Chapter 18
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OuYang MingYue stood rooted to the spot as though unable to believe her own eyes. Although this burst gun wasn’t as good as a modern firearm, however after her modifications its power was undeniable. How was it possible that it couldn’t even penetrate a human palm? Could this be the legendary power of using inner energy to protect the body? Then how powerful must this opponent be?

She couldn’t recover her wits for some time. She raised her eyes and looked at the relaxed looking man in front of her. Waves of fear flooded through her chest. If this person wasn’t even scared of a bullet, then what weapon could hurt him? Just then she had even been thinking that after using this person she could get rid of him, it really was the biggest joke in the world.

What could she use to kill this opponent? He was a monster that even a bullet couldn’t penetrate. She didn’t have that kind of power in her hands! What could she use to fight with him? How was she worthy of trying to scheme against him? Deep fear filled her insides and OuYang MingYue couldn’t escape from it.

She regretted it. She regretted looking too highly upon herself and underestimating her opponent. If the Regent thought her gift worthy, then he would probably imprison her. If he didn’t then it was even worse, he might simply kill her with one thrust of his blade to prevent the strange things in her head spreading to other people.

But who wouldn’t think the gift of gunpowder unworthy? Pretending to be so relaxed and casual, it must be an act to try and trick her. That was good, this way at least she would be able to preserve her life. Thinking about this, OuYang MingYue quickly steadied herself. She forced herself to give a wan smile.

However just as she was steadying her mood, a horrifying scene occurred.

She saw the youth who was lying lazily on the couch snatch the gun from the Regent’s hand. After two or three rapid movements it suddenly turned into loose parts. He picked out the bullet and had a look, then a few more efficient movements later, put it back together. The entire process only took the space of a few breaths.

He picked up a thin charcoal piece from the stove and then began to draw on the table several objects, each marked with a number. When OuYang MingYue looked, her head almost cracked.

Turns out during the process of assembly and disassembly he had already memorized the shape of each component as well as its precise dimensions. He was at the moment drawing a blueprint, there was nothing missing. With this blueprint, it would be easy for the Regent to construct as many guns as he wanted.

“Did, did you also transmigrate?” The words popped out of OuYang MingYue’s mouth before she could stop herself.

Zhou YunSheng gave her a bland look as though he had no idea what she was talking about.

Other than hacking, one of his other specialties was mechanical assembly. Even if he didn’t transmigrate, as long as he was given a sample, he would be able to construct something exactly the same after dismantling it and examining the parts. He could even improve it. To her bones, OuYang MingYue was filled with the superiority of a modern person, but she didn’t realize that no matter what age it was, it always had its own geniuses and prodigies so it was foolish to underestimate anyone.

After finishing the drawing, he turned his attention to the small paper bag. He opened it and sniffed the black powder. He asked, “Isn’t this the black powder used by Fang WeiTong to open up the silver mines?”

Right now OuYang MingYue couldn’t be sure whether or not he was also a transmigrator. However just before his gaze had been too pure, other than curiosity and suspicion, they didn’t contain any other sentiment. And if he came from the same place as her and was able to draw the blueprint of the gun by just looking at it, then it was impossible for him to be satisfied just being a male pet. Logically he should want to make a name for himself.

So based on this, she thought it was unlikely that they were fellow transmigrators. However this didn’t make OuYang MingYue feel better. In fact it made her feel even more fear.

She recalled the previous incident of being suppressed by this youth. Then she looked at the way he had familiarized himself with the construction of the handgun. She realized that he was a genius, an utterly real prodigy. This type of demon-like intelligence was the most hard to deal with. Today it seemed she would be unable to come out on top.

The events following were totally out of OuYang MingYue’s control. She watched helplessly as the youth immediately wrote down the ingredients of the black powder after sniffing it. He handed it to the Regent to keep and completely didn’t have to ask her for the recipe.

After the mountain was sealed, Fang WeiTong instructed his men to throw all the gunpowder into the river. He deliberately let the existence of the black powder turn into a legend told by the mouths of the miners. There wasn’t any real example of it, otherwise how would OuYang MingYue have the opportunity to present it to the Regent now?

But now a few scratchings of charcoal later, even the things she had placed inside the deliberately confuse the recipe such as limestone, dansha and silver powder had been discerned one by one. What type of nose did the youth have? A dog’s nose? Having an intelligent head was already enough, why did he also have such a sensitive sense of smell? No wonder the Regent kept him by him side. It turns out that he was a lover of talent, not just of beauty.

OuYang MingYue felt this person was high above her. More and more she felt she had acted too hastily.

After coming to Tian Yuan Country, no matter how big the danger she faced, she was always able to come through it satisfactorily. So naturally she thought herself above others. So how could she expect to be felled by the hands of a fifteen, sixteen year old boy?! And it had even happened multiple times!

Right now her entire body felt cold. She felt as though she was walking step by step to the edge of a cliff, and soon would not be able to save herself. She was fearful that she would not be able to see the sun of the next day.

“The Regent has so many hidden talents and geniuses by his side, this commoner is extremely humbled.” She said hoarsely.

“However this commoner still has a few more things on hand, each of them is better than this gunpowder and this weapon. However I didn’t bring them today. If the Regent is interested, this commoner will bring them to the manor another day, how about it?” After speaking she felt cold sweat on her back.

She still had a lot of cards left in reserve, it should be enough to arouse the interest of these people. They wouldn’t kill someone who still had value so they wouldn’t kill her. She originally thought that even if she showed them the gun and the gunpowder, in order to grasp the secrets of these things, it would still take them an additional three to five years. She could act as their mentor and thus use the Regent’s power and influence for her own benefit.

But right now there was a genius youth accompanying the Regent. Other than handing out the things she had, she didn’t have an ounce of value. She felt both panicked, regretful and angry. In her heart she thought how good it would be if this youth didn’t exist. That way there would be no one blocking her path. If she was able to step out of the Regent’s Manor today, she definitely had to find a way to get rid of him. 

If Zhao Xuan and Zhou YunSheng couldn’t see through her thoughts then it would really be a waste of their thousands of times of rebirth. However these two people had never put OuYang MingYue much into their thoughts, so they were not at all interested in her so-called “cards left in reserve”.

“You actually dared display these dumb things in front of Li’Er and this Lord, what a joke. Go now, this Lord doesn’t want to see you anymore.” Zhao Xuan waved his hand, dismissing OuYang MingYue.

The little fox didn’t want to kill her so quickly, so he would spare her for now and play slowly with her.

“Your Lordship….” WanQi Yan was a true blue ancient person after all. When he saw the power of the gunpowder, he naturally didn’t want to let go. He wanted to say something but when he saw the youth’s pair of dewy eyes turn towards him and his jade finger pressed against his lips in a sign of asking for silence.

Although he felt a bit regretful, however no matter how strong his desire was to know more, WanQi Yan’s heart became more peaceful.

The young master wanted him to be quiet so he would turn himself into a mute. He obediently sat back down and his expression became very tranquil.

Zhao Xuan was very displeased by this. He also dismissed WanQi Yan immediately.

One was a crazy woman and the other was a love rival. In the days to come he wouldn’t let either of them come to his door.


Although OuYang MingYue was shocked however she wasn’t stupid. She immediately hurried out of the manor with the Marquis of Yong Wu before separating with him. Standing in the busy street, her forehead was filled with cold sweat. A gust of cold wind blowing from the north helped to clear her thoughts. She actually came out alive? She wasn’t imprisoned and wasn’t killed for her silence? How was that possible? How was it that they weren’t at all interested in the power of the weaponry or gunpowder? Could it be that their brains weren’t working? Were they not scared at all that after leaving the door, she would immediately sell the things to someone else?

Right now she felt like a tranquilized beast that had been locked up in a cage. If she was obedient then she would be able to survive, but if she developed other thoughts then she would immediately die. The feeling of being pressed under someone’s foot was unbearable.

OuYang MingYue returned back to the country manor. She felt extremely anxious and was greatly ill for some time.

After she left the manor, Zhao Xuan burned the gunpowder in the stove and crumpled up the gun into a mass of scrap metal before throwing it into the lake.

He had an instinct that these two items shouldn’t appear in this day and age. And behind them it carried the aura of death and terrible and endless warfare.

Right now he was the Regent of the Tian Yuan Country. Naturally he would guarantee that while he safeguarded it, the Tian Yuan Country wouldn’t fall under his watch. However he also didn’t have any ambition to unite the mainland. If the little fox didn’t appear then maybe he would get interested in such a thing. However now that he had the little fox, he only wanted to live his life peacefully. If the little fox was hungry then he would fill him to the brim. Other than that he wasn’t interested in much else.

Zhou YunSheng also didn’t have the ambition of taking over the world, so naturally he didn’t have any objections to his lover’s manner of dealing with things.

Previously OuYang MingYue had invented gunpowder, the burst gun, the cannon, battleships. She had turned the Tian Yuan Country and the Da Yong Country into military powerhouses and she had countless soldiers under her command. However behind that was the deaths of countless small countries, civilians and soldiers. Her existence completely disrupted the balance of the world, by accumulating all the luck in the world on her own self, she also destroyed the luck and lives of countless others.

She was the medium by which the Queen could use to control the world. The stronger she became, the stronger the Queen became.{T/N: This is referring to the Queen that ZYS and ZX fight in the real world arc.}

Zhou YunSheng desire was completely the opposite of the Queen and the female lead. He wanted this world to remain in balance, he wanted it to control its own destiny and walk slowly towards an unknown future. So he would prevent all of the female lead’s plot. The things inside her head would never again see the light of day.

Right now OuYang MingYue’s life was very hard. She wasn’t able to obtain any help from the Regent and instead she disclosed her secrets. Right now no matter where she went and what she did, it would be immediately reported. Even her gender and identity was discovered and exposed. Because of this she couldn’t help but feel fear and terror.

Because right now she didn’t have any money, then all of the talented people she had gathered as well as the orphans she was training had completely been wasted. Those orphans had only been training for a short year. They had not forgotten their terror of living on the streets and their loyalty wasn’t high. Seen that they were no longer being taken care of by the estate, they joined forces to rob the property clean before all leaving. It was lucky that OuYang MingYue had never trained them personally so they didn’t have much notion of finding her and making trouble for her personally and so they gradually disappeared away.

However her estate was plagued by troubles and its reputation had already sunk to the ground. When OuYang MingYue wanted to sell it, no one wanted to buy it so she could only abandon it and let it grow wild. Previously she had been wealthy and had everything she wanted, but right now she couldn’t even afford to call a doctor out to treat her illness.

In this way, her eldest maid painstakingly rummaged through the cabinets and found some medicine. After cooking it she brought it in, her face was troubled.

“Miss, let’s not do this anymore. Let’s return and get married ba, Young Master Bai is still waiting for you.”

OuYang MingYue thought about it and really she didn’t have any other choice. “Give Bai Lian a message. Tell him to help me return to the OuYang household.” Leaving was easy but if she wanted to return that would be hard beyond measure. Her stepmother only wished she could die on the outside, how could she invite her back? Right now she didn’t have an ounce of money or connections. When she was sick she couldn’t even afford medicine. She couldn’t continue on in this manner. The Regent was secretly watching her and she didn’t dare make any wrong moves. She could only obediently return home, and associate with those small-minded womenfolk.

She could already predict her future. She would get married and then have to fight with a bunch of women for the attention of one man. All day long other than playing small mind games and schemes, she would have nothing else to do. That type of life to her was like hell. However she had no choice but to head down that path.

Her maidservant couldn’t at all comprehend her woe and troubles.

In her opinion, a woman’s greatest happiness was finding the right man to marry. Right now the young lady was only making trouble for herself. But right now because of her trouble, it was good that she had finally thought things through. She still had her personality ability, looks and talent. She could still find an illustrious young man to marry and live a good life.

Dreaming this good dream, the maid hurried to sent a message to Bai Lian.

Not long after, the OuYang family sent people to retrieve OuYang MingYue. Their demeanor wasn’t very respectful however at least she didn’t have to worry about where to get medicine to eat every day. She also didn’t have to worry about food or being left out in the elements. Every month she would be given an allowance of ten silverliang.

Bai Lian originally wanted to visit the OuYang household on the same day as OuYang MingYue’s return to cancel his engagement with OuYang Ya’Er before proposing to her. However OuYang MingYue stopped him. To be completely honest, she didn’t have much feelings towards Bai Lian. If it wasn’t for the fact that this person had originally forsaken the original host of this body, and she wanted to get revenge for the original, otherwise she definitely wouldn’t form any connection with him.

Bai Lian didn’t have much ambition or renown. What he wanted was a relaxing and easy life. It was completely different to her. If she followed him, she would be tortured by this boring and still life. She didn’t want to turn into a flower that was trapped inside the inner garden. She wanted to climb upwards, all the way to the mountain peak and gaze down at the vista from a high vantage point. So even if she had to marry someone, she definitely wouldn’t pick Bai Lian. She kept delaying Bai Lian’s marriage proposal, and secretly searched for a better prospect.

If it was the past, she would definitely set her sights on the Regent. But right now just thinking of that person made her terrified enough to shake. She could never have imagined that in this place where even martial arts was very ordinary, that there actually was a person whom bullets couldn’t penetrate. No wonder he the gunpowder and gun didn’t enter his eye. Because he was the most dangerous thing in this world.

Sometimes she actually suspected whether or not he was human.

The Regent wasn’t an option. If she entered the harem and became the puppet Emperor’s concubine, then that would be the equivalent of cutting off her back path. Then she had to pick some other high and mighty person. The Yong Wu Marquis was an option. The Yong Wu Marquis was a confidant of the Regent. In order to keep an eye on her, he probably wouldn’t reject this marriage. Also she had carefully observed the Yong Wu Marquis’ expression and movements carefully, in her opinion he should have some good feelings towards her.

Just as OuYang MingYue was scheming about how to marry the Marquis of Yong Wu, Madame OuYang was at the at the same time scheming about how to get rid of her once and for her. One evening at a banquet, she decided to give OuYang MingYue aphrodisiacs before getting a servant to steal her virginity.

On this day, by chance the Yong Wu Marquis also came to OuYang family to participate in the banquet. OuYang MingYue had long detected her stepmother’s plot and decided to turn it to her own gain. She knocked out OuYang Ya’Er and the servant, before throwing them onto the bed of a guest room together. Then she paid off someone to lure the Marquis to an abandoned courtyard by himself. Then she drank the aphrodisiac and pretended to go mad, stumbling into the courtyard. 

WanQi Yan didn’t like noisy places. Each time he went to a party, prior to its official commencement he wouldn’t mingle with people to talk much. He liked to find a quiet place to sit by himself. Lord OuYang knew his habit and had long cleared an elegant and pretty courtyard out for him and told him to sit and rest. However the servant had for some reason brought him to this out of the way, overgrown and abandoned looking place, then found some excuse and disappeared.

WanQi Yan immediately knew something was amiss. Just as he was thinking about it, a woman suddenly appeared and threw herself into his arms.

“Save me! Brother WanQi save me!” If the Regent knew that OuYang Ming and the young lady of the OuYang household was one person, then that was the equivalent of WanQi Yan knowing. OuYang MingYue couldn’t be bothered making any excuses or hiding any longer. She directly called him “Brother WanQi” to elicit feelings of pity. She even pressed her boiling hot face against his chest and used her hands to undo his belt.

As she was running towards the small courtyard, she had ripped open her clothing and exposed her red inner garment. Her snowy white limbs and jade-like chest was only half-hidden by the inner garments and looked extremely enticing. With the addition of her extremely beautiful face, as well as her seductive and soft voice, the effect was very miraculous. No man would be able to withstand such a temptation.

However to ensure that there wouldn’t be any failure, she had even splashed aphrodisiac powder onto the front of her clothes. As long as WanQi Yan made contact with her, he would fall under its influence.

Just as expected, a fire was born in WanQi Yan’s chest. His arms which originally wanted to push OuYang MingYue away instead held her close.

He looked down at her ruddy red face. In his mind appeared the image of the young master’s mischievous smile, his angry face, as well as his sly and beautiful visage. This pair of eyes were too dark. They should be amber colored, like the sunlight at noon. This skin wasn’t white enough, it should look like snowflakes falling on red plums, crystal clear and fragrant. This body was also overly soft. That youth should be like green bamboo pine, strong but flexible.

No matter how he thought about it, the body in his arms didn’t feel right. So he was able to quickly able to recover his senses.

He steadied his breathing. Originally he wanted to knock out OuYang MingYue but remembering the young master’s instructions to him, he took out a pink pill from his pocket and shoved it into the other person’s mouth.

He didn’t know what this pill was and he also didn’t ask. The young master told him to feed it to OuYang MingYue when she went into a fit of passion and so he only had to obey his commands.

When the pill entered her throat, OuYang MingYue started. She just managed to suppress her desire and asked, “What did you feed me? Is it the antidote or a poison?”

“How would I know?” WanQi Yan pushed her away roughly then strode away.

{T/N: Er.. some adult BG scenes/references coming up, but not very explicit…}

OuYang MingYue wanted to chase him but discovered that the pill was an even stronger aphrodisiac. Her originally 30% remaining logic was completely melted away. She fell to the ground moaning, and incessantly used her own hands to rub her private parts but it wasn’t halfway enough. She frantically needed a man to enter her but right now she couldn’t even walk. She couldn’t even cry out, so what could she do? Was she destined to be driven mad by desire tonight?

Just was she was despairing, WanQi Yan returned. With him was a muscular and hale kunlunslave. 

{T/N: Um I decided to keep the Chinese term “kunlun” because I didn’t know if the translation – “negrito” – would offend anyone. I wikipedia’d it and it’s not the same as “negro”, it refers to indigenous, native people of Southeast Asia.}

“This Marquis had a look around and found someone to come save you. Isn’t this your slave? Then enjoy him well.” He threw thekunlun slave down onto OuYang MingYue’s senseless body then without another thought left the premises. He even very coldly shut the door.  

{T/N: Yes political correctness, womens rights and feminist politics have not penetrated the Chinese mindset very much. And remember the author of this story is a woman! Anyway as the translator, I just translate so I won’t interrupt anymore with commentary.}

Although this kunlun slave’s skin was dark, however his features were very handsome. He had even practiced some martial arts and so was recruited by OuYang MingYue to be a bodyguard. He already held admiring feelings towards his Mistress deep inside his heart and how that he had his Mistress pressed down without clothes under his body, he quickly lost his resistance and began sexual intercourse with her.

This courtyard was originally the residence of a yiniang {T/N: low grade concubine}. It was unknown what the yiniang had gone through but she had actually drowned herself in a well. Since then the courtyard was rumored to be haunted. All the servants took a wide circle around it and refused to come near so no matter how many noises these two people made, no one came to discover them.

When OuYang MingYue recovered her senses and discovered what WanQi Yan had done, she immediately killed the kunlunslave and threw him down the well. Then she rearranged her appearance and left the courtyard. She was just in time to catch the scene of OuYang Ya’Er being discovered in the  guest bedroom with the servant.

Madame OuYang spat out a mouthful of blood at the sight. Without waiting for her to recover, Madame Bai vowed that their Bai family would not take in such a slut for a wife and immediately cancelled the engagement. Bai Lian was overjoyed by the development and immediately ordered people to go home to retrieve the marriage papers, thinking that after everything settled down he would propose to OuYang MingYue.

OuYang MingYue waved her hand at Bai Lian, indicating everything was okay with her. She went home and ordered her maid to make her a pregnancy preventing soup. This person WanQi Yan looked like a gentleman but actually he was hiding such a cruel and ruthless side. Each person by the Regent’s side couldn’t be underestimated. Thinking about this, OuYang MingYue forced herself to suppress her hate and pretend that nothing had happened.

Since she didn’t make any commotion, the days passed peacefully.  Because of what happened to OuYang Ya’Er, Madame OuYang also didn’t have any time to deal with her.