Chapter 41 – A Forge Full of Passion ❤❤❤
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After just a few minutes, Sirgia pretty much forgets that I’m watching her and completely immerses herself in the stone tablet again. I smile a little. This doesn’t make me feel neglected or anything, quite the opposite, I’m happy that she still can wholeheartedly focus on her passion. I was getting worried that I might have stirred up her life a bit too much, getting her too attached to myself. While that might still hold true, she at least isn’t pushing her dreams totally aside and placing her love for me above everything else. 

To not stand on the side like some old log, I move closer and examine what she is creating. From just a glance, I can guess that it’s most likely the communication artifact we have discussed previously. It’s like a stone tablet with two rows of five squares on the bottom. I bet those will be numbered from 0 to 9 later. There are various rough inscriptions on the surface and she is currently carving deeper lines here and there.

Sirgia stops after a few more minutes, blows onto the slate to clean the dust and checks her work carefully from many angles. One of them makes her notice me again, standing almost by her side this time. She jumps a little and looks up at me.

“Ah… I’m sorry for ignoring you, Master… I got lost in thought…” She drops her gaze to the ground while hugging the stone device to her chest.

I quickly place my hand on her head and start patting it. “Don’t apologize, I’m a guest here so it’s natural that I should wait until you have some time. Want me to help you? I don’t know much about this stuff, but with your guidance I should be of some use, right?”

She smiles faintly, clutching the carving even closer to her body. “I’d be really happy to work with you, Master. But… didn’t you come here to—”

“Shhh.” I place a finger on her cute lips and shush her down. “It doesn’t matter why I came here but what you want to do. Personally, I want to spend some more time with my adorable little dwarf. In any form.”

Her smile grows into a bit bigger one and she nods cheerfully. I start following Sirgia around while she explains to me what she managed to already achieve, showing me each part of the artifact-making process. She has finished designing mana circuits which will give life to the device, with some help from Cornelia.

She shows me the schematics of the plate’s front panel. They are decent, but with my otherworldly knowledge of many old phones and such things, I suggest a few tweaks here and there to make it more user friendly. Sirgia carefully notes down my ideas and then we draw some of them together, with her sitting on my lap, closely snuggled to my chest. The way she looks up at me for confirmation if she correctly imagined a specific part is just so damn cute that I can’t hold myself back from giving her a peck on the forehead.

After agreeing on the final version, we walk to the counter with many drills and various tools used to carve stuff in things and modify the previous slate she has been working on. I mostly pass Sirgia the correct utensils and hold and rotate the object while she diligently works on it. She turns so mature when she is completely focusing on work. You can discern years of experience in just her expression and eyes, let alone hand movements.

Sirgia notices my fascinated gaze and blushes a little. I chuckle and move a small, mischievous lock of her brown hair away from her face so that it doesn’t impede on her artisanry. She thanks me quietly and focuses on carving again. After half an hour, we are done with all the lines, trenches, holes and whatever was necessary.

Sirgia has already taken care of the magical ores she needed for the core functions of the device and all that is left is to smelt them and shape up the parts she needs to fit into the stone frame. Since the object is much bigger than just a simple tube-like dildo, we need to use a more sizable kiln to achieve the expected results.

Naturally, this place has many sizes of furnaces and other structures. Sirgia covers her front with a heat resistant jacket, which I help her wear since it’s quite sturdy and stiff, and moves to one of them with the metals on a wide ladle. While she sways it carefully over the fire, I operate the magic stones responsible for its intensity and change it according to her spot-on instructions. The heat on the side is unimaginable already and she has to stand in front of it while attentively mixing the liquid metals. Quite impressive.

During a short moment when I don’t have to tend to the fire, I hastily make a big circle around her and walk up to Sirgia from behind, partially covering myself from the waves of scorching air. I peek out from behind her only for a moment, to use a handkerchief to wipe her forehead out of sweat. I’ve noticed some forming quite close to her eyes before. She keeps her focus on the ladle but gently rests her back on my chest with a smile. I support her for a moment.

When the time comes, I move away to bring the form on a long handle and position it near Sirgia’s ladle, allowing her to pour the contents into my tool. She places hers back and takes the matrix from me to leave it in another place for cooling. I help her get out of the jacket and wipe her face again. She leaves a peck on my cheek and skips gingerly to another part of the room.

The next part requires a lot of precise handiwork so I just watch from the side as she mixes various shiny, metallic liquids of different colours in vials. They will fill the circuits for sigils and runes when she finishes preparing the required solution. In fifteen minutes she is almost done. Just a few minor tweaks are left.

Sirgia picks up a silver tray with the vials on it from the table in front of us and steps to the side to move it somewhere else.


One of her feet stumbles on the edge of the structure and she begins falling forward. Fortunately, I have been standing really close to her so I quickly lunge after her, grabbing Sirgia around her waist with my right hand and pulling her towards me while firmly getting a grip on the table with my left and utilizing all my strength to resist the merciless force of gravity.

With a lot of effort and a pained grunt, I manage to stop my cute dwarf from falling face-first onto the tray with glass vials, and to my astonishment, she succeeds in balancing the tray so well that not a single bottle flies over the edge, with a few only falling onto their sides. 

She ends up bent forwards like a toppled letter L with her arms stretched out and head locked onto the board she is holding, and held up by me, standing with both my legs widespread to the sides, leaning over her while supporting myself on the table with my left hand and pulling Sirgia’s waist against mine with the right. I chuckle at our unbelievable save.

A few moments pass but she isn’t moving. It doesn’t look like anything would fall and break if she does so I’m starting to get a little confused. That is slowly getting cleared up though, with me beginning to notice Sirgia’s cute, short, pointy ears growing redder with each passing second. My eyes catch hers in the reflection on the silvery tray and she quickly averts her gaze. One more glance at the position we are in completely finishes that process.

A small, mischievous smile appears on my lips. I push Sirgia’s butt a little bit harder against my crotch and lean much closer to her back, soon arriving near her ear.

“Hey… Sirgia…” I whisper to it from up close, making her body shiver lightly. “Did you perhaps… fantasize about doing that in your workplace?” I gently nibble on the pointy tip, evoking one more tremble. The vials clink quietly from the shaking.

A few seconds in silence pass and she slowly nods. Bingo. I don’t tease her any further so that she doesn’t drop her precious materials, but continue to question her further.

“Since when?” 

She hesitates for a moment, but answers, still in the angled position and holding the tray. “From the moment when… we started working together… but… it’s not just now… In the past, I...” 

Sirgia tilts her head to the side a bit to take a peek at my reaction and after seeing my smile, she moves her gaze back to the front before continuing.

“I always wanted to do… it… with the man I would love… in my own forge…”

Even her face starts getting completely flushed as she gives out her secret she has hidden from everyone up until now. She didn’t mean it as just on the bed in the workshop, oh no, I’m quite confident in thinking that she has imagined a lot of stuff happening ALL around her dream forge. That’s pretty fun and interesting fetish right there. And I have been beginning to think that maybe she is a completely pure soul. Oh well, it’s a win in my eyes.

“Bring the next batch of solutions to the table,” I whisper again and she nods.

I help her up and Sirgia walks away to place down the tray, giving me a few glances back over her shoulder while doing so. I can feel her curiosity and expectant mood. She then quickly prepares a new set of vials and liquids and comes back with them. Stopping in front of me, she looks up. I nod at the counter for her to lay it down there.

“Well? What are we waiting for? Let’s start working on it. If you can finish it in under half an hour, we’ll move onto the reward part.” I keep the mischievous smile on.

Sirgia stares at me for a moment, wondering why there's this much time given for the task before she gets to it. I can feel a tinge of confusion, perhaps disappointment, but also, determination from her. She must have been expecting me to embrace her immediately after she voiced her wishes out. And, she wasn't completely wrong.

While she shakes one of the vials in front of her eyes, I step behind her, lean over and blow a bit of air at her ear. She shivers again from the sudden sensation and glances back at me.

“What’s wrong? I know that you still have 29 minutes left, but should you really be getting distracted like this?” I chuckle.

Her eyes widen a little. She must have started to realize my little ploy. Sirgia hastily turns back to the glass containers and resumes her work, trying her best to focus on the task in front of her. And of course, I will also be doing my best. In making it harder for her that is.

I begin sensually tracing my finger over the edge of her cute ear, which starts growing red again. Her movements slow down a notch when my hand finishes the caresses and leaves its edge. The same thing happens when it’s back. For the next step, I move my face closer and start nibbling the pointy tip.



A quiet moan escapes her mouth as my lips close on the little summit, accompanied by the sound of two vials hitting each other.

“You need to be careful with those. We don’t want to shatter them, right?” I whisper to her in between the nibbles.

Sirgia takes a deep breath and regains part of her composure. I can see that her movements are much more confident right now. She must have finally figured out what is at stake here if she doesn’t manage to finish in time. But… I have a lot of ways to distract the adorable dwarf.

Having to step up my game, I lean even closer to her, now pretty much pressing my chest against her back, and skillfully guide my hands around the stripes of her pants on belts, straight under her shirt.

No bra, huh. You naughty, little dwarf.

My palms find their way on top of Sirgia’s very modest breasts and massage them gently. I move my face close to her cheek and nudge it with mine.

“Hnnn… Mmmnnn…”

A few more moans arise. Seems like she isn’t trying to desperately hide them like the last time. That’s good. We can be open with how good we feel. She’s finally not stopping herself from admitting it. I start giving her little pecks on the cheek while tracing circles over her small mounds with my fingers, brushing against the erect nipples from time to time. Each time I do so, one more cute moan follows.

I check on the vials. From what I got during our previous attempt, she should be around 30% done now. Time to switch into a higher gear. Heading south with my hands, I brush over her belly a few times. She does her best to not burst out giggling, but she can’t stop her whole body from shaking a little, with some stifled, little laughs escaping the tightly shut lips.

My palm arrives at its destination and gently slides down over the soft material of Sirgia’s panties, until… my fingers run into a quite damp area on the cloth. I softly press my middle finger against it, sending a wave of shivers through her whole short frame.


A much more sensual cry gets released into the air. I chuckle a little, rub my fingers more into the moist material to soak them in her love juices a bit, and retract my hand. I move it to the front of Sirgia’s face, placing my head on her shoulder. We both stare at the very faint trail of something slimy between my thumb and index finger after I grind them together.

“What’s this? Are you perhaps getting turned on by being teased while working?” I ask while tilting my face towards hers.

Her gaze jumps from my eyes to my lips, to the vials and back to the first. An embarrassed smile paints her face.

“Uhn…” She nods shyly.

To reward her honest answer, I tilt her chin towards mine using my left hand and join our lips in a gentle kiss. I’m not pushing my tongue inside her mouth, just softly exchange affectionate pecks with her. Sirgia closes her eyes and lets the pleasant feeling overcome her. I let her take the lead and she gingerly plants a myriad of sluggish kisses onto my lips.

After I split from her, she pursues them with hers and lifts the eyelids covering her beautiful, cinnamon brown eyes up. A slightly hazy and enamoured gaze moves lazily from my eyes to my lips in turns.

“Are you almost done to be slacking like this?” I waggle my eyebrows at her.

Sirgia almost instantly recovers from her infatuated state, shooting a quick glance at the vials. She’s halfway through the process and something around 15 minutes is left. It would seem that she is doing fine, half of the work done in half of the time, but the next steps will only increase in difficulty. And so will my advances.

Acting like I’m releasing her from my clutches, I step a little to the back and place both of my hands on Sirgia’s shoulders. Those are also the places where the belts upholding her short pants are located. With a click, they let go of their hold and her pants slide down to the floor, revealing a cute, plump butt, covered by light grey panties.

I poke the soft and round hills with my fingers a few times. A sudden urge grows inside me and I crouch down behind Sirgia, move my face closer to her buttcheeks and very softly bite on the springy flesh.


A cut yelp arrives at my ears. I didn’t clench my teeth hard so it’s not filled with any pain, only a bit of pleasure. She glances down at me over her shoulder and I show her an apologetic smile.

“Sorry, it’s just so beautiful I couldn’t stop myself.”

She also smiles, definitely not holding any grudge over this, and quickly gets back to work. And so do I. After a few more squeezes of the amazing butt in front of my eyes, I move my fingers to the cloth piece. From my position, I can now clearly see the wet stain on the bottom of her panties. I spend some time rubbing the place gently with two of my fingers over the material.

Seeing that she is able to focus pretty decently during this, I move my hands to the edges of it and pull the underwear down, revealing her adorable slit to the world. A string of slimy juices connects the moist spot to the closed entrance as I do so. Without further ado, I bring my face closer and leave a quick and gentle peck on Sirgia’s lower lips.


As expected, a little moan follows and her body jumps a little. I rain more of them using just my mouth while softly squeezing her cute buttcheeks. Each concurrent kiss evokes one more adorable yelp from my hard-working dwarf. Though, instead of trying to make it harder for me to assault her, she actually spreads her legs a bit more to the sides, giving me easier access to her precious place, invitingly raising her butt towards me as she leans more onto the counter. 

This little pervert…

I can’t ignore such a view in front of my eyes and I start using my tongue on the pink crevice, gently moving the two perfect folds to the side with my fingers. I graze over every part of her beautiful flower before diving inside the moist cave.


“Ahhn… Mmmmhmmmm…”

A sudden invasion of her secret place results in a light tremble to pass through her whole body and she hits the vials together again. I greedily explore the uneven tunnel with my tongue, starting to swirl it fiercer with each passing moment. She has to stop working when I greedily lick the insides of her vagina.

To bring the pleasure up a notch, I moisturize my fingers using her love juices and press my thumb on the spot where her sensitive little bulb, covered with a hood, is located. It’s instantly met with another wave of shivers and even more moaning. I assault both her pussy and clitoris at the same time, slowly bringing Sirgia closer to her climax.

She places the bottles she has been holding down, to avoid dropping them, and braces herself for the incoming wave of pleasure. That’s the moment when I slowly retract my tongue, keeping only some soft rubs over her clit with my fingers. Thinking that I’m letting her off for a bit, she picks those up again. A rookie mistake.

The very second she brings her guard down, I increase the intensity of my massage and violently thrust my tongue into her fleshy dungeon. The vials clink loudly as she is forced to support herself with her elbows on the table, making the bottles shake in her hands and hit the surface of it while her whole body spasms violently.


She loses a bit of strength while she orgasms, making her literally sit on my face, and pushing my tongue even deeper into her depths.

“Haaaaah… Haaaah… Haaaah…”

I hold her hips with my hands until she regains enough composure to stand again. I also raise myself to check on her progress and her state. She’s around 75% done. Just a bit more mixing and stirring and there’s like 10 minutes left. Impressive.

After recovering enough, Sirgia jumps at the remaining task again, sending me only a few glances before doing so. Time to bring out the big guns. I get rid of my clothes and shove them into my storage ring. Naturally, my little friend down there is already eager to help me in whatever way I might need. How could he not be after witnessing so much of the alluring dwarf girl in front of me?

Moving closer to her, I place my chin on her shoulder again and observe how she mixes the solutions near the end of the process. She still hasn’t noticed my intentions. As she is going to pour the contents of one into another, I spread her lower lips with my fingers and press the shaft of my penis against her pussy from below.

“Ah! This is...”

She jumps a little and turns her knowing yet questioning gaze towards my eyes. I smile mischievously.

“Better hurry up or you will run out of time,” I announce playfully.

Sirgia understands that the reward will come after she succeeds so she quickly turns back to the vials. She lifts herself to her tiptoes to avoid my cock brushing her hidden flower, but due to our height difference, I just need to straighten myself a bit to pursue the fleeting slit and seal the entrance to her pink dungeon with my blazing rod again. Her escape plan fails miserably as it gets even more pleasurable for her with my member grinding against her pussy while she balances herself on her tiptoes.

After a minute or two of me moving my shaft over her entrance back and forth and evoking tens of sensual moans from my sexy dwarf, I pull back my member. She again tries to make the most of the short chance to focus and frantically tries to finish the process.

I, on the other hand, guide my tip towards the dripping wet from all the teasing hole and press my glans against the entrance, enveloping it in her cute folds, but not pressing any further as to not penetrate the erotic doors. Sirgia squeals a little after feeling my hot penis ready to impale her and falls to her elbows again.

Another moment passes and instead of regaining her composure, she looks back at me over her shoulder and starts pressing her butt towards me, trying to invite the guest waiting in front of her home inside. I’m the one to run away this time as I pull back little by little when it gets too close to penetration. It looks so damn cute watching her adorable butt desperately try to catch my penis.

“Have you given up?”

Some clarity returns to Sigia’s eyes as she hears my question. Still not stopping her rear from advancing, she begins to work on the last bit of the task while completely stretched over the table. She barely reaches the solutions with her hands, but it doesn’t stop her from mixing the last batch of liquids together with an amazing focus and speed which makes me instantly get amazed by the sudden show of her insane skills.

She finishes in a flash and hastily slams the vials against the silver tray lying on the table.

“Haaah… I’m done… I made it in time… we—ahnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! It’s in! Master’s hot penis… Mhnnnnnnnnnnnn…”

She waited long enough, so I don’t prolong the time any longer and gently slide my cock inside her expectant pussy the moment she places down the glass bottles. Sirgia shivers a little as I embrace her waist with my hands affectionately. She lets the pleasure take over her and lays down on the counter, supporting herself with her elbows. I move closer to her ear while leaning over her short frame.

“You are so amazing, you know? I really didn’t expect you to be able to do it with me distracting you so much, but you just crush my expectations every single time.”

I speak softly and Sirgia turns her face to meet mine. She giggles cutely, but I can sense a lot of pride behind it.

“Haah… I barely made it…" She looks at me with expectant eyes. "Ummmm… what are we going to do now, Master…?”

I give her an affectionate kiss. “Are you really asking this while knowing the answer?” 

Her eyes escape mine for a moment, but she quickly pulls them back and smiles beautifully as she nods. I move my mouth as close to her ear as I can and nibble on it before whispering sensually.

“I’ll fuck you hard all around the workshop as you’ve always dreamed of.”

Without waiting for her response, I begin pistoning my cock into her tight pussy. I use my fingers to stimulate her clit at the same time. Sirgia rests the top of her body on the table and focuses on receiving my thrusts while moaning fervently. As I promised, I keep slamming my waist hard against hers in a standing doggystyle as she leans over the counter. Nothing else besides increasing pleasure can be felt through our connection.

“Master… Ahnnnn…. Ahhhhh… Can we… ahnnnnn… kiss?”

How could I deny such a request from my beloved dwarf? In a flash, I rotate her around on my dick and pick her up from the table. She locks her legs behind my waist as I start dropping her body onto my cock while we hug each other closely. She dives in for a deep kiss and I stop moving her hips with my hands and begin thrusting into her pussy while keeping her stable.

“Ahhhhhh… It’s so deep… I love it… Ahhhhnnn… Mmmmmmmhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

She climaxes on top of my member and I shove it as far as I can without hurting her, knocking with my glans literally against the entrance to her womb. Sirgia’s internal walls squeeze me tight while convulsing during her orgasm. I pepper her cheeks and neck with kisses while she breathes heavily with her head thrown to the back.

After she stops shaking, I pull her up from my penis and let her stand on the ground while still embracing the little dwarf to my chest so that she doesn’t fall. Sirgia snuggles her face into me and then looks up with a happy smile.

“Master… Can we do more?” she asks, a little bit embarrassed.

I pat her head reassuringly. “Of course. Didn’t I promise you that I’ll let you jump on me for as long as your body can endure?” I lean forward and we join our lips in a wild kiss. Our tongues dance together in joy.

Then, we proceed exactly as I mentioned. Sirgia looks at one of the wide, stone workshops with a sizable surface and I quickly catch up on her thoughts. After picking her up again, I head there and sit us on it. With a soft peck on the lips, I lie down and place her on top of me, squashing my rod to my belly with her pussy.

She grinds over my dick for a few moments while looking at me a bit shyly, but after one more passionate kiss from me, she finds the courage to take action and raises her hips into the air, positioning her pink flower above my penis. She uses one hand to guide the tip in and the other to spread her beautiful, small pussy.


Siriga moans loudly as she slams them down in one single movement. I support her body with my hands on her waist and she leans forward to my chest, placing her own small hands on it. After giving me another kiss, she starts dropping her hips onto my member in quick slams, releasing a lot of adorable moans. She stares right at my face while smiling, satisfied with her performance.

And not without a reason. Her tight walls coil around my cock and squeeze it in waves as she takes it in and out. I think she is also controlling the pressure the walls apply to my dick, even though she already feels unimaginably tight. I let her have fun with my member until she arrives close to another climax.

“Ahnnn… Ahnnnn… Master… can we… uhnnnn… cum together?”

“That’s exactly what I was planning to do.” I raise myself on my elbows to give her another kiss.

“Then… I want it deep inside, please… ahnnnn… push it all in!”

A promise is a promise so I fulfil that wish too and timing my release to her peak, I throw my hips upwards and plunge my throbbing cock as far as I can into her convulsing pussy, helping myself in with my hands pressing her body down onto it, making the small girl arch her back in pleasure.

With a grunt, I release the held back torrent of white straight into her womb, filling it to the brim with creamy milk as waves of it shoot out of my cock ferociously. With each burst, Sirgia’s body shivers again, visibly relishing the sensation of hot liquid crashing against her insides. I empty my load in a few seconds and she falls onto my chest, trembling softly.

After a moment of some heavy breathing, she entwines her arms around my neck and pulls herself up, releasing my member from the clutches of her pussy with a soft plop and places a loving kiss on my lips. Then she rests on my chest and moves her head to the side of mine. A very shy whisper arrives in my ear next.

“Ummm… More?”

I chuckle to myself. I’ve predicted that outcome and I’m just finishing casting Rejuvenate onto myself, even though it doesn’t seem like I’ve lost any vigour, but just to be sure that I can match my lovely dwarf’s expectations. I raise both of us to a sitting position and lock our lips together without any warning. Sirgia launches her own assault against my tongue and we fight fiercely against each other. She backs down with a giggle.

“Is that a yes, Master?”

“For you, always will be.”

I turn her around and sit her in my lap while hugging her so that she can find another spot she wants to have sex at. Sirgia scans the surroundings with her eyes but in the end, she has a hard time deciding on the next place. Surprising her a bit, I pick her up and walk towards the desk she uses to create designs and sit her down on the stool which has a comfy, leather cushion on top of it.

Sirgia looks at me questioningly as I pull her waist to the back so that only most of her thighs stay on the round chair and her alluring but sticks out invitingly. She blushes after realizing the possibilities of such predicament and leans forward to support herself with her hands on the front of the stool, on the sides of her closed together legs. She wags her rear while looking at me over her shoulder with an upwards glance. A bit of my seed drips out of her not-yet-fully-satisfied hole.

I place my hands under her buttcheeks and slowly slide myself in again as she moans happily from having my thick cock inside. We start another round of affectionate lovemaking with me piercing her needy pussy with upwards thrusts at various different angles.

“Ahnnn… It’s so different… mmmmm… from before… Mmmmmmmhnnnnn…”

I’m already aware of a few quite sensitive spots in her precious tunnel so I focus on grazing against them with my glans as much as I can. Sirgia keeps jolting up whenever I manage to brush those hidden weak points. I squeeze her butt harder with each thrust of my cock, which also spreads her vagina in deeper parts bit by bit. I leave the furthermost destination for the last when she will be close again.

Even with this much pleasure, Sirgia still doesn’t lose herself in it completely and thinks about my own fun. I grunt in surprise as she raises herself on her hands and quickly crosses her legs before sitting down again, tightening her already amazingly constricting pussy even more. A soft giggle escapes her mouth in between the moans, which in turn increase by a notch after the change.

“You little, cheeky, dwarf… Huuuuh… Let’s see if you can endure this!”

I slip my fingers closer to her flower and spread it to the brim while starting to force my way into it through the amazingly tight tunnel. My throbbing cock ravages her insides, aiming straight for the womb. No more mercy. She loses strength in her arms, falling with her chest onto the desk.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahnnnnnnnnn! Yesshhhhhhhhh! I loveeeee iiiiit! Masteeeeeeeeeer!”

I stir up her insides until I can sense her climax quickly approaching. Focusing my thrusts on the most faraway place, I plunge my cock into her as hard as I can, slapping my waist against her bottom, and send one of my hands towards her clit to fondle it with the tips of my fingers. This brings Sirgia to orgasm in a flash and we cum together again.

“Masteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! Ahnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

Another huge load fills her insides completely, with my penis making its way as far as it can. The amount clearly exceeds what her small frame can take and the white delicacy starts dripping out from between her lower lips coiled around my member. I brush through Sirgia’s hair as she shivers in post-orgasmic bliss, waiting for her to slowly cool down.

After she finally recovers a bit, I lift her up into a princess carry, which naturally results in an almost constant stream of cloudy liquid flowing from her girly parts. She covers her face as I walk with her in my arms, but I brush them away with my head to give Sirgia a few loving kisses.

We spend some time just lying together in each other’s embrace on the bed in the corner of her workshop while breathing heavily. I slowly spend my mana to cast Rejuvenate on both of us. It will be hard, but we still have over half of a day left in front of us. I chuckle while staring into the beautiful, brown eyes of my charming dwarf lying in front of me.

“Looks like I will have to carry you around for the rest of the day.”

“That may be so, ehehe~.” She giggles a bit embarrassingly. “I’m sorry for inconveniencing you, Master.”

“Did you like it?” I ask.

“Uhn.” She nods.

I boop her nose and smile. “Then don’t mind it because I loved every moment of our little fun.”

She steals my lips with a quick peck. “I’ll be in your hands for today then, Master.”

I can’t resist her cuteness and pull her closer into a myriad more small kisses. We rest while playfully pecking each other’s lips until we are ready to head for a quick bath.


That was intense.


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