Chapter 92: Elder Redseal’s Reflection
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Elder Redseal clenched and unclenched his hands. Recently he had an unsettling feeling in his heart as if it was the calm before the storm. As one attained higher realms in cultivation, that feeling was often a sixth sense that saved his life many times before.

He had an inkling of what it was related to. After all, he had nearly crippled the only son of Grand Elder Xi. It was not that Elder Redseal didn't regret his actions, but whenever the thought of his grandson dying came to him, Elder Redseal felt as if the world would collapse.

Normally, he would be able to suppress his inner desires, but seeing that hateful face caused his restraints to weaken. Coupled with how he was being openly challenged, Elder Redseal lost control for a sliver of a moment. But that was all it took. Luckily he had enough control to not slay Tianyi and cause an even bigger problem. 

But the situation was only slightly better. 

It wasn't that Elder Redseal didn't know what kind of person his grandson was. Licentious and arrogant to the supreme, but Elder Redseal couldn't reject any requests from Lovespot. That face was a perfect mix between his daughter's and his most prized disciple held too much pain for him.

When did it start? Elder Redseal wondered. It wasn't like he had only one daughter. In fact, he had several children and even wives, but they all died before ascending to immortality. And Elder Redseal's emotion towards them became dim and uncaring. He didn't have the heart to invest in people who would eventually perish and leave him. 

By nature, cultivation was a lonely and painful path. But as a human, he craved affection.

Compared to his own children, who had his blood, he poured more feelings and efforts into his prized disciple. Perhaps it had changed when his beloved disciple became Dao Companions with one of his daughters.

At first, Elder Redseal had only treated his daughter better because of that relationship. Love the house, love the crow, such was the saying.* And to his joy, both his prized disciple and daughter became Immortals. Having broken through his greatest worry, Elder Redseal began to love his daughter wholeheartedly. 

His disciple became an Immortal Monarch, and his daughter was an everlasting existence. Elder Redseal had become someone with Double Happiness.

But that happiness came to an end when both his disciple and daughter became grievously injured in the battle with the Dragon Emperor. Both of them survived, but it was no different than a death sentence. 

Their injuries were severe to the point that no matter what Elder Redseal did, it only slowed down their death date. Living every day was akin to torture to the two, but the two persevered despite wanting to commit suicide. 

The reason was for the fetus in his daughter's belly. Cultivators had a hard time conceiving children due to the Heavenly Dao. Take Elder Redseal for example, he had numerous children, but that was only because the mother was still a mortal and not an Immortal. And the time period in which the children were born made it that some children never even saw their elder sibling because they had already long passed before they were born.

Knowing that they were not long for this world, Elder Redseal's beloved disciple and daughter decided to at least give birth to their child. But due to their injuries, it was only after using numerous pills and resources that the Lovespot was able to be born years after the battle with the Dragon Emperor. Soon after, the two passed away while looking lovingly at their newborn son.

Elder Redseal had directed all the love and affection for his disciple and daughter towards his grandson. He had not even given this much love to his first child.

Had been given the third happiness of his life but at the cost of the first two happiness. 

"Ahhhhh! Stop! I'm begging you, please STOP!!!" 

Just where did it go wrong?

Elder Redseal turned away from the screams of terror. That girl was considered fortunate that she was still able to even scream coherently. But it would not last long. 

Before he knew it, Lovespot had already developed a twisted personality. Elder Redseal had even tried to discipline Lovespot before but seeing his pained face, flashes of the faces of his half-dead disciple and daughter appeared in his mind. 

Lovespot was born blessed. Even in a half-dead state, Lovespot was still nurtured in an Immortal's womb, causing him to be born with a Heavenly Spiritual Vein. Not only that, while he was born with a weak body, but because he had been nurtured with countless natural treasures, Lovespot's potential was also drastically increased.

It can be said that until the Unity Realm, Lovespot would have no bottlenecks. It can even be said that Lovespot's foundation for cultivation was even more excellent than Tianyi's before he attained the Dao Tribulation Lightning Spiritual Vein!

Alas, because he gained everything too easily and lacked the will to go through hardships, Lovespot always took the shortcut. But never did Elder Redseal ever thought that it would reach the point of using Living Pills.

Elder Redseal disdained those who used Living Pills, but in the end, because of spoiling his grandson, he enabled his own grandson to be one of the bastards that used Living Pills. 

Elder Redseal was broken out of his thoughts by a message. 

"Redseal, be prepared. Grand Elder Xi has returned and has begun taking action."

Elder Redseal felt his heart skip a beat at the content of the message. He recalled the past few months where a few people began to investigate him. He found traces from the Eighteen Flower Fairies to an inner disciple of the Assignment Hall. 

The Eighteen Flower Fairies, Elder Redseal had always been wary of. They disdained and hated the type of person Lovespot was. A man who treats women like an object, clothes that can easily be changed and self-righteously so. 

As for the probe from Assignment Hall?

Elder Redseal laughed from the audaciousness of the person. Just a Foundation Establishment disciple and he dared to investigate him, the Head Elder of the Justice Hall. Elder Redseal even wanted to punish the little disciple after discovering his relationship with Tianyi.

No doubt, it was this relationship that made him investigate. But what gave Xi Ri such confidence to investigate an Immortal Monarch like him? Elder Redseal couldn't kill Tianyi, but a little Foundation Establishment Disciple, he was still able to kill. His mood was still low from Lovespot's near-death experience. 

But before he was able to move, he received a warning from the Head Elder of Assignment Hall. Justice Hall was the most feared and powerful of the Six Great Halls of the Buzhou Immortal Sect. At least that was what most people thought, but the truth was that Assignment Hall was one level higher than his.

Not only was the Assignment Hall the leader of the Six Great Halls, but the Head Elder of the Assignment Hall, Immortal Monarch Brightwing, was the one closest to becoming the next Immortal Emperor. Had it not been for an old injury, Buzhou Immortal Sect's third Immortal Emperor could have been Monarch Brightwing instead of Xi Mengfei. 

The Head Elder of Assignment Hall was already displeased with Elder Redseal recently. But because he had cleaned up Lovespot's messes cleanly, Elder Brightwing kept his silence.

This time the middle and lower-level members of the sect may not know, but nearly all the higher-ups knew that Elder Redseal had nearly crippled Tianyi. Regardless of what these Immortals thought, they couldn't reveal it. Thus when Elder Redseal made to move, it was blocked by Elder Brightwing, and he was even reprimanded. 

"Do you want matters to be blown even more? I turned a blind eye to your coddling because of your loyalty and devotion to the sect, but I feel that ever since Lovespot came to being, you've been spiraling out of control. Love without a bottom line is not a type of poison. You are harming your grandson and the sect! With that weak mind of your grandson, I harbor suspicions on whether even reach the Transcending Mortality Realm or even become an Earth Immortal. "

When Redseal heard those words, he felt both rage and humiliation. But he knew that those words were correct. 

Elder Redseal now realized that Monarch Brightwing had actually aided him. If he had actually taken action against Xi Ri, it would be even more evidence to be used against him. 

Elder Redseal knew that after the battle for the Sovereign Nine Yin Lotus, Grand Elder Xi and Grand Elder Zhang had stayed in the Northern Region for some reason. He had hoped for them to return after years. For Immortals like them, years were nothing, and by then, the matter's consequence would have died down or he would have more time to prepare. But his luck wasn't good, and Grand Elder Xi returned.

Soon he received a summon, ordering him to appear at the Sect Master's Hall.

Elder Redseal looked at where his grandson was and sighed. He erected a formation to hide the actions of Lovespot before he flew towards the Sect Master's Peak.

Love the house, love the crow- It's a saying in China that basically means loving another thing because of its relationship to another. The phrase came from because the word for house and crow in Chinese are homonyms.

Also wrote a bit of type in the last chapter during the author's note (it was past, 1 am, sue me) but I meant scenes from the story and not just the chapter.

Btw, who else plays Fate/Grand Order is farming the Christmas Event like crazy? I know am...when I'm not busy writing.