Chapter 18
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The monster couldn't have entered at the most perfect time. Monsters shouldn't be able to enter a [Safe Point]. But maybe this is an [Irregular Monster].

Irregular monsters are very rare, Sofia said the last time one appeared was over 500 years ago. So maybe that's why people think it's impossible?


*N-Now is not the time to deeply think about these things! Aaah! What do we do?!*

As we were panicking, the monster had entered the room. But right after it entered, it didn't take another step forward.

It just stood there, looking at us.

The monster that entered has a large body, and walked on two legs. A bipedal creature. It had large claws, and pointy teeth coming out from its yaw. It's appearance was that of a very large ogre, but with blue-ish skin. I'm not sure what kind of monster it was, but it was really scary.

Tia was white as a sheet when she noticed who the monster really was.

"T-Tau... That's a [Blu Ogre]. I've only heard about it from old legends. They are as powerful as a [Demon Lord]!"

"The monster is that powerful?!"


After the Blue Ogre roared, it had a sinister looking smile on it's face. It then slowly started heading forward where we where, as if it was playing with it's prey, which was us.

M-Maybe I should try the summoning thing... If it works...


Because I was too scared, I tried to use the summoning skill that I always failed on. But what I didn't understand back then, was that I had to have a clear picture what I wanted to summon, and pour my heartfelt feelings into it.

And because I was so scared, I really wanted someone, anyone, strong enough to help me.

<Summoning: [Greater Angelic Warrior]>
<Summon: SUCCESS>

After I saw those messages popup, everything in front of me shone in a very bright white light. And from the light, someone emerged.

First time summon always eats away certain amount of MP depending on their level. And from this summon alone, my MP nearly depleted, but stopped at merely 1%.

Having almost all of your MP drained in just a few seconds nearly made me pass out from the spot. But luckily I was barely holding on. As I was about to collapse from the lack of MP, Tia reached out to me before I fell on the ground.


"I... I-I'm fine... I just... Need some rest."

Tia might have noticed that I was nearly out of MP, as I was breathing very heavily. It's the same feeling as having a large headache while being sick. It's not a pleasant feeling.

"I have called upon your summons, Master. Rest easy, now that I am here."

After the light faded, a female winged looking warrior stood with it's back in front of me, looking straight at the Blu Ogre. When Tia saw the what I summoned was, she was shocked.


"A [Greater Angelic Warrior]?!"

Tia was shocked what I had summoned. I only read a little about [Greater Angelic Warrior], but what I know is that they are very loyal to their summoned masters. However, they are the ones who pick their masters. I'm not sure what the criteria is, but I somehow pulled a lucky one. It's like playing gatcha, I guess?

[Greater Angelic Warrior]'s are really good at being a [Tank], since they can easily take a beating without much issue. And their starter level is always around 85, so they should easily be able to beat enemies up to Rank D within dungeons.


The Blue Ogre was starring at his new enemy, trying to intimidate it, but to no luck. The summoned monster drew it's sword and then raised it's shield. It was very cautious of the Blue Ogre.

"Blue Ogre, you stink as you are ugly. Charge at me, you walking corpse. [Taunt]."


Intimidated by the [Taunt], it charged forward without care. It's a skill that can agro monsters but also make them into [Berserk] state if they don't have much intelligence. Monsters with higher intelligence only makes them angry.

The summoned monster was lucky, as the Blue Ogre did not have that much intelligence. When the Blue Ogre was within range, the summoned monster swung it's sword. The force behind it was very fierce.

"Wow. She put that much force into that swing!"

Tia was surprised at the summoned monster's brute raw strength from it's sword. But the blow was not deadly enough to kill it, as it only staggered back with a shallow wound.

"Looks like this will take sometime. But I won't allow you to step any closer to my, Master. Begone! [Flame Lance]!"

A large flaming lance was materialised around the summoned monster, and when she pointed her sword at her enemy, the Blue Ogre, they all flew simultaneously at it.

Because of it's low intelligence, it didn't try to dodge it. It tried however to block it, but to no avail. The flaming lances dealt a lot of damage to the Blue Ogre, but it was not fatal. It was however enough damage for the summoned monster to deal with the remaining amount of health it had.

The battle ended merely a few minutes after it started.

"Tia, is the monster defeated?"

"Yes, it is Tau."

When I heard those words, I finally relaxed. My heart was beating really fast.

*I really don't want to experience this again.*

"Master, may I be given a name?"

"A name?"


The monster I summoned, it doesn't have a name of it's own? Or maybe it's to finish the summoning ritual thingy? ...But what should I name her?

As I pondered what I should name her, I noticed she had cyan looking eyes with golden orange hair. It looked like the sun at dawn was shining upon the sea.

"Akemi. Your name is Akemi. It means [Beauty of Dawn], it's a meaning from an Eastern country."

"..Akemi. Humu. I, Akemi, am yours to command, Master."

<Acquired summon: [Akemi], Greater Angelic Warrior>
<You have reached level 2!>

Happy New Year! ヾ(•ω•`)o