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I leave Ella at home and head back to my office.  The bitch was bitching as usual and I am still not calm enough to endure it without strangling her, so I decided to take the time to settle a few things.  After my secretary brings me a coffee and I tell her that I don’t wish to be disturbed, I start making phone calls, reaching to my old buddies until I find a way to contact the person I wanted, an ex-delta, part of my old squad, that has moved to South America.  We video call and reminisce for a while about old friends and old flames, then I explain to him what’s going on and the reason that I contacted him.  My buddy readily agrees to help me out and we spend some time hashing out the details before hanging up.  Talk done, I open the online banking app on my laptop and happily transfer two hundred Ks to his account to handle any expenses and bribes, after which I shut the laptop down and go home.  My mood is much better now and I think I can handle Julia being her bitchy self, and I must tell her that I will be leaving on Wednesday….

The rest of the week passes without incidents, though Tina and Rose are probably waddling like ducks instead of walking, due to their zeal in ‘helping’ me destress.  <Chuckle>.  At least thank to their sacrifice I feel more relaxed…  well, okay, for Tina at least it was no sacrifice… hehe.  Tina contacted Julia about taking Ella with her for the weekend and my bitchy wife happily accepted since I will not be at home and staying with our daughter would cut in her ‘daddy-dearest’ time.  On Wednesday, as planned, I leave for the farm.  I first drive to the private underground parking where I keep the van to switch cars, then I drive the van to the adjacent town for supplies.  I stock up on food, drinks and whatever else I feel it might be needed for our weekend, before finally driving to the farm.  As I park my van outside the house, I feel the stress of the last week leaving my body.  I might have bought this farm just to have a place to train Tina, but every time I come here, I am more and more happy with my choice.  I am sure that the girls will love spending the weekend here, and free access to daddy’s cock will be just a bonus… a big, fat, erect bonus… hehe.

I spend the rest of the day cleaning up the house from the gathered dust and filling the cabinets with provisions, then move to the basement to dispose of some damning evidence.  I don’t need to take out the bed and the hoist since I intend to pitch the basement to the girls as a place for our roleplay scenarios, but the life size cardboard pictures of Jack and various similar paraphernalia must go.  On a whim, instead of trashing them I move them to a locker in the garage, thinking that they might come handy in the future if I need to “tame” any of the new girls.  Ahh, good times, I kind of miss the days I was training Tina.  Yup, I absolutely must choose a wildcat for the next one…

Basement done, I head to the kitchen to cook dinner for myself.  Being used to plenty of sex games every day, it feels weird to be alone, but not unpleasant.  Rather, I see it as a chance to let my balls rest before the weekend fuck-athlon (or perhaps, fuck-a-ton would be more appropriate).  Besides, my girls are also used to get plenty of attention from me every day, so the lack of ‘daddyness’ will make them super horny, especially considering the fact that I sternly forbid them to touch themselves or each other until the weekend.  By Friday, my kittens will be mewling for my cock’s attention.

I polish off my freshly cooked dinner, then go to bed early.  As I lie down, I recap the past week in my head; Jack is done.  He has no way to get away from me now and the same goes for Julia.  If she was only fucking her father, she might have been able to counter my blackmail by banking on my desire to protect Ella from the bigoted views of her peers, but since I have her on video agreeing on turning her daughter in a whore for her grandfather’s and his friends dirty desires, along with her tacit agreement on doing so to her half-sisters as well, she is shit out of luck, as pandering, the legal definition of inducing, encouraging, or forcing someone to engage in prostitution is a felony, which translates as a long stay in a state prison.  Add their ‘friendly’ agreement with the three gangbangers about trading favors and money for it, which constitutes pimping, and there is no way in hell that she can get away from this.  So, I get to take Jack and Julia out of the picture, grab a school full of virgin pussy for my personal use, a statement that Julia stole a huge chunk of my money so as to give it to daddy dearest, and sole custody of Ella!  Of course, I don’t intend to have them buzzing around scrutinizing my every move on the off chance that they can get something incriminating on me so they can get even, but I already arranged a perfect solution with the help of my buddy in South America…  The three stooges have been defanged as well, so besides making sure that they won’t get in the way, I have now the ability to control through them a large part of the city, though I do not intend to use the ability unless needed, as it might cause them to grow a spine and backfire on me.  I can however quietly and slowly start funding their opponents and make sure that they gradually get ousted from any position of power, until, when all have been forgotten, I can make them quietly disappear…  Yeah, Julia might be a bitch, but they were fucking MY bitch!  I don’t take lightly to others touching what’s mine.

Another plus, I get a harem manager!  Laura is a godsend.  Beyond her ability to control the girls, Ella adores her, as does Rose, and both will be very happy to have her living with us, especially when they realize that she is okay with them fucking daddy…


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