Chapter 20
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After meeting with Sofia, our way to the entrance was very quick. She said that she already knew the layout, as she has already cleared this dungeon before.

On our way to the entrance, I managed to level up my summoning job to level 10. It's all probably thanks to Akemi defeating all those monsters. Though, I'm not sure how much EXP I gain from each defeated monster, as I haven't really read about it. But I'm no fighter in the first place, so I really don't mind if my level is actually quite low.

As we exited the dungeon, we saw plenty of people fully geared up. They were showing the flag of Tia's country, so they must belong be their army.

The moment they noticed us, Sofia casually walked up to them and told them that their princess, Tia, was fine. After that she beckoned us to follow her were her parents where, which was inside a tent.

The tent they were in was huge! It was big as an apartment for 4 people. The moment we walked in, Tia dashed forwards her mother and gave her a big hug. Her mother was overjoyed seeing her daughter again. Even her father, the king of the country, was bawling.

Annette was also in the tent and gave me a hug while softly sobbing. She must have been really worried when I got whisked away with Tia. All is well, if it ends well, right?

"...Tauro, I will be heading out real quick. I will be back in a bit. I need to have a talk with a friend of mine. And also another certain individual. In the meantime, stay with Akemi and Annette, okay?"


Sofia softly smiled while patting my head while Annette was trying to regain her composure back. After a few minutes after she left, Annette finally calmed down and asked me who Akemi was.

"She is a [Greater Angelic Warrior], and is my first successful summon!"

I said all excited with sparkling eyes.

"She summoned it when a [Blue Ogre] entered the [Safe Zone]. She was really powerful!"


Tia and I was really proud of Akemi, even though we went trough something really scary. If it wasn't for Akemi, we wouldn't be standing here right now. Akemi got a bit red and started fidgeting while we were praising her.

"An angelic warrior? And a greater one at that... Wait, did you just say a [Blue Ogre]? And it also walked into the safe zone?!"

Annette was stunned when she saw my first summon, it was probably her first time seeing one. But when we mentioned the blue ogre, and that it walked into the safe zone, she got a bit pale. She calmed down after we told her that Akemi had beaten it. But after we told her about the 4 more blue ogres that we encountered much later on, she nearly passed out.


"...Tauro, It's time to wake up."

"Mm. 5 more minutes~"

"...Come on now. Make sure to brush your teeth, before putting them away. Once done, I will carry the boxes, okay?"

"Fwuaa~... Mm. Okay."

After the whole ordeal yesterday, we finally headed home after Sofia came back. She told me to log out, since we will be moving out the very next morning. I got quite shocked that not only are we moving out the very next day, I'm also transferring to a new school. I thought actions such as these takes awhile.

I headed to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, and then put them away like Sofia told me. She said that the movers were arriving within the next hour, so we had to get ready. But why so early in the morning though? The sun has barely even risen over the horizon.

Once the movers arrived and put everything in the truck, which wasn't much, Sofia told me to get ready since a taxi would arrive shortly. After getting ready, she locked the door to the house, and we then entered the taxi, heading to our new destination.

I was still very tired from waking up very early in the morning, and that I didn't have time to eat any breakfast.

"Onee-chan, when will we arrive? *Yawns*"

"...It will take awhile until we arrive. So you can take a nap, Tauro."

Sofia said while giving me a headpat.


I leaned against Sofia's shoulder, and not long after, I fell asleep.

In the dream, I saw a large flowerbed, filled with multitude of colourful flowers. It was quite beautiful.

<There you are, Tauronaya. Looking at the flowers again?>

Tauronaya? It feels like I have heard that name before... Is that my name? And this colourful flowerbed, haven't I been here before?

I looked at the woman who spoke to me, but for some reason, I couldn't see her face. But, I somehow felt safe around her. Why is that? And, who is she?

<------, is Sofiana coming today?>

I couldn't recall her name, yet I asked the woman in front of me. And who is Sofiana? Did I mean Sofia?

<Yes. She just arrived at the [Pavilion]. If you want to greet her, you should head there Tauronaya.>

She said while patting my head. I nodded and dashed over to the pavilion. And not long after, I found her.


<...Hey there, Tauronaya. You are the only one that greets me with such a big smile.>

Sofiana said while giving me a hug.


<...Your mother told me to watch over you today. So, what do you want to do today?>

<Let's go to the [Sakura View] together!>

<...Alright. Shall we hold hands?>


As we walked to the [Sakura View] together, Sofiana softly smiled.

<...You are the only one in this realm that isn't afraid of me, Tauronaya. Well, if we exclude your mother of course.>

<Sofiana isn't scary...>

I said, while pouting.

After walking for awhile we arrived to the sakura view, it was quite beautiful sight. Imagine seeing sakura trees as far as your eyes could see. And if you look behind the sea of sakura trees, you could also see the beautiful waterfalls. It was quite the sight.

But before I could enjoy this view to the fullest, Sofiana gave a headpat while saying "It's about time to wake up, Tauronaya".

And just like that, my wonderful dream came to an end.

This chapter took longer than intended because I got sick. Not a fun way to start the year on. -O-