Chapter 91: Karma Right Around the Corner
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Within Jade Peak Palace, Tianyi sat in the inner meditation chamber that his mother, Mengfei, usually used. The qi within was dense yet gentle. Without Tianyi having to anything, the qi would naturally enter his body.

Daoyi and Elder Meng stood outside. Worry colored Daoyi's face as she paced back and forth. She had been worried since Tianyi entered the meditation chambers weeks ago.

"Granny Meng, will senior brother be all right?" It wasn't the first time she asked, but she still couldn't help but ask again.

"I've already checked young master's injuries. He has already passed the most dangerous phase. Now, all young master needs is time to fully recuperate and avoid leaving behind a sequela." Elder Meng said, her face calm and unperturbed. 

Hearing the same response didn't calm Daoyi down. "That Elder, what a bunch of bull! Not teaching his grandson well and instead, blaming others for his fault. Sooner or later, karma will catch up to them!"

Elder Meng raised an eyebrow at the angry flush on Daoyi's face. The usually calm and collected girl had allowed emotion to rush into her head. 

"Calm down, even if you are angry, what can a little girl like you do?" Elder Meng said.

Daoyi sucked in a deep breath and then looked at Elder Meng. She may not be able to do anything, but Elder Redseal seemed wary of Elder Meng. She wondered what position this seemingly invisible Unity Realm Venerable actually held in the Buzhou Immortal Sect.

"You're right," Daoyi said. She calmed her emotions. Since leaving the Duke's Manor, she had never been suppressed again. Once she calmed down, her thoughts also became clear, like when she made herself invisible in the Duchess's eyes to preserve her life.

"Although Elder Redseal is powerful and a Head Elder, he doesn't have the jurisdiction to hurt senior brother. Can you do anything, Elder Meng?" Daoyi asked.

Elder Meng shook her head. "My position is a bit special. The Elders won't easily harm me, but I don't have the power to do anything to them either."

Daoyi sighed. "Then, we can only wait until master returns."

"Indeed," Elder Meng nodded, but then she frowned. "Just that...will Grand Elder Xi be able to take care of this matter?"

"Absolutely not!" Tianyi stepped out of the meditation chamber. His face was still pale but much better than when he had left the gathering. He had just caused his mother trouble at the Fleeting Mist Sect, and he couldn't bear to bother her with more trouble once she came back.

"Senior brother!" Daoyi quickly walked up and checked to see if Tianyi was alright. Seeing that he indeed looked better than before, she released a breath of relief. "Why not? Elder Redseal is unreasonably shielding his grandson and even injured you! We can't let this go!"

Tianyi looked away. "Mother doesn't have an official position in the sect and isn't involved in sect matters. If she takes actions then the balance of power within the sect may change. Also, I don't want to cause mother any more trouble."

"Senior brother!" Daoyi looked at Tianyi in disbelief. "This isn't just about preserving sect balance or causing trouble or not. That Redseal is clearly abusing his power and even wanted to cripple you. If you let this go, then he will dare to do it again!"

"I can handle it," Tianyi resisted stubbornly. "Once I entered the Immortal Realm, I'll get my revenge."

Daoyi didn't know whether to laugh or cry at Tianyi's words. They were like that of a child's. "Immortal Realm? How long will that take? Fine, even if you don't want to cause master trouble, then I will ask master. That Lovespot isn't a good thing. I've seen those eyes before. Unless he learns his lesson, he won't stop harassing me. Rather than not a good thing, he is worse than shit! He is the enemy of all women. His actions are akin to rape! As a woman, once master hears of this matter, she won't let him go."

Daoyi's chest heaved as she rapidly spewed out those words. 

Tianyi grimaced as he heard Daoyi's words. That's right, Lovespot wasn't a good thing. He was a beast in human skin. If he let that bastard go... images of numerous instances of Lovespot defiling Daoyi ran through his head. 

"Young master, you cannot hide your injuries from Grand Elder Xi. If you don't explain, she will try to find out herself in the end. By now this matter has already spread throughout the sect. If Grand Elder Xi doesn't take action, where will her face go?" Elder Meng added. "And as a mother, she will be more hurt if you don't ask her for aid and instead not rely on her. No parents will not want to help their child."

That decided for Tianyi. "All right."

Tianyi paused as if lost in thought. "We can't just rely on mother, her way of doing things is a bit..." 

He didn't say anymore as both Daoyi and Elder Meng let out an "ah" in understanding.  Xi Mengfei was famous for being aloof and distant. She held a post that didn't need to do much, and her relationships with others were dull. They worried whether Mengfei would be able to handle the matter without causing a fallout.

"I heard that Lovespot caused numerous incidents, but they were all suppressed thanks to Elder Redseal," Tianyi said. Since he decided to pursue this matter, then he'll cause Elder Redseal and Lovespot to go green with regret for their actions. "If my mother brought up evidence of his son's actions and pursued it, not even he can suppress it."

Elder Meng and Daoyi nodded. 

"Right," Tianyi said as if thinking of something. "Dammit, I didn't remember all those who went to the gathering; if we could contact them, who knows whether we can find some allies in this matter." Tianyi felt regret for once at his habits of not committing people to memory.

"I remember them. As long as I search a bit, I can find out where to contact them," Daoyi said. 

Tianyi's eyes lit up. "Junior sister, you're amazing!" Tianyi heartfeltly praise.

Daoyi blushed a bit. She embarrassed for being praised for such a small matter. Back in the Xi Dynasty, she had to commit even more names to memory and remembered how to deal with each one.

"The Xiyi Talisman is partially complete. If we can give one to each of them who agrees, then facilitating matters will be easier." Tianyi had developed the Xiyi Talisman to the point of allowing video conferences and even multi-video conferences. Of course, this was also laying the groundwork for future endeavors. 

Then he frowned. "It's bad. We are safe here, but Lovespot can cause trouble for cousin Ri."

Worried, Tianyi quickly called out Xi Ri to convey the matter to him. Although Xi Ri couldn't stay long at Jade Peak due to his duties, he promised that he would contact them at the first sign of trouble. Only after confirming Xi Ri's safety did the talk between Daoyi and Tianyi continue. 

"Elder Meng, would you be able to find all the instances of Elder Redseal abusing his power?" Tianyi asked. Unfortunately, he and Daoyi didn't have the power to discover just how many times Lovespot caused trouble. And since this was handle by an Immortal Monarch, mortals like them likely couldn't cause any waves.

Elder Meng nodded. "Leave it to me, young master. I'll find all the instances of Elder Redseal covering for his grandson."

Tianyi shook his head. "I don't want just those. I want all of them, such as whether Elder Redseal took bribes or purposely made a wrong judgment in order to further his faction."

"This...young master isn't just planning on dealing with Lovespot?" Elder Meng asked as a thought occurred to her and Daoyi.

Tianyi gave a dark smirk. "The reason Lovespot is such a despot is because of Elder Redseal. He is the real reason Lovespot was able to act arrogantly all these years. If we want to deal with Lovespot, we have to make sure that the source of his protection is gone."

Tianyi didn't just want to punish Lovespot. He was scheming to pull Elder Redseal down from his Head Elder position. Both Daoyi and Elder Meng were stunned by Tianyi's thought process and grudge. 

"Senior brother, I don't think we can cause Redseal to lose his position from just this," Daoyi said. 

"Why not?" Tianyi asked. "You said it yourself, Lovespot is an enemy of all women. My mother is a woman, and so is Grand Elder Zhang. Two of the sect's three Grand Elders are women, not to mention the numerous other female Immortals. I don't believe Elder Redseal will be able to fight against all the female Immortals. Besides, even if we can't push Elder Redseal down from the Justice Hall Head Elder position, he won't come out unscathed, and neither will Lovespot!"

"If you speak of female Immortals, then I will have to ask big sister fairies," Daoyi spoke. Tianyi's words had already convinced her. Can Elder Redseal fight against all the sect's female Immortals? Who would dare to aid Elder Redseal and earn the ire of the sect's females?

Tianyi's eyes also lit up. The Eighteen Flower Fairies disliked him, but in this matter, they would definitely provide the largest aid in investigating Elder Redseal and Lovespot. 

It must not be forgotten that the Eighteen Flower Fairies other alias is the Lovescorn Fairies. There was no doubt that if they heard of Lovespot's ways, they would make him pay. Perhaps they already head but couldn't take any action. It was a pity that he had the backing of the Head Elder of Justice Hall. But with Mengfei as the core, they would have no more worries in pursuing this matter.

Tianyi distributed the Xiyi Talisman Ver 0.6 to disciples who agreed to help. Naturally, with Elder Meng's knowledge, Tianyi didn't ask those who were in the same faction as Elder Redseal for help. If Elder Redseal got word ahead of time, then the plan might fall through. 

A great majority were females who had powerful families or backings, and there were even some males who had their lover or future companion harmed by Lovespot. Even Tianyi was surprised by how much they hated Lovespot. For Lovespot to not be killed by someone whose judgment had been clouded by hatred was practically a miracle.

After finishing all the preparation, all they had to do was wait for the main actor. Strangely, Lovespot didn't find trouble with Tianyi or Xi Ri during this time. Lovespot may have wanted to find trouble, but how could Elder Redseal allow him to aggravate the situation anymore?

Although Xi Ri was just a mere inner disciple apprenticed under an Earth Immortal, but he was Grand Elder Xi's blood-related nephew. As for Elder Redseal finding trouble with Jade Peak? He didn't dare. Jade Peak was neutral ground and was inhabited by at least two Immortal Monarchs. If he infuriated them, then he would needlessly weaken his own influence and powers. 

During this time, Tianyi continued to heal himself. Even if he was going to trouble his mother one more time, he didn't want her to see him in such a wretched state.

But man proposes, heaven disposes. 

While meditating in Mengfei's meditation chamber, he noticed that the air had tensed. The atmosphere became extremely heavy, and although he didn't feel any ill will, Tianyi still felt his breathing become ragged.

Tianyi looked up to see Mengfei standing in front of him. Her face was not good, and although expressionless, the wrath in her eyes couldn't be hidden at all.

Even Tianyi was surprised and shocked by the raw emotion from her eyes.

Mengfei grasped Tianyi's hand and inputted her Immortal qi into him. Tianyi didn't resist and even felt a soothing sensation as the qi interacted with every part of his body. The dull stars in his body cosmos started to shine brightly once more as if they had been injected with raw fuel.  

"Yi'er, who did this to you." Even Tianyi had to shiver at the tranquil wrath in Mengfei's voice. 

"M-mother..." Tianyi rasped out. "It's hard to breathe..."

Mengfei recoiled and saw Tianyi's paling face. She reigned in her rampant aura, and the meditation chamber returned to its former peacefulness. 

"Tell mother. I will deliver justice for you." But the cold edge in Mengfei's eyes never disappeared. 

Seeing the urgency, Tianyi had no choice but to give Mengfei an abridged version of what happened. 

"Elder Redseal, Justice Hall." Mengfei nodded and immediately turned around. A black crystalline sword appeared in her left hand, and the killing intent surrounding her caused the walls to quake.

Tianyi panicked and reached out to stop Mengfei. "Mother, you can't! No matter what, he is still a Head Elder! You can't just go in swords blazing! Even if you are a Grand Elder, the sect will still have to punish you!"

"It doesn't matter," Mengfei said. "Daring to injure my precious son, Redseal will have to pay the price even if I am expelled from the sect."

Tianyi reached towards Mengfei's right hand. Her left hand held a sword, and Tianyi didn't want to accidentally cut himself even if he believed that his mother would prevent such an incident. But to his surprise, he felt nothing in her sleeve and even almost stumbled.

"Mother, what happened to your hand?" Tianyi asked.

This time, it was Mengfei's turn to panic and feel self-conscious. Since young, she hadn't learned how to lie even while living in the imperial palace. The most she would do was stay silent and omit information. Being asked by her son, she froze. 

She didn't want Tianyi to know. If he were to know the truth, Mengfei feared that he would blame himself even more. She didn't want a repeat of Tianyi's tears back at the Fleeting Mist Sect.

But Tianyi did indeed feel guilty and already came to his own conclusion of what happened. "Mother, I'm sorry. If I didn't mess with the lightning sea, then you wouldn't have lost your hand in the fight."

Mengfei dispersed the crystalline sword and placed her hand on Tianyi cheek in a comforting manner. "Don't worry. I'll be able to heal it within a few months. It's no big deal."

Mengfei wasn't lying. The dream world had tempered Mengfei's heart and made her realized what she desired, allowing her heart to have a breakthrough. Although she didn't break through to the next realm, she had an inkling of how to reach the fourth level of the Immortal Realm. The invasive aura was no longer gnawing at her flesh due to this and showed signs of dissipation instead.

"That's good," Tianyi said. But his mood was still low. His eyes didn't become watery, but the self-blame was still evident. 

"Yi'er, don't blame yourself. I should thank you instead. Because of the fight for the Sovereign Nine Yin Lotus, it allowed me to understand my heart and have a breakthrough." Mengfei said, trying to convince Tianyi.

"Really?" Tianyi asked, and Mengfei nodded. However, before she could release a sigh of relief in her heart, she heard Tianyi's question. "Mother, who did this to you? I definitely won't let this matter rest. Once I become powerful, I'll get revenge for you!"

Tianyi knew it was likely impossible in the short term or even in the far future. His mother was an Immortal Emperor level expert and the publically acclaimed number one expert, so it was unlikely for a mortal like him to get revenge. But this didn't stop him from righteously swearing revenge.

Mengfei opened her mouth. She couldn't blame Zhang Cuiying, nor Eternal Night Emperor, and even the Cloud Goddess. So this just left one person. "Emperor Soulfish."

"Emperor Soulfish?" Tianyi instantly recalled the man who ambushed him and caused Elder Meng to perish for a short while. "That bastard? I thought he was an Immortal Monarch? Did he breakthrough to become an Immortal Emperor!?" Tianyi gnashed his teeth together in anger.

Mengfei released a sigh of relief at hiding the truth from Tianyi. As for passing the pot to Emperor Soulfish? Mengfei didn't feel guilty at all. 

"Yi'er, don't go looking for Emperor Soulfish. Before, Elder Meng may have been able to delay him. But now that he is an Immortal Emperor, his strength is far greater than before." Mengfei advised.

"I won't. I won't offer my life to reaped like an idiot, but once I become an Immortal Emperor..." Tianyi didn't finish his sentence, causing Mengfei a slight headache at his bullheadedness.

The original situation of Tianyi attempting to stop Mengfei from committing a crime in anger somehow reversed into Mengfei attempting to convince Tianyi not to confront Emperor Soulfish.

The artist I originally commissioned for the third cover art has some computer problems so he won't be able to finish before New Years. So I'm going to have to wait till he fixes that before commissioning artwork for Mengfei. While waiting, I'm thinking of commissionimg another artist for scenes in the story.

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