Chapter 10
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A week has passed, since I got my summoner sub-job class. I levelled up my skills for my main job class a bit thanks to the classes. It was fun, but...


"T-Tauro-sama, you will surely be able to summon something!"

Annette was trying her best to cheer me up.

I've been trying to use my summon skill, but nothing happened when i tried it each time.

"Am I doing something wrong with the summoning?"

I said, completely dejected, as if my soul was escaping from my mouth.

Annette was at a loss of what to do when she saw me like this.

"Ah! Maybe that will help!"

Annette said before running out of the room. It didn't take long until Annette returned while holding something.

"Tauro-sama, here. I hope this will cheer you up!"

It was a plushie, that looked like one of the catkin races. As I grabbed it, I noticed how soft it was. Not only that, it was pretty fluffy.

"Mm. Fluffy~"

I hugged it close, to compensate for my lack of fluffies.

Annette smiled softly while seeing me like this.

"I'm glad that I bought it yesterday."

"You bought it, Annette?"

"Yes. While you where studying, I visited the shopping district. I actually found it by pure chance in a store that only sells plushies. This town really have some strange stores compared to the ones I know. Tauro-sama, would you like to visit that store? They have plenty of-"

"Do they have more fluffy plushies?!"

"*Fufu~* Yes, they do have more fluffy plushies."

I can get fluffy plushies! That means I can fill my room with them! Swim in the fluffies!

As I was having the most perfect sounding plan of having my room filled with plushies with sparkling eyes, Annette was giving me some head pats.

"...I see. Tauro loves plushies, huh?"


Annette and I got startled by Sofia's surprise entrance. How does she enter my room without making any single sound?


Is Sofia a ninja?!

"...I'm not a ninja, Tauro."

She can read my mind?!

"...I didn't read your mind, It pretty much shows on your face."


Sofia softly smiled seeing my reactions.

"...Tauro, my visit today is of importance. And that I also really wanted to see my cute Tauro, but that's just secondary, yep. Not because Tauro is so cute."

"U-Um... Something of importance, Your majesty?"


Sofia cleared her throat, before explaining the reason why she visited my room.

"...Yes. We have been invited to the [Royal Event] in Ulmeria, the [Starting Kingdom], as the players calls it."

"[Royal Event], Onee-chan?"

"...It's an event that many players are excited for, me included. But you don't have to worry, as you will do your own unique thing."

"Mm? What do you mean by that, Onee-chan?"

"...You just have to wait and see, Tauro."

Sofia said while smiling teasingly, as I was tilting my head to the side.

"...Oh right, Annette, you will be joining Tauro. Make sure to get ready this Friday, which is tomorrow."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"...Well then. I will leave for now, but I hope you will have fun shopping with Annette, Tauro."

Annette bowed to Sofia, and after that, Sofia disappeared.

"As I thought, She's a ninja!"


We were now heading to the shopping district, where Annette bought the plushie. Because it was raining, we were riding a carriage.

I thought it was going to be a bumpy ride, but to my surprise the carriage had hydraulics. What with these modern thingies on these carriages? Why not just build a car while you are at it.

It didn't take long until we reached the shopping district, or rather, it was just a shopping mall.

This is supposed to be a fantasy world, right?

"Tauro-sama, watch your step as you exit the carriage."

As Annette exited the carriage, she pulled out an umbrella. She then reached out her hand. I grabbed it, and carefully exited the carriage.

It feels like I'm being treated as a princess. Oh, right. I am one.

"Thank you, Annette."

"You're welcome, Tauro-sama."

Annette smiled softly.

"Now then, let's head inside."

"Mm. Let's."

When we got inside, I saw escalators, restaurants, clothing stores and more. There was even an arcade centre. And as you would expect, this mall sure is modern, if you compared it to the castle.

Annette and I was of course holding hands. Getting lost in a mall wouldn't be fun.

And I don't want to hear from the mall's announcement system that a child got lost.

"Tauro-sama, the shop is on the second floor."


I got pretty curious what kind of plushies the store had. When we got to the second floor, I looked around some more, and noticed that the second floor had many kinds of stores.

[WhackDornald], [Borgar Queen], [Kim's Cookie Shop] and a shop just called [Generic Music Store].

Only the cookie shop has a normal sounding name out of all of those.

After a few minutes of walking, we finally reached the store.

"Here is the store, Tauro-sama. [Elfia's Fluffy Plushie Wonderland]."

Another store with a weird sounding name.

"Is this where you bought it, Annette?"

"Yes. They have quite the selection too. Wanna head in, Tauro-sama?"


When we entered the store, the only thing I saw was plushies. No matter where I looked, there where only plushies.


With sparkling eyes, I grabbed the plushie closest to me. And like the plushie that Annette bought, this one was very soft, but not very fluffy.

"Ara? A new custome~r? Welcome to my store!💗~"


While I was holding the soft plushie, a female employee appeared out of nowhere, which made me jump.

"Sorry for the scare, ojou-chan.~ I am the owner of this store. All of the plushies you see here is made by lil ol' me!~"

She made all of these plushies herself? Doesn't she have any employees?

"Hello again, Miss."

"I told you call me Elfia-chan, maid-san~"

"I rather not, Miss."

"Mou, you're no fun~"

"Instead of that, how about you show us where you have fluffy plushies, instead."

Annette said with a deadpan face.

"Boo boo~"

Elfia said, while pouting.

"I guess the plushie will be for this ojou-chan, I presume?"

"Yes. And it's not 'Ojou-chan'. It's 'Her Highness', Miss."


Silence filled the store for a brief moment, before the store owner snapped back to reality.

"Y-You mean this is Princess Tauro?"


"Mm. I'm Tauro."

"W-Well then. Um. This way."

Hm? She stopped talking funny. Why's that?

We walked further into the store, until we got to a certain section called [Fluffy Section].

It was filled with fluffy looking plushies. Why not rename this section to Paradise instead.

I looked around with sparkling eyes, looking at the fluffy looking plushies, until I noticed a pretty large plushie. It was about as large as Annette.

"Woaa~! A fluffy white dragon!"


That was the only sound that was heard, when I hugged onto it.

Here is my review:
     Fluffyness: 100/10
     Softyness: 100/10
     Comfyness: 100/10

As I was recharging my fluff energy, Annette came over.

"Do you like this plushie?"


Annette nodded, while smiling softly.

"Miss, we are buying this."

"O-Of course! It's price is 10 gold coi-"



"Tauro-Sama, I've bought it. So make sure to put it inside of your [Inventory]."

"Mm. Okay."

Since I was hugging the large plushie, I just needed to open up my [Inventory], and 'drag' the item in. It looked like it was being sucked into my [Inventory], which looked quite funny.

"T-Thanks for your patronage! Please come again!"

As we left the store, I asked Annette about something that was on my mind.

"Annette. Why did that store owner stop talking funny earlier?"

"That's because she did not know that you where royalty, Tauro-sama."

"Mm... But, why wanted that person to be called by her name when she talked to you?"

"Well... That's because she wanted to make a move on me."

"A move? Eh? Do you want to make a move?"

I said tilting my head.

"Eh?! I-I wouldn't do such a thing. Furthermore, I would rather be with Tauro-sama than some random guy."


"E-Erm... Forget I said anything, Tauro-sama."

And thus, we rode the carriage back home. With a confused Tauro, and an embarrassed Annette.

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