Chapter 15
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On the day of the tournament, we where heading forwards the [Warrior's Arena].

Our means of transport was a limo, since It would take about 30 minutes to walk there on foot. Not only that, Sofia insisted that I should take the limo instead of walking.

But what surprised me was that Tia and the knight Lillian was also with us.

Tia said that she wanted to watch the tournament with me because she was my friend.

When Tia said that, it made me quite happy. My first friend.

As I was having such thoughts, the limo finally reached its destination.

"Looks we have finally arrived. Be careful when you are leaving the vehicle, and make sure to stay close to us at all times. Further more, make sure not to talk to strangers."

"I didn't know you where old enough to be their mother."

Annette said while raising her eyebrow.

"How rude. I am a splendid 17 year old knight prodigy."

"Right. Let's go with that."

"What's that suppose to mean?!"

As Annette and Lillian was having their catfight, me and Tia had already disembarked the limo.

"They sure are good friends."


After Annette and Lillian disembarked the limo, we headed forwards the arena.

When we entered the arena, we saw plenty of people around us. Tia told me to follow her, as she knew where the booths where located at.

Lillian and Annette where walking along side us, glaring at our surroundings, ready to strike at any time. I always kept forgetting that me and Tia where royalty. It still kinda feels unreal.

I asked Annette and Lillian if we really didn't need any more guards, since the novels and manga I've read, and even games, they where surrounded by guards, so that nobody would harm the royals.

"We are strong enough to beat a gold ranked adventurer, Tauro-sama."

"Annette is correct."

Is what they both said, but I'm still worried if something would happen with just 2 people.

It didn't take long until we reached the booths section. Tia walked a bit further in, until we met 2 guards stationing near a double door. As soon as we approached, they both bowed and opened it up.

"This is our royal booth. Beyond this door, we just need to walk a few more stairs upwards, Tau."

"Ooh. Does that mean if we go further up, we will have a better view?"

"Yup! Come on!"

Tia then dashed up the stairs.

"W-Wait for me Tia!"

I then started running up the stairs, trying to catch up to Tia. I thought that I would breath heavily, as I haven't really run around for many years. But to my surprise, I felt pretty light, as If I gained all my strength back from long ago.

"P-Princess Tiatania! Don't run! You may fall!"


As I finally reached the end, what entered my cone of vision was a stunning view of the entire arena. It was really large, large as the colosseum in Rome, except this was more lively and very beautiful.

"This spot has a really good view, doesn't it?"

"Mm. It's quite beautiful."

As I was admiring the view, Annette and Lillian finally entered the booth. And as soon as Lillian entered, she was busy trying to tell Tia that it was dangerous to run up the stairs while Annette closed the doors to the booth.

Annette then moved next to me and moved with her hand to the fancy looking seats.

"Tauro-sama, let's take a seat for now. The tournament will begin in a few moments."

As I sat down in the fancy chair, Tia started to sit down to my right.

Lillian left out a heavy sigh while shaking her head, while Tia was all smiles.

I see, she ran away from the lecturing.

A few moments later the doors to the booth opened. It was Tia's parents that entered the booth, they brought some fancy looking chairs. A few magicians also entered this booth, and setup some kind of strong barrier around the booth before leaving.

I was quite curious what they where doing, so I asked Tia about it.

"Usually we only have 1 magician setting up a barrier around the booth. But this time, mother said that she wanted to be extra careful. Not sure why though, since 1 is enough."

It must be a really strong barrier then if they only require one magician. So we must be very safe with 4 barriers then?

As I was thinking such, a chill went down my spine. I wasn't sure why but, I hope I didn't trigger a flag or something.

Maybe I'm just overthinking things. Yeah.


It didn't take long for the tournament to officially begin. There where a lot of people competing, to get that special first prize, not sure exactly what it was.

I also thought that the tournament would be quite gory and filled with bloodshed, but to my surprise, it wasn't. And not only that, they also competed in other things than just fighting.

They weren't as popular as the magic and sword fights, but I found them interesting. It was kind of like the Olympics, but with magic and swords mixed in.

Annette also told me that the magical warrior division was going to start after the swords division. But first, we have the athletics.

The winner in the athletics was a dwarf, which surprised me. The one I thought would win, came 2nd place, which was a tiger beastman.

After the athletics, it was time for the swordsman division to begin. There where plenty of strong warriors, knights and adventurers.

As the division went on, the king, got plenty excited. Annette did say he did some adventuring before. It didn't take long until the queen whacked him on the head before he got too excited.

Soon after, the swordsman division ended for today.

Tia told me that they would continue for 2 more days, same for the magic and magical warrior divisions.

I guess those are the main attractions here.

The arena was quickly cleaned up once again, and was ready for the magical warrior division. They sure work pretty fast.

Just like before, they where having 1v1 matches. I asked Annette when Sofia will appear, and she told me that they randomize the selection for each event. So I guess I just have to wait until her match begins.

And just after 4 matches, It was finally Sofia's turn! Sofia noticed my excited gaze and waved at me with a smile. But as soon as the opponent entered from the opposite side, she became very serious and stared at him with ice cold eyes.

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