Prologue ≫ How a Little Dense met a Shameless Prince
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A light wind blew, causing all the surrounding leaves crinkle along with it. Sunshine rained down through the gaps in the trees, painting the ground in light spots as if it were a night sky.

The crimson leaved forest absolutely beautiful.

In the middle of this forest, a man sat leaning against one of its trees. His obsidian hair that reached his chest was tied with a violet ribbon and was draped softly over his shoulder, almost blending into his heavily damaged black armor. Around his neck a golden snake with a ruby on its forehead rested, flicking its black tongue from time to time as it cautiously stared forward. His rich polychromatic reptilian eyes drooped downwards towards his hands, focusing on the piece of wood and knife he was holding.

As his fingers moved, the man let out a small hum, clearly enjoying carving on the wood in such a peaceful place. Slowly but surely, the carving took shape.

It was a carving of a beautiful eight winged angel.

Finishing the carving, the man placed it down gently onto the grass and spoke to the other person who was in the forest with him. "Since we shall be temporarily cooperating, May I ask you your name?"

Not expecting to be addressed, the person sitting in one of the shadows of the trees flinched, his one eye shaking briefly before calming down. he person had a slender frame and was slightly shorter than the man, he also had a youthful appearance despite being much older. His delicate skin was the palest the man had ever seen, bordering on unhealthy, heavily contrasting his one eye that was inky and dull. Messy platinum hair cascaded to the ground, it was clearly not combed in a couple of days. The persons armor was in a worse state than the mans, with it mostly being gone leaving him with his black inner wear.

The person who flinched quickly stopped stroking his hand across the deer that lay it head on his lap and tilted his head to the man expressionlessly, his flat voice ringing through the forest. "I believe you already know it."

"But that was not your actual name, was it?" Continued the man as his multicolored eyes gazed at the youth.

Hearing this the youths pupil constricted as his face twisted momentarily, that question seemingly stroking a sore spot. In the end though, the one eyed youth clicked his tongue and looked away childishly, giving the man the strongest show of emotion he has seen so far in their conversation.

"Considering I owe you a debt... I'll tell you— but don't expect me to tell you anything else." He said as he continued to stroke the deer's head caringly, carefully avoiding the placed that were injured. Looking down at the placed the deer was treated, the person made up their resolve and told the man the thing that he kept in his heart for thousands of years.

"I— I never had one."

A little soul floated gently in a world of blue, drifting mindlessly in the vast and empty expanse of nothingness. It continued to move gently, pushing forwards through the void, without any semblance of knowing where it's going.

As it mindlessly sailed the emptiness, consciousness soon came to the soul. Without a shred of a memory of itself in its mind it looked around curiously, wandering were it was. It was a curious thing, his memories, because he seemed to be able to recall things as long as they were not about itself, like knowing that the thing above was the sky, and knowing that the thing below was water that stretched on forever towards the horizon.

It tried to access its memory's again, awfully curious who it was, but as if fog was veiled over them, he was aware of them but couldn't reach them.

"I— I don't remember anything... " It lightly commented to itself, ignoring the voice in his head that said it was better that way.

Suddenly the soul stopped.

No, it says to itself

It does remember one thing, it's name, Luciel.

【My humble self gives her greetings, poor little lost soul!】Rang a high voice, interrupting Luciel's thoughts. It was a young girls voice, having that gentle and warm quality that made one feel safe.

However Luciel didn't answer the voice straight away, instead he anxiously looked around, seemingly more afraid. Actually, he just didn't know what to do, this was the first person he met since he woke up. Also... his instinct told him something bad was about to happen which shook him even more.

【Lost soul? Dear lost soul, are you okay?】The voice continued asking, this time in a lighter tone in an attempt to calm the soul down.

"...Y-Y-Yes." Luciel answered feebly, and even with no physical body, managing to tremble.

【Do not be afraid dear lost soul. My humble self means you no harm.】 It said warmly, giving the illusion that if the owner of the voice was here, she would be smiling brightly.

Hearing the voices' words, Luciel tension died down a lot. Such a coaxing tone really makes one feel relaxed, he doesn't mind that the voice is coming out of nowhere. As for the origin of the voice, he doesn't really care, he just glad that the first person he met was so nice and considerate. ╰(*'︶'*)╯

While Luciel was immersed in his own thoughts, the voice rang out again.

【You see dear lost soul, when my humble self saw you here by yourself in this lonely place, my humble self couldn't just leave you alone...】 The voice admitted guilty, as if it were a bad thing to help someone in need.

"Its... Okay" Said Luciel in the best comforting voice he could muster. Such a nice person ah! To drop in on a person all by themselves, offering some moral support only to then be worried that they are imposing... such a nice person, so nice that he needs to say it twice!

【Ah, If you don't mind lost soul, may my humble self ask if you could with a little something?】Ignoring the comforting words, the voice immediately changed the topic.

Luciel nodded. Good boys help nice people and he's good so he's gotta help out. ('꒳')

When the voice got Luciel's consent, it said 'thank you' a couple times before sending something into Luciel's mind.

《Sign world correction contract?(note: good boys pick YES!)》
《→☆YES!☆←》《No ;o; (bad boys pick this one)》

Luciel: "..." well... this kinda seems shady?

Feeling suspicious for a while, in the end Luciel shrugged it off. He wanted to be kind to the person who was so nice to him, he also wanted to give a good impression to the first person he's met,

After he Picked YES he wanted to ask about this 'world correction' thing but before he even said anything, he felt a searing pain from the bottom of his soul. Confused by the sudden turn of events, Luciel let out a small shriek as he felt his soul gain a weird feeling of restraint. The little soul quickly opened his mouth in an attempt to enquire about what's going on, but before he could say anything a sharp laughter interrupted him.

【Bwahahahahahaha! I can't believe that worked! Judy was not bullshitting me after all!】The voice roared in utter bliss. The further into the sentence the voice went, the more it changed, morphing from a women's voice to a low devilish man's voice.

Luciel's also noticed that a man appeared out of nowhere in the empty space, he was laughing on the surface of the water holding his stomach. His back was adorned with four pearl white wings which shook pleasantly with the hoop earring and various other jewelry as he laughed. Above his head was a small ring of light that illuminated his cherry blossom pink hair. His fox like golden eyes pointed upward, giving the man a mischievous complexion.

As he stopped himself from laughing and turned to Luciel, a Devilish smile slowly spread to his face on the mans face.【This lord, Sealtiel, shall now be your personal System! Although you are stupid I will reluctantly, for a lack of a better option, work with you!】it announced, with the previous warmth replaced my distaste and schandenfeuge.

As he spoke, he walked over to the poor Soul that was still processing what was happening and scooped the little thing up into his palms.

【Now that you signed the contract, you shall help me with that little something I talked about earlier and that little thing is world correction! I shall issue you missions and tasks to correct storylines to make them the most energy efficient they can be. Also...Keep in mind that if you fail to correct the storylines I am terribly sorry but shall be given punishment!】

While he was speaking, Sealtiel poked at the little soul In his hands who now started shaking and trying to escape. Looking at the little squirming thing, Sealtiel felt a great sense satisfaction so he did his Best to pester Luciel more harshly.

While playing with Luciel, he continued.【Since i sadly can't go down to the lower worlds myself, you shall go down as my proxy in my stead! Be warned that you have no choice in this matter anymore because you signed the contract! Ah, I forgot to mention that not complying may lead to tiny-weeny problems like torture and death so keep that in mind if your planning to refuse. (^-^)】

【I'd be tragedy if you died, don't you think?】Finishing, Sealtiel made an exaggerated sad expression that will cause even the most saintly of man want to make their fist come in contact with their face.

(T▽T) Ah we're did my nice guy go to! I take back my nice guy card! I want a refund! Shouted Luciel furiously in his mind as he did his best to doge those heinous groping hands.

Luciel's stopped struggling as if its frustration reached its peak. Instead what started coming out of his (nonexistent) mouth was a stream of curses and profanities.

'Magically' sensing the little things displeasure, Sealtiel stopped playing with it and put on an innocent expression.

【Eh, I didn't mention this before?】it said very sincerely, giving Luciel the illusion that it was trying to apologize. However Luciel still wasn't aware of the Systems nature.

Just as Luciel was regaining hope in the System, a curt answer immediately shot this thought down.

【You're probably too deaf...】He Said shaking his head, of course he did not forget to cast a look of disappointment onto the little soul in his palm. It paused for a bit then pulled more shit out of his ass with full confidence.【Also I don't care what you think.】

Luciel: 囧

As if remembering something the man knocked his head with an 'ah' sound then pressed a glowing finger to the Little soul.

Suddenly Luciel started feeling very dizzy and started to lose consciousness.

【Sending host to first world... Happy cooperation! ^o^】The system said with a smile.

As Luciels vision turned black there was one thing running through his mind: d-did I just get scammed?

Author has something to say:

Shameless Prince: such a good boy *sigh*

Shameless Prince: *proceeds to take advantage of in every sense of the word*

Mysterious Person: (◯Δ◯∥) GAPHS What are you doing to my family's wife!

Little Dense getting groped and scammed: ???