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Elaine went to Gage Hospital to see her nephew. Drake did not know that he was related to her yet, and she knew that. She was going to tell Drake the truth, that he actually had a mother, and that his mother was her sister. She walked into the hospital room, and Drake was there, groaning in pain from his muscle pain, his hands were bandaged completely, almost like a cast around the entirety of both of his hands..

“You don’t know me, but you need to know the truth.” She walked up to him.

“What is it? Who are you?” he said.

“You actually do have a mother, but she is most likely dead.” She lowered her head.

“What? Why would you come here to tell me that? I don’t believe you,” he said.

“The reason why I know is because your mother is my sister, we’re related, I’m your aunt.” She put a hand to her chest.

“I’m so sorry, Drake, she’s right. I thought you were much too young to know about your mother, but Elaine convinced me to let her tell you the truth.” Dr. Gage walked in.

“Oh my god, so you’ve been lying to me this whole time? Do you know how much shit I went through because I thought I didn’t have a mother?” Drake looked shocked and angry at the same time.

“I was just trying to protect you, the amount of hard times you would have gotten if they knew who your mother really was would have been worse. She’s a demon, Drake, you’re half-demon,” Dr. Gage said.

“What?” He looked more shocked than angry then.

“Your bloodline is cursed, my sister and I both became demons because of that curse,” Elaine said.

“So what I saw was real? That thing… That thing that looked like me… That was real?” he asked.

“I used magic to suppress your demonic urges, but that wore off after you died, and your demon side came back instead of you after you were revived.” Dr. Gage shook his head.

“I can’t believe this… Finding out I’m part demon, finding out I’m cursed, losing my fingers, this is the worst fucking day ever,” Drake said, tears streaming down his cheeks.

“I know it’s very soon, you only just came back a few days ago. We have no way of knowing of whether your mother is alive or not though, unfortunately. That’s the hardest part, she’s been dead to the world for a long time.” Dr. Gage frowned.

“All this happened because you were trying to protect me, I couldn’t believe it when the Demon Hunters started to chase me, but now I know why. You should have told me the truth a long time ago.” he rolled over and looked away.

“I wanted you to live a normal life, I can see now that I was wrong, but I never stopped caring about you, I swear,” Dr. Gage said.

“You should have told me about what I really am when the Demon Hunters arrived on Cluster, and not at basically my weakest moment,” he said.

“I only found out about my relation to you after you were brought back the first time, I’m here to help you, I can train you to use your innate powers to protect yourself against the Demon Hunters, and Zlyena will help. Your grandmother was the Lavender Angel, Zlyena is obligated to help you too, just like she was obligated to help me,” she said.

“What? She was the Lavender Angel? I only heard about her in bedtime stories.” Drake rolled back over, most of his anger and sadness gone from his face.

“I’ll have you meet her sometime, but just know that heroes are a lot different in real life than they are in bedtime stories.” She smiled.

“I was too shy to ask Zlyena about her, all I knew is that she was the Lavender Angel’s mentor, and not much else about her.” He let out an awkward chuckle through his teeth.

“Don’t worry about it, she’s your step great grandmother, she adopted her, you should be able to ask her anything.” She flicked her wrist.

“You’re a demon like my mother, right?” he asked.

“I’m not the same kind, but yes. She and I are both demons.” She nodded.

“Not the same kind? What do you mean?” he questioned further.

“Your mother is a very rare type of demon that was only created after a failed ritual, one that was forbidden by even angels to do, it’s called the Forbidden Ritual for a reason. It was supposed to turn her into a living angel, but now… She’s a very powerful demon, so powerful she has trouble controlling her powers.” She frowned.

“Can you tell me more about it?” he said.

“No, I don’t know any of the details, and even if I did, saying what was done would make you lose a piece of your soul, the ritual was in the Forbidden Book, a book of spells that will make you lose your soul if you read all of it. I know only two three people who have read all of it, and none of them turned out good.” She shook her head.

“That’s terrible, who would ever read it?” he said.

“Some people value power over their own souls. I only know one reason why I would read it, and even then I would use the cheat sheet Zlyena’s old friend made, that was the only good use that came out of reading it.” She shrugged.

“And what would that be?” he asked.

“If a certain someone dies, I won’t say who, you wouldn’t know him.” She folded her hands over each other.

“At least not yet,” Dr. Gage piped up.

She turned to Dr. Gage with a shocked look on her face. She knew that Drake would have to apologize for attacking Hex, how did he know that Hex was the only one she would use the Forbidden Book for?

“I heard from Kalan about him, and how you wouldn’t shut up about him.” he smiled.

“He needs to stop venting to people about my personal business,” she said in a huff, angry that Kalan would divulge such secrets to Dr. Gage.

“He’s met him once before, while he was being transferred to a different room,” Dr. Gage said.

“Is he the short guy with the crazy hair?” Drake asked.

“Yeah, that’s him,” she said.

“I heard that while I was possessed that I tried to kill him, and that I have to apologize to him later. Him and his friend.” he frowned.

“I heard about that, it’s unfortunate that so many people died. I’m sorry about Marissa, too, Drake,” she said.

“I don’t want to remember that right now, please don’t bring it up, it hurts too much.” He recoiled in emotional pain.

“Would you heal Drake’s wounds? I would, but I use light magic, and I’m afraid of hurting him.” Dr. Gage pointed to Drake’s bandaged hands.

“Very well.” She walked up to Drake, and sigils sprung from her hand as she reached for his hands. She touched each hand, and the sigils dissipated.

Dr. Gage took out a pair of sharp scissors and went up to Drake, cutting through the bandages and unwrapping them. His fingers were sharp metal claws, and he had scars around the knuckles of his hand in circles, on the rims of where the flesh met metal.

“I don’t know what Nagix was thinking when making these.” Drake shook his head.

She knew that those fingers weren’t made by Nagix, but were WireGirl parts from the Mainframe, but she didn’t have the heart to tell him.

“Nagix should be here shortly to check your fingers, you will have to have her check up on them every once and a while from now on, just to make sure they are doing okay.” Dr. Gage walked to the doorway.

“I’m so tired of checkups, can’t it wait?” he asked.

“It seems she’s already here now, hello Nagix.” Dr. Gage waved.

In walked a dark purple colored android, her chest was light purple but the light purple ended three inches from her sides. There was a bright red seam that went down both the sides of the light purple. She had long dark purple hair that was a straight line at the end, including her bangs. Her skin looked like a tight-suit used for swimming. Her lower legs went out like bell-bottoms and there was a light purple color where her feet would have been, the ends of what should have been her feet had a flat surface so she wouldn’t fall over, but the ends were both curved.

Two pointy elf ear-like contraptions stuck out from the sides of her head where her ears should have been. There was a bright red line that went around her lips like lip liner, and her lips had large upper and lower fang-like protrusions. The whites of her eyes were black and her eyes were red, they looked pixelated because of the screens of her eyes.

“Nagix is from New Metropolis, one of the most diverse places in the entire world back on Earth. She’s black, like many of her android peers.” Elaine curtsied at Nagix.

“You don’t have to tell everyone my race, Elaine, they can figure it out just from my voice.” Nagix grinned.

“I’m still afraid of my fingers falling off after what my dad told me, so I should probably get the check up now.” He slowly sat up, groaning and grunting the entire way up.

“Let me look at them.” Nagix walked over.

He held out his hands, and she took them. Elaine watched her slowly look over his hands, then let go.

“They look fine to me, the scarring is a bit red though, which should be normal so soon after having such a thing happen,” she said.

“Thank god.” Drake let out a sigh of relief and laid back down.

“Let’s let him recover, he’s been through a lot.” Elaine patted Nagix on the shoulder, and pointed to the door.

“Alright, get well soon Drake.” Nagix walked out with Elaine and Dr. Gage, leaving Drake alone.