Chapter 13
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As we entered the area where the [Royal Event] took place, I noticed it was a massive ballroom.

The ballroom was really crowded with many kinds of people. Some looked like nobles, some had stylish clothes, and then some with adventure looking clothes.

And today, Annette was not wearing her usual maid clothes, but instead she had an expensive looking dress. It had a green hue, with plenty of white frills, it looked really pretty.

I stuck close to Annette while holding the hem of her dress.

Annette noticed this and started patting my head.

"Anxious, Tauro-sama?"


"It's okay. Do you wish to hold my hand while we wait until it starts?"

"Mm. Let's."

I firmly held Annette's hand, so that we wouldn't get separated. And as we walked, people around us started to notice us.

"Oh my. An elf?"

"Not only that, she is holding hands with a child. Her kid?"

"She does not look like a half-elf to me."

"I've never seen someone with such gorgeous silver hair."

"Is that a loli?"

"A real loli!"

"Is that the rumored hime-sama?"

"A loli hime-sama!"

"haah~ a loli~! *GHAH!*"

Is that the lolicons that Annette said I should be wary of? One of them got a karate chop to their head.

As such spectacles was happening, a knight in red looking armor with gold trimming, made an announcement.

"His and Her majesty, Augustus and Emillia Ulmeria are now entering"

After the announcement, the large doors behind the knight slowly opened.

The king and the queen then slowly entered the room. They looked like they where around their mid thirties.

I thought they would be older. All the stories I've read, the king and queen are usually quite old.

"Ho~? I never knew Sir. Augustus was of royalty."

"Mm? You know that person, Annette?"

"When I worked part-time as guild staff in the adventures guild around 15 years ago, he was a renowned adventurer."


My eyes sparkled with curiosity which made Annette smile softly. She then continued on.

"Back then, he went with the name [Agusta]. He was a silver ranked adventurer when I first started working. But it did not take long until he became a gold ranked adventurer. I'm not sure if he is still active though. By the way, did you know that he met his wife trough adventuring?"

"Woa~ It's like those fantasy novels!"

While I was in high spirits, the king began speaking.

"I Welcome you all to this year's [Royal Event]! Enjoy your time!"

The king and the queen then promptly left where they entered from.

Eh? Arere? Aren't speeches suppose to be long and boring? That's what Sofia said.

As I stood dumbfounded over the quick speech that did not sound important to me at all, a window appeared before me.

<Royal Event>
<Double EXP is earned to those who are attending the tournament.>

Since I didn't really care about attending in the tournament, I simply clicked on the X button, to close the window.

"...Looks like everything is fine still."



Sofia appeared out of no where again, but this time I surprised her by hugging her from behind!

Surprise attack succeeded!

Annette giggled at my satisfied face, while Sofia was looking at me warmly.

"...I didn't know my cute little Tauro was a hug assassin. Is everything okay?"


"...That's good. Now then, let's get going, we have someone of importance to meet."

"Someone important?"

"...Indeed. Come on, then. Annette, stay vigilant, and follow."

"! ...Yes!"

Annette's face got serious for a split second, before returning to back to her relaxed face. I of course, didn't see that, because I was busy being head patted by Sofia while smiling brightly.


Sofia led us to a separate room, that looked really fancy. It has two large comfy sofas and a large table in the middle of the room.

A meeting room? It's larger than my own bedroom. Hrm? There are two people sitting on the opposite sofa.

As I looked closer, the two sitting on the sofa was the king with the world most shortest speeches I've ever heard, and the queen herself.

Was this the people Sofia was going to meet?

"Yo! Haven't seen yah in awhile Yuzuri. How's stuff?"

"...Laid back as ever, I see."

"Come on now, we ain't in public, so who bloody cares how I talk and look like, aright?"

"Dear, keep in mind that Yuzuri is not alone this time. So mind your manners."

"Hm? Oh..."

I was hiding behind Sofia while they where speaking. The king didn't even notice my presence until the queen told him.

"...Want to introduce yourself? Don't worry, it's fine."


I tried my best to gather enough courage, like the time I met the knight Lillian.

Oh yeah, regarding Lillian, she was also in this room. She was standing behind the king and queen. When I glanced at her, she simply waved with a smile.

"My name is Princess Tauwo Lingwen."

I did my best to bow courteously, but I embarrassed myself by stumbling my words. As I got beet red of embarrassment, the queen started to giggle.

"Ara~ Tauro-chan reminds me of my youngest daughter."

"...Oh yeah, I forgot you have a daughter of the same age as Tauro."

"Tauro-chan is of the same age? My! Then, isn't this perfect? She doesn't really have anyone to play with, so isn't this the perfect opportunity?"

"That's right, isn't it? She doesn't have any playmate, so isn't this the a great idea while we have our adult talk?"

"...Both of them are quite similar, well, when it comes to plushies anyway."

"Oh, right. I forgot to introduce myself to Tauro-chan. I am Emillia L. Ulmeria. This buffoon here is Augustus. And Lillian, could you call for Tiatania?"


"Oi! I'm no buffoon! I may dumb, but I ain't stupid!"

Lillian quickly left the room, while the king rebuked the queen. Or at least, he tried. Some of the guards failed to keep a stone cold face from their rebuke.


I couldn't keep up with the rapid fire conversation. The only thing I know was 'something something plushies'.

"...This is common occurrence around here, don't worry about it Tauro."

While I was confused, Annette was smiling wryly at the scene.

It didn't take long until Lillian came back another person. She had the same height as me, long blond hair with eyes that looks like red rubies. She also wore a white dress with golden embroidery, it looked very expensive.

She was also holding a bear looking plushie when she entered. It looked pretty cute.

"I have brought Tiatania-sama with me."

"Umu. That's good. Now then, Tiatania, I want you to meet Princess Tauro."

"I-I'm Princess Tiatania L. Ulmeria."


As I looked at her plushie a bit closer now, I noticed it had some fluff on it. But the lack of fluff was a bit sad.

"E-Ehrm... Do you like plushies?"

Ah, she probably noticed me staring at her plushie.

"Mm. I like fluffy plushies. They are comfy, and also fluffy. I have a large one in my inventory, its very fluffy!"

"A big fluffy plushie?!"

"Mm. It's big, and fluffy!"

"C-Can I see it?"


Before we knew it, Tiatania and I forgot about our own anxiety and everyone around us once the topic of fluffy plushies started. Tiatania also got excited over hearing that I had a large fluffy plushie inside my [Inventory], which I promptly placed down.


Tiatania looked at the large plushie, the 'Fluffy dragon', as I call it, with sparkling eyes.

"Do you wanna fluff it, Tiatania-san?"

I said with sparkling eyes. I was no better, I mean, who could resist against fluffy plushies!

"Yes! And Tauro-sama, Is it okay if I may call you Tau?"


"Then, call me Tia!"

Tia said happily. It didn't take long before both of us started hugging the large plushie with satisfied faces.

A few minutes later, both Tauro and Tiatania was fast asleep.

"They sure fell asleep fast, huh?"

"Ara~ those two had more things in common than I thought. *fufu~*"

"Tauro-sama sleeping face is cute."

"...Annette, keep them company. We have something of importance to talk about. So we will be going to another room."

"That's right. If you will excuse us. Let's get going, Augustus."

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