YunSheng wrapped his arms around his neck and laughed joyfully.