Side Story 3 – Half a year
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“Amazing Abell! You’re already able to crawl at such a young age! Mommy is very proud of you!”, a black haired woman sounded her praise aloud.

“Oogah!”, the small child, also known as me, exclaimed in a small cry, while slowly crawling on all fours, struggling to maintain shape.

For those who did not know me, allow me to introduce myself.

Name, Abell, age, 0.5 or you could say that it’s been half a year since I’ve been born, or rather said, reincarnated.

I was once a student back in my world, I had several close friends I’d spend my time with, and my looks were average for a guy—

But my life soon ended at the hand of a tragic accident, where me and all other students lives were taken in a bus crash.

And then, I woke up in a endlessly white realm, where someone self-proclaimed themselves as god, and offered powers for us the reincarnated.

Although, I received my powers, I still don’t know what they are, other than my ‘Divine Protection’.

“O~, oaaahh—!”, I suddenly lost strength in my arms, and nosedived onto the carpet spread on the floor. Thanks to the carpet, the pain wasn’t as heavy as I expected, it was almost like a fluffy cushion, though slightly hardened.

“Oh dear!”, my mother hurriedly picked me up, and tenderly caressed my short black hair.

‘This feels nice~’, enjoying the nice and warm love of my new mother, I closed my eyes in relaxation.

I have officially spent half a year in this world, keeping track of time was a difficult task, I never expected that children would need to sleep all the time, I heard about it, but the fatigue was immense to an unexpected level.

“There, there, you’re a strong girl Abell, you didn’t even cry…”, showering me with even more praise, she kept spreading her motherly love.

And yes, I was reborn as a girl.

Some would freak out about this fact, but I seemed to be surprisingly calm. Having once been a guy, the feeling of being a girl didn’t seem so different, even though as a child it limited my experience as being of the female gender. The only difference between being a guy and a girl that I’ve noticed as of right now, if it wasn’t the most obvious thing I’ve noticed, was the absence of my previous reproductive organ.

It feels like the space that has once been occupied, suddenly disappeared. As if it never existed. At first I was quite shocked and a little uncomfortable, but I got used to it.

“Mommy, I’m back!”, a little girl came from the other side of the door, also with black hair sprinted and hugged mother from behind.

Her speed and momentum were slow and precise to make sure not to startle mom who was carrying me, a six and a half month old child.

“Welcome back Yuri, how was school?”, she asked with a smile on her face, and her tender eyes looked on her daughters.

This is my sister, Yuri. She’s about to turn five years old this month which dictates December, she already frequents school, or rather kindergarten according to her age.

She began explaining mom how her day went.

I was quite surprised to know that she would frequent kindergarten at her age, I have absolutely no idea how the educational system works here, or to what type of school she went to.

I learned that my family consists of noble blood, I’m the second daughter of the ‘Calith’ household, meanwhile Yuri is the first daughter, and there are no other brothers or other sisters in our small family that I am aware of.

As nobles I expected that we’d receive special education compared to commoners, not that I wouldn’t mind getting the same treatment as commoners.

And that raised the question as to what type of education and or school she went to , because as her sister one of my fears is that she might suffer of bullying in the near future or even right now.


“And then the teacher showed a magic spell, and sparks flew everywhere!”, Yuri spread her arms far and wide, to show a possible image of what she described.

‘It seems like it isn’t a problem.’

Albeit I may be only a six and a half month old child, and that I’ve barely known my sister or my mother, I truly cared for them, since now they are my family.

As for my father—

“MY CUTE LITTLE DAUGHTERS, YOUR DADDY IS BACK!”, a grown man came rushing through the door, a large smile plastered on his face and his expression showing genuine happiness.

“UGAH!”, I squealed as he packed me into his arms along side with my sister, he rubbed himself onto us, as a way to express his fatherly love that I could not really feel, except for the agonizing pain of his stroking.

“Daddy, stop it, it tickles, hahaha—“, my sister resisted by pealing him off, but failed to do so.

“Ueegh…”, still unable to speak a single word, I muttered words of displeasure instead.

“Come on~, I’m only able to see you two to three times a week, I need to make best of my little time~!”, my father said.

According to the conversations executed between our parents, my father was a Knight commander, as well as a noble in name, which means he has territories under his name.  And there may be other things tied to him I may not have knowledge of.

Due to his massive amount of responsibilities and work, he had to spend most of his time outside of his home unable to see his daughters and attend to his father related duties.

At first I presumed that he was the type of father who prioritized work over their children, but the way he acts as soon as he sets foot within the house, proved otherwise.

“Ho-ho, I could stay like this forever~”, my fathers smile deepened even further.

My father appeared to be in his twenties, he still had young facial characteristics, fair skin, no beard or facial hair, and his hair still remained black.

His eyes resembled obsidian like color, and his height was approximately close to the average male or taller.

“Heeep mee.”, a cry for help served me no good, and my sister gave up resistance and laid herself limply on his arms like a toy, lifelessly waiting for it to be either dropped or unwanted.

‘Don’t give up hope, sis!’

“Dear, would you please let them go. They seem to be quite in pain.”, our mother, the saint herself, requested of our overly-doting father for our release.

“Oh, come on. Let me indulge myself a little longer, I can barely see them at all!”

“… speaks the person who didn’t even show up at her brith…”

Father looked at her with the same pained expression. “You’re still mad about that? You know that I take both our family and my job seriously, and on that specific day I couldn’t show up.”

“I know that, but for gods sake! It’s your second daughter, why would you miss on something so important?!”

Our father was taken back, he held his mouth unable to mutter a single word, knowing that she was correct.



Rationally speaking, as long as my birth was safely conducted without problems, his presence wouldn't be of much use. On the other hand, emotionally speaking it would be questionable as to why the other parent would be missing on the birth of its child, whether first or second one.

Personally, I felt no remorse, it was understandable that work sometimes was more important above all else depending on the circumstances, his unattained presence did make me skeptical as to whether he was a good parent, but meeting him in person made my view of him change drastically.

“Uaaagh!”, I howled breaking the ice that had suddenly filled the room

The ice suddenly broke by a single mutter, father handed me over to mom, and Yuri was released back on the ground safely.

“Well that was that, and when we’re talking on the subject, we’ll be leaving for the evening, have you hired a babysitter?”, my mom asked our father, who it seems she had entrusted with the task of searching for a caretaker.

He put his hand on the back of his head. “Ehe~, I sort of did…”, he answered troubled, averting his eyes from his wife.

“What happened?”, her sharp gaze pierced his, sending shivers up his spine.

“I—“, he opened his mouth, but no response came.

“…”, our mother gazed into his dark obsidian eyes, the intense atmosphere filled the room.

As the two of us watched this face off between a Knight commander, and a single woman, our father finally seemed to have opened his mouth in order to respond.

“I ordered a Knight of the roundtable to do it~”

“WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!”, our mother suddenly raised her voice, and apprehended our father in a single strike.

“Wait, there’s an explanation!”


Our mother, who’s senses were lost, was now no longer possible to reconcile with.

‘Knight of the roundtable?’, another word I did not expect to encounter in this world. If I had to guess by name alone, it would be a Knight from a roundtable, pretty self explanatory.

“I couldn’t find a caretaker in time, I had placed a quest over a week ago at the guild, but nobody answered. So, I was in a little rush and went to ask the king for the assistance, and so he offered a Knight to assist.”, he explained as quickly as he could within the realm of his human limits.

Our mother sighed.

“I see, I guess you are forgiven. Though, it would’ve been far more reassuring had it been a normal adventurer, instead of the literal knights! Tell me you didn’t use your position as a Knight commander to hire them?”

“No, no, no, I would never use my position to do such thing, though it was weird that the king accepted it so easily…”, he muttered a little ashamed of himself as he remembered his words—

‘Someone to take care of your daughters? Ho~, I might have the perfect Knight for you.’, and so the conversation went with the king laughing amusingly here and there, to the point where he even asked himself if he was right in the head, but he was already used to the kings usual banter.

“Alright, do you know when he or she will arrive?”, our mother raised a important question.

They were going out on a meeting with other nobles, it was a official party, so only adults were allowed. So they arranged a adventurer or a babysitter to take care of me and my sister.

We had maids obviously, but they weren’t experienced in combat and under the circumstances that a thief or a monster would invade our mansion we would be rendered useless.

And as everyone knows, or could likely begin to guess, the likely hood of such a occurrence was slim to none, however—

—my parents were overprotective, and doting as well.

Alas, they chose to hire an adventurer, guard or a caretaker that could keep us save under any circumstances.

‘I feel weird being protected up to this extent…’

“They should be arriving in a couple of minutes.”, he answered to mothers question.

“‘They’? Is there more than one?”

“According to what I heard, there’s a new Knight in the roundtable, and he’s the one being sent to us, along with the supervision of another..”, our father responded.

“I see.”

Sigh, our mother sat down while rocking me at a certain speed.

“Seriously, you always get to make our problems far more complicated.”, she sighed as she spoke, our father hung his head low, the impact of the arguments finally sunk deep enough to cause a physical reaction, making him sulk down.


The sudden sound of a doorbell rang from a distance, our mothers eyes suddenly opened wide in surprise.

“I didn’t expect them to be so soon.”, placing me on the fluffy carpet, next to my sister she said. “Take care of your little sister for a little bit, while mommy and daddy take care of things real quick.”

Our parents left the room, and headed for the entrance hall to attend to the visitors, whom they presumed to be the awaited Knights.

“So cool! A Knight is coming over to play with us! And one of the roundtable at that!”, Yuri, using her body to balance our weights she picked me up.


“Yes! Those amazing Knight whose names have been heard across the entire kingdom, there’s no one in the kingdom who doesn’t know them, however not many people have met them in person, but they definitely exist!”

Her over enthusiasm made me crack a smile, happy, knowing that she was enjoying her self.

“Would you like to hear what they’re talking about?”, she whispered to me, and I nodded weirdly not to cause any suspicion to arise.

“Hehe~, you really are my sister~!”

She slowly walked towards the door, and left the room.

“…thi… rea…knig… do?”

A distant voice was heard, although I could barely manage to catch a single word, the voice emitted a feeling of skepticism.

“Of course this is what a Knight should do, service the kingdom or something like that—“, a low mechanical voice spoke, almost completely drowned in drowsiness.

“You clearly have no idea.”, a soft voice muttered.

Yuri hid behind the corners of the hallway and stole some peeks at the guests, however their visage was blocked by our guardians standing in the way.

“Don’t complain, unless you want another job like the previous one.”, the low mechanical voice threatened.

“… at least I’d be doing something more worthwhile…”

“Said something?”


The instant response reassured the holder of the mechanical voice.

“Welcome, knights, at our humble residence. We give you many thanks for answering our call, please, make yourselves at home.”

‘Wow, so he can actually be serious…’, I awed, taken back by our fathers politeness, as we hid behind the corridors corner stealing peeks over and over.

“Thanks for having us.”

The first Knight, wore simple armor made from platinum, a sword hung from his hip, to the contrary of his holy appearance, his eyes had bags beneath them, making you question as to how this entity was capable of standing before them without losing consciousness and drift to the realm of dreams.

“Hey, where’s your manners? Get in here and introduce yourself.”, the Knight demanded, as another shadow entered the facility.

“…Sheesh, you didn’t even introduce yourself…”

Setting foot in the mansion, was a youth, with pure white hair as snow and skin so white that it seemed to be unable to reflect sunlight, its eyes colored in deep crimson like blood, it seemed to own the appearance of both genders, thus making it easy to misunderstand its sex, to which even I had a hard time guessing.

It’s body was covered in clad black armor with a long skirt that reached its feet, and metal gloves that seemed like claws of a dragon covered his arms and hands, this whole attire made it even more difficult to judge his gender.

But what stood out most was its weapon.

A pitch black blade the length of a slightly shortened claymore, its color seemed to devour all light, not even reflect as much as a glimmer, and the red veins encroaching the blade seemed to crave for something unknown to this world.

“I apologize for my rudeness, my name is Shiro, I am known as the ‘Knight of Patience’, it is my utmost please to meet you acquaintance.”


What is this??? A future chapter? NO! It is a chapter to indicate a future event, I felt like there was supposed to be something between the previous chapter and the next.

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