Side Story #2
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Today's the day when the dead visits the living, or something.

Anyway, It's Halloween! And that means, snacks!

"Onee-chan~! Happy Halloween!"

"...Happy Halloween Tauro. You sure are excited today. Oh right, today we will have some guests coming over."


"...That's right. They should just arrive about now."

As she said such, the door bell rang. Sofia then headed forwards the entrance, and opened the door it.

"Happy Halloween Yuzuri-san!"

"Happy Halloween Que- I mean, Yuzuri."

"...Happy Halloween. Come on in."

As the two of them entered and took of their shoes, they saw Tauro sitting on the sofa in the living room.

"Tauro-sama, Happy Halloween."

"Happy Halloween Tau! We brought snacks!"

Tia hugged Tauro the moment she saw her.

"Annette, Tia! Happy Halloween!"

"...Let's get started on the party then."

"We will be having a Halloween party, Onee-chan?"

"...Yeah. We haven't really had one. Further more, it was Tiatania's idea."

"Yeah! Let's make some fun memories!"

"Mm. let's."

"...Annette, did you buy the foodstuffs? I bought the cake, since Tiatania bought the snacks."

"Yes, It's all in this bag here."

Annette and Sofia then started preparing for dinner, while Tia and Tauro started playing Mofu~Cart 8 Deluxe on their Nondendo Swish.

Tauro was pretty good at the game, but it didn't take long until Tia and Tauro was competing for 1st place.

After the preparations where done, they all started to eat.

Tia and Tauro where in bliss as they ate Sofia's and Annette's homemade food. If they had tails, they would be wagging like crazy right about now.

"That was delicious~."

"Mm. I ate lots."

"We still have to wait a few hours until the cake has thawed, though."

"Then, shall we continue playing the game until then Tau?"

"...I will bring the other controllers, so we can all play."

"I have never played such game before, so It will be quite interesting."

"Onee-chan is really good at it. Specially that rainbow map. I keep falling off on it."

"I like the long winter map, that one was really fun!"

Then they all played together while eating snacks and cake when it finally thawed.

It was supposed to be a spooky day today, but it instead became a day of yummy snacks for Tauro.

Happy Halloween!

Mr. Spook is having a vacation, so let's have some mofu time instead~

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