Chapter 73 – The Allmother’s Tale ❤
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Similarly to the morning a few days earlier, a warm and tingly sensation in my lower body brings me out of the pleasant slumber. Not that the cause behind me waking up is any less enjoyable than the dreamy nap. I groan a little when met with a more aggressive action and lazily start rubbing my eyes.

“Ugh… We need to work on your morning surprises, Astrea… The girls won’t be happy if you keep—”

The sight that greets me when I finally open my eyes makes me instantly freeze. Judging by the weight pressuring my chest down and how it’s distributed over its area, I’ve already guessed what to expect in front of my face, but instead of a petite bottom and a small slit adorned with a cute patch of silvery fur, I find a luscious ass of light violet colour with a pinkish pussy spread invitingly and leaking a constant stream of love nectar onto my neck.

Only now I realize that the hot muscle working on my shaft lacks the faint characteristics of Astrea’s very slightly coarse tongue and all the events from my encounter with a quite captivating beauty come back to me, including the very ending of it.

Whatever reason she has behind this wake-up call, either intentional or not, I don’t really care, but we can’t speak properly until the other party that is feasting on what's assumingly my morning wood gets done. But, I will not waste the opportunity laid down in front of me so perfectly either, and thus, I announce my presence by joining my lips with the ones salivating in front of my face.

That action is met with an instant and certainly surprised reaction of a vibrating moan passing through my hard member. The last time I was forced into a morning blowjob, I had no way to fight back, but this is different and I’m glad for it.

While the charming lady eagerly works her tongue and lips all over my cock, I explore her yearning honeypot with my own muscle, stroking the entrance to this secret cave all around with my fingers at the same time. 

I must say, the taste is nothing like I have ever experienced up to this day. I was sure my Class and its abilities or Titles did have an effect on that to some extent, making it even more enjoyable for me to explore my girls’ bodies, but their nectar was never so sweet and delectable. I’m fairly certain it’s thanks to the current pussy belonging to a Succubus. Is this how my seed turns out for them? If so, I can somehow understand why they are so eager to get a taste of it.

Nevertheless, we don’t have the whole day to waste here. Erm… Actually… I have no idea how much time we do have to waste… I don’t even know how many hours have passed since I nodded off with the Succubus girl in my arms… The others might be getting worried…

Thus, let’s not dilly dally and finish this up to question the master of the house. Aiming exactly to do that, I set myself to fully enjoy the given service and stop holding anything back while filling the tip of my tongue with some condensed mana. 

Noticing the sudden spike in pleasure, the Succubus moans loudly into my rod and jerks a little but redoubles her efforts afterwards too, getting my message clearly. We do not possess a connection, unfortunately, since I haven’t registered her as a Partner yet, so I can only try my best to read from her body to time our highs together. It does come as a bit of a challenge as I was getting used to relying on that cheat a little, but in the end, after some skilful teasing, I manage to succeed.

Totally forgetting that the sex demon lying on top of me is a huge squirter, I get blasted straight into my face with a spray of a very fragrant liquid at the same time as her throat gets flooded with waves of creamy delicacy surging from the tip of my cock pushed far into its depths.

I wipe down my face as the violet body in front of it keeps quivering from the pleasure and I watch how her delicious snatch spurts out a few more, fainter gushes of juices while cooling down. It’s kind of hot. And not just physically.

After a short moment, one of her legs flies above my face and the Succubus starts shifting around to match my position. And soon, I have a dazzling redhead lying on my side while seductively licking her lips as her scarlet eyes gaze into mine.

“Thanks for the meal~♪”

“I’m afraid this diner has not been opened yet when you forced your completely unauthorized order onto the unsuspecting cook.”

“Oh, no~♪ Am I going to be punished~?”

“It’s the law. Do not resist.”

She giggles and observes me carefully. I move my hand to her body and roam my palm over her beautiful, light violet skin, getting a gentle squeeze of these firm and lascivious mountains and then head down. She doesn’t move even an inch, complying with my order.

Before reaching her secret place with my fingers, I trail to the side and grab her tender ass, pulling her whole body closer to mine and stealing her dainty lips. A little surprised at first, but she doesn’t resist and lets me have some fun with her tongue, leaving it all up to me, acting all submissive.

I break the kiss after a short moment. “This should be enough to pay off the damage you have caused. For now.”

We stare each other into the eyes with wide smiles and chuckle at the same time. Then, her face turns into a more neutral and analytical one.

“Who are you?”

“Alastair. You?”

She smirks and rolls her eyes. “You know I wasn’t asking about that. I'm Ailish. How can you not only resist my charms but even overpower them? Why did you just leave me be after I was defeated, lying by my side completely open to any harm? I could have killed you the moment I opened my eyes. You didn’t even try to restrain me. I just… don’t understand. Weren’t you sent to get rid of me?”

“That’s quite a lot of questions you have there,” I answer while moving a lock of her hair behind her ear to uncover some more of her elegant face. “Let’s start with the most important one. No, I’m not after your life. Well, at least not in the way you are thinking of.”

“What? But your companions’ attacks were clearly filled with killing intent.”

“I wouldn’t go as far as calling them my companions. They are just temporary party members. Actually, I’m not even sure about that. I did kind of deceive them and use their party for my own goal which they weren’t aware of.”

Ailish raises one of her brows at me. “Now that I think about it, I never felt any malice coming from you, even when you were fighting me. I can’t believe I’ve missed that.”

“It just shows how much you were enjoying yourself, isn’t that right?” I ask with a cheeky smile.

She chuckles. “Certainly. Well then, Alastair, what’s that hidden goal of yours? Assuming that it’s related to me, you should be able to fill me in, no?”

I nod my head. “But of course. Before that though, I would like to ask some questions myself, if you don’t mind.”

“Go on.”

“Care to tell me what exactly is going on here? I’ve only listened to the villagers’ side of the story and it does sound kinda fishy to me.”

She again shows some signs of surprise. “You are willing to listen to the arguments of a monster? As a Human?”

It’s my turn to roll my eyes. “Oh, please. You are not even close to the most monstrous entity I’ve spoken with. Or fucked.”

My comment makes her snort and chuckle. “Okay, okay. You do seem pretty weird. I’m curious about that last part so promise me you’ll tell me later. I’ll try to keep this short. I woke up from my slumber a few months ago in this cave, which had been prepared by me. Hungry as hell after who knows how many centuries, I went out to search for food. I’m pretty sure you can guess my most preferred diet.”

A small smirk shows on my face and I nod at her to continue.

“Anyway, I found out that there is now a village not that far from here and decided to check it out. One of the hunters was making his way through the forest so I approached him. He was quite hesitant at first, but it was nothing that couldn’t have been fixed with a few charms and we had some tasty fun together~♪ After that, I made sure to carry him close to the village and returned home.”

“I’m surprised you haven’t sucked all life out of him.”

She waves her finger at me. “Now, now. That’s a very outdated mindset. I don’t kill people. In fact, many Succubi don’t. Why waste precious food when you can enjoy it again and again? Show a little courtesy and it will find its way back to you by itself. Of course, accidents do happen, but I can’t predict if someone’s heart will pop from the pleasure. That’s why we usually prefer young and healthy men.”

“I see. What about threatening to suck me dry yeste—the last time?” I correct myself, still unsure how much time has passed.

“I mean, I thought you came to kill me so it shouldn’t be a surprise I would answer with the same, right? It’s easy to keep common people charmed, but I wouldn’t risk keeping an adventurer coming back that could gain resistance somehow and stab me in the back while I drill my pussy with their dick.”

I nod. “Fair enough. And confirms some of my guesses. And then?”

“Then it was as I said. He came back to the same spot so I took him here. Then, the next time, someone else showed up, clearly looking for me, so I took them in too. And another and another and another. At some point, two at once came, which included the first person I encountered after waking up. Then, they even started coming to me in a trio. Everything was great. I had a full buffet to pick from.”

“And then they suddenly showed up with pitchforks, right?”

“Ugh, exactly. But it was also partially my fault. Mom always said not to trust Humans and I got too lenient. So, I confronted them, still hoping to talk it out, but it ended in a fight. I didn’t want to risk it so I had to defend myself and a few people died. Seeing how easily I can squash them, they surrendered and I requested a man daily to make it official. I knew they’d try something else later as Humans always do so I was ready to face some adventurers. But, it turns out that I wasn’t ready for you, hahaha.”

I shake my head. “I can’t even rebuke that part about Humans. Thanks for clearing that up. I’m now assured that my hunch was correct.”

She scoots closer to me, pressing her body against mine while grazing my chest with her fingers.

“So, what’s this all about? Or do I have to squeeze the answer out of you?”

I chuckle and squeeze her tender butt, moving my hand to her back to bring our faces together for a short kiss. “No need. You’ve already earned it. Basically, as weird as it might sound, I was tipped off about your existence by the Human King and allowed to confront you with an offer. My own one; he has nothing to do with it.”

She furrows her brows. “You know the Human King? And he didn’t send you to get rid of me?”

“Now, things will get even weirder. He’s kind of my… good customer and a friend. I run a brothel in the capital of the biggest kingdom of Humanity. Technically speaking.”

“A brothel? The King is your customer? What…?” She shows clear signs of confusion.

I chuckle a little. “Okay, it’s like this. I opened that place as a kind of safe haven for non-humans in the capital. I obviously can’t take in literally every single one of them, but I’m doing what I can. The people that decide to stay there can just live there, work as maids, barmaids, women for company, bath helpers or as prostitutes. It’s up to them. And it’s more of an entertainment establishment than just a brothel. The end goal is to lessen the hate non-humans get, but it’s kind of a pipe dream still. Anyway, this brings us to my offer.”

Ailish nods curiously, still quite shocked by the revelation.

“Come with me and you’ll be able to get as much dick as you want without any repercussions and danger. Everything about this incident will be forgotten and the quest will be written off as completed. No traces left behind. Our home has many rules to assure the comfort of the ladies, so you don’t have to worry too much and can just focus on enjoying yourself. As long as you leave the customers in a decent state that is. So, what do you think?”

She blinks at me repeatedly for a moment, staring at my professional, inviting smile with her mouth opening a few times to voice out her thoughts, but unable to do so yet.

“Take your time. No need to answer immediately. And I’ll answer all your questions if you have any.”

She calms herself down a bit and nods. “You are not joking, right? It’s not some smart plot to capture and enslave me, right?”

“Well, I definitely wouldn’t mind capturing you.” I smile at her more charmingly. “But that’s only if you are willing.”

Her eyes widen a little. “Does that mean I would be able to fuck you again?”

“Hahaha. You can get much more than just some good pounding now and then. There are many benefits to becoming not just my employee but also my Partner.”


“I guess it’s time to show you why I could overpower you so easily.”

I wave my hand and summon my full status window. With another motion, I send it towards her while making it visible. She stops hugging me and drops back down onto the bed to focus her attention on the floating screen as I observe her face making a myriad of reactions.

“What the hell is wrong with these numbers? They are higher than mine and you are only Tier 3!”

“You might want to focus on the section above that part.”

Her eyes jump up and instantly freeze on the spot, like her whole body. They finally move even further up after a good fifteen seconds and her head literally draws back from shock, most likely after noticing my race. Hearing her mention her slumber, I was assuming she would at least recognize it to some extent.

She keeps looking between the two for a while longer and then swats the window away, moving her gaze onto me. Before I can say anything, Ailish jumps on top of me and straddles my waist with her front facing me. I chuckle a little, assuming that she got turned on by the revelation or something, but my smile slowly fades when I see her gently lay her hands on my belly and lower her head.

“Please, become our Allfather…”


I completely did not expect this turn of events. Whatever is actually happening. Looking at her serious and very expectant posture, pretty much begging me to agree, I get the feeling that it’s something really important.

Helping myself to my elbows, I then sit up and end up in a lotus position with Ailish on my lap. She still keeps her head lowered and does not raise her gaze.

“Would you mind explaining a little? And please, act casually.”

She finally moves her eyes up and shows a faint smile. “Of course. I’m sorry for suddenly blurting out something you might not understand. I’m still a little shocked.”

I brush her cheek with my palm. “It’s fine.”

She makes a deep sigh. “So, there’s a legend, or more like a belief being regarded as every Succubus’s lifelong mission. Our great Allmother, the very first Succubus born from the relationship of a Primordial and the Primeval Archdemon of Lust, is believed to still be alive and hidden away somewhere in this world while in deep slumber. She reached the end of her lifespan and sealed herself inside a powerful, life-preserving vault. It is said that you can attain semi-immortality by forming a pact with a Primordial, but by the time she learned about that, they were already long gone. Thus, it was left to her descendants to hopefully find one. As you can imagine, they searched for a long time, but none was found. Until now, I guess.”

“That’s… quite the tale. Does that mean you can’t come with me now and are obliged to ask for my help?”

She shakes her head. “No, nothing like that. I would be happy to come with you regardless. Your offer is really great for me. It’s just, on behalf of all the Succubi, I wanted to ask if you would be willing to at least meet her. If that story is even true. At this point in time, I’m not sure anyone even knows about the location of the vault or if it still exists. It’s just... if we ever stumble on some hints or something, could you promise me to investigate them whenever you would be able to? I would then feel like I’ve fulfilled that mission.”

I rub my chin and think for a moment. It doesn’t sound like she is trying to force something very annoying onto me and even leaves the final completion of the task up to my decision. And well, I’m now kind of invested in this story already. I mean, it’s super interesting, isn’t it? I did not know about that part of the Succubi culture.

“Alright. I promise to see what I can do to help you. She might be of help to me too, actually. The first Succubus must certainly be really powerful, right? I could use any powerful allies to face the Calamity.”

“The Calamity?”

“Ah, right. You’ve slept for quite a bit. When did you doze off actually?”

“During the war between Humans and the other races. I didn’t want to take part in it so I hid away.”

“Oh boy, we have a lot of catching up to do then. Anyway, I’ll fill you in on that later. Including all the Hero stuff. Right now, what do you want to do?”

She looks at me while pondering for a moment and then speaks up. “Would you mind forming a pact with me too?”

“Won’t that get in the way with me potentially doing it with the Allmother?”

“I don’t think so. A Succubus or Incubus can form only a single subservient pact in their life with a single person they choose, but the other party can receive as many pacts as their soul can withstand, which is usually no more than two. Or zero in Human terms. But, I’m sure yours is much stronger. I’ve heard stories of Incubi receiving pacts of many Succubi and forming their own harems, which actually also shared and boosted their powers in turn. The reversed situations also happened.”

“Oh, so like my Partners via Love Contract.”


“It’s about the stats you’ve been wondering about earlier. I get a share of a girl’s stats after I form a contract with her and she willingly offers her body to me. Depending on the character of the feelings between us and their strength, the more of them I get, up to 50%. She also receives a similar bonus from me after adding up the stats I get from all my other Partners. So, if you became my Partner and had sex with me, you’d get at least ten or so more points, assuming the bond between us would base on just being favourable towards each other.”

She blinks a few times. “That’s… quite similar, isn’t it?”

I chuckle. “Yes, it does seem like it. But considering what is the name of my Class, I’m not that surprised it draws from literal Lust Demons.”

Ailish laughs a bit too and smiles widely, grazing my cheek with the tip of her heart-shaped tail. “Then, each one of us has a kind of a pact to offer, right? And it so happens that the ceremony overlaps too.”

I catch her black spade with my fingers and bring it in front of my mouth to place a soft kiss on it, sending a faint shiver through her whole body. “Then, let me ask again. What do you want to do?”

She leans in to press her amazing breasts onto my chest and wraps her hands around my neck. I can feel her hot breath over my ear.

“I want to accept your offer and come with you to taste many different men~♪ I want to show you my gratitude for your promise and offer myself to you through our racial pact, becoming a soul-bound fuck toy at your every beck and call~♪ And… I want your hard, throbbing cock to shred my pussy into bits~!” she whispers into my ear with a tone dripping with lust as much as her lower lips do.

I back away a little for our faces to meet in front of each other and smile at her while sending out a mental offer on becoming my Partner. She quickly accepts it and glances at me expectantly.

“Time for round two, I guess.” I wink at her.

She giggles and dives forward to seal my lips with a deep and passionate kiss while her thin black tail coils around my shaft and starts pumping it. I move my hands to her succulent ass and sink my fingers in its heavenly texture, gently kneading it as she devours my mouth like a starved beast.

After we finally run out of breath, she breaks the kiss with a heavy gasp and looks at me with a lustful gaze. Her red hair is now a mess and gives her appearance an even more erotic look. She pushes me back down onto the bed as I watch her impressive chest heave up and down from the rough breathing and starts rubbing her drenched slit over my cock squashed to my belly.

She turns up her movements a notch or two and bites on her lower lip, falling forward to support herself with her hands on my chest after almost making herself cum from grinding against my shaft.

Taking her a little bit off guard, I squeeze her ass harder and buckle up my hips with powerful thrust a few times, finishing what she did not have strength for and bringing her to climax as the head of my penis repeatedly assaults her clit along with the bumps created by her tail still coiled around my rod.


She trembles, showers my cock with a gush of love juices and curls her fingers lying on top of my chest from ecstasy. Eight distinct lines appear on my skin during that motion. As expected, her nails are sturdy and sharp like daggers.

She pants for a few seconds and giggles at me. “Let me show you a good time~♪”

Nodding at her, I move my hands off her ass and place them behind my head, leaving it all up to her. Ailish leans forward first and seductively licks the shallow wounds she inflicted on my skin. They instantly stop bleeding and I stop noticing any stinging sensation from them. Looks like her saliva has some interesting properties.

After dealing with these, she moves closer to my face and presents me with a flirtatious kiss, nibbling softly on my lips. With another giggle, more to herself than at me, she raises her hips and uses her tail to line my cock up with her leaking honeypot, very eager to welcome it again with a tight and warm hug.

She very slowly descends onto my rod and releases a sound moan when the tip slips in. Her tail moves to one of her breasts, starting to squeeze it in rhythm while she uses a hand to spread her pussy for my cock and the other one to play with the nipple of her tail-less mountain.

Gasping sensually, she gets lower and lower, making sure to give me the best possible spectacle to watch, and an even better sensation to feel from moving her hips in a curricular motion, teasing my tip with the insides of her burning-hot pussy.

Finally arriving at the very bottom, she smiles at me while grinding her hips around. Leaving her breasts solely to her tail, she raises her arms into the air in a seductive fashion and starts riding me with her wings spread fully to the sides in all of their glory.

It’s then when I notice the crimson tattoo over her underbelly glowing slightly. This might be due to that pact thingy or something, I’m not entirely sure. But, she doesn’t miss the shift in my attention and starts tracing over it with her finger while biting on another in her mouth.

She surely knows her craft, as expected from an ancient Arch Succubus. It’s extremely sensual to watch. Everything she does assault my senses with unimaginable pleasure. And also… Oh?

Ailish slows down a little and puts more focus into sliding up and down my cock, but there’s something else that changes. The tension and pressure inside her moist tunnel start switching in a regular rhythm, evoking even more pleasure than her slightly violent assault.

She notices me grunt a little from that form of teasing and chuckles. “Feeling good? I bet your mind must be blown already. As a Succubus, I have full control of my pussy and that includes all of the muscles and much more,” she speaks in a prideful manner while switching to moving her hips in circles and grinding my penis against her uneven walls as they coil around me and even apply sucking motions.

I chuckle right back at her. “I’m afraid you are mistaken. It surely is amazing, but when it comes to an omnidirectional internal massage, you can’t even hold a candle to Safi and Emi.”

She raises her brows. “Oh? You know other Succubi?”

I move my arms from behind my head and place my hands around her waist, pulling her down, closer to me.

“No. They are my precious Queen Slimes.”

“Queen Sli—mmhhhnn~♪”

Taking advantage of her surprise, I sneak my tongue into her mouth and start moving my hips to return the received favour. It just doesn’t lie right with me to be on the receiving end for too long. 

Both of us are already close so I wrap my arms around Ailish’s waist and gift her inexhaustible lily with some energetic affection. She starts moaning into my mouth while our tongues dance together in a sloppy fashion.

Her tattoo glows even brighter and starts blinking with its crimson hue. Considering how her pussy is starting to squeeze my cock in a less controlled fashion, it’s pretty clear that it's related to her getting really close, and perhaps the whole ceremony getting near completion.

Ailish breaks our kiss for a moment and grips the hair on the side of my head while staring into my eyes from above, moaning and gasping fervently from the assault on her lower body.

“Nhnnnnn~! Give it to me deep! Ahnnn~! Shoot it far~! Far~! Ahnn~! Ahnn~! Flood that slutty womb!”

She descends onto my lips again after relaying her message and I grip her waist harder, turning up the drilling her pussy gets by a notch, aiming to give her exactly what she asked for. When I feel my load building up, her tattoo flashes the brightest yet and I push my penis deep into her yearning folds as far as she lets me. A luscious torrent of semen fills her furthest depths as both of us come at the same time.

I notice a different than usual connection forming between us, on the side of my Partner’s one. It’s on a much deeper and more profound level as if I’m being granted access to everything she is and represents with herself, including her life energy.

It forms completely in a matter of around ten seconds as we enjoy our highs in the arms of each other. Afterwards, I wait for Ailish to stop trembling and catch her breath, lying on top of my chest as I stroke through her crimson hair.

She releases a long and contented sigh before sliding down to my side, still hugging me closely. I reposition myself a little for our faces to match. She chuckles softly after our gazes meet and glances down at her tattoo.

“Oh? The core formation changed?”

I make some distance between us and check it out too. In the middle of it, inside a big heart where empty space was before, a familiar symbol popped up. It’s the same one my girls use as their fake slave seals—the heart with two horns, succubi tail, long, bat-like wings and the letter A in Infernal.

“Interesting… I’ve heard only the highest rank Arch Incubi can imprint their Soul Marks on others. It’s very pretty.”

“Soul Mark?”

“It’s like your signature but formed from the deepest parts of your soul. It often symbolizes what the person went through that made them into who they currently are. The letter inside it is you. I can only guess, but it seems that you’ve experienced a deep and caring love from someone, it doesn’t have to specifically be a romantic one, that’s why the heart surrounding it. The demonic horns, tail and wings might refer to some kind of evil force you’ve struggled against that somehow came with that love, but with how it is visible only on the borders, it doesn’t seem to come from the same person. And the script is Infernal most likely because you don’t see yourself as a completely good person, closer to a neutral one. Surprising for many, Infernal is not an evil script.”

I graze my fingers over the mark on Ailish’s underbelly and marvel over how accurate her analysis of the sigil is.

“That was pretty spot on. I guess it really reflects my soul.”

“Anyway,” she lifts my chin with her hand and pecks my lips, “the ceremony is now completed and I’m all yours. There are many benefits from this but the most important ones are that I can now share with you my life energy and mana, you can freely explore my mind while also possibly allowing me to dive into yours, we will be growing stronger together at the same time and I can now hide inside your soul whenever, which is especially useful after I get hurt as I recuperate faster in there.”

“What about my Soul Realm? Can you like, live there?”

“Huh?” She blinks at me. “You can form and access your Soul Realm at Tier 3 already?”

“Well, I can’t get inside by myself, but it does exist since like Tier 2, for some reason. It might have something to do with the Goddess.”

She sighs and shakes her head. “It will take me a long time to stop getting surprised by everything that comes from you, won’t it?”

I chuckle and shrug my shoulders. We lie down together for around an hour more and discuss some things about me and her. I learn that Ailish is truly an Arch Succubus. Her stats are quite high, around eighty across the board already. We also start at the second level of the Bond, with the caption of an Understanding Pair. This will net me quite a few stat points.

“Alright. I’d like to move out if you are okay with it. Do you know how much time passed since we fucked in that cave?” I ask while getting off the bed.

“I think we’ve slept for around four hours, so including the second round and our short talk, almost six hours passed since then. Worried about your little entourage?”

“Only a little. I just hope they are waiting for me instead of trying something stupid.”

“Let me just pack some of my stuff and we can go. I’m honestly already sick of this stone chamber.”

Ailish then flies off the bed and regains her black-red demonic material around her body again, forming it from a black mist. She then opens up a drawer, picks something up, and I watch as she waves her hand around and many things disappear into thin air, including parts of the furniture.

“A spatial storage artifact?” I ask, slightly dumbfounded.

“Hm? Yeah, I have a few ones in my possession. They are yours if you want.”

“Well, I have this,” I reply and throw her my ring.

She catches it and immediately frowns. “What the hell is this sorry and miserable thing? Did Goblins make it? Throw that tiny trash away and use this instead. Pathetic.”

I pick up a black ring with a small, crimson jewel embedded into it from her hand and slide it onto my finger. The sheer size of the space inside overwhelms me for a moment and Ailish supports me before I lose balance from the dizziness. I did not expect such disparity.

“Damn… Ugh… That’s like a quite spacious five-story building…”

“It’s just a basic one. I’m sorry for not having any better ones. I’ve never been the person to need even this much space.”

I shake my head and smile at her. “No, it’s amazing. How many of them do you have?”

“Just four. One should be enough to collect all things from this cave.”

While she takes care of that, I go to the previous chamber to collect the pieces of clothing I’ve thrown to the ground the last time I was there and also check it out. When I’m back, she is already done and the room looks almost completely empty. Even the bed is gone.

“And now, I can do this~♪”

Ailish grins and turns into blackish smoke that floats towards me and seeps into my chest, disappearing completely.

~Damn, you haven’t lied about your Soul Realm. And even though it’s in the infant stage, it’s very beautiful. I love it. You need to work on getting inside, I’m sure having sex here would feel incredible.~

I chuckle. ~That’s the first thing that comes to your mind after getting there?~

~Hey, a woman has to know her needs and I’m not going to act shy about my own. I need a good dick in my pussy and it so happens that yours is the best I’ve ever shoved down there. Or did you expect me to suddenly change into a loving and devoted housewife looking forward to raising kids and occasional, chaste kisses from her spouse?~

~Certainly not, hahaha. Make yourself at home. You’ll get as much dick as you want. Within my time and capabilities.~


With a friendly banter and a little chat about our pasts, I start making my way back through the cave system while Ailish leads me through it perfectly. I first check on the natural chamber where we left the unconscious villagers and don’t find them there. There are no traces of any struggle or monsters so I assume that the Ephemeral Aegis has moved them.

When we finally make it out of the caves, the dark sky of the night greets us. It’s quite understandable considering the time of our attempted Succubus raid and everything that has transpired after it failed, from their perspective at least.

Ailish materializes herself and flies around for a moment to check if someone might not be nearby and she jumps back into my soul after we confirm that no one is waiting for me in the close vicinity of the entrance.

I head back to the village without meeting anyone either. Only at the gate leading inside, I stumble on the guards and they seem surprised to see me, so I assume that some rumours might have already spread over the population. 

One of the men informs me that the party is recuperating in our inn and the other one darts off to inform the mayor after I tell him that the Succubus was taken care of. Both of them didn’t feel especially elated by that news and Ailish’s chuckle inside my mind clearly pointed out why.

After confirming with the innkeeper that they are in their rooms, I ask him to inform them about my return and order the best course the establishment can offer, served to the VIP lounge. I’m starving after almost two collective hours of sex and the time that passed since our breakfast. Ailish joins me for the feast and we stuff ourselves with quite tasty dishes.

Around ten minutes after we start stuffing ourselves with food, the rushed footsteps of a group of people reach our ears and the door flies open.

“Alastair! Are you oka—?!”

Kyrie barges inside with the rest of the squad and freezes after noticing a certain individual sitting by my side. They instantly draw out their weapons. Whoops. I might have gotten too engrossed in eating and forgot to hide Ailish. Oh well.


And the plot thickens ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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