Chapter 2: I got some weird titles
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"Woah. It looks so real."

I was amazed at how realistic the game looked. 3 years ago, It looked more like a normal video game. It's amazing how they managed to make the game so realistic in just a span of 3 years. Now I can understand why Sofia was so amazed when she played during the closed beta period.

As I looked around in amazement, a popup window appeared in front of me.

<Would you like to start the first time setup tutorial?>
<Yes> <No>

I hope this tutorial helps me with the controls or something.

As I clicked yes, another window showed up displaying with an image and text how things worked. It was really detailed and I had to read trough 15 pages of it. So I decided to find somewhere to sit so I could begin reading.

I walked around until I found a fountain, the exact fountain my sister told me to find. When I looked around, I noticed there where a lot of people with a lot off different hair colours. But most of them used black or brown-ish looking colour for their hair. I was the only one who had silver looking hair.

As I reached the fountain I noticed that some people where staring at me. I got a bit uncomfortable, so I went to the far side of the fountain that did not have that many people around.

I sat down on the edge of the fountain and started reading the tutorial, since there where no benches around. It took me about 20 minutes to read trough everything, but trough it I found out how to use the menu, and see my status. Nobody can see my status in full, unless I make it public or allow it for certain individuals to see. The default settings was set to 'minimal', which only showed your name, age and gender.

So I just need to think of the command, right? Alright... [Status].

「Player Status」
      Name: Tauro
     Gender: Female
     Age: 10?
     Level: 1
     HP: 10 / 10
     MP: 200 / 200
     EXP: 0%
    Title: Beloved by the Goddess Ultenia, Anomaly, True Loli

Huh? what is with these titles. Specially the last one... And what's with my age? I'm supposed to be 15 years old, not 10. And it even has a question mark...

I started pouting after seeing my status.

If I recall correctly from the tutorial, I should be able to get more information of the titles if I click on them. And It even said that having 1 title is seen as rare, so most people have no titles at all at the beginning of the game. You can earn titles the more you play, and do certain specific unique quests. But, why do I start with 3 of them?

Let's take a look at what the titles even mean, I hope it's nothing bad...

<Beloved by the Goddess Ultenia: Loved by the goddess and the species she created. Grants magic boost, triple points boost and EXP boost.>

<Anomaly: Anomaly in the system, cannot modify or edit appearance. True age is unknown, probably around 10.>

<True Loli: A true loli with eternal youth. Will never age, no matter how old she becomes.>


Is that the reason why I couldn't change anything? Because I'm an anomaly? ugh... That means I can't use character modifier items. And my sister was telling me how amazing they where too... Not only that, what's with the loli title... This really sucks...

I got pretty sad just by reading the titles, because I was looking forward to at least modify my character, but that's a no go.

As I started to pout again, I started to hear some commotion. When I looked at the direction of where the commotion was coming from, I noticed it was from a female player with a cyan blue hair colour and magneta eyes. When we locked eyes at each other, she started heading this way.

She had a mean, ice cold looking face, which made me quite scared. If looks could kill, then she would have definitely have killed me by now.

Is... she going to beat me up?

Is all I could think of. When she walked up to me, I looked straight down, afraid of meeting her gaze.


After a short silence, she spoke up. I looked up at her face while quivering when she asked my name.

"...Ye ...Yes?"

Is all I could muster in a meekly voice. She probably looked at my status, but I was too afraid to even check hers. When I saw hear lift her hand, I quickly shut my eyes, thinking she would hit me, just like back at school with all the bullies.

But the punch never came, she instead gently placed her hand on top of my head.

"...Sorry for scaring you Tauro. It's me, Yuzuri. It's okay, I'm not angry... So please, don't cry. Okay?"

Yuzuri said while softly patting my head, while trying her best to talk in a very gently voice.


"Mhmm. It's all okay now. And I'm sorry for logging in so late."