Chapter 18 headmaster
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Currently I'm having a meeting with Vilas, Azura, and Hayden.

"So you're going to teach our people your magic?" (Vilas)

"Not exactly, I will teach Asha as her teacher, and I'll let Asha teach the other you deemed worthy, well if there is one I want to teach, it's probably Neli, a girl with pinkish white hair" (Arrys)

Hearing my answer Azura goes onee-san mode with the "ara ara" thing. Well not exactly that but similar I guess.

"What is this, did you find a girl you like?" (Azura)

She asked me teasingly, Vilas is narrowing his eyes hearing that.

" It's not like that, she have mixed life affinity mana just like me, she'll be a good healer if she is interested" (Arrys)

"Well isn't it fine, she is a polite and calm child" (Azura)

She said that like she know her, rather it seems she knows her. So I decided to ask away

"You know her?" (Arrys)

"Yes, you remember when we first meet? I was back from brackshan meeting her mother, she asked to look after her while she's in the academy" (Azura)

"Maitreya and zora's daughter? Then I guess I can trust them" (Vilas)

"But what about the other?" (Hayden)

"Those that is of note are Sasuri and Rikuto the brother and sister, they are the children of king of Iyo, Ichiro. Then there is Neli, Maitreya's daughter, after that is Mathew, Irawan's son, knight lord of Mataram. They're trust worthy, king of Iyo has been keeping their pride as the descendants of the sage hero for a long time and has long been our close ally. Maitreya and Irawan is friends of mine since I was I child and I trust them" (Vilas)

"Is that all?" (Azura)

"Well, for now, it's just the morning after you told me, I can only say for those I already know, but we'll have some information for the other in times" (Vilas)


After talking with Vilas I get ready for academy,  today is quite windy so I'm wearing one of my animals costume series, a panda jacket that covers all my upper body and half my thighs, white pants and a black school skirt above it. The end of pe panda costume sleeve is a big paw with a bit of mechanic inside so I can move the paw like my own hand, quite interesting and I've been wanting to wear it. There's a zipper on the side of course so I can get my hands out if I want.

'I wonder if the developer think of this when they design the costume, I mean there is no need for any of this inside the game'

Asha looking at my costume ask if I have another one, so I lent her a similar one with cat design. We both do cute pose in front of a full body mirror in Asha's room until Azura come to tell us it's time to go. Azura was a bit disappointed looking at us go, I think she loves it. I told Asha about it, and we decided to wear this at home too for today.

School, or maybe I should say academy is going normal until the end, but before we go home, the teacher ask us to go to headmaster office.

"Excuse me, head master, it's Arrys and Asha" (Arrys)

I said as I knock the door. Then the voice of an old man from inside telling us to enter. We get inside and greeted by Ms Tara and an old man around his 50 or 60 I guess, his hair is almost all gray but some is brown color. This is something I see from hayden too but the gray hair of old people here is quite dirty? Not healthy? Not that they didn't take care of it, but I think it's the results of old age instead, like my hair and Neli's hair that are close to white, it's shiny and how do I describe it, it's like there is a charm to it that it looks beautiful even if you didn't take much care to it. I think it's because of the mana, while normally our hair act like a battery that holds mana and reflect it in color, when it lost the ability to hold mana it lost its shine and look more unhealthy. Does that means people here doesn't have pigments in their hair? I don't know.

Okay let's get back to reality. Ms Tara tell us to take a seat and we sit facing the headmaster in the sofa, the headmaster is sitting in the sofa opposite us instead of behind his study table? Is that what you call it?... Well whatever, I think he don't want us to feel too tense by doing that. Ms Tara give us each a cup of tea before sitting at the side.

"Well first I guess I'll introduce myself, I'm the headmaster of the academy, Sanata, glad to meet you" (Sanata)

"Glad to meet you too, I'm Arrys" (Arrys)

"I'm Asha" (Asha)

Both of us bow as we introduce ourselves. 

"Quite a lovely clothes you're wearing there, I've never seen one like that before" (Sanata)

"Well this is from my homeland, my homeland do have a wide variety of clothes compared to here" (Arrys)

Is he trying to investigate my origin? Well I don't think he'll get anything from it though.

"Haha, that's lovely, young girls really do love clothes and dresses" (Sanata)

"Everyone want to look cute and beautiful aftrall" (Arrys)

I look beside me, Asha is trying not to laugh while covering her mouth with the cat paw.

"Aside from that your country do have an advanced magic too, from what I heard from Tara it look like the magic used by the elfs, or that magic I heard the queen of Syailendra could use" (Sanata)

"Hmm? I've heard of the elfs, but queen of Syailendra?" (Arrys)

"Ah yeah, the queen of Syailendra, Queen Aria is said to be able to control fire to her will, without any chant or aria, some said she have the blood of the giant in her, but the most heard in her land is that she is a phoenix, thought that is hard to believe on my part, what do you think?" (Sanata)

"... Honestly, I don't know, I haven't meet any of the other three race in my live, much else a mythical creatures like a phoenix" (Arrys)

"Hahaha, well is that so? Well I have a friend that's an elf, she work as an adventurer, I ask for her help when we need supply for students wand, maybe sometime I'll introduce her to you" (Sanata)

Well that is nice

"I'll look forward to it" (Arrys)

"So, about your magic, I was thinking about asking you to teach some teacher here, what do you think?" (Sanata)

"Well... I think I should ask the Duke about it first, thought I was anticipating it to some extent so I was thinking of letting Asha here teach them, but what do you think Asha?" (Arrys)

Asha who is silent all this time look at me, I can see she is a bit sleepy there, and nervous too.

"...umm, I think if it's only miss Tara I'm fine with it" (Asha)

Finally she said after taking some time thinking.

"Hmm... Well I guess that's fair. And you talk about anticipating it, are you talking about your class mates?" (Sanata)

"Yes, after all we did show it to them, and as a child myself I think we couldn't fight our curiosity" (Arrys)

"Hahaha! That's true, without curiosity we wouldn't be able to move forward, even if my old age I'm still curious when I hear or see something new" (Sanata)

"Well let's end it here for now, I don't want to take you young girls time too much, I'll send a letter to the Duke myself later, you can go home and relax and let the adult talk their problem" (Sanata)

With that the headmaster and Ms Tara send us back. 

After we got home I spent times with Asha and Azura while we talk about the conversation with the headmaster. 

And just like that, still nobody in the academy notice that I'm not a girl as both Asha and her mother laugh about it.

Now I think about it, is there no magic that could save picture or videos? Maybe there is, I'll look for it later.

thanks softscratch, your words help me finish this chapter. And this chapter has taken a long time to finish, and I don't know about the quality, I hope it is good.

Now then, what's the difference between miss, Ms, and Mrs?