Chapter 27
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“So, this is like our first real date?”

“Not sure what you mean by the date, it is the 13th.”

“I mean this is our first romantic outing together.”

“You mean you don’t count when you peeped on me at the waterfall or when I saved you in the Corpse Maze?”

"Wait! Did you save me? I think you forget that I was just fine in my creation."

I retorted with a stupid grin on my face as Leyara and I walked through the now bustling city of Trunk. We were holding hands and drawing an incredible number of glances, whispers, and cheers.

“Are we breaking some rule? I mean I am hardly a prince or something to be with the daughter of the King.”

“Oh, now we are together? That’s mighty forward of y—”

She couldn't finish her jab as I scooped her up and nuzzled her neck which drew several jealous glares from some men and soldiers and the silent cheers of so many others. Leyara was an incredible beauty in the Folioran, human or other eyes and she had never previously had romantic entanglements, but here she was casually flirting and playing with a tall, dark, and incredibly undead individual!

Of course, it wasn't going unnoticed as there were spies for the King watching their traps through the city. I felt their observations and would casually shoot them smiles and thumbs up from time to time. Leyara seen me and would glare daggers at the spies and then would follow up with a hot and heavy make-out session or a hand slipped into my back pocket. She was retaliating against her dad, hahaha!

"What is there to do for fun in the Sea of Leaves?"

“Let’s see, we could do so many things! We could try the vine swings, the Lightning Lilies are beautiful this time of year and of course, the Sprinters are always a blast and would give my father a heart attack!”

“Ok, Let’s do all of that but first…”

I felt a buzzing in the back of my head. Duskra had activated my beacon box. I scooped Leyara up in my arms and sprinted off towards the direction of the box. I wasn't sure how there could be an issue, even Ron had quite the battle prowess, but in the city… We left the city and began running back towards the west where Angleton was.

I sent a telepathic message to Leyara explaining where and why we were going. We had traveled for some time and were nearing the edge of the Sea of Leaves when we finally entered an encampment. The scene that unfolded in front of us didn’t take a lot of explanation.

Dog was in his battle form with a spear sticking out of his flank and the little girl dangled by her ankle from the hand of a soldier. The wooden box in her hand as she kept repeating my name. There were several other soldiers with their weapons drawn and holding Ron back as he was trying to get back to Duskra. The soldiers’ intent was honestly, worse than the situation.

“You belong to that undead monster that’s always hanging with the Princess. You probably kidnapped this girl.”

“No, he didn’t! We were chasing butterflies together!”

Duskra was coming to Ron’s defense even as her face began getting darker as the blood rushed to her head. I sat Leyara down and looked at her to convey my feelings on the matter.

“Go ahead, just try not to kill any of them. I can just hurt their careers later.”

I smiled in return before I disappeared. I grabbed Duskra and sat her on my shoulders before I appeared next to Ron and removed the spear and healed him. I sat Duskra back on Ron’s back as he shrunk back down to his normal size. I grabbed a candy and a steak from my bag to pacify each of them before turning back to the idiots, I mean soldiers.

“There seems to be some issue my faithful retainer, Ron. I apologize for any issues he may have caused.”

“But Master, I didn’t do…”

I raised a hand and silenced him.

“We are just humble guests here in the Sea of Leaves, we should uphold your customs. Please tell me what Ron has done and we will properly repay you for any harm or inconvenience he may have caused.”

The soldiers still hadn't noticed Leyara standing away as they smiled wickedly and shared looks of conspiration.

“You are pretty smart for a filthy vampire aren’t you? Your creature there hurt my man Jerome, here and tried to kidnap a Folioran child from the Sea of Leaves. How are you going to explain that?”


My eyes were ablaze at the ignorance of these imbeciles, but I cast a healing spell nonetheless. The stars made Duskra and Ron happy as they tried to catch them as they feel all around us and the scratch on the man’s arm was healed instantly.

“As the girl stated, there was no kidnapping and I have healed your man. Is this enough? I can go and get the child’s mother if you are truly concerned with her well-being.”

“That won’t be near enough you undead freak. I hear you have also been getting fresh with the princess. Do you think we are just going to let a monster like you have her?”

In the end, I didn’t have to completely wreck these guys. Leyara got all strong and independent and used me to wreck them.

“Have me?! Do you think the proud princess of the Folioran can be used by anyone?”

The sudden appearance of the princess startled all the soldiers present and they all took a knee in reverence to her except for the perpetrators who were stuck on stupid and stood there. Once their small minds realized who was speaking, they begrudgingly took a knee.

“Your Highness, we were just interrogating this—”

“This incredibly important guest of the Royal Family?”

“I mean, he is just a stupid undead…”

My eyes glowed sinisterly as he continued to degrade me. Luckily, Leyara cared for me and understood how I worked.

“Vampir, has this man affronted your honor in any way today? Ron, have these men done the same to you? Finally, Duskra, were these men big stupid jerk face monsters to you?”

I smiled as she asked us very formally. Ron and Duskra were the first to speak up.

“Yes Leyara, they took Duskra and attacked me.”

“Yeah, they are stupid meanies!”

“Most definitely… dear.”

I emphasized the last word to further piss the guards off. The guards were visibly shaking in anger at the humiliation. I could hear their teeth grinding away with my enhanced senses.

“I will leave punishment up to you then, under article 15 section 28 of the Folioran Military Code of Conduct. Any soldier who affronts royalty or a top government official of another nation has sole discretion for discipline for the offending individuals not limited to and up to death. Please conduct your retaliation while I can witness.”

Every soldier’s eyes widened in surprise at the words of the princess. Not only because they did not know that I held such a rank, but also because there was nothing that anyone could say if I chose to kill them. The soldier that dangled Duskra stood up to argue and made my job easier.

“This mons—”

I appeared in front of him and slapped him. His head spun around several times breaking his neck instantly, but not before I cast a spell and healed him instantly, preventing his death but let him feel the pain. Ron covered Duskra’s eyes as he looked on with a grin and made faces at the other guards who were frozen in fear after watching their friend’s pseudo death.

After a few more Mach 3 bitch slaps that were curbed just a bit to avoid vaporizing his head and instantly healing him, the soldier had experienced his brutal death a few times. I called Ron and Duskra over after I healed him the last time. His mind visibly broken from the trauma.

“Come give him your punishment you two.”

Duskra wasted no time and walked up to the soldier but couldn’t reach him. She wanted to do what I had just done. She looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Bend down.”

My voice was layered with Mesmer and it slapped the man in the face as he flinched and bent at the waist instantly. Duskra reached back and swung with all her might. I empowered her just a bit which caused the slap to turn from a childish attack to a full-blown attack as the soldier was blown off his feet and hit the ground. Ron trotted up and relieved himself on the soldier’s head.

“They are all yours, Your Highness.”

I smiled as Leyara was holding her sides laughing hard at the spectacle of the child knocking the man around.

"Lieutenant! Get me the names and ranks of each of these soldiers and the one with the wounded pride there, is stripped of all rank and exiled immediately. I want him stripped naked before being run out for interrupting my date also."

Leyara turned and smiled at me.

“Now, where were we?”

I love this woman.


Name: Vampir Darkness

Date of Birth: Reign 23rd in the year 3015

Title: Undead Lord – Designated as a country in the Sea of Leaves

Race: Vampire

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Current value: 239.9 million Gold Coins, Approx. 149 trillion Gold Coins worth of Invisibility Potion, Resurrection Token

Magic Pocket: Pretty much one of everything (verified), Undead King’s Crown and Sword

Powers: Mesmer, Animal Transmutation, Super Strength, Mach 3 Speed, Immunity, Regeneration

Magic: Source (Custom) Magic, Folioran Magic, High Magic

Weaknesses: Holy Water, The Sun, Leyara’s Smile,

Strengths: Sword Fighting, All Magic (Except Holy), Casidhe’s Magic (Sometimes), Dog, Leyara, Bellant, Mach 3 Bitch Slaps, Healing Magic, Being Duskra’s Hero