Chapter 54
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Naell’s stomach grumbled after tasting another herb. Even Owly, who was known for his appetite, was unable to withstand the sheer volume of the herbs they drank.

At first, he and Owly both enjoyed the calming taste and scent of each and had even declared,

“This is the life!”

Yet after drinking, and drinking, and drinking some more, they could no longer enjoy the said life.

"No more, HOOT." Owly's pitiable plea was acknowledged by Naell but only momentarily.

Even though they stopped, both were stubborn enough to actually finish all of it. All that’s left was to finalize their test.

Based on magic alone, both of them were impressed with the herbs' healing properties.

Of course, the owl had to lecture Naell on what and how to determine each healing property from mana, but not before resting for a while.

"As you might know there are properties revolving around the world within mana and aura, HOOT."

Owly sat at the coffee table, flapping his wings expressively while he spoke. His often glutinous eyes were sharper than usual, making Naell remember how golden it truly was.

Naell then nodded as he added on,

"Yet only mages and martial artists can determine those properties."

With a soft long hoot, the owl then replied,

"Even so, not every mana or aura user has the capability to determine all the said properties, since some also lack the qualifications, HOOT."

Upon hearing those words, Naell was then confused. His face asked Owly for a clearer explanation, to which the owl replied,

"The purity of one's mana cores or the deepness of one's aura."

Naell could only "ahhh" as he smiled awkwardly at Owly’s scrutinizing eyes. He should have already known what the owl was talking about, yet the thought had escaped his mind.

Owly understood since Naell's core was as pure as it could get. There were times where the thought of limitations on others was nonexistent to him.

As for the reason why, it was because Naell only experienced having no mana for a few days, yet in possessing the purest of mana, it had already been months.

Naell also recalled the lecture he had with Sebastian, which only made him more apologetic. Owly with a HOOT of understanding continued explaining once more.

"Still, other than how we know there are properties, we know nothing, HOOT."

Naell understood that even the smart bird would find it hard to explain things outside the world of arts and magic.

Mundo, unlike earth who took great leaps in the field of science, was certainly more accustomed to otherworldly matters. Yet Naell, as someone who had lived in both worlds, had already weighed down the pros, cons, and similarities within the two.

“I’m sure those properties are born having mana or aura, HOOT.”

Nonetheless, Naell was impressed with Owly. Even if the owl relied and lived off magic, he knew the gist of the said properties.

"In other words, the properties are neither mana or aura.”

Owly scoffed at Naell's answer with his cheeky smile since it was correct.

"Well, you get the idea of it, HOOT."

Truth be told, after being with him for so long, the owl had seen firsthand how Naell would sometimes solve problems innovatively, his methods being far outside the known norms of arts and magic.

Of course for Naell, that was simply earthly science mixed with magic. Which was why he could frequently easen the process of various things.

Nevertheless, Owly's wisdom was still greatly helpful since it came with the knowledge Naell wasn't aware of, especially in the case of arts and magic.

The lecture continued with Owly referencing a book. Upon closer inspection, Naell found its contents to be supportive of their theory.

Martial artists that have honed their aura of intent would sense the various properties that make up an object.

Likewise with high ranking mages that possess powerful detection magic.

Scholars studying those said properties that neither possess mana nor aura, would often consult mages and aura experts to further add to their discoveries. Yet some scholars don’t and just undergo trial and error to determine the aforementioned.

Golden apples, for example, possess healing properties that assist in regeneration and rejuvenation.

Yet from the consensus of mages and martial artists, it was determined that the apples embodied the spirit or element of light magic.

On the other hand, the seas of the world possess a constant and everlasting amount of the element of water; within this element is its main components, and further within these components are its properties.

Another is the sun, which possesses the elements of fire and light. Its components and properties to this day are undeterminable.

Thus, with this knowledge, it may be concluded that elements that come from nature possess cohesive properties.

“If you remember our battle with the yetis, their bodies are strengthened with certain properties to resist the element of ice, HOOT.”

Naell sighed and remembered that hard fought battle and thought he would have to sleep longer to regain the energy he had lost.

Owly saw the change in Naell's expression and immediately knew he was once more up to no good.


The season of winter had reached its peak, and the Autumn Kingdom which was often plagued by colds and fevers, was fortunately few in cases.

This caused the nobles and commoners to celebrate, not just from the fewer numbers they least expected, but also thanks to the reason behind it. A surprising increase in medicinal products were brought forth and spread throughout the kingdom.

Its effectiveness was by no means on par with magic, but since the scarcity of mages was apparent, the herbs were a far more convenient substitute.

The white herbs that were known only for closing small wounds, could now be used on larger wounds also as a disinfectant.

The green herbs that were once used simply as an ingredient for food, were made into a herbal medicine for colds and coughs. It was deemed to work well with children as it tasted minty and had a rather soothing fragrance, unlike other medicine.

The black herbs were made as a hot beverage that were used to relieve colds and boost one's energy. It had then begun being a popular morning drink, by then being called a black herbal tea by most folk.

The yellow herbs were made into both a soothing cream for headaches, and even a drink that was considered effective for insomnia.

All of the herbs were processed in a new way that allowed it to have a longer shelf life. Not to mention, the royal family even personally requested the guild for the herb gathering.

As they rested, Naell glanced at the paper Loknar brought him, a quest he assumed they would both be interested in.

The title in particular piqued Naell’s attention.

Herb Gathering: Priority High

Atleast 2 (Two) B-rank Adventurers, and Experienced C-rank Adventurers

The mission to gather herbs was to be led by B-rank adventurers and composed of 9 other ranked members.

Spatial accessories were a requirement, wherein if one party was not able to procure the said accessory, the guild would simply let them borrow one.

Naell couldn’t help but compare the new conditions to the simple gathering quest he and Owly took.

At that moment, Naell could only sympathize with the guild and their clear wish to appease the royal family.




"Any news regarding the benefactor?" Asked the king seated at one end of the round table.

King Nohad Taglagas, a man in his forties, was a respected ruler. Not only did he fight in the War of the Continent as the General Prince, but he did so with only his wits and mediocre aura.

The signature auburn hair of the Taglagas family was apparent with him and his children.

Some say it symbolizes the authority the Celestials had given the family of Taglagas, representing the color of autumn in which they rule.

Most of them also held green eyes completing their looks of nature with radiance and authority.

Going back, one by one, other nobles replied no to the King's question. All they knew was that the herbs were given to the merchants. They were then instructed how to process and make it into medicine.

After questioning the merchants, none could tell who was the one who discovered it.

"Well, I'm still certain some are hiding the person’s identity." Said Metero Star.

Had others been the one who said it, most nobles would laugh and consider the thought ridiculous, but as it was the Marquis, who held authority of the kingdom’s defenses, all was silent except the king.

"Why would they hide the person? It's an honor to be rewarded and be known in the scholarly world."

After the medicine spread, the King issued that the person who discovered the medicine would be given riches.

A noble lineage if he/she was a commoner under which he/she would undergo the training.

Not only that, but he would also be awarded a scholarly title, given only to those who’ve achieved discovery equal to the named mages and martial artists.

Yet even with all the recognition, the one who discovered it never came forward, making the king oblivious.

The King then gestured for the knights to report their findings to the round table.

"Your majesty, we heard rumors that the so-called frosted ghostman was behind these discoveries." Said one of the commanding knights.

They began discussing, one faction believed it was gibberish as that being surely doesn't exist. Others asked if he was with the black raven and the undead man.

Another knight then bowed down and spoke about their investigation.

"Some say it was Mister L. He had been sighted by the common folk."

Upon hearing the knight, some nobles held back a snicker; several others even tried to hold back a scoff. It was no secret that both of the knights’ findings were from mere rumors of townsfolk. Further, neither of the mentioned beings were confirmed to even exist.

This only added to some of the nobles’ irritation as the information was considered ludicrous.

Yet even without the odd rumors, some nobles were already on edge from the start. They believed the man behind the discovery had wasted an opportunity, and that the herbs should have just been brought to them.

They could have then earned a fortune for the rights to the medicine and controlled the market before it could spread to other kingdoms.

Of course the King had silenced those thoughts among the nobles around him. Even so, there were those who just silently sat in displeasure.

The two knights apologized for the lackluster findings, when a few nobles exclaimed their disbelief.

Metero then wasn't able to contain himself as he chuckled causing the other nobles to be silent. With a smirk and a half-assed apology, he then said,

"That person must have their reasons then."

Both he and the King couldn't help but sense that the person was either too worrisome for fame, or just an intelligent philanthropist whose intention was to simply help the poor.

Yet some nobles chimed in and joked that the person might have just been too lazy, and perhaps by no means wanted the attention. The table grew livelier as they laughed at the idea.

Little did they know, in a renowned school’s dormitory, a small young owl and the young master of Beryldot both had a sneezing fit for no apparent reason.