Chapter 12: Sofia POV 2
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After teleporting to our destination, we where now heading forwards the registration booths. Luckily, we don't have to do the preliminaries, since this isn't our first time here after all.

As we where registering, the vice guild leader of my guild, Erin, walked up to me with concern showing on her face.

"Guild leadah, it looks like the they are gonne be on this tourna' this year too."

"...Not a surprise, since they got utterly destroyed last year."

"Thas tru. I've also heard some rumours 'bout em guild latley, I really hope it ain't tru, ya kno?"

"...About those rumours, be on your guard, no matter if they are true or false."


Right when we just finished our registration for my guild, the ones we talked about appeared.

"Well well well... If it isn't the icecube herself."

The one who opened his mouth, Karmek, the guild leader of [Supreme Warriors]. To put it simply about their guild, It's a guild with bunch of annoying brats that loves doing underhanded things.


"Not giving me the time of day, eh? That's why you are a stupid ice cube! HAH!"

The brat, Karmek, smirks while trying to taunt me.

We didn't even look his way, or even trying to bother, before heading forwards the exist.


Karmek clicked his tongue while not getting the reaction he wanted, so he switched his target instead.

"Ooh yeaah. By the way~, I've heard you got a cute little sister. It would be a shame, if an accident would happen to her, eh?"

Me and Erin stopped dead in our tracks, when this brat, Karmek, started to threaten me by using Tauro for their schemes.

"You wouldn't want something to happen her riiight~? I also didn't know you invited weak people into your guild, ice cube. Did your shitty guild change~?"

Not only does he talk from his ass, he even dares to insult MY cute Tauro?!

"Shouldn't you be ashamed of having such a weak ass sister~? ...Oh, I've got an idea! Why not use her as a targeting practise, since that's all she is useful for! Ahahaha!"

As my rage hit the boiling point, I bellowed at him with a sounding roar while my fist punched straight in his ugly face. Well, I made it even uglier, as he flew a few meters until hitting a wall and went trough it.

"Das' the first time I've ever seen you so mad, guild leadah. Well, that guy deserved it tho'."

"...Let's go Erin, we need to make sure these brats don't cause problems tomorrow."

"Yes ma'am! I'll let everyone kno' right away!"

Erin then dashed forwards the exit. I looked where the brat flew, and I noticed that he was slowly getting up.

He is sturdier than last year, probably due his armour, and his enhanced equipment.

"...I'm going to beat you to a pulp when the tournament starts, brat. I'm going to make it as painful as possible, until your HP runs out. I hope you will enjoy that, because I will."

I then left the area, while he was starring at me with despise.

I couldn't care less if they taunt and threaten me. However, if they try to bring Tauro into their stupid schemes, then it's personal.

...I'm going to make sure to break every single bone that brat has once the tournament properly starts tomorrow. Maybe I should pull some strings to get them, removed, from this world.

I had an evil smile plastered on my face, as I was thinking of such thoughts while heading forwards where Tauro was.

"...Annette isn't high enough level to deal with the brats underlings. Once this is over, I'm going to increase her training."

And then I also need to visit her.

Well, she does owe me one, so she won't be able to say no. But I don't think she will say no either way. Not that she can interfere, but as she always says, there is always an indirect method.

I think it's also time for Tauro to move away from our "parents", I guess I have to ask that person for help.

"...Well, not that he is going to refuse anyway."


It's also that's perverts fault for making Tauro age regress to a 10 year old, but I doubt he thought her mind would also regress... Anyway, let's head back where the event is taking place, my cute Tauro is waiting for me~

Short chapter this time around, expect a longer one for chapter 13. (In short, I had a nice headache)

Sofia got a bit angy in this chapter, and a new minor character, Erin! She talks funny.

And our first main brat antagonist of the story has finally arrived.


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