Chapter 99: Heavenly Dao is a Dick
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Dong Chifan, age: thirty-nine, was born a native of Ocean Lake City. 

His father migrated to Ocean Lake City over forty years ago with a female, presumably his wife or Dao Companion. The man didn't stand out due to his average Core Formation cultivation base, but nothing could be found about that woman. 

Not long after, the man and woman bore a son, which was the birth of Dong Chifan.

One day the woman mysteriously disappeared, and Dong Chifan's father's cultivation was damaged until he was barely able to maintain his Foundation Establishment cultivation realm. 

It is suspected that Dong Chifan's mother had eloped against the wishes of her clan. The information was unable to be further investigated due to the time of the event as well as the resources needed. It is suspected that Dong Chifan's mother is at least from a second-ranked or third-ranked force in the Central Region.

Afterward, Dong Chifan grew up under his father's care, scraping by, day by day. Dong Chifan grew up very lackluster and was the target of bullying. Dong Chifan's cultivation talent wasn't outstanding, but after he went missing when he was fourteen years old, his cultivation speed skyrocketed all the way from Qi Gathering to Foundation Establishment Realm after he returned.

Before he left, Dong Chifan was capable of battling peak Foundation Establishment Disciples as a Spiritual Altar Crucible Foundation Establishment Disciple. Dong Chifan most likely stumbled into a cultivator's inheritance. Before he left, he created what would become a local specialty known as coke, an immortal chef beverage. 

Although it was unknown what happened in his journey, Dong Chifan returned from his journey as a Peak Core Formation Master. It seemed that he had many fortuitous encounters, just a day after returning, his father's cultivation, which had regressed, was showing signs of returning to their original peak. 

Furthermore, Dong Chifan was one of the invited loose cultivators to the Heavenly Connection Gathering by a young master from the Leakless Sect. Fittingly enough, it was the young master who had nine Lifebound Weapons, San Jiuling.

Tianyi made a wry smile as he read the report. "Isn't this just a perfect background story for the main character? Not only that, he has an additional character trait of being a reincarnator. Being bullied when young? That's to temper his personality so that he doesn't become arrogant and wild. Only getting his inheritance at a rather late age and missing a chunk of youth for cultivation? That's so that his Daoheart has developed and made his mind sturdy and to show his worth more when he surpasses those geniuses."

Tianyi muttered as he read the report. When he was in Ocean Lake City, his cultivation speed was faster than the local geniuses. Still, it was a far cry from the necessary momentum to become a peak Core Formation Master before forty. "His cultivation speed must have increased greatly during his journey so that he would be comparable to a genius from a first or second-rate force."

Tianyi placed the report down and grasped his chin with his hand. "Although Dong Chifan appears very outstanding, but people like him who reached the peak Core Formation Realm before forty are still rather common from first-rate forces. It shouldn't be enough for San Jiuling of the Leakless Sect to invite him as his special guest. Don't tell me they met, and Dong Chifan saved his life, causing San Jiuling to have a good impression on him. Perhaps they even had a journey together and become sworn blood brothers?"

It's strange. I know I already met two reincarnators for sure in my short twenty years here, Dong Chifan and Jiang Chunye. There are still several suspected reincarnators, Xi Ri, Yan Nie, Lei Jingye, and perhaps more. Just how many reincarnators are there? And yet, the ones I've met are all exceptionally talented. 

Or perhaps, I just haven't met the mediocre ones?

Even if I haven't, the number of reincarnators is still weird for me to meet in the Huang Realm. It's such a vast place, yet I've still met at least two, possibly more. This is discounting the fact that there are around three thousand lower worlds. Or perhaps more. 

The mural I saw in the Immortal Court depicted more than the Chinese Patheon. There are definitely worlds or realms, or even a system of realms like mine that house their pantheon. Do they have a cultivation system?

Unlike Chinese mythology from Earth, there doesn't seem to be any sort of system for a human to become an Immortal or God from understanding the Dao. Although Hercules was able to become a god, some myths said he was originally a full-fledged god before becoming mortal. Unless they can't become a god without the aid of another god?

Arghh!! All this speculation is giving me a headache! 

I feel as if there's a massive plot with Earth as its core. There's no real bases, just a gut instinct! 

Even though Earth was just an ordinary world with no cultivation or special powers, why would it be special? 

I need to figure out the mystery of the reincarnators first. This just leads me back to my first step. If I can capture Jiang Chunye, perhaps I can have the sect get information out of her. Although as a fellow reincarnator, I feel slightly sorry for her. 

Tianyi shook his head as he refocused on the matter at hand. Right now, he had to extract information from Dong Chifan. Since he had connections to the Leakless Sect, it wouldn't be a good idea for Tianyi to capture him to tort-ahem, ask him questions. And he didn't have a grudge with him like Jiang Chunye.

Tianyi sifted through his inventory in his spatial ring. There were times Tianyi wished he didn't have so much stuff. It made it a real hassle to find the specific material he wanted.

I should get more rings so I can sort my items into categories. Why don't spatial rings have separated storage space for different stuff like item boxes in video games?

The son of the Sword Empress took out several objects, but the most eyecatching was only those few. Each one of these would make any Transcending Mortality Sage, Earth Immortal, or some True Immortals green with envy. 

There was a jade pill bottle, contained within was the Soul Viviacity Pill, a necessary pill that allowed the soul to return to peak condition. Just being near it, Tianyi felt his soul become soothed despite the bottle being sealed.

Another bottle held the Soul Duality Severence Pill, one of the critical components for Tianyi's method of clone creation. Dividing the soul wasn't a minor matter, and done incorrectly could to the collapse of the soul, the cultivator's death. If Tianyi didn't have five Nascent Souls, he wouldn't have attempted it out of his mother's eyes.

And the third most important component was the egg-like object. It didn't resemble a regular egg at all, even the leathery snake egg. Instead, it seemed to be unskinned flesh shaped into an egg or an egg-shaped womb. Veins surrounded the egg as it pulsed with a disgusting beat.

The egg was something his mother sliced out of Eight-Tailed Fox Demon on the cust of becoming the Demon equivalent of an Immortal Monarch.

If Tianyi didn't want people to link the clone to him, then he had to create a clone with no connection to him at all in any way possible. This included not only changing the gender but the very race of his clone. 

Briefly, Tianyi wondered how the egg in Daoyi's care was. It hadn't shown any signs of hatching before he had left.

"Elder Meng, stop anyone from disturbing me. I am at a critical point in my cultivation. Even if it means delaying my appearance at the Heavenly Connection Gathering."


Hearing Elder Meng's assurance, Tianyi began the first step. Using the various, Tianyi constructed the Clone Creation Formation. Just this step alone took Tianyi several hours. Out of that, Tianyi created another formation just in case the Tribulation Lightning decided to be an ass and chose that inopportune time to obstruct him.

Taking even more time to reach his peak condition, Tianyi felt his mind grow increasingly calm. As if he was just the person holding to remote to the body known as Xi Tianyi. It was much like a gamer controlling his character behind a screen. Of course, that wouldn't matter if the gamer panicked.

"Alright, let's start."

Starting with those words, the Clone Creation Formation began to shine with great luminosity. Inside Tianyi's body, his five Nascent Souls had a white protective light surrounding them. As time passed, the guardian glow increased until they reached their apex. 

It was then that Tianyi swallowed the Soul Duality Severance Pill. When it entered Tianyi's body, it entered a spiritual state of being nonmaterial. Traveling within Tianyi's cosmos, it reached the Nascent Souls and stopped as if unsure which one to go.

But Tianyi didn't take just one, but five. Most cultivators only had one Nascent Soul, but Tianyi had five. If he only used a one-color Nascent Soul, then his clone would be inferior to those made by those who only had two-colored Nascent Soul.

The five immaterial pills split, and each one entered one of Tianyi's Nascent Souls.

The five differently robed Tianyis convulsed as if something was trying to break out. Outside Tianyi felt his brows twitch. If he still had a true human body, then there would be no doubt that sweat would have covered his body.

Like something out of a horror movie, the red-robed Nascent Soul was split down the middle head down. The Nascent Soul's innards were revealed to all. Despite being colored a soft white, there was no doubt that they were human organs, wriggling to the beat of a heart.

This also happened to the yellow-robed, green-robed, blue-robed, and black-robed Nascent Souls. 

The split halves of the Nascent Souls separated from the five still in the formation. Under Tianyi's control, the separated five halves began to congregate together. 

Using these five, Tianyi could conceptually create five clones at once, but such an act would strain his mind too much, and it was much easier just to merge them now and create one clone. In addition, the clone would have much more potential this way instead of splitting them into five clones.

Once Tianyi reached the critical juncture, Tianyi opened his mouth. "Stop being such a dick, Heavenly Dao."

The residents of Ocean Lake City watch awestruck as Tribulation Clouds began to gather in the sky.

"Judging by the size and intensity, it should be a peak Core Formation Master attempting to transcend his Nascent Soul Heavenly Tribulation. I don't recall anyone undertaking their tribulation, though." An old-time Core Formation Master and resident of the city said.

"Fool. That Tribulation Cloud has already reached the peak of the Nascent Realm, how could it be a Nascent Soul Heavenly Tribulation? If all Nascent Soul Tribulations were like that, there would be no Nascent Soul Grandmasters. The way I see it, a Nascent Soul Grandmaster is creating an Artifact, which incurred the wrath of Heaven."

No matter how the resident discussed, the dazzling Tribulation Lightning struck down towards Tianyi.