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In the end, I decided to work backward, from the end to the beginning, so here is your fix!

… I sit in the living room and wait for the girls to finish while trying to organize the weekend in my mind.  I was thinking of taking them out tomorrow and go to the mall, but upon reflection, that might not be so doable.  Firstly, I really don't want to be seen by the lingerie store clerk with the girls.  Girls being girls, no matter how many clothes I buy, will want to check it out, and I can't afford the clerk to chat them up and mention that I have been here before with my "daughter" Tina.  It would put a crimp in the timeline as they know it.  secondly, today Rose is going to lose her virginity, and I'll do my best to make her unable to walk tomorrow…  Ditto for Ella's, as I still owe her a punishment and an assfuck.  Hm, maybe… okay, dinner and a movie at the mall tonight, then we come home for Ella's punishment and anal first experience.  My little princess will not be able to walk properly tomorrow but should be good enough in the afternoon to spectate and participate in the ripping of Rose's pussy.  Then sex games until we go to sleep, and on Sunday morning we will laze about and fuck all around the house. I won't be able to fuck Ella again as she would waddle home afterward, but plenty of ways to play her like a fiddle even without my fiddle…  Late afternoon, we pack up ad go back home, where I start setting up the last details of my revenge plan.  Oh, right!

I take out my phone and call Mike.

"Hey, boss."

"Hey Mike, how are things going?"

"Peachy, boss.  Everything is set, tickets to South America have been bought, the paperwork is all ready, and as a bonus, the Mayor contacted the publishing house in person and gave them the job of creating and printing a dozen different brochures.  Make-work, mostly, but the contract is worth a mil or so.  I guess he is really scared shitless since the only way that he can directly allocate a contract is if the money comes out of his own pocket."

I laugh at Mike's words.

"Great, good job, Mike.  Now, time to plan ahead.  I need you to dig and make the most detailed dossiers you can on the rest of the girls.  Include everything you can, hobbies, friends, rumors, family members, pets… everything.  Oh, and try to single out the rebellious ones and focus on them.  It has been a while since I last heard a "no, daddy!" and I kinda miss it."

Mike snorts on the phone.

"Damn Carl, if perversion was an Olympic game, you would be the world champion…"

"Nah, I would be too busy fucking other people's daughters to bother going to compete…"

We both laugh at my words, then hang up.  Perfectly on time, my girls come down and line up in front of me in their new dresses.

Tina wears a short white cotton dress with lace trim details and ¾ sleeve arms, covering a little more than her ass, with black sheer thigh high stockings and black low pumps.  A black velvet choker with a small silver heart completes the ensemble.

Rose and Ella, true to their sisterly vibes, decided to wear the same dress in different colors.

Ella wears a velvet black form-fitting dress with white silk chiffon sleeves, with a thin gold chain with a small golden crucifix around her neck.

Rose wears the same design, but the main color is champagne and the white silk chiffon sleeves have lace details.  A thin golden chain with a small crucifix adorns her neck as well.

Both girls wear knee-high black soft leather boots.  All in all, they are all adorable and I can't wait to discover what they are wearing under those lovely dresses.

Tina breaks the silence first,

"Well, daddy?  What do you think?"

I sweep my gaze once again from left to right and from top to bottom, then motion for them to turn around.  The girls obey my silent command and turn away from me while slightly bending, causing her lovely butts to stretch the fabric to the limit.

"You are incredibly beautiful girls!  It would be a shame to keep you in the house dressed like this, so how about dinner and a movie in town?"

The girls squeal happily at the idea and throw themselves at me.  I find myself sitting on the couch drowned in the hugs of my three lovely girls who start raining kisses on whichever part of me they can reach.  One naughty little girl, probably Rose, grabs the chance to fondle my cock through the fabric of my pants, causing my erection to surge.

"All right, girls, however before we go, we have a small issue to solve."

I point at the tent in my pants.

"Daddy can't walk in town like this…"

The girls giggle and look at each other, then launch a quick round of rock-paper-scissor.  The winner of the impromptu competition is Rose, who happily kneels in front of me while her sisters take my sides.  With by now expert hands, she lowers my pants and underwear in a swift motion, releasing my springy cock who immediately stands at attention.

"Well, bunny girl, it seems fair, given that you were the one who made it like this on the sly."

Tina's and Ella's heads turn to look at her like lase turrets and Rose blushes and lowers her head.

Ella extends an arm to reach her head and Rose instinctively flinches, but Ella just pats her head saying,

"Good job, Rosie, you made daddy ready in seconds!"

Rose looks at her sisters, and upon seeing the amusement in their eyes, smiles impishly.

"Sorry, I just couldn't resist…"

I laugh and smile at her,

"It's okay, honey.  It's not as if I didn't like it, it just took me a few seconds to figure out who was being grabby… Now, as punishment for your greed, you get to choke on my cock… hmm, wouldn't it be a reward instead?  Never mind, I was never one to say no to my lovely daughter's blowjob."

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