Welcome to the hen house
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I wake up early in the morning completely refreshed.  A great weekend awaits me!  I jump in the shower humming happily and proceed with my morning ablutions, purposely ignoring my morning wood. Yeah, there is no way this bad boy goes down until the girls make it do so, I think with a shit eating grin.

Shower done, I dress up and move to finish the last details before the girls arrive.  I move to the second bedroom and place on the bed a stack of sexy clothes and even sexier lingerie, three thin black velvet collars designed to go under regular leather ones, a dozen pair of high heels in the girls sizes and different colors, and for the piece of resistance, I place three anal tails… Tina's kitten swishing tail, a white bunny tail, and a white fox tail.  Of course, all three come with a remote-controlled vibrator and the kitten and fox tail have a swishing function.  Just looking at the ensembles on the bed I start drooling thinking of how my girls will look on it.  Mission accomplished, I spend time checking the barn, which I have previously ignored.

The barn is in the same great shape as the house, obviously well cared for.  It is designed in the classical Mississippi style, with a tapered roof, two dozen wide stalls adorning the sides and was designed with a loft area covers three quarters of the space.

  Looking at the spacious place, an idea pops to my mind.  With some work and a fat stack of money, I can convert it in a barn house, capable of housing easily a dozen or so harem girls in single rooms on the ground floor with enough space left over to create kitchen and a huge living – cum – dining room, with emphasis on the 'cum' part. <Grin>

  The loft can be converted in an apartment by itself, with two master bedrooms, an office, a decent sized living room, and of course, a 'playroom'.

Not bad Carl, not bad at all.  This investment just keeps giving!  Should I call it 'the hen house' or should I go with tradition and just name it 'the hareem'?  Nah, let's go conventional and call it 'Daddy's Joy'.  I am sure that the girls will love it.

As I mull on my next architectural project, I hear the sound of a car engine coming near and a honk.  The girls are finally here, time to start this party!

I exit the barn and walk to the front door of the house just in time for Tina's car to pull up.  before I even have a chance to wave, the passenger doors slam open and two needy pets launch themselves at me!


Rose gets the jump on Ella, reaching me first and jumping in my arms.  I grab her with an arm behind her back and twist to the side, thus leaving space for the second human shaped and titty bearing missile to land on me.

The force of the impacts staggers me a bit, but I keep holding my girls tightly as I greedily kiss first Rose, then Ella.  By the time that I come up for air, Tina has arrived as well and somehow she manages to squeeze between the girls and wrap her arms around my neck, before diving in for her own welcome kiss.  We spend a couple of minutes in our group hug, before I give a squeeze at all three butts and disentangle myself.

"Hello girls, daddy missed you all very much.  Welcome to our new home away from home."

I interrupt my speech to give another peck at all three before continuing,

"Now, before we unload the car, let me give you a tour."

I move inside with a pretty girl on each arm and Tina following behind me.  Since she already knows the house, having being fucked in every inch of the place ever since I abducted her, she lets her sisters take front position for the tour.

Ella and Rose like the kitchen and living room very much, so we move to the upper floor, where I show them first my bedroom and the second bath.  I can see the glint in their eyes and I can smell their lust as they eye the bed that daddy uses and I grin openly.  I slap their butts and jokingly say,

"Mind off the gutter girls, let's at least finish the tour and settle you down first."

The ass slap, combined with the hints that there would be plenty of hanky-panky later make the girls grin happily as they reply,

"Yes, daddy!"

We move to the second bedroom, and as soon as they realize what is all the stuff on the bed, all hell breaks loose.  Squealing in delight, they dive on the dresses and accessories with gusto, Tina joining the fray as well.  I let them be for a bit, enjoying their joyful expressions, then gather them to task by clapping my hands.

"All right girls, enough for now, plenty of time to check them out later, especially since these are the only clothes that you are allowed to wear this weekend.  Now follow me, I still have one place to show you!"

With the girls in tow, I go downstairs again and go down the basement.  The girls are confused at my actions, I mean, what is there to see in a basement, right?  Their confusion however is soon dispelled by my words.

"Okay, kittens, as you know, I have played various roleplaying games with all of you, much to our mutual enjoyment I might add, so I figured that I would repurpose this basement for our games!"  I walk them around the place, pointing to the hoists, the big ass tv, the bed, the trays with stacks of sex toys and all the little loving details.  Of course, I have hidden the various whips for the moment, no need to scare them.  The girls are at first gob smacked by my revelation, but gradually I see curiosity and interest in their eyes.  Ella is the first to break the silence and ask,

"Uhm, daddy, what do you mean exactly when you say we can use it for our games?"

I smile at her while I reply,

"Well, honey, take for example our last roleplay.  You have a punishment waiting for you, remember?  One where you roleplay the little girl abducted by the bad man.  Would it not fit the story better if this was where the bad man was keeping you?"

My answer surprises Ella, who nods absentmindedly.  I can see in her eyes a bit of worry, but mixed with curiosity and growing excitement.  I turn to Rose,

"And you, bunny girl, you enjoy fantasizing that people looks at you while you are being naughty, don't you?"

Rose's cheeks get on fire at my words, but I continue,

"So how would you feel if we were to get naughty here, while a camera captures our actions and stream it to the tv upstairs for your sisters to see?  Would it turn you on, honey?  Would you like getting fucked by daddy while your sisters spy on you?"

Rose's legs are trembling in excitement at the world that my words opened up for her.

"Daddy…", she whispers, and I am pretty sure that her panties are already soaked.

"So, girls, do you like our home?"

All three girls hug me as they say,

"yes daddy!"

"Then let's go unload.  The faster we stuff your things in the closets, the faster you can stuff daddy between your legs."

Laughing at my words, we move upstairs to unload the car…


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