【Setting Up Arc Afterword】
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Yo~! Saileri here!

Some time has passed since I wrote the previous afterword, hahaha. But we've just reached the end of the "Setting Up" arc. Most if not all things are now ready for opening. And yes, I am aware of the shortage in the services department. And yes, I see all your suggestions and feedback about it, so always feel free to share them. Some definitely got added to my list for the future. 

Anyway, that issue will be covered in the next arc. Yeah, it will focus on the "people" department mostly while still full of our beloved slice of life interactions and events. There are many demi-human and monster girls planned for that phase. Some are already introduced in the advanced chapters. With the foundation pretty much established, Al and his friends will now have to figure out where and how to get more girls. And face some other issues. We'll again see some returning characters and a few of them will play a bigger role in this play. While we also learn more about other residents and Alastair himself, his abilities and perhaps... something more.

So yeah, I'll keep them chapters coming, as much as I can. It's tough. Lots and lots of work for uni, including projects, exams, thesis for the very last year and such. But writing is what gets me through it. And your amazing support of course. I'm truly moved with the sheer number of people following my work. To think that it all started on a whim when I decided to write down some of my ideas and stories to not forget them. And I'm still going. With two of them currently. And a few more quite detailed premises. But that will come after I finish uni most likely.

Again, thank you, everyone, for your continuous support! I'm extremely grateful for your presence here and all the feedback and comments. I love interacting with all of you. I hope you'll accompany me on this journey further! 

And of course, with how much financial support I actually ended up with, the dream of living while dedicating myself to writing is now looking way less than a dream and more like an actual possibility. Thus, I'm inclined to say the lines I usually avoided before. Yeah. Those. If you really enjoy my stories, please consider supporting me on Patreon! Of course, as long as your own financial situation is better than well and it won't put a strain on you! Always put your well-being in the first place! No matter what, I will still keep doing my thing since I really love doing so. But, there's a chance I might be able to do that without splitting myself between work and writing at some point. It's an amazing prospect. And very much possible now. You guys smashed through my recent Patreon goal like Truck-kun through an isekai MC's window. And it keeps going. And I can keep dreaming.

Okay, I shouldn't drag it out much longer. I always disliked "begging" like that. It's kind of ironic. I'm literally someone who is supposed to do anything legally allowed to promote stuff since I'm from the E-Marketing field. But well. It's not my job, but a hobby. At least for now. If I want it to be, I will have to switch that mentality one day.

So, for the last part, I will just remind you guys about my Discord server. You are always welcome to join. 

Here's the link -> https://discord.gg/uPjt6DJ

Okay. That's all. See you in the next chapter! We'll finally see a bit more of a certain black-haired girl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)