Chapter 9
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After I equipped the 'Battle Dress', we teleported to the 'Sprint Forest' with Sofia's magic.


"Oh my, it's quite pretty."

After arriving trough teleportation, me and Annette looked around in awe. The forest looked really pretty, since it had so many coloured flowers, and it was quite bright even in this dense forest. Not only that, there were also a few orb looking things floating about.

"...It is indeed pretty. Now then, follow me. The 'Spring of The Fairies' is not that far from here."

"'Spring of The Fairies'? Isn't it called 'Fairy Fountain', Onee-chan?"

"...I don't call it 'Fairy Fountain', since It does not look like one, and further more, why would a fountain exist within a forest anyway?"

"That's true..."

Then why is it called 'fairy fountain' then? It's going to cause a misunderstanding.

As we walked forwards to this spring, I noticed more of these floating orbs. I got really curious of what they where, so I asked Sofia about it.

"...The flying orbs? They are low levelled spirits. You will see plenty more near the actual spring. I think you will like the scenery, Tauro."

"You can see spirits, Tauro-sama?"

As I was getting excited to see more of these floating orb looking things, Annette said such with an amazed tone.


I slightly tilted my head in confusion. Was it not normal to see spirits?

"...We of royal blood can see spirits with ease!"


Sofia said while puffing out her chest with confidence. Meanwhile, I just got so confused that a visual question mark appeared on top of my head. Well, it didn't happen, but that's how it felt like.

Hm? Royal blood? Is it because of our titles? I don't get it.


"Woow~... So pretty~"

Before I knew it, I was in front of the spring. It was quite beautiful. There was a lot of orbs, or low level spirits, floating about all around us. Simply seeing all of this was enjoyable.

"...Now then, let's get started. Shall we Tauro?"


I nearly forgot the reason why we got here in the first place. It was to get my summoner sub-class.

I only need to say the weird line, and then I should be able to get the class. I think?

"Mm. I only need to say that line, or something, right?"

"...That's correct. Now then, let's give it a try."

"Mm! Will do my best, so I can pet the fluffies!"

I said with sparkling eyes, in which Sofia responded with a wry smile.

"...That's one way to get motivated. Stand over there, and say those exact lines that you saw in the book."

Sofia said, as she pointed at a place which looked like a ring of rocks. It looked really weird.

When I walked into this rock ring, a window popped up.

<Do you wish to be granted the job of 'Summoner'?>

<Cancel> <Accept>

I don't need to say the weird thingy? If that's the case, I don't mind this handy shortcut.

After I clicked on [Accept], the ring, and everything within it, lit up with multitude of colours.

A few seconds later, the light faded away and another window appeared in front of me.

<You have gained job sub-class: Summoner>


"Onee-chan! I got the class! And I didn't need to say the weird lines that I forgot about!"

I said happily to Sofia and Annette when I came back from the weirdly looking ring.

"...You didn't need to? Oh well, if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

"Broke? Eh?"

"...It's nothing. Anyway, we should probably head back now, since the rainy season is going to start tomorrow."

"Rainy season? How do you know it's going to rain, Onee-chan?"

"...Look over there, do you see the blue flowers over there?"

Sofia said as she pointed as the flowers beyond the spring. There where plenty of blue flowers blooming.

"Aren't those 'Rain Flowers', Your Majesty?"

"...That's correct. These flowers always bloom the day before the rainy season. The sky is currently blue, with no clouds in sight, but tomorrow, that will change. So don't expect much sunshine for a few weeks, but the rainy season is actually the only season that calms me down."

"Mm. Hearing the sound of rain really makes it easier to sleep, but not so much when there is a thunder storm."

A gentle breeze passed by, followed by some leaves rustling trough the wind. Some of the floating orbs passed by, as if being carried by the gentle breeze.


I let out a cute little yawn. It feels like I don't have as much energy as I used to.

"Are you tired, Tauro-sama?"

Said Annette while giving me some head pats.


"...let's head back then. I also have some work to do."

Once we got teleported back to my room, Sofia left to finish her work, while Annette helped me change my clothes into sleeping wear.

A lot of things happened today. I hope tomorrow will also be this exciting. I wonder when I will be able to pet the fluffies. But for now, it's time to sleep.

After I laid down in my large bed, I let out another yawn. This time, it made me pretty sleepy.

"*Yawn~* Good night, Annette."

"You too, Tauro-sama. Good night, and sweet dreams."

Before I drifted off into the lands of dreams, Annette gently stroke my hair while smiling softly.

I did my best writing a mofumofu~ chapter. ヾ(•ω•`)o


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