The kitten unsheathes her claws
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Mike looks at her as if he has seen as alien and Tina chuckles.

“I know all this might sound weird to you, Mike.  But think about it.  After my mum died, I had to raise my sister alone, without any help from my biological parent besides some money.  In fact, I actively kept him away from Rose since mum had warned me about him.”  She then proceeds to tell him about her mother words.

“So, after hearing all this, do you find it weird that when a man offers me everything that a father would without asking for anything in return, I would develop a father complex toward him?”

Mike smiles at her,

“I guess not.  Still, I would have expected you to be more… reserved about it.”

Tina giggles,

“Oh, Mike, if you met me two months ago, I would probably be staring at the floor and blush like crazy, unable to even speak.  However, thanks to daddy, I managed to shed a lot of preconceptions that were inculcated in me by my religious upbringing.  Having finally stopped seeing the internet as sin helped as well.  I spent a lot of time reading about similar cases so as to better understand my feelings, and now I am comfortable with myself… and my daddy!”

Mike laughs,

“All right, all right, I surrender.  Did Carl explain to you what happened yesterday?”

Tina moods shift, her face a mask of seriousness.

“Yes, he did.  I will help daddy in any way I can to get his revenge.  My own father scheming to make me a whore… and even worst, to do the same to Rose and Ella…  if I have to, I will claw his balls out with my own hands!”

The last words are spoken with so much coldness that even Mike, an ex special forces built like a tank, shivers.

“Don’t worry, honey, you won’t have to…”, I say.

I rise Tina’s hand to my mouth to kiss it, and my pet immediately transform in a sweet little girl smiling at her daddy.  Her bad mood lifted for the moment, I proceed to tell Mike my plans and his part on it.  I tell him to work out the finer details and then call me, and afterward we leave hurriedly to pick up the girls.

I leave Tina at her home and drive hastily to mine to pick up my baby daughter.  Unfortunately, due to having to visit Mike I am somewhat late so we have no time for our ritual morning blowjob in the car, thus I drive her directly to school. It’s all right, we will make up for it when I pick her up.

I spend the rest of the morning talking with my lawyers and explaining what I needed, taking a break to pick up a call from Mike who confirms to me that my suspicions were correct.  The three wannabe pimps hold the rest of the share for the school.  Beyond that he manages to find another gold nugget; the fake marriage certificates were signed by the Mayor, then working as a registrar for the district, and the two witnesses were… our fat ass chief of police and senator Johnston!  This makes my grip on their balls even stronger, so I modify my instructions to Mike to take advantage of our newfound info.

 My legal team is very efficient and it only takes a couple of phone calls from them to retrieve the act of incorporation for the school which details the division of the shares, and by the time that I leave their office, I have all the paperwork I need.  I check my watch, I still have two hours before Ella gets off from school, so I drive to daddy-dearest house.  At this hour he should be out, so I will have a chance to talk to Laura…


Mike drove slowly while mulling at the same time about the whole situation.  When Carl told him about his plans and his relationship with his daughter, his first impulse was to punch him in the nose and kick him out of the office, but he reined it in and thought about it seriously.  What would he do if somebody wanted to do the same to his kids?  His grips strengthened on the steering wheel; he knew exactly what he would do to these fuckers!  He shook his head and loosened his hands, thinking what a huge mess his boss marriage turned out to be.  In the end, though not completely convinced about the ‘fuck all the girls’ portion of Carl’s plan, he decided to help him out.  As for why…

During his army days he was stationed in Virginia Beach as part of the Seals team 4.  His O-5 was a petty asshole, but there were plenty of those in all branches of the service, and if you couldn’t get used to it, you would have been better served flipping burgers somewhere.  This specific asshole was a master of bootlicking and managed to ingratiate himself with the base commander.  All team members loathed him, but there was nothing we could do about it.

  One day he caught the little bastard and two of his buddies, gang [email protected] a young female lieutenant in his office along and kicked the shit out of them.  Fueled by his rage and his pre-existent hate for the man, he beat them to an inch of their life and then carried the now unconscious girl to the infirmary.  When he reported the matter, he never expected that instead of those shitheads, the MP would arrest him!