Chapter 78 – The Creation Myth
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After Shino falls asleep closely snuggled to me with a dreamy smile on her adorable face, I try to clean us up a little by gently using magic to get rid of the remaining fluids. She rubs her face into my neck when I carefully take care of her precious place, releasing a serene sigh along the way, but fortunately, not waking up.

I contact Cornelia through the Whispers and ask about the situation. She urges me to stay with Shino and leave everything to them. Even though I do feel a little guilty not tending to my responsibilities, she isn’t wrong in saying that I’m not necessarily needed back there. 

I just hope they won’t start using the fact that they can skillfully operate the business on their own as an excuse to not have me work when I could. Knowing some of the girls, it wouldn’t be that surprising. But well, with that in mind, it’s now easier to plan things out in case I would need to take care of something during the open hours.

Well, I’m not going to argue with her so I ask Cornelia to thank everyone for me and to lead the after-work meeting in my stead. Then, I hug the short charming lady in front of me closer and also close my eyes.


※ ※ ※


I wake up to someone caressing my cheek with their fingers. Slowly opening my eyes, I’m greeted by a familiar pinkish sky and the violet skin of a certain Succubus, currently most likely resting my head on her thighs, judging by how I have her slim tummy and perky breasts in my sight.

Ailish leans forward a little while moving a lock of hair behind her ear, showing her smiling face to me over her juicy bosom from above.

“You’ve really fucked her good to end up in your Soul Realm.” She chuckles. “But hey. Works for me. I really didn’t think I would get the chance to jump on your magnificent cock while in here so soon, but I’m so glad it came early. Unlike a certain someone, fufufu~”

I shake my head and reach out to brush her cheek. “I’ll give you as much dicking as you want, but there’s something I need to check first.”

She starts kissing my hand all-around with a flirty gaze. “Come on. I’ve been waiting for you to wake up for over an hour. If you don’t want your Soul Realm flooded by my pussy juices, we need that hole plugged right now.” She then switches to licking my fingers in the most erotic way she can.

“Would you mind letting me speak with him first?”


Ailish jerks up when she hears a voice from up ahead; one that I’m pretty familiar with by now, but she certainly isn’t. 

My head falls onto the pink grass as she hastily moves to crouch over my body while taking a defensive position above it, with her tempting slit hovering right in front of my face. She didn’t lie about that flooding. Her love nectar is literally dripping onto my face and mouth. What kind of fantasies did she have to get so horny…

Before she does something unnecessary, I quickly give her alluring butt a few tame slaps, more in the form of patting someone on the back, so that she returns her attention to me.

“Stand down. She is the one who brought me here. And not someone you can even think about taking on.”

Ailish glances down at my face in confusion and I nod at her. Slightly reluctant, she steps back and lets me sit up. I immediately create some clothes, noticing that I’m obviously buck naked too.

“I would say long time no see, Lumina, but was it really?”

“The concept of time is relative. But I guess even in the eyes of a mortal whose lifespan usually caps at around a hundred years it wasn’t that long since we have last spoken.”

Lifting my gaze up, my brain freezes for a moment while my jaw drops to the ground. Standing in front of me is a truly divine figure, from head to toes. Instead of the previous misty appearance formed from purple smoke, an actual body out of flesh and blood enters my sight. At least, that’s what I assume.

Even back then I was already captivated just by the shapes and outlines created by the mist, but seeing this celestial figure with slightly pale skin, long white hair and golden eyes gaze down at me with a dignified smile almost makes my brain melt. 

And thank gods—or the Goddess—Lumina is wearing a dress that closely resembles those seen in ancient Greece—I think it was called a chiton if I’m not mistaken—or I’m sure my eyes would have been unable to move from her virtuous visage. Even through the thin material of her clothing, I can already tell she’s hella hot. 

A soft chuckle brings me out of my daze. “You are taking my true form much better than I expected. I was afraid that even with your strong mentality and the help of your Class you’d have a hard time collecting your thoughts, but I must say that I’m positively surprised.”

I cough awkwardly and stand up. “Yet you still have taken my breath away just by showing up in front of me. As expected from the Goddess.”

“Goddess?!” Ailish shouts in surprise.

“Hello.” Lumina nods at her. “Nice to meet you, Ailish. It’s as Alastair said. I'm Lumina, the Goddess watching over Naharren.”


I wrap my arm around the surprised Succubus’s waist and chuckle. “Didn’t I tell you that I met the Goddess?”

“I thought you were fucking with me! I could somewhat believe that she summoned you guys, but that you personally met her? No freaking way! But… I guess this kind of makes sense considering all the weird things happening to you, like having a Soul Realm at Tier 3.”

“Four now,” I correct her.


“Or am I mistaken?” I turn to look at Lumina.

“No, you are not. You’ve advanced after spending a night with your lovely student. And by quite a lot. She held really strong feelings towards you. And while you’ve tried not to think about it back on Earth, you can’t deny that it was mutual.”

I make a heavy sigh. “Nothing can escape the eye of the Goddess…”

“I do admit that your resolution not to take advantage of someone young was commendable, but let’s be completely honest here. After a few months of you guys spending time around each other, it turned into an excuse. Judging by your memories I’d seen a year ago, you felt inferior and unworthy of someone of as high standing as her, worrying that she would only earn the ire of her royal family for pursuing someone insignificant. That, joined with your personal principles, resulted in both of you kind of running away from it while still hoping for things to somehow work out. Nevertheless, I’m glad you two have finally opened up to each other.”

I rub the back of my neck. “Yeah… I’ve been acting kinda silly back then… I understand that well now… If not for the girls I’ve met after arriving here, I’m pretty sure nothing would have changed. I guess the accidental summoning did bring some good too.”

“Seeing her devotion, I can’t help but feel glad that you’ve somehow got caught in the spell. I’m afraid that young girl would have ended up completely depressed after being forcefully split from you and thrown into an unknown word.”

“Maybe at first, but she’s a strong one. She would definitely recover. Anyway, enough about the past. Our time here is limited, isn’t it?”

“Not as much as during our previous conversations. I’m fairly sure we won’t run out of time too early during this meeting. And also, you should try entering your Soul Realm on your own afterwards. Your soul should be strong enough.”

I take a glance at Ailish, still hugging her waist. She’s very tense and clearly not sure what to do or how to act.

“I take it that you don’t mind if she stays?” I ask Lumina.

“I can sense your trust in her and the contract that is binding your souls is also proof of her trust in you. Please, act freely, Ailish. I’m not going to smite you for acting out of the line.”


With a few quick thoughts, I create a simple set of chairs, sofas and a table, imagining some drinks and snacks too. Lumina takes a seat on one of the comfy chairs while I plop down on the sofa, bringing Ailish with me. She leans onto my side while entwining her arm with mine, still watching the Goddess with a slightly anxious gaze.

Lumina smiles at her. “Since you still are wary of me, I guess I should show you that I don’t mean you any harm. Whatever you are worried about, know that I don’t judge individual mortals for their actions. Usually, that is…” She clears her throat awkwardly. “Anyway, yes, she is still alive.”

“Who?” I ask, slightly confused.


Ailish shivers the moment that name leaves Lumina’s mouth. She squeezes my arm making it almost painful. Glancing at her, I notice her eyes open as wide as it’s physically possible. At this point, I’m pretty sure I understand the reason behind her reaction.

Since my beautiful Succubus is too shaken to speak, I do it for her.

“Anything more you could tell us about her? Perhaps where we could find the vault?”

“I’m afraid that would be too much. I apologize. All I can say is that the key to finding it is way closer than you think.”

“Great. Now we are speaking in riddles.”

Lumina shows a wry smile while I give the spade at the end of Ailish’s tail a little rub, making her jump. She turns her eyes to me.

“Are you okay with just this much?” I ask.

Ailish throws her arms around my neck and dives in for a deep kiss. I let her pull me into a passionate exchange for a brief moment. It’s not like Lumina hasn't watched me have a go at much more embarrassing things already.

She finally pulls back with a wide smile. “Thank you so much. I’m so happy just to hear that Allmother is fine. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to find out even this much if not for you.”

“Hahaha. You are giving me way too much credit. You should be thanking Lumina, not me.”

“I don’t mind. I’m really sorry that I can’t help you more,” the Goddess says.

“Alright. Thank you anyway. So, what do we start this meeting with?” I ask.

“You must be curious about your advancement, right?”

“Definitely. It has always been something big.”

“Well, I don’t have any more special surprises for you this time so you might feel like things barely changed.”

I nod at her. “That’s understandable. You did say that part of the things you prepared would show up at Tier 2 and 3. Let’s have a look then, shall we?”

The Goddess snaps her fingers and my pink status window shows up in the air in front of me and Ailish. I take a good look at every section, scanning for anything new.

  Name: Alastair Carter
  Race: Primordial
  Age: 28
  Job: Slave Trader []
  Class: Sexmancer
  Tier: 4
  Titles: Otherworlder, Demigod of Lust, True Harem Lord, The One Who Controls Life
 Strength: 44 (+127)  Agility: 44 (+128)  Constitution: 60 (+125)  Intelligence: 56 (+120)
 Charisma: 64 (+110)
Common Abilities Class-Specific Abilities
Actives Passives Actives Passives

 »Livelihood Magic Lv. 9
 »Formless Blade Arts Lv. 8
 »Anticonception Magic
 »Fertility Scan

 »Linguist Lv. MAX
 »CQC Lv. 4
 »Arms Mastery: Novice
 »Improvised Weaponry Lv. 1
 »Mana Control Lv. 9

 »Love Contract
 »Sweet Whispers
 »Lascivious Hunt
 »Rejuvenate Lv. 12
 »Carnal Mist Lv. 3
 »Voidal Bondage Lv. 6
 »Charm Magic Lv. 2
 »What's Mine Is Yours Lv. 3
 »Heart Swap Lv. 1

 »Lover’s Intuition
 »Sensual Strengthening
 »Charm Affinity
 »Void Affinity
 »Language of Love

“Damn. These numbers are starting to get enormous. Are you really sure it’s fine?” I ask after noticing the numerical values of my bonuses.

“Yes. It’s honestly nothing when compared to what people had back then, before the Great War. Well, your race does change it a little, but it still doesn’t mean that you are undefeatable just with your relatively high numbers.”

“I don’t know if I should feel happy or slightly disappointed at that, but I guess my perception of them is just skewed.”

After carefully glancing over every single line of text, I nod at her.

“Hmmm… You were right. Am I mistaken or there’s only a single active skill that appeared this time?”

“No, you are correct. I guess I should tell you that not every tier-up will bring new abilities to your status menu. You are aware of how the holder needs to be able to use them. There might be more than one, but you just have to figure them out or meet certain prerequisites to make the system display them.”

“Understandable. Can’t help but feel a little bummed out there are no more free gifts, but I’m fairly sure another one would turn me into a world-class calamity, hahaha.”

Lumina also chuckles, but clearly with an embarrassed undertone. I move my attention to the only new thing that has popped up in my window. It’s an active skill under the name Heart Swap. I bet it has nothing to do with surgery.

Heart Swap Lv. 1

Your unconditional love creates an unbreakable link between your heart and the hearts of your Partners with which you have shared an intimate moment. That connection is not limited by distance and can’t be severed by any natural or magical means. Once per fourteen days, you can instantly swap positions with a targeted Partner.

The higher the user’s Tier and the level of this skill, the shorter the time before the next use.

“Wow. Isn’t that basically a limitless teleport skill?” Ailish comments in awe.

“It would be, if not for that incredibly long cooldown,” I respond. “That thing is a huge drawback. And here I thought the one from borrowing others’ skills was a pain. Two weeks is a lot. That also means raising it will take a long time too, even if I keep using it all the time.”

“I guess you are right. I got a bit too excited in the beginning.”

“Well, there’s no use thinking what it could be. It is what it is. And it’s definitely something worth having. We should look at things in the long term. Who knows how low the cooldown can be brought. Unless…”

Lumina turns her eyes away when I glance at her, acting all interested in admiring the cherry trees in the distance. There’s no chance she will reveal any more details on it. I shouldn’t trouble her unnecessarily.

“So, if there’s nothing else, I would like to move onto the promise we had made the last time,” I say.

“Promise?” Ailish curiously looks between the two of us.

“It’s about the Calamity, my dear Ailish. I’ve seen that Alastair has already filled you in on what he knows, isn’t that right?”

The Succubus nods. “Yes. I’m more or less aware of the threat our world faces. Then, what about it?”

Lumina then looks at me. “The Human King has relayed to you the events of the last encounter between the Heroes and the Abyssals. What are your thoughts on that?”

“A different realm or a place in space that is trying to break into this world and wipe out all living beings? Perhaps some kind of an abyss or void, considering the name of the invaders?”

“You are not that far off.” She sighs. “Well, I’m sure you’d quickly connect the dots after speaking with that young girl about the details, and she would definitely share everything with you, so let me tell you a short story from long ago.”

Lumina pauses for a moment and places both of her hands around the glass with apple juice, staring at the liquid with a very sorrowful expression. I can already tell this won’t be a tale with a happy ending.

“Once upon a time, a new world had been born. It was brought into existence by a certain goddess, shaped exactly to her liking. A planet with abundant fauna and flora with a myriad of mystical places and entities came to be. Even though every continent was brimming with life, to her, the whole world still seemed empty, so she created the first race of beings closely resembling herself, the Primordials, to have them inhabit it.”

The creation myth of this world, huh. I wonder if there are any records about it. I don’t remember reading anything on it in the Royal Library. But, considering how secretive Ross was about Primordials, this might be a long-lost knowledge.

“Centuries passed and the goddess watched over Naharren and the first humanoid race to walk over its bountiful lands. Unfortunately, after around a millennium, she grew bored of just observing them and responding to their prayers. It was just not fun. She concluded that since she had created them, it was their role to bring her entertainment. The next almost a thousand years was dubbed the Age of Endless Cataclysms as she started throwing at them all possible kinds of natural and magical disasters to watch how the Primordials would deal with them, usually, barely surviving each one. Naturally, she quickly grew hated by the inhabitants of this world.”

Damn. That turned dark very quickly. Well, a millennium is not that quickly I guess, but still. Although… since we are speaking about a goddess… of this world… could it be… No... There’s no way... She seems too kind and caring... But… What if she wasn’t always like that…

“After one of the goddess’s ploys, only a handful of Primordials were left behind. It was obvious that the whole race would be wiped out if another cataclysm was to happen. Fortunately, the goddess that created them had a sister, who didn’t really interfere in the matters of the world besides keeping it spiritually stable and aligned with the universe, but also who had enough of watching innocents suffer for the pleasure of her heinous sibling. That sister, after a long time of meticulous preparations, managed to banish the goddess into a sealed realm, never to be seen again, since she couldn’t bring herself to strike down her own family.”

Aaaaaaaaaand everything suddenly clicks. Especially considering the phrase Shino and Natalie heard from the weird, eldritch abomination, speaking something about not mentioning the name of the Treacherous One. I think I can figure out the rest, but let’s give Lumina a chance to wrap this up.

“The remaining sister then took it onto herself to repair all the damage that the evil goddess had caused. It took centuries to let the world heal and many species of fauna and flora were gone for good. She cared for the Primordials as much as she could without intervening too much, but the whole race was only a remnant of what they initially had been. For some reason, when matching with each other, the next generation would be much weaker than the previous one. That pushed them to look for different partners and was what brought forth countless humanoid races into the world, as result, causing the numbers of pure Primordials to dwindle even more. Soon, they could have been counted on the fingers of a single hand and slowly disappeared from the world, leaving behind High Humans as their weakened lineage. You know the rest, more or less.”

We sit in complete silence for a moment. Ailish seems to be totally stunned by this story and I’m not even that surprised. As an inhabitant of this world, she does take anything connected to it differently than me, even if I’m also now part of it.

I sigh and look at the Goddess. “So… She found a way to escape and is back for revenge, I presume?”

Lumina nods gloomily. “She somehow took over the sealed realm and created those monsters. One day, I received a premonition from the God watching over this universe, showing me how the two dimensions overlap, and she completely wipes out the planet, going after me next. That scenario is still far away, but such prophecies aren’t set in stone. Reality is constantly changing. For better or worse.”

“And I guess you can’t do something about her yourself?”

“As long as I have other options, less risky for the fate of the world, I would rather not use my divinity again. And before you ask, yes, it is possible for mortals to kill a goddess. Especially for Heroes from another world. I wouldn’t have brought you guys only to delay the inevitable by taking down the Abyssals that show up in this realm.”

“And how would they do that?”

“I will reveal the details when you grow stronger. There’s no point in having you worry about something you can’t achieve yet. You are nowhere close to being able to challenge her. Or…”

“Or you,” I finish after she stops.

Lumina’s expression turns a little anxious, but she nods nevertheless. I can see how it can be a big deal for her. Even if the supposed Hero takes down the evil goddess, no one says he wouldn’t attempt to go after another for whatever reason. She basically promised to lay down the means that can be used against her in front of us.

I sigh again and try to smile at her reassuringly. “Unless somewhere on the road I learn that this story is completely fake and you are just using us with ill intentions, I can swear on whatever you want that I will not be aiming for your life. The Goddess that I know right now is a compassionate and kindhearted person, even if a little bit clumsy and perhaps short-sighted. You should know that I’m not someone to do something like that. And if you are worried about the others… Well… Then I already owe you enough to at least take your side if anyone attempts to unjustly seek your demise.”

She smiles at me softly and Ailish for some reason hugs my arm closer, entwining her fingers with mine while leaning her head on my shoulder. I’m not sure why she suddenly became more affectionate, but I naturally don’t dislike it.

To break the current stalemate, I decide to ask a question.

“Am I allowed to share this with others?”

“Of course. It’s not really a secret. And I’m not going to stop you from talking about anything you want with anyone you want. If you think it would help, I’d even encourage it.”

“Alright. Is there anything you can tell me about the Abyssals?”

“Not much more than you guys already know. They are beings born from the contaminated spiritual essence that my sister is generating in the sealed realm. As you have seen, they often take the forms of various beasts or animals. These are the weaker grunts. The one your friends faced was a rank higher, a chieftain. They are vulnerable to Holy and Light Magic, but anything goes as long as it’s strong. The Dimensional Rifts they are using can easily be damaged too, at least by that girl. I think she’s the second strongest Hero, after you. Especially now, after you’ve accepted each other.”

“Ah, right. Shino is up for a surprise in the morning. I wonder what our Bond Level is.”

“Isn’t that obvious? Here.”

Lumina waves her hand and a small rectangle shows up in front of our faces again.

Asakura Shino - High Human
Bond Level:
Bond Type:
True Love (Reunited Lovers)

“Oh well. I should have expected that. I can’t deny how much into her I was. And still am. This just shows that both sides think the same.”

“And if you are interested in her status, here.”

  Name: Asakura Shino
  Race: High Human
  Age: 18
  Job: Adventurer []
  Class: Demonic Samurai Priestess
  Tier: 3
  Titles: Otherworlder, The One Who Slashed A Moon, One With The Darkness, True Harem Lord's Partner
+100% (66h left)
 Strength: 33 (+72)  Agility: 42 (+70)  Constitution: 27 (+78)  Intelligence: 41 (+71)
 Charisma: 24 (+73)

“Oh boy. I can already imagine her reaction.”

“Damn. These bonuses are so much higher than mine. So unfair. I’m in love too, you know? What does it matter if it’s mostly with your magnificent, hard, throbbing, pussy-destroying cock? Whoever came up with that bullshit can go suck balls. Oh.

Ailish realizes that the creator of the whole system might be sitting right in front of her and turns a little timid, making herself look smaller while giving the Goddess a wry smile. Lumina chuckles softly.

“It’s okay. I know I’m not perfect. As you would say, I fucked up a lot in my life. I guess I should have spent more time researching the concept of the system from the other worlds before implementing a lacklustre version of it into mine.”

“Don’t put yourself down too much. No use crying over spilt milk. Just think about the fact that you actually care. That bitch of a sister wouldn’t most likely even bat an eye.”

“Thank you, Alastair. Now, I think I’ve taken enough of your time. Also intruding on your intimate moment.”

“No, no, no! I don’t mind! I’m just a guest here!” Ailish starts to wave her hands.

“And so I am.” Lumina then turns to me. “My advice for you is to start training your soul. You might be able to enter this space while you are at Tier 4. Ailish will show you how. Even if you don’t manage to do it, I’m sure we’ll meet each other again during your next advancement quite soon. You’ll be able to take full control of your Soul Realm then.”

“Alright. Thanks for the information. I guess we will continue growing stronger until the time is right.”

“Please do. Feel free to explore the world while at it. I’m certain there are countless opportunities out there, just waiting for you. Related to your little business and your status as a Hero, fufufu~”

Lumina stands up and begins disintegrating into white motes of light while waving at us. After she’s completely gone, I spread myself over the sofa and release a long sigh. Ailish moves onto my lap and rests her head on my chest.

“Can’t believe I told the Goddess to go suck balls…”

I chuckle a little. “Is that even an insult, coming from a Succubus?”

“To most people, yes. Personally, I would love to. There’s something special about sucking on a man’s precious orb while having his schlong tower over your face.”

“I’ll take your word for it.” She giggles after my comment. “So. What about the flood?”

Ailish raises herself up and brings her face close to mine, joining our lips in a light kiss for a brief moment.

“I kind of lost the mood. I can’t stop thinking about all that stuff. But, I appreciate your concern.”

“I guess we’ll delay it until you make me able to enter my Soul Realm at will. The moment I succeed in doing so under your tutelage, you earn yourself a whole day’s worth of dicking in here however your insatiable pussy desires.”

“Oh, fuuuuuck… I think another pipe has just burst...”

We laugh together and Ailish pecks my lips once more before I focus my mind on waking up.


※ ※ ※


When I open my eyes again, I’m back in my own chamber, and it’s morning, judging by the sun rays. I have a little more trouble taking a full breath than usual, and moving my eyes down reveals an adorable black-haired girl sleeping on top of me, with her arms tightly wrapped around my body. Each time my chest rises and falls, I can clearly feel Shino’s modest breasts press against me. Just heaven.

I throw one of my arms over her waist and use the other hand to brush through her smooth hair. After a few gentle rubs, Shino starts mumbling and adorably rubbing her cheek into my chest.

She stops when her nose runs over my nipple, starting to examine the weird bump with her lips while still having her eyes closed. A few pokes and brushes later, she even brings her tongue out to tickle the mysterious protrusion. That makes me giggle a little and she freezes with her mouth open, slowly lifting her cute eyelids.

She glances at my smiling face, then down at my chest, then back at me, and with each loop, I can see her getting redder and redder. I smirk at her while still caressing her head.

“I’ve been surprised with a few different morning wake-ups already, but it’s the first time someone went after my nipples.”

She instantly turns her face down and hides it in my chest, making me chuckle. 

“Alright, alright. No need to be so embarrassed. How are you feeling?”

Shino slowly tilts her head just enough to reveal a single eye with a charming purple iris, and glances at me with a heavy blush.

“Ummm… Very good… Nothing hurts…”

“I’m glad then.”

We stare at each other in silence for a brief moment. Shino then pulls one of her arms from under me and grabs the sheets, lifting them up a little. Before I can even take a peek inside, she slams the covers down, most likely realizing that we are both completely naked.

I give her some more time to calm her mind and wait for any reaction different than turning a shade redder or hiding her face away. A minute later, Shino turns to me.

“Ummm… That wasn’t a dream… right? I mean… me with Sensei… last night…”

I brush her cheek with my fingers. “I would be really, really heartbroken if it was. Being approached by my crush and then making passionate love to her after getting confessed to. That would be one cruel dream.”

A bit of rosiness covers her cheeks again but adorned with a faint smile this time. Shino then lazily wriggles herself up to arrive above my face and stares down at me. With a bit of hesitation at first, she presses her lips against mine and pulls me into a loving kiss. I let her be the one to lead, gently brushing my mouth against hers.

After we break our kiss, Shino slides her head to the side.

“I love you, Sensei…” she whispers into the pillow by my ear.

“I love you too, my adorable student,” I reply, grazing her back.

A moment later, Shino raises herself to a sitting position, shyly covering her breasts with her arms. She glances down at my face and then chest for a second, and hesitantly moves her arms to the back, revealing everything to me, from top to bottom, glancing away bashfully.

I take a good look at her petite but well-toned body and smile at her. After raising myself up too, I place a soft kiss in the middle of her chest, and then leave a trail of pecks up to her alluring lips, sealing them with mine in another kiss.

We stare at each other after parting; Shino now visibly less embarrassed, smiling dreamily. She wraps her arms around me again and I pull her into a hug, with our faces still in front of each other.

“So. What are you guys up to right now,” I ask.

“You can say that we are on a break after that incident with the dimensions. Natalie-san and I kept telling everyone that we are fine, but Paul-san insisted. And… I wanted to find you anyway… so…”

“I see. I’m glad that everyone is safe. I’m glad that you are safe. I will admit that I got a little tense when Ross told me about that encounter.”


“Rossberg. The King. Well, long story short, we are quite close. I’ll fill you in on everything slowly. You must be very curious about what I’ve been up to, right?”

Shino nods eagerly. “Very. I really didn’t expect you to start a… brothel… Sensei. It was really a surprise. Ah. But I don’t mind it. I’m sure it’s nothing like those bad ones back on Earth. The lady I spoke with looked happy.”

“I’m really blessed with such an open-minded and understanding girlfriend.” Shino giggles and looks away. “I’m afraid there are many more surprises still in front of you.”

“Oh, right. You said something like that before we… had sex… What was that about, Sensei?”

“Check your status,” I answer with a mysterious grin.

Shino furrows her brows a little and follows my advice, pulling up her window, most likely between our faces because I can clearly see her eyes widen to the brim.

“Ehhhhhhhhhhhh?! I advanced?! And… And… What are those numbers in the brackets?! And that 100% bonus for 66 hours?!”

I chuckle seeing her gaze frantically dart from one spot to another, unable to focus on a single thing. After a moment, she waves her hands as if to disperse some smoke and places them on my shoulders.

“Sensei! What’s the meaning of this?!”

I calmly explain to her a few abilities and skills granted to me by my Class. For the whole duration, Shino can’t stop showing an utterly shocked expression; her face twisting in disbelief each time I move onto another point.

When I end the introduction, she stares at me with her mouth agape for a good minute before shaking her head to regain her composure.

“That’s so amazing… It’s really almost exactly like Vanessa-san said…”


“A magician that has joined our party in another kingdom. She read about the Sexmancer class in… erotic novels…”

“Hahaha. Because obviously, that’s where it would have been mentioned.”

“Anyway, it’s so unbelievable. Am I really this much stronger just because we had sex?”

I shake my head. “No, not just because we slept together. It’s all thanks to your strong feelings towards me. And to them being mutual.”

She blushes again and shyly pecks my lips. I really can’t get enough of this adorable thing. I should relish in her timidness for as long as I can. There’s no doubt that Shino will turn into quite the freak in bed after she gets rid of her initial bashfulness. I finally met someone who can rival my lewd knowledge.

I receive a Whisper from Elea, asking if they should prepare two portions of breakfast for us and bring them to my room. After consulting the idea with Shino, she informs me that she’s okay eating with everyone and I take her for a quick bath.

It needn't be said that Shino is in great awe of our bathing areas. I quickly wash myself and then help Shino with her hair. She is still too embarrassed to wash me like all other girls, but I don't mind. It’s not like I need to be tended to every time.

After giving her some casual shirt and a short skirt to wear, we walk together to the dining area and join some of the residents taking their sweet time with breakfast. Shino hugs my arm and keeps staring into the floor, clearly embarrassed to be addressed by so many people telling her good morning.

To make it a little bit easier for her, I bring us to an empty table, and fortunately, all my amazing wives quickly catch up, leaving us alone for now. I can see Sirgia glance our way repeatedly, definitely regretting agreeing to that.

During breakfast, we chat a little about our life back on Earth and how silly we must have looked to other people, like Natalie. She supposedly was constantly encouraging Shino to confess to me while that didn’t want to make me uncomfortable, knowing my principles. We laugh a lot when discussing how things looked from our respective perspectives.

Then, after we finish eating, I suggest introducing her to the other girls and filling her in on everything. She makes a serious face and nods. Sirgia, Cornelia, Elea, Neira and Astrea gather in my room and we head there with Shino. This is really going to be something.


Some more lore and cuteness.


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