【Preface – For those worried if they should skip or read】
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I've been receiving many private messages asking about specific details of the story, mostly about MC's actual harem girls servicing other men and such things, thus I decided to prepare an answer for those who will arrive here after this is posted so they can check if they want to read the story or skip it if they don't feel like it's up to their alley after reading the explanations. 

Also, don't forget to check the info in the description. It's also crucial.





1. Will MC girls/women/harem/lovers have sex with other men?


It's quite a complex issue. The story is a harem at its core considering the main theme of harems, which is feelings of love. You could split girls in this series into three categories.

First, the MC lovers - along the way of the story some characters will develop or announce their feelings towards the MC and may end up in a romantical relationship. Even if they somehow help with the brothel, it would most likely not be connected with any sex-related thing. They can be totally not linked with the establishment, like say for example travelling adventurers. Purely hypothetically, one of them could end up with the MC and not join the brothel.

Second, women who will have literally nothing to do with sex - be it servants, cooks, maids, guards or any other positions that are required in a working environment. They might be characters somehow saved by the MC and ending up helping him with the establishment, without any sexual services, and also they do not have to end up having sex with him either but could be a chance where some fall for him.

Third, girls that the MC will either employ as prostitutes or they agree to work as ones after being saved by him and I dunno, offered shelter or something, and with time they kinda want to help out of gratitude or something. The latter part will most likely undergo "training" with the MC teaching what he knows about lewd things. Saying that, prostitution will not be described. Only acts containing MC and potential girls. Also, not the story unrolls slowly, so while at the start most of the girls might be slaves, it won't be so much later.

So well, some of them will have sex both with MC and the clients, with only the MC one being visibly described, but they most likely won't enter a purely romantic relationship with him. Let's say that there will be "true harem members" which is girls being only with the MC and "others".

I tried speaking theoretically as much as possible to avoid spoilers. One more thing, the brothel won't be some kind of lousy establishment, it kinda is a spoiler, but it will be a high-end one with access granted only after MC makes sure the clients won't be bad.


2. How many girls will be in the "true harem" and how many won't be entering romantical relationships with deeper feelings? Is it even possible to not hold those?


Most of the girls that will end up working with their bodies will most likely enter relationships that usually base on mutual pleasure (eg. some races might just be horny af), fun, gratitude, subservience (some races might just like being under someone), and I guess many other kinds of feelings that don't exactly revolve around pure mutual love relationship like girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, groom/bride, etc. 

And as for how many, that's really hard to pinpoint. I can't say that once I'll introduce a girl like that, then again the lover one, then the working one, and give a pattern like this or something, because this all depends on the flow of the story and I'm mostly focusing on how it feels and not just to throw more girls faster to the pot of lewds. 

For example, there might be also cases where more than one girl of a certain race (let's pick Elves here) arrive at the brothel, let's say 3. One of them might end up falling for MC while others may actually agree on working later into the story since they don't really feel attached to the MC, but enjoy the physical contact with him and don't mind helping with work if he'll still embrace them. The first one will naturally stay only with MC as she decided, for whatever reasons. In a situation like this, most of the screentime will be given to the first one naturally, with the others appearing rarely when it comes to sex. Maybe some big elf orgy or something.

As stated everywhere I can, I'm heavily against NTR, cheating and such stuff, so I'm doing my best to avoid creating any feeling that could be associated with any of the bad stuff, leaving only the good vibes in the series. Sharing is quite a sensitive subject, but well, my whole story is a fucking sensitive subject with the whole brothel and all, and there might be some characters that don't view sex as something sacred and just like to enjoy the physical pleasure without much bonding. But even those characters won't be just sex crazy maniacs that don't care about other people's feelings and jumping on every dick around them while their previous partners get devastated when they get to know about this. They'll have morals. Like, informing someone about their way of life before engaging with them in any act or asking if they are fine with that or backing off if they are not. Sex without deeper meaning and feelings is a thing. 


More might appear here as I get new questions that could potentially be useful.

Thank you for checking my stories!