Chapter 82 – Excalibur
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“What the hell!!??”

Would be an adequate reaction to what stood before us, or rather said, was plain to see by everyone’s eyes.

“Holy?!”, even Willow, whom I’ve barely seen surprised as of late, showed a expression of true shock, his eyes budged out like sprinkles.

“…so big…”, Athena could only admire from afar, her eyes almost sparkling like the ones of a child.

“”Wooow!!!””, I’m going to cut it short, what was ‘there’ was outside of human comprehension, or maybe realm of possibility standing.

In the horizon was set a pair of pure white walls, the color made one think they were made from chalk or quartz.

What I wanted to explain as the singularity in all of this, is it’s height and length, along with width too since it seemed endless.

And from our location, even if it was deemed impossible, you could recognize a huge tower like thing in the distance, like a spear piercing the skies.

We weren’t even close enough to touch it, yet it seemed to be massive from our perspectives from here in the middle of the green plains.

‘What on gods name is that? Wall Maria? If that’s the case, run Eren!’, I punned which I sometimes do under circumstances where I deem it needed.

“Even though we’ve been here once, the sight still amazes me even until today, you’d be even more surprised by what’s on the other side.”, Gray commented awfully chipper as if the whole capital had belonged to him.

“This place still gives me the chills.”, Laila said holding her stomach due to nausea, while Silvet seemed to be applying some sort of spell on her to prevent things from escalating.

“You see that white tower looking thing?”, Gray asked with a grin on his face. “Yeah I can see it… don’t tell me—“

Oh no

“That’s right, what you’re seeing in the distance is the castle.”

‘Oh my god…’, as I had feared, the castle was the humongous tower beyond the walls, I felt my heart quiver imagining the distance we’d have to travel, even though a big chunk of it was being paid by Grays party members just for us to reach the first town within the castle.

“Is it me, or is Dawnwell nothing compared to Zeltram…?”, a question surged in my mind, and Mash who was also admiring the visage inquired.

“You’re not wrong, in comparison to Dawnwell, Zeltram is actually almost two to three times its size.”, Mash, one of my main Wikipedia sources, informed.

“And if you think this is impressive, be ready for when you’ll be on the other side.”

“We’re going in?”, I can’t, the size is too big for me, and I’m already astonished by its appearance from the exterior.

“Yes, after all—“, Mash looked at Gray who was smiling with a wide grin.

“It’s inside where we’ll find Excalibur!”, Gray exclaimed like a child on a field trip, who’s excitement couldn’t be stopped.

‘Poor guy, he lost himself in his own fantasies that he forgot about his main problems…’, and what I talked about was his financial problema.

Gray no longer has anything, he sold most of his equipment just to be able to pay for an inn and food, sold his Magic sword we found in a dungeon, and gambled all of his money, and right when he tried to win a competition that he had little chance to succeed in order to win a prize in money, he lost himself in his greed, and got defeated by my hands.

And now, this pathetic creature, looked like a child about to open a gift on Christmas eve.

I ignored his happiness, which seemed foolish to me, and glanced once gain towards the white walls with blue flags hung from above.

“What’s the history behind the walls?”, I asked curiously, my eyes glued on the walls like a moth to a flame.

“Where should I start, back when the demon king terrorized the world, it’s been said that almost fifty percent of the world was dominated by the demon king, at some point Zeltram became the last bastion of humanity, while the other countries that were still relatively underdeveloped, came under their wing and assisted with support.”

Mash continued her long explanation. “These walls may look ordinary at first, but they’ve sustained countless of assaults from all types of monsters or enemies, not even the demon king was able to strike down these walls easily.”

“How strong was the demon king? He’s probably like a ultra-boss type, or a ‘Dark Souls’ boss.”

Mash pressed her finger on her cheek in thought. “If we had to measure in scale, he’d be capable of obliterating a whole continent if he used all of his power or more.”


‘Hey hey hey, are you telling me humanity survived against such a monster? And these walls were able to defend it?’, my eyes widened a bit, astounded by her words.

At this point I began to believe that not even Reiner or Bertolt would be able to put even as much as a scratch on those damn walls.

“Do you by chance know what they’re made of?”

If these wall were Able to protect against world shattering attacks, it must either be made from Orichalcum, or some different material which may be unknown to me.

“Beats me, from what good ole' me can tell is that it is more likely made from quartz if anythin’.”, Willow commented, sending glances at the walls.

“We don’t know much either, cracking a piece from the wall is useless, it’s almost unbreakable. And if that was not enough, then you’d be surprised that there is a magic defense system that only activates under the circumstances that it is found breakable.”

“So, cutting it short. It’s unbreakable.”

Nod, Nod, Nod

I didn’t believe that bull.

Even considering the implementation of magic and possibly science behind it all, my doubt still remained, making me not believe that these walls would be able to survive a nearly ‘Atomic Bomb’ level assault.

“Is it really unbreakable? Like, what if they need to expand even further? Are they gonna build another wall but further away?”

Mash shook her head.

“No, these walls are breakable, but it is unknown how to, to the people. The only people who could possibly know would be the nobility that is closely tied to the king or the king himself along with his subordinates, and climbing over the wall is nearly impossible, if you try to cross it your body will be electrocuted by the defense system.”

‘That’s one scary defense system.’, my body shuddered upon the thought of getting electrocuted, even though most of my skills would numb the pain and nullify most of the effects.

Suddenly the carriage stopped.

“We have arrived.”, our taxi driver, or rather, carriage driver announced our arrival.

We looked outside and became speechless—

“At this point, I shouldn’t be surprised, but what the hell?!”

The carriage stopped before a gate, yes a gate one could say. A passage between here and there, a gate. Would be what I’d describe it, if it weren’t for the massive walls surrounding it.

Just like the walls, the gate was extravagantly exaggerated.

The gate as white as chalk, decorated with an emblem of a dragon colored in deep blue. And one line of people awaiting for entry past the unbreakable barrier.

“I would like to know why there are so many people here.”, indicating a question to Mash specifically.

“It’s a capital, what’d you expect?”, Laila responded her stead.

“I see.”, I decided not to pursue for an answer any further, and targeted my eyes towards the number of guards attending the people.

“Don’t worry, they’ll simply ask you what you came here for or your adventurer identification.”, Laila reassured me of my worry.

“If you say so.”

We left the carriage and stood in line waiting for our turn, the line was relatively long but not enough to say it was a lot, at best moderate.

“Uwaah~.”, Alice stretched her arms, having her body unmoving for a long time must’ve made her arms and legs dull.

“Ha~, I feel so much better now.”, Alice made her relief obvious with a comment.

I too could relate to that feeling, I remember the feeling of stretching my arms after a twelve hour car road trip.

“I must say this place brings back memories, not good ones though.”, Willow commented as he gazed at the gate with a nostalgic look.

“You’ve been to the capital before?”, I asked, my eyes slightly opened in surprise, I knew he had once resided in Zeltram, but not him having gone to the capital.

“Yeah, been here before, my teacher lives there ya see.”, Willow answered with a grumpy voice, he must be remember not so pleasant memories.

We reached the front of the gates in no time, the other side was covered by the gate, thus making it impossible to see what’s behind.

“Welcome to Zeltram, please show us your guild card, and state your affairs.”




“Yep, not impressed.”, I tried my best to guise my surprise with a monotone answer.

Much to the outside appearance, the insides were equally fancy, the houses looked like they were made from the same material as the walls, fancy decorated as well as medieval style.

The buildings looked like they were owned by nobles, simply high class looking and beautiful to mesmerize at.

The people weren’t all too fancily clothed, they wore common clothes in the standards of the civilization of this time.

“I really can’t get used to this.”, Laila pressed onto her forehead holding back a headache. “I am reluctant to say, but I agree with Laila. This is just too much for me.”, Silvet too seemed overwhelmed by the scenery.

“Master. This place is huge!”, Azure said her eyes sparkling, her gaze seem to meet itself everywhere.

It was no exaggeration to say, the capital was huge. If the streets had to be measured with objects from earth, the streets were wide enough to fit two cars.

And the buildings were so large that the sun barely seemed to make it into the streets, and the shadows covered the whole streets.

“I bet in the evening, the streets would look beautifully.”, Athena looked at the crimson colored sky, indicating that the sun would be setting soon.

“We should look for Inns to stay in, do you know anywhere where we could cra—“

'oh no-'

I failed to calculate the variables, I gazed at Gray who was smiling creepily, his eyes spoke insanity by just one look.

“Finally…”, his mouth moved, everyone in his party including me knew what was about to happen, knowing his circumstances, it was in one word.


“FORGET SLEEP! I NEED TO GO GET EXCALIBUR!”, he dashed out running at full speed, his eyes spinning deliriously.

The thought that his objective— his goal stood right before him, made him lose all reason in an instant. Thus leading him to a desperate run for it.

“Shouldn’t we go get him.”, I asked, but Laila shook her head. “No, even if we caught him. He’d desperately struggle.”

“If you’re worried about him, we’ll go check in for an Inn for you.”

“Is it really alright if I go?”, I asked. “Yeah, he’ll need someone to cry to when he fails to pull the thing out.”

“…”, I moved my gaze towards Athena, and she nodded in approval.

“Thank you, I’ll be in your care then.”, I turned around and ran towards Gray who escaped at full speed.




“Hey Gray, would you slow down, for gods sake.”, I shouted in a barely audible voice, the stares from the people around me pierced like knives.

‘Don’t make me embarrass myself more than that!’, the stares were killing me.

Imagine a vampire looking boy running after a maniac who’s officially lost his mind, dashing at full speed towards a sword he won’t even be able to lay his hands on.

That’s the scene at hand, or context rather said.

Even if I looked like a vampire due to my traits such as red eyes and fangs that are only visible if I open my mouth, the fact that I am able to stand outside without burning to death means that I am not a vampire.

Gray whom I could finally notice in the distance spoke no word, whether that meant my words reached him or not, I do not know.

‘If I leave him alone, he’ll get in trouble!’, whether it would happen or not, something was telling me not to let him go by himself or else something bad would happen!

“…”, I felt my body heating up, the thought of having to scream out loud embarrassed me as is, the gazes would kill me!

The scenery began to change, from the pure white streets and buildings, to open plains with a stone path leading towards a huge venue in the distance surrounded by a lot of people.

Both young and old, men and women, were gathered in one place. It raised a question in my mind which I easily deducted.

‘The holy sword must be located there.’

“I FINALLY MADE IT!”, Gray exclaimed, the people’s gazed moved to his presence in an instant.

‘No you won’t!’


I jumped onto Gray from behind and caught him in my arms, holding tightly onto him making sure he won’t escape.

“Gray calm down.”, I told him in a my usual monotone voice, his face flat on the ground mumbled. “Mhmmhm.”

He shaked his body desperately trying to resist.

“I told you to calm down, I’ll wait here with you, what about that?”, I purposed him a suggestion, and he seemed to have calmed down.

“rweaally?”, a voice came from his mouth, his head still pressed against the grass surrounded by a good number of people.

“Yeah, but in exchange please calm down.”

I released him, and he immediately rose his head.

“Haah~.”, he breathed deeply, as if his life was about to slip away.

Everyone surrounding us was sending gazes here and there, 'who are they' or 'what is going on' such questions were being spread amongst each other.

“Sorry ‘bout that.”, I apologized to him, my cheeks slightly flushed for my sudden charge, the embarrassment reached my head thus causing this reaction. “It’s no problem, I guess I got that coming, blood rushed to my head too quickly.”

We both stood up and removed ourselves from the crowd.

“Is this where the sword is?”, I asked him to ascertain my guess. “It should be…”


I suddenly realized his cheeks were slightly red and he averted eye contact.

“You know Shiro…”


“You’re unexpectedly light.”

“Are those your last words?”, I gripped his hair with my hands, forcefully.

“Auch, auch, okay I’m sorry.”, he apologized his cheeks reddening even further.

‘The hells wrong with you?’, I thought as I peeked through the crowd.

“So, how does this work? We’ll wait until it’s our turn or?”, I inquired Gray for an answer and he scratched his cheek, seeming troubled.

“I think we should try and walk through the crowd and see.”, Gray said taking a step forward, he must truly be inching to pick up that sword with his two hands.

We moved through the crowd of people, until we arrived at some big open space.

In there we found one line of people waiting for their turn, for what you ask?

To grab the sword, at the pedestal.

Surrounding the pedestal were beautiful white flowers and enriched with grass and nature, along with a tremendous amount of mana I could sense just by looking

‘What the hell!’

I felt like a side character watching the mc’s power rise, but that was coming from the sword itself.

If I were to describe the feeling that came from the sword, it would be menacing. As a Spirit with his Soul in physical form and with the name 'Dark Soul' as its Race, the very existence of the sword was the bane of my being.

It felt like a cold shrilling wind past by my body as if I were naked.

“There it is, my sword.”, Gray had a string of saliva dripping from his mouth, as if he was watching a buffet right in front of his eyes, he even spoke as if it already had belonged to him.

“Let’s wait in line, have patience, all things come at their pace.”, as if I was the one to talk, considering the time I spent in this world, I’ve been rushing things quite a lot.

“Don’t worry baby, you’ll soon come to papa.”, Gray creepily spoke, which made me want to vomit for a split second.




Somewhere outside the realm of mortals, or closely said, inside ones being, two entities faced each other.

“What a pain in the ass, are you just here to waste my time, or are you going to do something?”

The one who spoke, was a youth, with Snow White hair and skin as well, he wore clad black armor, one that the person had once worn before.


The second entity spoke no word, nor mutter much less a sound.

“Tch, can’t even crack a joke, can you?”

On his deep gold colored eyes reflected the entity’s shape, recognizing to be a woman, with long black hair and a pair of ice blue colored eyes, like glorious gems.

The two showed no expression, no emotion, nothing.

“I know hey you’re here, I may not know you but I can tell—“, he made a creepy grin, unbecoming of his child like face.

“That you’re here to get rid of me.”

The opposing party did not answer.

“And this is why I said this was a pain in the ass…”

The youth opened the palm of his hand, a small crack opened itself revealing a sword that seemed to cast light upon all shadows, getting rid of all evil in the world.

“Do you know what is about to happen?”


“Hey, I’m beginning to feel like I’m talking to myself!”


“Heh, might as well be. Or else I would die of boredom.”

His golden eyes that seemed to suck you in, reflected the holy blade, he passed his hand through the crack and brought forth the sword as if it had been obtainable.

“This sword isn’t made from ‘Light’ attribute mana, it contains something much, much more powerful than mana itself, or maybe a different attribute, who knows?”


“This sword was once held by one of the summoned heroes, this very blade pierced the demon king, thus putting an end to his reign.”


Same expression as before, the entity kept on looking at the youth, unmoving.

“If my guess is correct, then this blade, would reinforce whoever is it’s bearer. Or you could say it would boost the wielders stats and skills.”

Needless to say, the entity spoke nothing as usual considering the rhythm of this conversation, if that’s what it could be described as.

“So, let’s just say. That if ‘I’ picked up this sweet sword, what do you think’d happen?”


“You can’t just stand still and watch from the sidelines any longer, can you?”

The entity’s eyes sharpened, as sharp as the edges of a sword.

“After all, if he pulls it out—“





“Hey kid, your turns over, let the next one try.”,


Gray hugged the sword with all his might, as tears ran down his cheeks.

It was a pitiful sight, yet to be expected. I was truly surprised by his remarkable stubbornness, but this, this was just straight up sad.

“Gray, please give up. You’re causing a scene.”, I tried peeling him off, along side another participant in the pulling of the divine blade.


“Okay, kid. On the count of three, use all of your strength, we need to pull this miserable piece of human trash off.”


“SHIRO, YOU FILTHY TRAITOR!”, Gray cried tears in size of bullets, even I felt bad, but this was expected. He put himself on a pedestal before even seeing where he was going to.







We pulled Gray off the sword, sending him flying face down onto the floor, his head flatly on the hard ground.

“Thank you for your cooperation.”, the guy who assisted in the peeling off the filth from the sword showed me his gratitude.

He rubbed his hands on his clothes to get rid of the 'Filths' dirt that had gone on his hands from touching him.

“Acknowledge it or not, this is not the first time something like this has happened.”, he told me while sighing heavily.

“Really?”, I said curiously.

“Yep, there have been a lot of people who were as desperately as him.”, he explained with a tired expression.

“There’s this so called ‘Prophecy’ that has been spreading across the country.”

He looked around seeing that the people were still awaiting for the next person to attempt to pull out the sword.

“It’s been said that a hero will be born in the future, and that he’ll pull out the sword. Ever since that ‘Prophecy’ has been proven truthful by the ‘Sage’ and the ‘Pope’, people have come all over the kingdom to try and pull the sword for the past two years.”

“And as you can see, the number hasn’t gone down one bit since the publication of the news.”, he explained.

“So, do you want to try and pull it?”, he asked.

“I’m not sure.”

‘That sword will kill me.’, those were the vibes emitted from the sword.

“Why not, there’s nothing to lose, now is there?”, he said.

I put my hand on my chin in thought.

“Do it… Shiro… and then give it to me…”

Gray, whom I had presumed to be dead, and marked off as deceased mumbled with little strength he had.

“Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

‘Not like I have much hope anyway.’

I approached the sword, my hands trembled slightly at the sheer amount of mana surrounding the sword, so dense it might purify me in an instant.

On closer inspection, the sword looked like a claymore slightly shortened, to be in the same category as a sword, and the blade seemed so clean despite its apparent age.

The handle had some weird writings, which I couldn’t inspect due to it being cut short by a lace covering the remaining of the handle.

‘Okay, here goes nothing.’

I grabbed the sword and my body shook.



‘Don’t touch me you filth!’

A high pitched voice rang throughout my ears like a bell, I felt my body shudder at every word being spoken by this pixy like voice.

‘How dare you, a monster touch my pure body!”, the girlish voice screamed even louder.

‘I won’t let the likes of you steal my chastity! Begone!’

“Hey, I have a question.”, I turned to the guy I spoke a couple of minutes ago. “Does it normally speak? And is it obnoxiously annoying?”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”, he seemed confused by my question.

‘So it normally doesn’t speak…’, that didn’t get rid of my doubts, I tried pulling the sword which hadn’t moved an inch.

‘Didn’t you hear me? Are you deaf? Wouldn't surprise me, filthy monsters like you have lost all etiquette! I will be getting rid of you now!”


My hands felt a small pinch, and I felt my body weaken remarkably.

‘It’s sucking my mana!’

‘Haha! How do you like that? You should feel grateful that you have received the blessing of having your mana consumed by the likes of I.’

‘This b*tch!’

“Hey, are you okay?”, the guy saw that I suddenly fell to my knees, and asked worriedly.

“Yes I’m okay, just give me one more minute to shut this thing up.”, I reassured him.

“…shut it up…?”

‘Hey! W-what are you doing?!’


‘Ouch! Stop it!’

‘You had it coming!’

‘Not so cocky now, are we?’

The mana that had been previously sucked, began restoring itself, While the blade, kept on screaming into my ear drums.


'It's your fault in the first place!'

I felt my mana recovering and getting sucked back immediately, it's like a game of who has more water in their cup or who can finish the beverage first.

The mana of the sword felt horrid, it felt like my body was surrounded by sheer heat and agony, it wasn't actual damage or pain, but it felt uncomfortable.

'but-', what was most surprising was the sword itself, the insides weren't like a jimble jumble like 'Space' attribute magic. It felt dense like it had no openings to get pierced. Imagine it like cheese with no holes, or very small ones.

For me to be able to 'Corrupt' this sword, I'd have to escape through every gap, to eventually reach the core.

'Using 'Mana Manipulation' isn't enough, I need to pump up things.'

It felt like I was trying to run past a wall, or that something pressed my hands back instead of forth.

'How can I pierce it? The spell 'Corruption' is only capable of turning mana of other attributes into a version of its own, like a mishmash. So what could I do?'

Pure mana, or mana without an Attribute gets turned into 'Dar Attribute Mana'  when in contact with the 'Spell' which is theoretically just me spreading mana. 'Fire' gets turned into a mishmash form which came in the shape of a Skill 'Flame Manipulation', and so on.

"kh!", my legs suddenly gave out and now the only thing that held strength were my hands.

'HAHA! How amusing, your despair is so delicious! I could watch you on forever!'

'Will you shut up please?!'

Fine, if you want it that way, I'll simply poor everything I have!!!

"'Corruption', 'Corruption', 'Corruption', 'Corruption', 'Corruption', 'Corruption', 'Corruption', 'Corruption', 'Corruption'!"

I felt something crack in my head, but I paid it no mind.


The voice suddenly turned into an inaudible voice.

Everything surrounding me got painted in pitch black mist, my mana must be running rampant.




The sudden voice became mechanical, like the status popups. 

The sword slowly began darkening.


'Won't happen!'

I poured what little I had left and suddenly.


The blade, the divine sword was in my hands, and I lost consciousness due to my depleted mana-


<< Your Attribute Values have increased drastically! >>

<< You have acquired the Unique Skill 'Excalibur'-. >>

<< Error: Unique Skill 'Excalibur' has been translated to 'Morgan'. >>

<< You have acquired the Skill 'Mana Enlargement'. >>

<< The Skill 'Augmented Mana'  has merged with 'Mana Enlargement'. >>

<< You have reached level 100! >>

<< You have evolved from 'Dark Soul' to 'Demon Soul Knight'. >>

<< You have acquired the Skills 'Vampirism', 'Poison Secretion:(Claws, Fangs)' . >>

<< The Skill 'Bloodsucking' has merged with 'Vampirism'. >>

<< Your job has been forcefully changed to 'Holy Knight'- >>

<< Error: Job has been translated to 'Unholy Knight'. >>

<< You have acquired 'Unholy Blade Technique'. >>

<< The Skill 'Dual Soul Blade Technique' has fused with 'Unholy Blade Technique' and has become 'Demon Soul Blade Technique' >>

<< You have acquired the title of 'False Hero' >>

<< You have acquired the Unique Skill 'Usurper'. >>

<< The Skill 'No-Attribute Magic' has evolved into 'Hollow Knight Magic'. >>

<< The Skill 'Dark Attribute Magic' has evolved into 'Demon Knight Magic'. >>

<< The levels of 'Pain Nullification', 'Enhanced Agility', 'Dark Vision', 'Fast Regeneration', 'Mana Enlargement', 'Embodiment', 'Intuition', 'Status Effect Resistance', 'Superhuman Strength', 'Vampirism', 'Super Automatic Mana Recovery', 'Chant Nullification', 'Enhanced Vitality', 'Magic Resistance', 'Possession', 'Mana Magic', 'Mana Manipulation', 'Destroy Limits', 'Demon Soul Blade Technique', 'Demon Magic', 'Demonic Presence', 'Flight', 'Fast Thought Processing', 'Dark Flame Manipulation', 'Liquid Manipulation', 'Wrath', 'Distorted Mind' and 'Soul Form' have increased. >>


Name: Shiro

Race: Demon Soul Knight

Age: 0 Years old

Titles: 'False Hero'

Job History: Ordinary Person, Dark Attribute Mage, Astral Smith, Thread User, Wrath User, 

Job: Unholy Knight

Job Level: 0

Level: 0


  • Vitality: 3700 (Increased by 2600)
  • Mana: 12057 (Increased by 4000)
  • Strength: 10240 (Increased by 6545)
  • Agility: 6990 (Increased by 4290)
  • Endurance: 4884 (Increased by 2400)
  • Intelligence: 6349 (Increased by 2000)

Passive Skills:

  • Pain Nullification: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!) 
  • Enhanced Agility: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Dark Vision: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Fast Regeneration: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!) 
  • Mana Enlargement: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!) (NEW!)
  • Embodiment: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!) (NEW!) 
  • Intuition: Level 6 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Status Effect Resistance: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Superhuman Strength: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Vampirism: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!) (NEW!)
  • Super Automatic Mana Recovery: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Chant Nullification: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Enhanced Vitality: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Thread Refining: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Magic Resistance: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!)

Active Skills:

  • Possession: Level 4 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Hollow Knight Magic: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!) (NEW!)
  • Mana Manipulation: Level 7 (LEVEL UP) 
  • Destroy Limits: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Archery: Level 2
  • Demon Soul Blade Technique: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!) (NEW!)
  • Demon Knight Magic: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Scream: Level 4
  • Demonic Presence: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Etiquette: Level 1
  • Fast Eating: Level 3 
  • Flight: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Dismantling: Level 2 
  • Cooking: Level 2 
  • Fast Thought Processing: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Alchemy: Level 3
  • Blacksmith: Level 5
  • Mining: Level 1
  • Dark Flame Manipulation: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Coordination: Level 1
  • Thread Reeling: Level 6 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Liquid Manipulation: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Poison Secretion:(Claws, Fangs): Level 1 (NEW!)

Unique Skills:

  • Wrath: Level 9 (LEVEL UP!) 
  • Distorted Mind: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Soul Form: Level 4 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Morgan: Level 1 (NEW!)
  • Usurper: Level 1 (NEW!)


I hope all of you enjoyed this chap, took me a while but here it is!

I was thinking about making two chapters, but then I thought 'Why don't I make one, the size of two?' and so here it is.

I might change some things about his status if it may interfere with the development of my story.

In the meantime, think a name for 'Dark Excalibur', the current name is too long, and I'd like suggestions for the name for the corrupted blade!

Regardless of all that, I hope all of you enjoyed this chap!