Chapter 75 – A quick recap
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Hello, here is your dear Shiro talking.

I am about to do a small recap of my life, which was quite short lived… in the literal sense.

I was a school student (I don’t know if I was in high school or middle school due to my absolutely incredible ignorance towards the world).

I spent most of my life either watching series and animes, playing video games too. Pretty much your typical weeb or gamer considering nowadays standards, except for the fact I almost never left my house, so you could also say I was a ‘NEET’ as well.

I had average grades, at least good enough for my parents not to get mad at me.

Although I didn’t have any friends (my perspective), if I truly wished to have any I could make some.

It is not that I didn’t have any friends because I was shy or timid, although I am shy and timid, the reason I didn’t have any friends was because I chose not to have any.

If just spending time with a person means that you’re friends, then that meant that I had multiple people that you would consider to be ‘friends’ of mine.

However, for me to recognize someone as a friend, I need to feel a sense of ‘importance’ in their existences.

Question: if your friend would be in mortal danger, would you rescue him?

The answer was quite obvious, some people would joke about it and say ‘hell no’, though actually meaning ‘if I had to, then I actually would’ and some would say ‘I’d never let my friend die!’ and so on


Those are lies.

Do you really think you’d put yourself in danger for the sake of someone else’s life? Think deeply about it, would you really save him or her? Or maybe you'll say 'it depends on the person'.

Eventually, had someone asked that in your face, you would probably say ‘I don’t know’ or ‘this is stupid’. Yet the answer was obvious.

If you were in a situation where you have to choose between your life and the life of another, you’d probably do everything to save your own skin.

When under intense circumstances where you have to choose between your life and the one of another’s, you’ll choose yours.

Humans are sinful creatures, from the moment they are born, they become the living personification of ‘Sin’.

You laugh when you feel amused, you cry when you feel bad, you hate when something doesn’t go your way, you complain when something annoys you and so on.

All beings are sinners from the moment of birth, whether you think it is not true, or you deny it in feign ignorance.

Well, enough of that.

As I was explaining, one day our class teacher thought it was the most brilliant of ideas to go on a field trip, some might think it’s a great way to pass time.

But not to me, I’d rather spend that time either learning something useful for my life, or indulging myself in my own Greed and pleasures at home, cost free.

But I was forced to go on the class field trip (thank god I didn’t see it through though), and sitting by the backseats where no soul was (supposed) to be seen except for mine, a guy appeared.

And suddenly  sat next to me and began annoying me you could say, although his presence did not necessarily affect me. Him trying to interact with me was the problem at hand.

I racked my brain the best I could to come up with answers that wouldn’t lead the conversation any further (which I failed at spectacularly).

Until suddenly, as the teacher complained to the driver, due to the intense heat, it caused him to lose his cool and mess with him, thus leading him to lose control over the bus.

The bus slid off the hill and crashed down, thus putting out the lives of multiple students.

My last moments were me looking at the guy I was speaking with until everything became pitch black.

And within that darkness, I saw a light in the distance, but no matter what I did, I could not longer reach it.

Outside of my grasp, I had let it go and let myself be consumed by darkness.

And that’s how my life went… I’d like to say if what I’m about to tell you had not occurred.

Even though dead, I still felt conscious. My sense were dull, but I felt almost alive.

I opened my eyes, to see everything around me covered by pure white clouds of mist or fog one.

Yet I could still tell it was a forest by the little visible surroundings… a dead forest so to say. The trees were white and leafless, the remaining nature to be seen would be the dead branches and pieces of wooden sticks that fell off from the trees.

As confused as I was at the moment, I inspected my body, as it was the most confusing part of all this.

It was transparent white, ghostly even, my arms and legs were fine as if the crash had not happened.

Right as I asked, a virtual looking plate appeared before me.



Name: None

Race: Spirit

Age: 0 Years old

Titles: None

Level: 1


  • Vitality: 10
  • Mana: 240
  • Strength: 5
  • Agility: 30
  • Endurance: 15
  • Intelligence: 120

Passive Skills:

  • Spirit Form: Level 1

Active Skills:

  • None



And that’s where I realized, that ‘I got reincarnated into another world, but didn’t even reincarnate properly?!’.

Well, not immediately at least.

I was still confused as to what happened, I deducted that I was not on earth but somewhere else, and that I had ‘definitely’ died.

Even though there were game like aspects to this world, I didn’t immediately begin acting like it was a game, after all, what idiot thinks that you’re in a video game just because it looks like one?

Regardless of that, I wandered around the endless fog, seeking for an escape to find sunlight or human civilization.

Yes, I do admit that I had the option to stay there and just grind monsters and get stronger in case there was danger.

But, what believed to be really important was ‘Information’, once I would have the needed information, I would decide on what to do next.

I evolved from a ‘Spirit’ to a ‘Ghost’ after a short amount of time and acquired various of skills.

And eventually, I found myself struck still by a sudden encounter with a beauty. A white haired elf singing a tune, her white hair fluttered by the wind, and her ruby colored eyes reflected my presence as she gazed towards me.

Her name was Iris, an Elf living inside a Elven Village within the ‘Spirit Forest’, a forest covered by endless fog, yet retained in a small space surrounded by other nations.

Such as ‘Dawnwell’, ‘Zeltram’, ‘Glarita’ and ‘Lacra’. The forest was within the country of ‘Dawnwell’.

I will be sparing you the details of everything that happened, I learned how to do magic and some other things such as ‘Swordsmanship’ and ‘Archery’.

Thanks to the guidance of the ‘hot elf guy’ Leonard, but he told me to call him Leo so that it is easier, I was able to create my own spell and attain physical shape.

The spell wasn’t easy to craft, it required a lot of mana to take shape, and the spell was sloppy but it was successful as for I gained the skill ‘Materialization’.

I learned a little bit more about Iris’s family, she had two twin sisters and one brother. And she still lived with her parents.

I decided to one day make it up to Iris by joining their hunting team to go and get animals and food for the village.


It was all just a set up.

By the moment I realized, it was already too late as I returned to the village after hunting.

Everyone was gone, and the only remaining thing behind was a mountain of corpses of the villagers.

I searched deeper within to find Iris and Leo deceased as well.

I felt utter despair and anguish, but most of all wrath.

I questioned ‘who’ did it, ‘why’ and ‘when’. Their sudden deaths couldn’t be suicides, and the way they were lumped together mean that it most certainly wasn’t made by monsters, as for they would’ve eaten them instead of leaving them behind.

Knowing that everything was purposely made, I set out to kill whoever was behind it all.


<< You have acquired the Unique Skill ‘Wrath’. >>


Along side a mountain of Skills, I also received a new magic attribute that has never been mentioned to me before called ‘Dark Attribute Magic’.

I had no knowledge nor idea as to what it could do, but all I could to do was experiment and find out more.

I soon found out that the perpetrator was Ralph, the Hunting Leader, the one who lead the groups across the forest.

In contrast to what I originally thought his personality was like, his actual one was repugnant, he was greedy and thought highly of himself.

Not just did he hate the Elves inside the Village, he also went as far as tormenting Iris to her very last seconds of life.

Along side that, I also found our that he was sent by the king himself along with a group of mercenaries who would assist in the ‘cleansing’ of the forest.

Although I was at my limit, I held myself back and left the establishment I was dining in.

Now, with a clear objective, I headed towards the capital, where the king would reside.

And in the way I found a lone girl.

She had silky silver hair that extended all the way to her waist, and silver colored eyes. She wore ragged clothes and had cuts and bruises around her petite feet, showing the signs of having walked a great distance to reach this place.

I asked her what had happened.

Her name was Athena, she was from a noble family, and recently her parents had been murdered, and the villagers she cherished so much were all but gone, reduced to lifeless corpses in the nearby village she loved so much.

And the one behind it was her Tutor, the one she had been taught swordsmanship and magic. And on top of that, he was sent out by a rival noble families who held a grudge towards her.

I extended my hand to her and proposed a deal.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we help each other with our revenge?”

And so began our cooperation for our goals, each alike and surprisingly compatible.

We registered at the guild and met a Dwarf named Willow, he worked as a smith.

I took curiosity to his work and requested him to teach me how to forge swords.

I always wanted to make something myself instead of making someone make it for me, and the idea of making them myself was also quite luring.

He surprisingly agreed and began teaching me how to forge swords of all kind.

We in the meantime also went on Adventure by taking requests from the guild, and our first quest was to defeat some slimes.

I utilized a spell created from the Skill ‘Dark Attribute Magic’ called ‘Corruption’ on a slime, it was quite a simple spell yet very effective.

The slime began growing some weird ‘attraction’ towards me.

And due to my very merciful heart, I decided to take it with me as a pet.

As we came back from another adventure, we arrived at an unexpected scene at Willows shop, where he sold weapons and armor.

He was suddenly requested to make a unreasonable amount of magic swords for the kings’ Aide in a short amount of time.

And so, I in return to his generosity for teaching me how to make swords, I decided to help him.

Me, Athena and the newly formed team member Azure went to a abandoned mine to search for a certain magic metal to make the swords.

And in there we encountered a Dragon, or rather said a ‘Poison Dragon’.

We barely managed to escape victoriously, I lost consciousness and Athena brought me back along with the ores we had mined.

The next day, Azure evolved and attained the form of a human girl.

She had Dark blue hair and eyes, and a well endowed chest. And due to her having no clothes as a slime, she was naked on top of me. (Since as a slime, she used to sleep on me)

We managed to create the swords by a hairs breadth of the deadline.

However, the ‘client’s true intentions were different from the ones we imagined. He originally thought of ruining Willow’s as a smith by making him miss a deadline of great importance.

Willow handed over the Swords and left without ever looking back, being fed up with this kingdoms shenanigans, he decided to leave it for good.

Dawnwell was a human supremacist country, Demi-humans and any other races were treated relatively harshly, though not all people in the kingdom were truly evil.

Willow decided to join me, saying that he didn’t have anything else to do now that his business wasn’t going to get any better, especially since he was struggling just to get by due to the very reason of him being a dwarf.

I soon found myself loosing my patience and decided to take action.

I’m going to abridge the story and just cut to the case.

Athena got her revenge due to a string of luck that her targets were near the capital, and I too got my revenge…

That is, if I had known that the very king of this accursed kingdom was overpowered.

He had the ability to stop time, if that wasn’t bad enough, his magic skills and techniques were horrifying to face as well.

And so, I was defeated, my ‘Spirit Form’ was almost destroyed, my arms and legs were missing and I was gradually losing consciousness.

However, thanks to a string of hope, I gained ‘Experience Points’ from my battle against him and evolved into a ‘Dark Soul’, a race ‘I think’ has never existed before.

Now, with a new gained skill ‘Soul Form’ I used it as a opportunity to take a strike at the king to buy enough time to escape.

And in the process, I kidnapped the princess…




I was mad for being defeated, okay! I needed him to suffer for what he had done!

Her name was Alice, she had Golden hair and eyes, she wore a pajama, since it was in the middle of the night when we executed the operation. She had well shaped chest, neither too big nor too small, just the perfect size in comparison to Azure who easily scored one whole size above hers.

She was a righteous person, believing that her father necessitated to be punished for his actions, she was determined to see it through and even fight against him if needed.

Due to her personality, letting her stay there would cause her to receive severe punishment for going against her father, the king.

So, taking her was a good option…

(I’m making excuses for kidnapping a person at this point.)

We left the country now in search for the twin sisters of Iris, Lara and Luna who had been sold as slaves.

We acquired this information by listening to the conversation among the mercenaries that we had ‘defeated’ in our revenge.

We left towards the country of ‘Zeltram’, in search for them.

We found out that a slave trader resided within a town named ‘Knightfall’, where we currently slept in.

I made a deal with the weird and mysterious slave trader, that he would keep the twins safe for the span of nine days, that was the time I had to collect the needed amount of money to buy them back.

I entered a Tournament in hope of gaining the needed amount of money to buy them back, but was defeated at the sudden appearance of Athena in the tournament.

However, even if I was defeated, Athena won the tournament for me.

And so we saved the twins form the slave traders’ claws and went back home.




And that’s where we reach the question at hand.

“Why are the two of you here?”

I asked the two girls clinging on to my arms while in bed.

“”W-We didn’t want to be alone…””, the two of them answered honestly at the same time, Lara and Luna clung even tighter than before.

We had just recently returned home, I decided to go to bed, they followed me and this happened.

“You could sleep with Alice, Azure and Athena in the other room.”, I told them while trying my best not to move, as for I felt very flustered.

“No! I want to sleep with big brother!”, Lara pouted like a child, I could feel her little hands trembling ever so slightly. “Yeah, big sister Iris isn’t here anymore, she used to sleep with us.”

Due to their traumatic experience, they couldn’t help but to feel some reluctance towards making friends with the others.

I released a long yet monotone sigh. “Okay, you two can stay…” ‘but please don’t move too much’, I wanted to say but I couldn’t muster the courage.

I could feel their bodies clinging onto my arms, they legs locking onto sides, the bed was the size for almost two people, so they fit in completely fine.

Although, I didn’t need to sleep, I did it anyway.

I can sleep right?! I know I don’t need to, but sleeping is better than spending my time doing nothing! Since it helps me recover mana (even though I’ve already refilled it).

Out of nowhere, I heard a knock on the door alongside with a soft voice coming from the other side.

“Uhm. Master are you still awake?”, Athena asked in a somewhat flustered voice.

‘Oh no, this I bad. If she finds me like this, it might cause some misunderstandings.’, I thought, moving my hand a little bit causing my arm to press against something soft.

Lara who resided on the left side of the bed, groaned slightly unsatisfied by the position. And readjusted herself by clinging even closer.

‘This is backfiring on me, on a spectacular level!’, as my heart beat fastened, Athena on the other side of the door pondered to herself.

‘What am I even doing here…?’, her cheeks slightly flushed.

She pressed her hand on her chest, she could feel her rapid heart beat increasing as she felt the anticipation of seeing who’s behind the door.

‘I came here on without thinking, I don’t even have an actual reason to be here.’, she looked down in embarrassment of her own actions.

She was wearing a one piece robe as a pajama, the same clothing she had worn when she had spent a night with the boy behind inside the room, right before her.

She smiled remembering the nostalgic memory, however unlike that time, she now had undergarment under her robe, since it would be too embarrassing to walk around pantieless.

Right before she left, a little bummed out from not receiving a single answer. Her friend, Azure appeared from the other side of the corridor, coming out from her room.

“Eh~, Athena are you here to cuddle up with master too?”, Azure made a bold claim as naturally as she breathed.

“W-what?!”, Athena, astonished by her remark said. “Huh? So, you’re not?”

“Wai-, that’s not it, b-but... No, it’s not like that—!”, Athena's mind went on a turmoil.

‘Has she done this before?! I remember that one time, but has she been doing it frequently?!’, Athena confused as all hell, began calculating something similar to the most complex plot in the history of mankind.

“Well, if you’re not going to then, excuse me—“

She opened the door revealing the following:

A young boy, with a expressionless face, with a slight shade of pink plastered on his cheeks. Two small girls not the size of children, yet not completely the size of the average kid clinging onto him as if sharing him equally.

‘Oh no, I’m dead!’

“Hey! No fair, let big sister join in too!”, Azure quickly approached the bed and climbed on top of me and clung to me.

“Ehe~”, she rubbed her head on my chest, like a child. “What are you doing here?”, I asked her, trying to calm my breathing.

I couldn’t help it, may I remind you that I was fifteen years old when I died, I still have the mind of a young virgin teenager who has never had any sexual experiences.

“I came here to cuddle with you, like we did that one time.”

“You should know full well that I would refuse to such request!”, I told her.

Lara and Luna instantly put up their guard and clung even closer.

I suddenly felt a chill on my back, I looked at the open door to meet eyes with Athena.

Even though she didn’t have the ‘Water Attribute Magic’ skill, I could still feel the sheer cold coming from her eyes, looking at me coldly.

She clenched her fist in frustration, and stepped forward.

“W-wait, they said they wanted to stay here, believe me. If I could I’d let them sleep with you girls instead.”

Coming with excuse was pointless, as she reached the bed.

And suddenly joined the fray.

“”Huh?””, me and Azure simultaneously muttered in surprise by her sudden action.

‘I won’t lose!’, although not knowing why she did it, she felt like she couldn’t lose here.

She squished between Azure and Luna, trying to find some space to stay in as well. I could feel her flat chest pressing on my upper part of my stomach as well as Azures, but on the other side.

“”Kh…!””, Lara and Luna felt being pushed back off the bed, but with little strength they had, they pushed forwards and squeezed in between them by getting even closer.

“”Don’t leave us out!””, they shouted.

‘So, heavy…’, I couldn’t speak due to the weight on my body, but they didn’t care and continued trying to find place to lay in.

Azure seemed to be enjoying herself, while Athena seemed to be taking this as a challenge. And the twins, scared of letting go, they clung with all their strength.

“Hey, what’s going on in her—, EH?!”, Alice astound by the sudden shout said, she must've woken up by the noise they were racking.

“What are all of you doing?!”, Alice asked full of surprise and shock.

‘Did you come to save me?!’, a small glimmer of hope appeared before me, upon the way she reacted, it appeared that she had not placed the blame on me.

“Are you here to join us?”, Azure asked, like an invitation.

Alice blushed, her face full of revolt. “N-n-no way!”, Alice refused her offer.

But Azure quickly grabbed her hand. “Come on, he is quite comfortable.”, Azure forcefully pushed Alice down on me.

'I can not let that remark slide!', I thought, I could feel her chests shape perfectly as it’s softness spread across my chest at the same height.

“And now it’s five!”, Azure jumped in on Alice before she could escape, and now the weight was twice as much.

‘Damn it…’

“I need some… more space.”, Athena mumbled, slowly coming to her senses, while creating space between Alice and Luna.

“Ali, come on don’t resist, it’s useless.”, Azure told Alice the cold truth of the matter.

“I-I-its not what you think it is! Don’t get any weird thought okay, Shiro?”, Alice’s face was beet red as she resisted as much as she could to leave, but all it was rendered useless to Azures prowess.

“”We can’t breathe…!””, the twins retracted their heads from below Azure's bosom.

‘Would you…’

“Give me a break already!”

Here is your dear Author, I have come back but not for long, I'll only be able to upload another chapter tomorrow or in a couple of days. I have began working on the Vol. 3 of [Insert this Novel's name], I was thinking about making this volume relatively chill considering the recent volumes.

It'll take a while before Shiro will meet the Reincarnated individuals, since I don't like to skip time, but I'll try to do it as acceptable as possible. I was thinking about making Vol. 4 and 5 like a really good continuation of what I have planned, I hope I'll be able to execute it perfectly.

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