Chapter 20
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The Da Yong Country many more men compared to women. In ten men, there would be three or four that would never have the fate to experience a woman and so beautiful males were also very popular. For example HeLian MoYuan was bisexual. He stared at the youth sitting in front at the table fixedly. His eyes were filled with admiration. He threw OuYang MingYue into the back of his thoughts and completely forgot about wanting to kidnap her and take her back to his country.

“What do you think that person’s identity is?” He asked the envoy beside him.

“Dressed so fancy, with those kind of looks, it should be the Regent’s pet plaything.” The envoy replied confidently.

“Pet plaything? That’s good ah! This Lord will go and ask for him.” HeLian MoYuan was the type of person who was used to getting what he wanted. Without another thought he picked up his wine glass and went up.

The envoy originally wanted to stop him but then decided to forget about. He began drinking himself.

That person was just a pet. The Regent was unlikely to tear faces with the Da Yong Country over him. If he was willing to give up his lover that would be good, if not then it didn’t matter. It wouldn’t affect their mission in anyway.

As a member of the female lead’s official harem, HeLian MoYuan’s looks were obviously top tier handsome. Although he was wearing some light disguises however his regal atmosphere couldn’t be hidden. He walked over with big strides to the Regent and slightly bowed. Then he raised his wine cup to toast the Regent.

Zhao Xuan downed his cup cooperatively and quickly before exchanging some casual pleasantries with him. He had already thoroughly investigated this person’s hidden identity and so obviously it was better to give him some face. 

Zhou YunSheng had just finished eating a chicken leg. He leaned back in his chair and in his hands he played with two night bright pearls the size of chicken eggs. His manner was extremely mesmerizing.

HeLian MoYuan drank a few cups consecutively with the Regent and felt the alcohol going to his head. He stared at him carefully then said, “I don’t know if I have the honor of inviting the this young nobleman to visit the Da Yong Country?”

“You want to invite me to Da Yong? What’s your meaning?” Zhou YunSheng’s dewy eyes swept over him and the gaze made HeLian MoYuan’s heart tremble. He had really seen quite a lot of beauties in his life but there really wasn’t someone as beautiful as the young nobleman. If he missed out on him then he would definitely regret it for a lifetime. 

“The meaning is, this humble person has fallen in love with young master at first sight and wants to become a pair with you. If the Regent is willing to put aside his love, then this humble person is willing to give the Regent a thousand horses. What do you think?” He turned to look at the Regent, his eyes full of confidence. Using a thousand horses to exchange for plaything, this was an extremely high price. Someone was wily as the Regent would definitely make the logical choice.

Zhao Xuan carefully sliced his meat apart with his knife. On his face there wasn’t any appearance of joy or anger. The civil and military ministers sitting nearby and who had heard everything had already made up their minds about the young nobleman’s fate. They couldn’t help exposing a look of pity. A beautiful appearance on someone with a high status was like a flower growing out of cotton, but on someone who was humble then it was practically a curse. If this young master went to the barbarian like Da Yong Country, who knows what would become of him. It really was a pity.

Only WanQi Yan bristled with anger. If not for the fact that his weapons had already been confiscated by the guards, he would have already cut off HeLian MoYuan’s head personally. He slammed his wine cup heavily onto the table and wanted to stop the proceedings but Zhou YunSheng was quicker than him. With a flick of his wrist he sent a wine cup full of pale pink peach wine all over HeLian MoYuan’s face.

“Hs…..” There was a collective hiss of an indrawn breath as everyone was shocked to death by his over the top bold movement.

HeLian MoYuan was also shocked. When he realized what had happened his eyes went red with anger. It was clear that he had already gotten mad. Each of the hundred ministers in the room turned to look at these two people, all realizing something had happened that they couldn’t come back from.

“Special envoy please calm down, let’s discuss things peacefully.”

“Aren’t you just a pet plaything? How dare you! Hurry up and kneel down and apologize to his honor!”

“A thousand horses, how could the Regent not bear to give you up.”

A furore was raised inside the main hall and all the female relatives seated outside also could watch this good drama.

Particularly OuYang MingYue. Initially she raised her handkerchief to hide her giggle but then her face changed and she secretly felt some envy. Other people didn’t know but she was extremely clear. Don’t talk about a thousand horses, even if you gave a huge parcel of land you wouldn’t be able to exchange it for the youth. Not only did he have an exceptional appearance but also an unparalleled intelligence. If he was used properly then he was better than ten thousand generals. Unless the Regent went stupid, he definitely wouldn’t give him to the Da Yong Country.

“Be quiet!” An angry voice interrupted the proceedings. Seeing the Regent speak, everyone quieted down and didn’t dare to speak.

HeLian MoYuan wiped the wine from his face. He said coldly, “Since it’s a thing that doesn’t understand rules and the value of different stations, then why doesn’t the Regent give him to me so that I can take him to Da Yong and properly instruct him?”

Without waiting for Zhao Xuan to speak, Zhou YunSheng poured another full cup of wine he had just poured all over HeLian MoYuan’s face.

The hall was silent enough you would have heard a pin drop. People’s indrawn breaths were especially obvious. This person, he thought of himself way to highly just because he was good looking. This was the special envoy to the two countries. If he caused the alliance between the two countries to crumble then even if he died ten thousand times it wouldn’t be enough to make up for it.

The main envoy couldn’t take it any longer. He slapped the table and began to exclaim angrily. However at this time the young nobleman opened his red lips and said, “I want to let everyone present know. I am not some pet plaything. I am the orphan son of the An Yuan General. In the future the Emperor will bestow upon on me the title of Marquis of Zhong Yi, Yu Li {T/N: Zhong Yi means loyalty, referring to the An Yuan General’s sacrifice for his country.}But because I haven’t reached the age to receive my title, I am currently living in the Regent’s Manor. Your Da Yong Country actually wants to use a thousand horses to exchange for a legitimate Marquis, you really think highly of yourselves! What is Tian Yuan Country in your eyes? Throwing two cups of wine on you is showing you face. If I had a knife in my hand, trust me your head would already be on the ground.”

Since things had already gotten to this point, WanQi Yan sat back down. In his heart he praised the Regent for his foresight in arranging this high status for the young master. Otherwise today he would really be humiliated by others.

The gathered people all suddenly remembered that there really was a Marquis of Zhong Yi listed at court. This person was underage and was also the An Yuan General’s orphan and was being raised in the Regent’s Manor. Because of mourning this person had not shown his face over the last few months and so of course no one recognized him. Turns out the Marquis of Zhong Yi looked like this! It really was unimaginable!

A few of the old and stuffy ministers by the Emperors side really couldn’t accept his appearance. They said scoldingly, “Your relative has just died and this Marquis is dressed so lavishly. It really isn’t right!”

“During times of mourning one should wear sombre colors. So what is wrong with this Marquis’ black and white clothing? Ministers as long as you can point something inappropriate out, this Marquis will immediately take it off!” Zhou YunSheng’s long laughter echoed in the hall, making everyone who heard it bone’s feel soft.

These few ministers looked at him up and down but really couldn’t point out a particular thing that was against the rules. People in mourning should dress in sombre colors, and in particular black and white were the most appropriate. And since this was an important event, it was also not good to dress too down as it would put a damper on other people’s enjoyment. And since it was an important court event, someone like the An Yuan General’s orphan naturally needed to appear otherwise people might gossip about him. Actually these clothing on anyone else would like simple and not eye-catching, but because of his devilish good looks, it made the clothing look suddenly opulent. So logically speaking he had done nothing wrong and it was actually just this bunch of old fogeys trying to make trouble.

When HeLian MoYuan heard about the young master’s identity, the anger in his face momentarily faded. He stood awkwardly, not sure whether he should stay or leave. The special envoy who had slapped the  table now suddenly went mute. When he saw the officials of the Tian Yuan Country looking at him he immediately changed his expression and made an apologetic face. He thought about how best he could make amends.

“If Li’Er has done something wrong, then you ministers can instruct him but daring to openly scold him, you really think highly of yourselves. Could it be that because he looks young you think he is easy to bully? Everyone always says you ministers are the example of elegance to live by in this country, but it turns out this is your so-called elegance and class. Today this Lord really has opened his eyes.”

These few words made those people unable to raise their heads. They knelt down in the hall to apologize and then withdrew hastily.

Zhao Xuan finally looked at HeLian MoYuan. He said coldly, “If the vice envoy is willing to apologize using his head, this Lordship can consider accepting. What does the vice envoy think?” His words containing a killing aura strong enough to make people’s bones turn to ice.

HeLian MoYuan was intimidated by his aura and didn’t know what to say. He only raised his clasped hands and withdrew hastily with a pale face. He already realized that right now his identity was that of a vice envoy, and not the Crown Prince of the Da Yong Country. If he offended the Regent, then he might kill him on the spot. No one would argue with him.

His couple of brothers would be ecstatic if he died on the outside. The whole country would be plunged into chaos and even if his Mother Emperor wanted to get revenge for him she wouldn’t be able to make the time. So he would die uselessly. Thinking about this, he beat a hasty retreat to hide behind the special envoy and didn’t dare give his opinion.

In the end in order to pacify the Regent’s anger he had no choice but to give up a thousand horses as well as several chests full of gold and jewels. After seeing the Regent accept it he hurriedly went back to his seat and sat down with a face full of sweat.

Waves of people went to and fro to negotiate and everyone present realized the importance of the Marquis of Zhong Yi to the Regent. They couldn’t help but sigh and feel that this family which was almost destroyed would definitely rise like a phoenix in the future.

Zhao Xuan didn’t care at all about the thoughts of the people around him. He huddled next to the little fox and asked, “If they really managed to find something, did you really intend to take off your clothes in front of everyone? I told you to wear the court robe but you didn’t want to and said it was ugly. Right now you look good that’s true, but look what a frenzy it called. You really deserve to be punished.” After talking his hand crept down do the little fox’s perky butt and forcefully smacked it a few times.

Zhou YunSheng was aroused without doing anything. How that he was touched his body immediately went soft. He stretched his arms and supported himself on ZHao Xuan’s strong arms. He begged, “Stop rubbing. I’m wrong okay.”  His eyes were wet and he tried to use pity to melt his lover’s heart.

Just looking once was enough to make Zhao Xuan swiftly get hard. Luckily there was a long table blocking him at the front otherwise his extremely large swelling would cause him to get embarrassed in front of all the ministers.

“Little demon, how is this begging me. This is clearly seducing me. Just bear it a bit longer. After the Da Yong Country’s Fei Tian Dance, I will take you to the golden throne room to dual cultivate together.” His voice was lowered, hoarse and teasing and and his hand migrated to the little fox’s upper thigh and lightly stroked him a few times.

Zhou YunSheng’s waist went soft and nearly fell over on the table. He steadied his body then use his claw to swipe him a few times. To others, they could only see these two people’s heads bent together as they conversed privately. After talking the Marquis of Zhong Yi even pushed the Regent and his expression looked angry. The Regent didn’t get angry at all but instead laughed loudly. He looked very happy. Their relationship looked closer than a normal family’s father and son.

“Zhen always thought that Zhao Xuan didn’t have a heart. Turns out he can also treat someone so preciously.”  Zhao ZongZheng who had arrived a long time ago and was standing in the inner room and who didn’t want to show himself said.

His personal attendants agreed, “Yes ah. Look at the Regent’s spoiling expression, it’s definitely not fake. Could the Zhong Yi Marquis be the Regent’s achilles heel?”

“Zhao Xuan is extremely wily, it’s hard to say whether or not he’s faking it. Right now talking about this is useless. Has everything in this night of song and dance been arranged properly?”

“Replying to his Majesty, everything has been arranged.”

At this time Zhao ZongZheng finally crossed the threshold made of thick gauze and appeared in the main hall.

Although he was the Emperor of the Tian Yuan Country but to all the ministers he was just an ornament. In order not to be suppressed by the Regent until he felt completely worthless, at this type of big event he normally would wait until the last second to appear.

All the ministers knelt down to wish him ten thousand years of life, except for a few old and stuffy ministers that were part of his faction, most people did so only casually and without much regard.

Zhao ZongZheng suppressed the anger in his heart and waved his hand to tell everyone to rise. If he could he really wanted to let Zhao Xuan continue kneeling in the hall, and preferably never get up again.

Soon. Today he would make an end of things. Zhen still has feel king cards in his hand to play. If even that is not enough to take your life, then zhen will just have to accept it. Thinking this way, Zhao ZongZheng lifted his wine cup and took a few big gulps in order to bolster his courage.

His so-called “king cards” were still the hidden guards that were left to him by the late Emperor. Right now there were only about ten people left. However each of them were enough to defeat a hundred strong men. They had done countless hidden and unspeakable things for the previous Emperor. Since he knew that his days were limited, how could he not try to pave the way for his son? These hidden guards were all adept at assasination. In these decades, and after changing several generations, they had never failed once. However there wasn’t many of them because their skills were hard to teach. Losing one was a huge loss, and unless there was no choice he wouldn’t use them.

Zhao ZongZheng had bourne Zhao Xuan for many decades. But right now he was already married and the Empress had even given birth to an heir, however Zhao Xuan still refused to relinquish his position. So that’s why he had no choice but to take this step.

“Today is an auspicious day. Everyone please enjoy yourselves.”

He swished his sleeve and two eunuchs immediately said in a high pitched voice, “Music, dancers!”

A gaggle of dancers wearing thin gauze came in and began to twirl around like they were flying. They attracted the gaze of all the ministers and there was finally a festive air in the main hall.

Just like HeLian MoYuan, as soon as Zhao ZongZheng arrived he saw the OuYang MingYue who was sitting outside the main hall. He lowered his voice and said to his attendant, “Who is the girl sitting on the fifth seat in the first show? Whose family is she? Zhen thinks her appearance is extremely familiar, as though we’ve known each other for a long time.”

The attendant looked over then replied carefully, “Replying to the Emperor, the person sitting next to her is Old Madame OuYang. Since its this kind of important occasion, she must be the didaughter of the OuYang family. The OuYang family has two didaughters, one is OuYang Ya’Er and the other is OuYang MingYue. Not long ago OuYang Ya’Er was discovered having a secret tryst with a servant from the family and so has been locked up. So this girl should be OuYang MingYue without mistake.”

“OuYang MingYue? She really is as dazzling as the moon in the heavens.” Zhao ZongZheng gazed at the girl then lifted his head to look at the full moon in the sky. His heart was filled with obsession. {T/N: “Ming Yue” means “bright moon”.}

In order to please the Emperor, the attendant hurried to make enquiries about OuYang MingYue’s temperament, personality as well as if she was betrothed.

These members of the harem only needed to run into the female lead for there to be a chemical reaction like thunder in the heavens. The full of destiny was very strong. Zhou YunSheng had predicted the outcome before his eyes however he wasn’t worried at all. He summoned a spell to the tip of his finger then threw it towards OuYang MingYue’s body.

The demon beasts in this world were extremely useless. They only knew how to make themselves invisible, float on the wind, influence thoughts as well as make illusions. All of these were small tricks completely without killing power. Their existence were like ants when compared to the big, powerful demons in real cultivation worlds. 

However even this small trick was enough for Zhou YunSheng. Just then the magic he could use could cause bodily discomfort. If the body was already afflicted, the effect would be compounded. For one hour the effect wouldn’t vanish nor would the person be able to return to normal.  

From WanQi Yan he had gotten the news that OuYang MingYue had already eaten the pregnancy pill that he had prepared. If he calculated it now, she should be around three months pregnant. This pregnancy pill was extremely miraculous. As long as someone ate it, then engaged in intercoruse, then a male baby was 100% assured. No matter how much you fussed, you definitely would not have a miscarriage. If this sold publicly, it definitely would be a miraculous medication that people would fight over. However to a promiscuous person like OuYang MingYue it would definitely become a tragedy.

Looking at her now, it seemed that she didn’t know she was already pregnant. This would be fun.

Zhou YunSheng hid his mouth with his hand and laughed meanly.

For some reason, OuYang MingYue suddenly felt her entire body was uncomfortable. Particularly her stomach kept flip flopping and she felt as though he wanted to vomit. She used her fist to press against her abdomen and was just thinking about finding some excuse to leave when a palace maid carried a plate of steamed squid over. Although the smell wasn’t really very strong, however once it entered her nostrils, she couldn’t control herself. She vomited all over the plates on the table, over and over again. The scene was extremely ugly and difficult to watch and there was a sour stench that arose, making everyone feel disgusted.

All of the young noblewomen seated near here screamed piercingly and tried to escape, making the scene very chaotic.

Zhao ZongZheng took especial notice of OuYang MingYue. Although the scene was a bit disgusting but when he saw her pale face and that she couldn’t stop vomiting, with her eyes full of unshed tears, his heart couldn’t help feeling pity. He instructed the palace maids to take her to an inner palace to allow her to rest, then sent for an imperial doctor to treat her. 

OuYang MingYue had a very active sex life and almost every day she would drink anti-pregnancy soup. Sometimes many times in one day. Thus her monthly period was very irregular. So although she hadn’t had her period in three months, she didn’t take much notice of it. So when the imperial doctor pronounced “pregnancy pulse”, she was so shocked she completely froze.

When the head eunuch that had come to call on her heard about this his face immediately fell. He threw his sleeves aside and left straight away.

How could Old Madame OuYang dare stop an attendant of the imperial palace? When the head eunuch’s footsteps vanished, she immediately slapped her granddaughter in the face. She swore at her for being a slut. Both of the di daughters had caused such an ugly ruckus. In the future how would the OuYang family be able to show themselves in the Imperial City?

Three months. It was around the time she had fallen prey to the aphrodisiac. However around that time she had also had sex with Bai Lian. There wasn’t much difference in timing. No matter how much OuYang MingYue calculated, she couldn’t determine who the father of the baby was. If it was Bai Lian then she could just deal with it, however if it was the Kunlunslave’s then it would exposed as soon as the baby was born. No she couldn’t keep this baby!

Thinking about this, OuYang MingYue determined that no matter what she had to get rid of this baby. However first she without hesitation insisted that the baby was Bai Lian’s.

When she heard that the person who had tampered with her grand-daughter was Bai Lian, Old Madame OuYang gave a sigh of relief. Although premarital pregnancy wasn’t nice to hear, however it was much better than getting pregnant to some random person. She immediately took out money and asked the two imperial doctors to keep it a secret. As for the Emperor, he was a king among nobles and shouldn’t have the time or inkling to spread rumors or gossip about a noblewoman.

Using an illness as an excuse, Old Madame OuYang took OuYang MingYue away and on the way out, she shoved a note to Madame Bai who was seated not far away. When Madame Bai saw the note her entire face went white. She hurried to crumple it into a ball and threw it into her wine cup so that the ink would run and become unrecognizable. As though she had been pricked by a needle, she immediately made her excuses and left the festivities. Bai Lian was only the son of an official, he didn’t have any ministerial or official status himself so he had no standing to attend the party. Right now he was on the streets enjoying the lanterns. Madame Bai immediately sent someone to fetch him home and interrogated him as to whether he had had any relations with OuYang MingYue.

She originally thought he was a virgin and definitely wouldn’t do this kind of lascivious thing however she didn’t expect that her son would joyfully admit to it. He even said that he would definitely marry OuYang MingYue into the family within three months. Madame Bai who originally already disliked OuYang MingYue was really angry to death, and really hated her into her bones. She thought that in the future she would definitely discipline his daughter-in-law well.

When he heard from the attendant that OuYang MingYue was pregnant out of wedlock. Zhao ZongZheng’s face went green for a moment. He clenched his teeth and said, “Two sluts have appeared in the OuYang family. Really their family discipline has problems.”

Right now he had only just seen OuYang MingYue for the first time. It wasn’t like the past life where the two of them had supported each other and even had a common enemy. They had also not gone through the experience of losing everything and then rising from the ashes together. So don’t even talk about deep emotions, even a casual relationship wasn’t present. He had only been attracted in a shallow manner by her appearance and that was all.

Also in this life OuYang MingYue had not consumed Yu Li’s demon core, so her body had not become demonic. So she definitely couldn’t achieve the same effect of being able to make people love her like crazy, unable to extract her from their bones. Right now Zhao ZongZheng only saw her as a hunting target. When he knew that her nature was promiscuous, he immediately lost the desire to bring her into her harem and changed his focus to watch the dancing.

Zhou YunSheng had used energy for the spell and so his desire for yang energy became even more pronounced.

He felt there was a fireball inside his lower abdomen, turning all the blood in his veins to fire. His face and ears were all red and his back hole felt extremely empty. He lifted his wine hug and chugged it, trying to use a facade of drunkenness to mask the fact that desire was igniting his body like fire. The person next to him exuded yang energy non-stop, making him want to melt into his arms.

“Zhao Xuan I can’t take it anymore, I want it.” He originally wanted to place the cup down in an orderly fashion however his fingers felt nerveless. It knocked against the table and the liquid inside slightly spilled against his clothing. He was helpless and could only discard the wine jug. Pretending to have low tolerance to alcohol, he threw himself into his lover’s embrace. His arm snaked around his slender yet strong waist, begging for attention with his soft words.

Zhao Xuan really loved his loved his soft and boneless appearance so how could he satisfy him so quickly? He huddled over and spoke in a low voice into his ear, “Just endure it for a bit longer, the next event is Da Yong Country’s Flying Dance. After taking care of the assassins, I’ll definitely feed you until you’re full.”

“How come they haven’t attacked yet, I can’t wait any longer.” Zhou YunSheng felt as though he eaten ten bottles of aphrodisiacs, he almost wished he could take off his clothes in public and just do his lover. In previous full moons he had never had to endure his desire. Only now did he know how hungry a fox demon’s nature is. 

His amber eyes were red with suffering, and large drops of tears dripped out uncontrollably, it was very pitiful looking. In order to ease the emptiness of his body, he took advantage of the moment his lover was looking down to sneak a finger into his mouth. He then licked his finger and sucked the yang energy into his body to soothe his desire. It was so pleasant he almost moaned.

Zhao Xuan saw his lover sucking his fingers like a baby, and his desire rose.

If he knew that a hungry little fox demon would be so cute then he would have teased him like this long ago.

The two people were half sitting, half lying together. Their hair was tangled and their foreheads pressed together. From far away the posture looked very intimate but it was impossible to tell exactly what they were doing. The ministers didn’t dare to look too closely. Zhao ZongZheng who was sitting on the throne did want to investigate further however his view was blocked by the Regent’s body. He could only see the youth’s white clothing. He thought that if Zhao Xuan died together, then whatever his relationship with others would not be important so he averted his eyes.

Soon a passionate drum beat began in the hall, accompanied by the sound of the pipa strings playing. This was the beginning of the Da Yong’s Country’s Flying Dance. Two female dancers led twenty  half-naked, muscular warriors on the open space. Their arms were filled with colorful streamers and their gyrating dance made people feel intoxicated. All the ministers seated showed mesmerized expressions and their eyes were glued to the female dancers without blinking.

Zhao ZongZheng was very satisfied by their reaction then looked at the Regent. He immediately got angry. He only saw the Regent supporting the drunk looking Zhong Yi Marquis whose body was saying slightly. He used his finger to wipe the corner of his mouth, his expression was very tender and completely didn’t look at the seductive looking female dancers at all. Also there was the other target he wanted to get rid off today – WanQi Yan. He also looked completely distracted. His head was lowered staring at a plate of peanuts on his table, it was unknown what he was thinking.

If they weren’t distracted by the dancer’s seduction and didn’t lower their defences, then the assasination attempt might fail… no, how could it fail? Those were the “Blood Blades” left to him by his Father Emperor, his strongest hidden guards. They had never failed before. Today they would definitely obtain Zhao Xuan’s head. Thinking about this Zhao ZongZheng finally managed to calm himself.

The two female dancers ceaselessly gyrated in front of the Regent’s table, making various seductive and enticing poses. They almost wanted to rip off the lingerie they were wearing in order to just distract him the slightest, however they didn’t even get half of a look.

These two women were the only female members of the Blood Blades. Because of their physical prowess as well as their beautiful appearances, they were taken into the Palace to train. They originally that the Regent would be seduced by their beauty and call them closer to play with them. That way they could seize the opportunity to take his life. And then their own eight compatriots would kill of all of the other ministers who were in the Regent’s faction and that would complete the mission.

However right now it was clear the Regent had no interest in them. Although his manner seemed relaxed however his eyes and ears were alert. His martial arts was very powerful. If they acted now, then their chance of success was probably only 50%. This might ruin the Emperor’s plans. As the two people deliberated they didn’t dare act straight away. Only when the dance neared its end, they finally pulled out the swords that were hidden around their waist and with a loud cry rushed over. The other eight people hidden among the dancers also quickly acted.

High pitched screaming rang out in the hall.

Zhou YunSheng had been impatiently waiting for a long time. When he saw the women rush towards them he didn’t duck and instead leapt up and began fighting with the female assassins. He changed his demonic energy into inner power and sucked one of the female assassin’s swords towards his palm before rebonding it back. There was “pu-dong” sound and the sword’s tip sunk into its target.

The other female assassin could never have expected that this weak looking youth could have such strange powers and momentarily froze. The tide of the battle turned around. Before she could react the youth had already floated to her side like a ghost and used one blow of the blade to split her into two pieces. Fresh blood spurted into the air and the scene was extremely thrilling.

Because he wanted to avert suspicion from himself, Zhao ZongZheng had tasked two of the assassins to pretend to assassinate himself. Of course it was just an act so he wasn’t really panicked. Thus in the chaos he had time to watch what was happening on the Regent’s side.

The two female assassin’s martial arts were very powerful so they were responsible for killing the regent. The other people were responsible for getting rid of his faction. The thing that he thought was already within the palm of his hand now looked completely out of his control. The two female assassins both turned into ghosts under the slash of a blade, and the person who acted was actually the weak looking Marquis of Zhong Yi. He only used a second to get rid of assassins that had been trained for over a decade. It was clear how strong his martial arts was.

Zhao ZongZheng’s heart was shocked. He looked down and saw that the Marquis of Zhong Yi wasn’t satisfied by killing these two assassins and turned his blade around and killed six more assassins. The entire blade was filled with blood. He then looked up at the throne. Zhao ZongZeng met his eyes and saw that his amber pupils were filled with deep mockery and bloodlust.

Zhao ZongZheng swallowed the blood that rose to the back of his throat. He hurried to gather up his dragon robes and got up from the throne and ran towards the Regent, crying loudly, “Imperial Uncle, save zhen!

The two assassins responsible for “assassinating” him pretended to follow him, secretly preparing to fight with the Regent.

But before these two people could even get close, Zhao Xuan casually lifted up two peanuts from his table. There was two popping noises and the two seemingly fierce looking assassins turned into two corpses that were still warm. Between their brows were two very small bloody holes and it could be seen that the peanut had completely travelled through their skulls.

Zhao ZongZheng heard the sound of bodies falling to the ground. He hurried to turn around and was frozen stiff.

It was over? From the beginning to the end, it hadn’t even been a few minutes and it was over? Zhao Xuan wasn’t hurt the slightest and WanQi Yan only ripped a sleeve. All of the other ministers, other than having pale faces, were completely unharmed. These were the Blood Blades that his Father Emperor had left him? The so-called strongest assassins?! They were a joke! Everything was a joke!

In his heart he secretly swore and cursed the heavens, however on his face he made himself smile and rush over to the Regent to give his thanks.

Zhao YunSheng dropped the blade beside his weak feeling feet. He interrupted Zhao ZongZeng’s effusive address and said in a soft as cotton voice, “Zhao Xuan, I can’t take it anymore.” 

WanQi Yan was alarmed. What did he mean? Was he injured?

Because they had been saved by the Marquis of Zhong Yi, all the gathered ministers were very grateful and thought he was a young hero. They hurried to surround him to ask if he was okay and several of them stretched out their hands to steady him.

The Regent who was very steady before now lost his cool. He immediately got up and pushed aside the old ministers who were surrounding the little fox. He picked him up and hurriedly left the hall, not forgetting to tell WanQi Yan to arrest all the dancers and the Da Yong envoys and question them thoroughly.

Originally it was supposed to be a celebration but it had turned into a bloodbath. The shock of the ministers wasn’t small and each of them lined up to make their farewells to the Emperor. Poor HeLian MoYuan’s group was round up by the imperial guards and thrown into jail.