Chapter 77 – The nightmare continues
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‘Why? Why am I still subjected to this torture?’

If you were thinking that after the previous chapter that it would move onto a different segment of the story.

Then, you were wrong.

“Master you look so cute!”, Azure who seemed to be enjoying herself a little too much exclaimed.

“…..”, Athena her cheeks flushed in deep red, held her nose from further nose bleeding. 

“This would look even more amazing…”, Alice skimmed through mountains and mountains of clothes, searching for a next method to torture me even further into oblivion.

“”Big brother turned into a big sister!””

‘Stop it please, my man pride is almost gone…’, as inevitable as it was, I couldn’t escape this punishment.

Right after I left the changing room with my previous clothes, they had another pair ready. I couldn’t resist, as they subdued me.

I could obviously just refuse and run away, or maybe even just deactivate ‘Materialization’, but Luna would still be able to see me.

However, I couldn’t resist their begging eyes… 

“Now, do a little twirl and make a cute pose, please!”, Azure requested in a cutesy way, requesting the impossible from me.

“Hey! N-n-now you’re pushing it!”, I said while stuttering mid way, my cheeks slightly shaded pink, and the tip of my ears were beat red.

“Come on pretty please.”, Azure begged me with puppy eyes, her body slightly inclined towards mine.

I looked at her, then turned to the twins to see them full of anticipation.


I spun around executing a perfect twirl, my skirt rose up revealing a bit of my thighs, and white skin, and my hair floated by the force of the spin generated by my twirl, as if by wind itself.

I quickly pushed down my skirt to make sure not to reveal my legs any further reaching up on a foreign area to the human eye.

“SO CUTE!!!”, Azure squealed with delight.

‘She’s a slime, how does she even know what exactly is cute?’, I kept that question to my self as I felt heat reach up to my head.

I wore a frilled dress, one with pink laces and some blue colored butterfly ties on the tips of the gloves I wore. If that wasn’t nightmarish enough, I was obligated to wear high heels, well not the really high ones, but girlish shoes.

And on top of all that, I was forced to wear a wig of the same color as my hair. To make me look like a full fledged girl.

I felt my cheeks turning even brighter red, the embarrassment was barely bearable if not resistable.

“Now put this one on!”, Alice handed over the set of clothes over to Azure to get her insight on the matter.

“Yes, this would look really good, please try it on!”, Azure presented the clothes before me, I felt that if I had to put any more articles of clothes today I would lose it.

“Why the hell am I even trying these on? We’re not going to buy them!”

“Eh, we aren’t?”, Azure seemed confused. “Of course not! The clothes we’re being is either for everyday occasions or, events.”, outraged by her remark, I stated.

“You might need them one day.”, Alice seemed confident of her opinion, as she smirked so confidently.

“Okay then, tell me on what possible occasion am I to be obligated to wear such attire?”, I asked in a extra polite form, to try and irritate her.

“…”, Alice turned back to inspecting the clothes, without answering my question I took victory upon this discussion.

““So, are you going to put it on or not?””, the twins asked, again with their irresistible puppy eyes. 

‘I guess I have to…’

I involuntarily re-entered the cabin to change clothes once again.

I took off my dress, along side the high heels, and my panties…

Yes, I was forced to put those on as well.

I looked at the bulge between my legs, it was slowly rising and rising….

‘Why am I getting turned on by myself?!’

I quickly got the thoughts out of my mind, and got quickly dressed up in the clothes set before me.

Without knowing, I began regretting this decision.




‘I don’t want to wear this, I don’t want to wear this, I don’t want to wear this, I don’t want to wear this!’

I felt like the order of clothes kept on getting even more indecent as it went on. 

What I had to wear was as revealing as the first if not worst, a mini frilled skirt shaded in deep blue. If that wasn’t bad enough, a frilly shirt that only reached half way down my chest revealing my bellybutton to the world.

On my legs, I wore dark grayish thigh highs like the ones worn by maids.

And on my hair, I wore the previously used wig, and along slide it a couple of hair clips with the symbol of a heart on each side of my hair strands. 

Needless to say, it was a magical girl outfit or at least it seemed to look like it.

‘If I wear this in front of them, I’ll die. Internally!’

My man pride or what little remained of it was at stake, that one time I teased Gray was just me feeling a little bit playful. Is this what I get? For doing what I did, I must repent this way?!

I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t even recognize who was being reflected. 

My pointy ears were visible from between the gaps of my hair, my blood red eyes were sort of feverish yet, as emotionless as always. 

The curves of my body were plain to see, and my white skin as well.

‘Let’s get this over with….’, bidding farewell to my pride, I left the room and presented myself before them, in order to once again damage my manly pride.

“Hehe~, now you look really look like a girl, master.”, Azure kept on teasing me.

Standing before them in such clothing kept on damaging my pride, little by little. 

“Woah, look at how your belly is exposed!”, Lara looked intensely at my stomach. 

Although I was fully clothed, I felt like I’d be better off naked. Due to the intense shame I was feeling, it felt better off not to wear anything.

“You look so cute that you make me want to eat you!”, Luna seemed to have been completely enticed by my ‘charms’, that even her remark made me fright.

“……!”, Athena fell to her knees, unable to stop the flow of blood running out of her nose. I could hear her mumbling ‘cute’ over and over.

As I closed myself in in shame, I caught sight of Alice picking another piece of clothing.

“It’s not over yet!?”, unable to hold it in any longer I approached her to beg for forgiveness.

“This one would look really ‘great’ on you, would you put it on?”, she showed the article, with a smug expression.

‘Those are just strings…..’

A micro bikini, would be the correct word, right? What she held in front of me, would actually kill me, the best weapon against souls of my caliber.

“…hey, don’t say that ‘this’ would look great on me, you’re pushing it far beyond the lines…”

Utilizing the skill ‘Demonic Presence’, unable to hold it in any longer I instilled fear directly into Alice.

Her body trembled, she retrieved the ‘thing’ she wanted me to wear, and apologized.

And so, they continued their shopping for clothes, Shiro was forced into greater despair as the girls greed was unstoppable.

Damaging his man pride until the very end, they finally concluded their search for clothing.

And no one noticed, that Shiro had secretly bough the clothes he was forced to wear.

As for the reason as to why, remained unknown.




A lone person wandered down the road, leading towards a stone gate guarded by two half armored men.

“Huh? I think I saw something.”, the guard alarmed the other, albeit there was no one to see before them.

The second guard winced his eyes trying to capture what he sighted. “Dude, I think you might be hallucinating, have you gotten enough sleep?”

“Yes I did, but I saw something for a second, I swear!”, the second guard seemed doubtful of his partner. 

“I know it’s the middle of the night n’ all, but I think you should go to sleep. I’ll take care of the night duty.”, he offered a proposal in pity of his partner.

“God damn it, I told you I didn’t hallucinate.”, but the second guard didn’t buy it, he released a long sigh. “Okay, forget about it. Let’s just pretend I didn’t say anything.”

The two guards nodded in agreement and went back to their jobs.


The pitch black shadow grinned, as it easily passed by the guards unnoticed.

It’s pitch black cloak fluttered by the wind, the hood covering its head unveiled a pair of animal ears. A fluffy tail wagged excitedly behind its back. 

‘Hehe, I’m finally here. This time, I’ll kill you!’, the assassin finally made its way closer to its target.

‘But first….’


It pressed on its stomach, its insides consisting of emptiness.

‘I’m really hungry…’, having not nourished itself with the necessitated vitamins, it felt it’s stomach calling out for sustenance.

It quickly began searching the nearby area, having just recently arrived a new town unknown to its knowledge, it had to begin researching.


The assassin smelt a scent of food in the distance, it’s stomach reacted almost immediately to the source of the scent.

It was a restaurant, the scent was emitting from an open window.

As the assassin stepped closer, a sudden realization crossed its mind.

‘I don’t have money…’

Having spent most of it on the travel, and inn expanses, it seemed that it’s budget had officially declined.


It cursed its target, for always escaping. As he didn’t even realize he was being pursued.


"What? A new chapter so soon?", yes I'm in holidays so I can sort of concentrate more and have more time on my hands...not. I'm forced to spend time with my family and my cousins are annoying  (the ones below the age of 10). And what's worse is that they spend time in my room! I know my room is the most comfortable place in the house but still! I need peace and quite so that I can write a chapter and that's why this one took a little long to make and it's a bit short as well.

Regardless of that, I hope all of you have a nice Christmas! The update in Genshin just came out and I still have my crappy team unable to not get frozen for more than 10 seconds into Dragonspine. "Press F in the chat for Barbara mains".

Just recently I received a new reader (I get notifications every time someone writes a comment.), I hope they're enjoying the story.

Anyways, I hope all of you have a nice Christmas and a very pleasant evening or night (I don't know what time it is on your side)