Chapter 11
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The very next day, I woke up pretty early by Annette. I asked Sofia if it was alright for me to sleep in the game, and she just told me that it was fine.

"...It's fine because it's you, Tauro. Didn't you notice a few days ago when you ate dinner here, but wasn't hungry back in our world?"

Is what she said back then, and she got a point. I wonder why I wasn't hungry anymore when I logged out. Oh well, Sofia said it was fine.

After I got fully dressed, Annette and I headed to the cafeteria, where Sofia was waiting.


"Still tired, Tauro-sama?"

"Mm. Woke up very early today."

"That's true. Her Majesty said we had to be up quite early today."


When we arrived at the cafeteria, I found Sofia and other members of the guild, eating breakfast.

Seeing them eating, my own stomach started growling.

"Let's get something to eat as well, Tauro-sama."


We went up to the counter as usual. For breakfast, I got myself something called 'Spicy Chicken Sandwich'. I've eaten it before, and it was really delicious. We then went to the table where Sofia was sitting at.

"Good morning, Onee-chan."

"...Good morning, Tauro. Slept well?"

"Mm. Um, Onee-chan? Why did we need to wake up earlier today?"

"...That's because we have to head to Ulmeria really early."

"Can't we just use [Teleport]?"

Sofia shook her head, when I asked such.

"...You will head to Ulmeria's captial city, [Khmarr], via bullet train."

A bullet train...? Here? In this world?

I tilted my head, when I thought such. Sofia softly smiled at my confusion.

"...This world also has trains, and many modern applications. You will go by bullet train, since it's faster. After that, a car will pick you up, and drive you to where the [Royal Event] is taking place. I however, will go via [Teleport], same goes to the rest of the guild. As we are going to sign up to the [Tournament] being held."

"[Tournament]? You mean like a fighting thingy?"

"...Yes, the [Tournament] is a simple fighting tournament. We are a fighting guild, so of course we will partake."

Oh, right. I forgot Sofia's guild is a fighting guild. So it would be obvious that she would be interested.

"Onee-chan, may I able to see the [Tournament]? Fighting is scary, but, I am interested of watching it."

"...Of course. The tournament will start tomorrow. Today, they only have the preliminaries, while the main event starts tomorrow. Well then, I have to go now. Make sure you two eat up, and head to the entrance, there should be a carriage there ready for you."


"Of course, Your Majesty."

"...Ah! Before I go, Tauro. Make sure to update your [Status], to show your job class and guild. It's for your own good, so that some nasty people won't try to lure you into their own guild."

"Mm, Okay. I'm not sure what you mean by that Onee-chan, but, I'll make sure to update it."

"...Mm. See you later, Tauro, and enjoy your breakfast."

Sofia softly smiled and patted my head before leaving with the other guild members.


After our breakfast, we used the carriage to reach the train station. It took us about ten minutes to reach the station, and when we arrived, I saw a train that looked like it had a nose of a plane.

This was going to be my first time ever riding in a train so I was pretty excited.

We headed straight to the platform. We didn't need to buy tickets or anything, which I thought we had to do, but Annette said that Sofia already had already done all of it beforehand, or something the like.

As we boarded the train, I noticed how luxurious it was, I was like a child, getting excited for the first time. Well, for me it was the first time I've ever been inside a train, so it was really exciting.

The chairs are really comfy~

"*Fufu~* Someone sure is really excited today."

"Mm! It's my first time being on a train!"

Annette softly smiled as she sat beside me, while giving me some head pats.

"I've actually rode a train when I migrated over to this kingdom. Though, It was not a bullet train. I think it was called a [Night Train], you get your own rooms, it was pretty small, but it was comfy, that's for sure."

"Ooo~ Tell me more!"

I said with sparkling eyes, which made Annette giggle.

"I come from an elven town called [Eashen Port-Town]. It's a town that's exist on the very edge of the eastern side of this continent, in a kingdom called [Makowa]. It's called [Eashen Port-Town] because the architecture in that town is very similar to the island nation [Eashen], which the town makes a lot of trading with.

"Lillian, the head maid, is actually from [Eashen]. She is from a noble heritage, in the capital city [Edo]."

[Eashen] sounds very similar to Japan.

"Even though she is a noble, she is very kind to a mere commoner like me."

"That's because Annette is very kind, and cute!"

I said with bright smile while hugging Annette, which made her beet red.

"T-Tauro-sama... Thank you."

Annette gave me some head pats which made me happy, while she was in high spirits.

It didn't take long until I fell asleep while riding the train. The reason? I removed the plushie from my [Inventory] that Annette bought for me, not the large dragon plushie one from yesterday, and placed it within my arms and started hugging it.

I'm not sure how long I was taking a nap, but I woke up just when we where about to arrive to the capital city, [Khmarr].


"Had a good nap, Tauro-sama?"


I was still half asleep, when I replied to Annette. The entire time I was asleep, Annette used her own lap as a pillow.

I slowly got up, and let out another tiny yawn.

"We there yet?"

"We are almost there, Tauro-sama. If you look outside, you will be able to see the city."

As I looked through the window, my tiredness was fully washed away.


The capital city looked quite modern, yet, it also looked a bit futuristic mixed with a bit of fantasy.

There were floating, boats? I think they were called airships. And then you have these large buildings, that has a lot of vegetation being grown on the sides.

I'm not really sure how to explain it, it was very beautiful. But once the train slowed down, and got inside the city, I once again, lost my breath.

"Woow... It's very beautiful."

"It's sure is... I really have no words for it. It's my first time being here in Ulmeria. It's like we are in another world, Tauro-sama."


Most of the buildings here where pure white, which made the streets look more brighter. There was also a large river going trough the city.

It didn't take long until we reached our stop.

Even the train station looks amazing. There are a lot of pink, yellow and cyan looking trees. Are they artificial? I have never seen such weird trees before, but the pink ones are pretty cute.

After we exited the train, a female knight was waiting for us not far from the train.

"You must be Princess Tauro. I am Lillian Vijer Baumeister, knight captain of the Ulmeria's [Royal Guard]."

A knight! It's a real knight! ....Ah, I should do the etiquette thingy I learned.

"A pleasure meeting you, Lillian Vijer Baumiester. I am Princess Tauro Lingren."

I did my best doing a graceful greeting befitting of royalty. Probably.

After I introduced myself, Annette also gave her greetings to Lillian.

"I am Annette, Tauro-sama's personal maid."

To think I got to meet a real knight. So cool!

Lillian then lead us to the front of the station, where the car was waiting for us.

Sofia did say that we will take a car after the train, but I did not know it would be a limo. There where also a lot of knights near the limo.

This country really is quite modern, but their knights still use swords? hm~m?

I was thinking such as we entered the limo.

Annette sat to my left, while the knight, Lillian, sat to my right.

Basically, I was sandwiched in the middle.

Annette was intensely starring at the knight, while hugging me close.

"Why are you sitting right beside Tauro-sama?"

"I am just doing my job, miss Annette."

"You can do your job while sitting at the corner over there."

"I cannot do that."

"And why's that, miss Lillian?"

"The reason is very simple. It's so that I can protect the Princess. Further more, she is very cute."

"Hoe~ Is that so? Well, miss Lillian, you don't have to protect Tauro-sama, because that is my job."

"I am a knight, miss Annette. Protecting people is my job."

While sparks where flying back and fourth from Annette and Lillian, Tauro was sound asleep. The reason? Being hugged while feeling Annette's 'softness' made Tauro very sleepy.


After having a wonderful nap, we finally reached our destination. It was a massive castle. It looked very similar to 'Mont Saint Michel' in France.

It looked a bit odd, seeing an old castle like this in the middle of a futuristic looking city.

I noticed that there where a lot of players here. Some players are equip with strange gears like the players over their wearing a pink bikini.

No... wait a minute. That's just one player! His attracting a lot of attention though, is this the reason why his wearing one?

As I was confused over why such a person used such weird gear, I noticed some female players using white looking robes.

"[The White Mages Clan], huh? Looks like the [Tournament] magic division is going to be interesting yet again."

"Magic division? Does the [Tournament] have different divisions, Lillian?"

"Yes. It's split into their own division:
    Magic division, only magic is allowed, though, instant death spells are banned.
    Warrior division, only swords and other melee type weapons are allowed.
    Magical-Warrior division, both sword and magic applies. And of course, the banned spells also applies."


"Are you planning to watch the [Tournament] princess Tauro?"

"Mm! My Onee-chan is going to fight! I'm not sure which division it is thought..."

"The [Ice Queen] is probably going to join the magical warrior division, since she's proficient in combat and magic."

Lillian smiled at my question and attempts to pat my head but Annette quickly starts patting my head, while sending a deadly glare to Lillian.

While enjoying the pats, the car finally came to a stop.

Lillian then gracefully open the door while ignoring Annette's deadly glare.

She did it with smooth motion, while looking elegantly.

As we exited the car, the surrounding players halts their conversation and starts paying attention to us, while muttering something silently, and some even started having nosebleeds.

They should probably see a doctor for that.

"It's a real hime-sama!"

"A hime-sama?! A real one?!"

"It's a loliii~!"

"Today's event has been blessed."

As we walked forwards the [Royal Event], the people around us was talking about some weird things.

"Tauro-sama, be wary of those lolicons."

"Princess Tauro, don't talk to those men, they are lolicons."

"L-Lolicons? ....Mm."

My face got a bit pale, when hearing that there where such people here. But Annette reassured me with a smile while holding my hand.

When Lillian saw this, she decided to hold my left hand.

And thus, the 2nd sparkly war while smiling began, meanwhile whereas I was all smiles while holding hands.


As Tauro was walking to where the [Royal Event] was taking place, someone stood in complete shock.

"......No way-suu."

"Hm? You know her, Nakamo-dono?"

"It's not that I know her-suu. It's just that I saw her in RL, walking from the shoppin district 1 week ago-suu."

"Eh? You sure?"

"I am. I am super sure about it. But I never expected her class was [Princess]-suu."

"The world is a large place, Nakamo-dono."

"Sure is. She's very cute though-suu."

"Ah, so Nakamo-dono is a lolicon. I see, I see. I'll make sure to report you if you do anything."


And the story progresses! ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

Next chapter will be "Tournament arc!" or something, maybe.

But it will be seen trough Sofia's POV. ヾ(•ω•`)o

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