Chapter 17
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"Ugh... Where...?"

As I opened my eyes, everything felt like it was spinning all around me, while having a huge headache.

I noticed right away that I was no longer in the booth, but in a cave. As I looked around I noticed that I was not alone.

Tia was also here with me. I'm not sure what happened, but from what I can tell, is that we got teleported? But how?

"Tau! You're finally awake!"

Tia hugged me right away when she noticed that I have woken up. I asked her where we where, but she just shook her head.

"I'm not sure. All I know for sure is that someone used a [Teleportation Crystal]."

"A [Teleportation Crystal]? What's that?"

"It's an item that can be found within D ranked dungeons and above. They don't drop that often, and are quite rare. They aren't really used that much, because its a one time use item. And you need to mark the location beforehand."

I've never heard of such item, before. I guess it's no longer useful because there is a teleportation skill. But... Where are we?

"Umm.. Tia? Do you perhaps know where we are?"

"No.. I don't. Ah! But don't worry! See this necklace, Tau?"

See was pointing at her necklace, that contains a red ruby. It's a necklace she has been wearing all the time, and this is the first time I've seen it glow.

"This is not an ordinary necklace! If it glows, it means it's sending our direct location to our mother. Or so I've been told."

"The necklace is a tracking device?"

"I think so?"

Tia answered my question with her own question. She wasn't sure herself.

It looks like she doesn't know if it's a tracking device or not, but what if it breaks...? Or, what if they don't get any signal?

As I was having negative thoughts swirling around in my head, Tia then spoke up.

"If they teleported us to a normal monster cave, then we should be able to find our way out, if I use [Wind Path]. With it, I should be able to know where the air flow is coming from."

[Wind Path], it's a skill that any job class can use. It's a fairly low level skill, as it's non combat oriented skill. It's mostly used by hunters, as they don't want to have their smell, or scent, being picked up by their prey. The books I've read in the library back home had a lot of information regarding skills and monsters, they had pretty pictures.

"[Wind Path]"

As Tia muttered the skill, her face became pale.

"Tau... There is no air flow here. We should normally suffocate and die due to this. But since we can still breath just fine, that means we are not in a monster cave, but in a [Dungeon]. Maybe even a [Labyrinth]..."


My head short circuited when I heard that. We where in grave danger.

A labyrinth is more dangerous than a dungeon. If you have the power to conquer a D ranked dungeon, you are then able to get access to F ranked labyrinths. What I've read, labyrinth rankings are different from dungeon rankings. The same goes for adventure ranks.

An E ranked adventurer can enter an F ranked dungeon, and depending on their skill, they may live for another day. That pretty much shows how dangerous the dungeons and labyrinths are.

Of course, entering alone is suicide. A full party is required to enter high ranked dungeons, but for labyrinths, even F ranked ones require a full party. This has to do with the [Labyrinth Master].

It's an unique monster that has the same amount of intelligence as the humanoid races.

The thought of just meeting one is pretty scary.


As Tia was looking around the room we where in, she noticed that there was only 1 exit in this room.

"Tau, there is only 1 exit out of this room. If a monster gets in here, it will become quite dangerous."

"T-That's true..."

Tia noticed my anxiety, and reassured me that she learned the [Sense], which is the inferior version of [Perception] since it's a skill that can be learned by everyone. Only hunters and warriors can use the skill [Perception].


Tia was concentrating as she used her skill, and after 15 seconds, she let out a sigh of relief.

"There is a long corridor that runs trough here. What I've seen trough the skill, this is not a [Labyrinth]."

"Did you see any monsters, Tia?"

Tia shook her head. I was getting worried if this was a high ranked dungeon. I really hope nothing scary will happen.

"Tau, let's do our best and get out of here. We are lucky we didn't encounter any monster when we got teleported to this room."

"Mm... I'm scared to leave this room, but... If we stay here, monsters may come as you said."

Tia held my hand and smiled nervously at me.

"Let's find a [Safe Point] until we can get rescued."

"Mm. Let's."

And thus began our dungeon adventure. Probably.

As we walked trough the dungeon's corridors, we would sometimes hit a dead end, or find rooms filled with bug like creatures. Not only were they scary, they looked really creepy.

After awhile, we reached a clean room that had smooth walls and a fancy looking fountain in the middle. Other than that, it was pretty empty.

"Tau, this is a [Safe Point]! We're in luck!"

"You sure the monsters won't enter this room, Tia?"

I asked nervously, in which Tia nodded without any hesitation. I hope she is right.


As we were waiting, I pulled out a few things from my [Inventory] as we sat down near the fountain.

A simple picnic blanket, some snacks, sandwiches and fruit juice.

"These sandwiches are really yummy."

"Mm. Annette made these."

"Annette-sama did? She is pretty skilled."

"Mm. But the cookies was made by Onee-chan. I hope she comes."

"Don't worry, Tau. Everything will be alright."

"It will?"

I said as I was tilting my head.

"Mmhm! My intuition says so! We definitely safe in here, as monsters can't get in here!"

As Tia said that with pride, a large monster then entered the room.

"...Did I just jinx it?"

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