Chapter 100: Juedai Fenghua
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Yay! Chapter 100. The last milestone for chapters was 50 (I believe). Can't believe I made it this far, thank each and every one of you for this continued support. :D

The shimmering bolt of gold struck down with the intent of exterminating its target with all its might. 

In response, the unnamed formation outside of the Clone Creation Formation lit up, silver light evoking brilliance. A dome covered Tianyi and the Clone Creation Formation as if separating it in shadows.

When the Tribulation Lightning struck, it dispersed and covered the dome in an electrical cage. The nameless formation's glow began to take on a yellow tint as the dome's arcing lightning was absorbed. That wasn't the end as the absorbed lightning traveled through the formation lines and into the eight pillar-like tubes connected to it.

The tubes resembled glass with a bubbling liquid encased within. The tube was easily thrice the size of a man and twice as wide. As the energy from the Tribulation Lightning was absorbed, the liquid within the tube also took on a golden hue.

The creation of a clone was already perilous enough without the involvement of outside factors. Did the Heavenly Dao really think that Tianyi, who had already been struck numerous times out of nowhere by the Tribulation Lightning, would be unprepared?

Sparing only a single glance at the Heavenly Dao's strike, Tianyi swallowed the Soul Vivacity Pill and ignored all external factors. He remained unaware of the Heavenly Dao's increased onslaught as if it had been enraged by Tianyi's dismissal.

Tianyi's five Nascent Souls began to morph and folded onto themselves under the pill's restorative power. Turning into colored globs of light, they began to reform their shape under Tianyi's guidance.

When it was all done, Tianyi once again had five different robed versions of himself facing each other in a lotus position. But their size had returned to when Tianyi first entered the Nascent Soul Realm.

Tianyi released gasping breaths even though his body no longer required it. He felt as if a large chunk of energy, both physical and mental, had suddenly disappeared. Tianyi quickly adjusted his state and forced himself to be accustomed to his new state of being.

With his cultivation firmly stabilized, Tianyi focused his attention on the split halves that had merged together. 

It was an uncanny soul. 

His split Nascent Soul had five pairs of multicolored arms and legs sprouting chaotically from a fleshly center. Not only that, but there were also five heads groaning. The five colors representing the five elements all distorted and shifted with each passing movement. It looked like a half clown monster out of a horror movie.

In all honesty, Tianyi had an impulse to disown his split Nascent Soul. But Tianyi quickly reigned in his unconscious disgust. He created this by splitting his Nascent Souls, and the price he paid wasn't small at all. 

Under Tianyi's careful control, the fleshly core absorbed the flailing limbs and heads until it was just an ordinary ball, well, as ordinary as a ball with numerous veins around it could be. But the changes weren't done as the five different colors began to merge as well.

But the color of the core didn't become black from the mixture, but rather white and clear like a newborn's soul. The flesh-like features also began to disappear as the split soul turned transparent.

Once it turned into the embryonic state of souls, Tianyi focused his attention outside. His eyes widened ever so slightly as he looked at the battery pillars he had constructed to absorb the Tribulation Lightning. Although they wouldn't be able to contain the Tribulation Essence, it was still useful to have the pure lightning energy. 

I'll have to hurry.

He hadn't expected the battery pillars he constructed to be filled to near capacity so quickly. The Heavenly Dao was going all out this time in his moment of weakness.

But Tianya gave a slight smile.

He clutched the Demonic Fox Egg close to his chest, and a small transparent orb that was his soul flew out and into the egg. The egg pulsed with life as it began to warm at a noticeable rate in his hand. Tianyi placed the egg into the center of the formation.

The Clone Creation Formation had many variations. Some were so different that they were under different formation styles and schools, but they were grouped for ease as they were essentially created for one purpose. The one Tianyi constructed had two main functions: the first was to aid in the splitting of the soul, and the second was to facilitate the merging of the split soul with the new flesh.

There were numerous materials used to construct formation to create the effect, such as Yama Tree Bark, Samsara Reverse Cloud, Yellow River Rock, and many more. 

At this stage, Tianyi no longer needed to actively direct the process. Standing up, he allowed himself to stretch even as the Tribulation Lightning continued to rain down. 

One of the battery pillars cracked as it began to absorb to overcapacity. If it absorbed anymore, then it would unleash an explosion greater than the Tribulation Lightning descending would cause alone.

Tianyi didn't fret as he stepped into the air and outside of the Clone Creation and nameless formation. As if finally having discovered the target, the Tribulation Lightning moved directly towards Tianyi. Tianyi, in response, formed several hand signs.

The lines connecting the battery pillars towards the nameless formation dimmed as the connection was severed.

 At this time, the Tribulation Lightning struck Tianyi, who just stayed in the air, unmoving. Bath in lightning, Tianyi's smile grew as if to mock the Heavenly Dao. The remnant lightning was directed back to Tianyi by the nameless formation, encasing him even more in lightning.

Tianyi wouldn't have dared to be so brazen, but this wasn't a Heavenly Tribulation but just some stray Tribulation Lightning. Had it not been for his unique state at the time, he wouldn't even have needed to set up a formation. 

Within the Clone Creation Formation, the fleshy egg pulsed as it started to grow. With each passing moment, the redder it became as blood coursed through it. Slowly but surely, a humanoid form began to take shape. 

Hair woven from raging flames, long fiery lashes, willow brows,, and small tender lips, it was a face that could inspire countless first loves and heartbreaks, a beauty that could cause the downfall of countries and nations.

That was the face Tianyi saw when the Tribulation Clouds dispersed, and he entered the Clone Creation Formation once more. Naturally, he didn't take the formation down as that would be foolish with his clone still incomplete.

Tianyi swallowed his saliva. "Tianyi, this is your clone, this is your clone. Ugh, but isn't she too beautiful?"

His unawakened clone was not at the same level as his mother in terms of beauty, and their beauty was also different. His mother was like a magnolia, elegant and lofty, something to be admired from afar. While his clone was like the rose, the queen flowers with bright and flame-like beauty, attracting countless bees to buzz around.

Tianyi's eyes wandered down, and he felt his neck muscles grow taut. Flawless pale skin made the perfect hourglass figure even more mesmerizing. Slim but not to the point of being skinny with enough flesh to give the sensation of softness but not to the point of chubbiness. 

He paused as he felt his head grow dizzy. It felt like he was seeing through another pair of eyes and that his body was exceptionally chilly. A frown appeared before the sensation was pushed down. There was no need to mention why such a phenomenon occurred to Tianyi.

Tianyi's and his clone's senses were linked. 

Like that, Tianyi just stood there looking down. But his clone winked her rubellite eyes at him and placed her arms to cover her exposed breasts and genitals. "Stop staring, you perv~."

"..." Tianyi.

"I know I'm more beautiful than you, but hurry and give me clothes. Unless you like staring at your own clone's naked body?" The clone said as she stood up, still covering her female parts. "Unless..."

Tianyi looked up at his clone's face and felt their gaze intersect. It was an extremely bizarre sensation, locking eyes with your clone and seeing the clone's point of view.

"You want to do it?" The clone said. 

If Tianyi had any liquid in his mouth, there was no doubt he would have spat it out at this moment.

"I know you feel lonely. After all, you've long been a wizard for over twenty years now. And you're not daring enough to court a girl even with so many willing if you just gave the word. You can't even imagine dating Daoyi, ahahaha!" While still covering herself with her arms, the clone struck a sensational pose that could light a fire in any man's heart. "Of course, you'd want to practice, although it would be strange to do it with yourself. After all, I am still your clone. Would this be masturbation or selfcest? And would you still be considered a virgin after the deed?"

"Just get dressed already!" Tianyi nearly shouted, finally unable to stand it as he flung clothes at his clone.

Just where did he go wrong? The clone was formed from his split soul. Why was the personality so different and crass? 

"Hmmm, as expected of me. You'd even want to watch your own clone dress herself."

Tianyi turned around.

Was it because there was a process gone wrong during the merging? There had been no one who had formed a clone with five Nascent Souls in the records and the word from his mother. Granted, they were still the soul of the same person, but perhaps the merging had an unintended side effect?



Tianyi turned around and was struck speechless. Not from beauty but from the image gap he had.

His clone had her hair untied and dressed in vivid red robes that enhanced the luster of her milky white skin. Although her inner robes were worn correctly, her outer robes were haphazardly worn with it not even tied, giving the appearance of an indolent beauty.

This contrast stood out even more when standing next to Tianyi, who wore his robes perfectly. To Tianyi's chagrin, he discovered that his clone not only appeared older than him but also taller.

Tianyi rubbed his glabella before chucking a ring at his clone.

"Oh? Are you proposing? How unromantic." The clone teased as she caught the ring.

"You're me! You know that's a spatial ring!" Tianyi growled out. If he killed his clone, would that be considered suicide or murder?

The clone only smirked as she inspected the ring. She was currently only in the Spirit Crucible Foundation Establishment Realm in both the spiritual and martial way. And in the spatial ring were all the necessary materials and resources to continue her cultivation until the Transcending Mortality Realm, including the Artifacts he prepared as her Lifebound Weapon.

"Geez, can't you take a joke?" The clone said with a helpless shrug. "Despite being over forty years old mentally, you're still so childish. I know you want to have a hot and passionate romance, no matter how you try to deceive yourself."

Murder was beginning to look very appealing to Tianyi with each passing moment, consequences and resources wasted be damned.

But the clone didn't continue as if knowing that she should not continue to tease her main body anymore. But Tianyi was already worried. Although they could share senses and communicate, it didn't mean that he could control his clone like a puppet. 

"So, what should I be called? I can't go around calling myself your clone." The clone asked.

Tianyi had already thought of it. "Tianhu, you should already know that."

The clone made a face. "Of course, I know. I just don't want that name. Heavenly Fox, in keeping with the Heaven in your name and adding fox to it. Geez, you sure are unoriginal."

Tianyi felt a vein about to pop on his head. "Then what do you suggest?"

"Then, Daji."

"The fox spirit that mesmerized the king of the Shang Dynasty to ruin? Hell no, even if you biologically female, I'm not letting you get intimate with a man." Tianyi practically yelled.

"Don't worry. I won't go seducing men. I'll just cuck your future wife." There was an unrepentant grin on the clone's mesmerizing face that would have caused many men's hearts to skip. But to Tianyi, it looked like the devil's smile. 

"Alright, alright. I won't kid anymore. Call me Juedai Fenghua." The clone struck a confident pose as a domineering aura reigned down.

"Peerless Phoenix Flower of a Generation?" Tianyi repeated. It did sound good but...

"You just stole that name from a novel that I read."