Chapter 97: Lady Su Wanyu
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"Lady Su"

Graceful to a fault with no imperfections. The white veil only adding to her mysterious appeal, Su Wanyu inspired countless first loves and confessions. But she coldly rejected all of them. 

"What have you found out?"

Her attendants, ever dutiful, relayed the information she desired.

"Lovespot, that cur, hasn't left his residence at all ever since Immortal Redseal was removed from his position as Head Elder."

"Have you investigated why?" Su Wanyu probed.

"We have. Word from the servants is that Lovespot is planning on challenging the Unity Heavenly Tribulation. "

"With that weak will of his? The only reason he even reached the Nascent Soul Realm is because of the numerous resources invested in him by Immortal Redseal."

"...I heard that before Immortal Redseal lost his position, women were coming to and from his room. Disgusting."

"Indeed, disgusting."

"I can't wait for justice to be served to that piece of shit."

"Immortal Redseal was brilliant all his life. Too bad it was all ruined by his grandson."

"What gave him the confidence to act overbearing to the son of Grand Elder Xi? He even dragged Immortal Redseal down with him."

"I'd thought that Lovespot would be punished for starting all of this. I heard that he tried to force himself on Grand Elder Xi's disciple as well."

"Lovespot walked by the riverside too much. Not only did he get his own shoes wet, but Immortal Redseal's as well."

"When Grand Elder Xi takes action, she removed a Head Elder from their position. As expected of the Huang Realm's greatest Immortal Empress."

"Enough!" Su Wanyu coldly commanded before the subject devolved into mere gossip. "What of the other matter?"

"There doesn't seem to have been many changes, milady. Sect Master Xia's faction doesn't seem to have worsened their relationship with those of Jade Peak. Well, there seems to have been one change. Xia Yushan hasn't visited Jade Peak since then."

"I've long grown tired of looking at his hypocritical face. He acts all gentlemanly, but we know how ruthless he is underneath that mask of his."

"You shouldn't say that. Who knows, he may be the successor to the Brocade Monarch."

"Has he done any other action?" Su Wanyu asked.

"None. Should we enquire from Xi Tianyi on his thought on matters?"

"No," Su Wanyu shook her head. "Don't take unnecessary contact with Xi Tianyi. Even within the sect, there isn't much information concerning him. Coupled with Grand Elder Xi's recent actions, he is heavily protected. If we were to tip our hands too much, then our involvement might be revealed. Don't forget that even a Head Elder got disposed of, not to mention mortals like us."

"As you command."


"Still, to think that just allowing the two to meet would cause such an outcome. Perhaps we should have introduced the two earlier."

"Although I do feel sorry for Xi Tianyi. I heard that his cultivation almost got crippled."

"What's there to pity. With Grand Elder Xi's method, he could recultivate to Nascent Soul Realm in another twenty years. Unlike us without strong backing, having to endure humiliation and ridicule just to climb to our current station."

Su Wanyu waved her hands and commanded her attendants to leave. Once they left, she removed her veil to reveal her luminescent skin. Her features were perfect, only marred by a faint scar that stood out against her otherwise flawless skin.

Her eyes glossed over as she lost all focus. She giggled and laughed, but there was no happiness in her voice, only bitterness. 


A nightmare that ruined her innocence and changed her very essence. His biggest pillar of support had fallen. All the machinations she had conceived couldn't compare to a single Grand Elder. 

But it wasn't over yet.

It wasn't over until that bastard felt the rage and humiliation she felt that day. She will carve every wrong done to her into that bastard's body. He will wish for death but unable to do so.

That Lovespot, he still hasn't left from his retreat. From what I last heard, he is attempting to enter the next realm. Hmpf, even if he did, I'm confident that just based on my cultivation technique, he wouldn't be able to do anything to me. If he wants to compare wealth then I have only more confidence, not less. 

When he comes out and hears that his greatest support is gone, I wonder what he will do. Will he fiercely come and attack me, acting as if he hasn't lost his greatest backing? Heheh, I'd be very happy if he did. I can retaliate in the name of self-defense. As long as I don't kill or cripple him, no one would bat an eye.

But if he doesn't...

How should I make him act to seek death? The biggest question is whether he will be as arrogant and despotic as before. If he still hasn't recognized reality, without me doing anything he would seek death by himself. There are probably many people who are already eying him. But if he actually starts to wise up, then I should make some plans. I don't have enough influence to secretly pull some strings. The best course of action would be to let others become my knife. 

For example, giving a treasure to one of the people ruin before. He had ruined their immortal path and made them lower than even mortals, at least mortals still have Spiritual Veins and could still cultivate no matter how hard. If given the chance, without caring for death, they would definitely take vengeance. But the problem is not killing Lovespot, but tormenting him so that he wished he was dead.

Tianyi was broken out of his thoughts by the person beside him jabbering on and on. 

"Last time, a young master from the Leakless Sect managed to attain victory against all the other Vassal Sects. Afterward, his name spread throughout the Heaven Continent. You might have heard of him, the Frost Flame Young Master." Su Bojing recalled, his body trembling with excitement. 

"Really, how is he now?" Tianyi asked, his interest piqued.

"Last I heard, he seemed to have suffered some trauma concerning love. The person he wanted to become his Dao Companion left and abandoned him. So there hasn't been much about word of him lately, it's unknown if an inner demon formed if he regressed or not. But it doesn't matter much. He's already over a hundred years old and is no longer qualified to attend the Young Masters Gathering." Su Bojing said.

"Has he already entered the Unity Realm? I recall that Elder Su has already entered, but she isn't one hundred yet." Tianyi said.

"How can the two compare!?" Su Bojing said. "The Frost Flame Young Master is from a Vassal Sect, and he only entered the Nascent Soul Realm in his sixties! Besides, it's unknown how his Daoheart is. It's unlike he has entered the Unity Realm, unlike Lady Su." 

"I-I see." Tianyi, reeling back slightly at the veneration behind Su Bojing's words.

"Not to brag, but our Lady Su is a supreme genius! Her grandmother is just a regular True Immortal within the Sect, but Lady Su carved out her own legend through her own power! Not many can enter the Unity Realm under a hundred years of age like her!" There was evident pride in his voice.

"You know, I reached the Nascent Soul Realm at twenty. I'll reach Unity Realm under a hundred too, you know." Tianyi said as he pointed to himself.

Su Bojing looked at Tianyi but smiled. "It's not that I want to say this, but the Unity Realm and the Nascent Soul realm are two completely different things. People say that the Nascent Soul Realm and the Core Formation Realm is the dividing line between cultivators. But I say it is the Unity Realm that is the real divider. I've seen people stuck on it for their whole lives, unable to take another step. The Unity Realm is completely different from the Nascent Soul Realm."

Sure, sure. Your precious Lady Su can do it, but I can't...

Tianyi didn't let his thoughts show on his face but made a silent reminder to show up in front of Su Bojing once he attained Unity Realm. "So has there been any standouts that would appear in this iteration of the Heavenly Connection Gathering?"

"Hmmmmm," Su Bojing sank into thought. "I don't know."


"You see...I wasn't actually at the last Heavenly Connection Gathering. I just heard it from the people who did." Su Bojing said, a little embarrassed.

Tianyi's lips twitched in response.

"But I do recall someone. They were an artificer. The person was nothing special, but he was able to refine nine Lifebound Weapons." Su Bojing said. 

"I thought the maximum Lifebound Weapon a person could refine was three. Did he modify the Three Union Lifebound Weapon Manual or something?" Tianyi asked. 

Su Bojing shook his head. "I am unsure. But I heard that person's lifebound weapon was very strange. Last time, he took first place amount of the Core Formation Disciples. This time he should have already reached the Nascent Soul Realm. Perhaps junior brother will be able to experience it for yourself." 

Tianyi nodded, suddenly a bit interested. "Do you think that there will be another Unity Realm Venerable besides Elder Su?"

Su Bojing didn't even hesitate. "Impossible."

Tianyi's response was a dry laugh.

Contrary to Tianyi's expectations, the trip did not take that long. The destination was a series of lake islands. The lake was large enough that ordinary mortals would think it to be an extremely large sea or an ocean, just without the salty water. Hence it was known as the Ocean Lake.

There was no local force at the lake, and was a rather gray area as concerned to who ruled it. The surrounding land and lake lacked any significant resources the surrounding forces coveted. Because of this, an unranked-power, Ocean Lake City, was able to exist here. 

Since the Buzhou Immortal Sect was the host, that meant they had set up the venue for the reception of the young masters from the Vassal Sects. 

"We actually don't have to do anything. Lady Su and her attendants will handle it." Su Bojing had said.

The young masters, including Tianyi, could just explore the local spots while they waited. The location of each Heavenly Connection Gathering was different, so there was often a period of exploration. 

Tianyi was no different. Aside from Su Bojing, who tagged along, Tianyi didn't join with any of the others. 

Su Bojing acted as the guide, despite never having visited. Apparently, he did his homework and researched the locale before arriving and led Tianyi to all the interesting spots.

Tianyi bought some interesting jewelry and some clothing. After all the stuff his mother had brought back as a souvenir, it was only right to buy some in return. While he was at it, Tianyi also purchased some for Daoyi, mostly blue themed dresses or fabric. 

"What's that?" Tianyi pointed towards a crowded storefront. He could sense that there were all sorts of people within the crowd, from Qi Gathering Pupils to Core Formation Masters.

"I'll go investigate." Su Bojing said as he talked to some of the people waiting in line. It didn't take long for him to return.

"Junior brother, it seems to be a popular restaurant. The food is so-so, but everyone is attempting to purchase some sort of beverage."

"Oh?" Tianyi said, interested. "What kind of drink is it? Some sort of famed alcohol? Maybe only a single jar that will only go to the highest bidder?"

Su Bojing shook his head. "Nothing of that sort. It seems to be a novel beverage that was available when the shop opened thirty years ago. Something called coca-cola or coke for short. Apparently, it's becoming some sort of local specialty."