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Happy with my words, Rose moves her head forward to enfold my cock between her lips but is stopped instead by my next words.

"Wait, bunny girl!  Before you start, I want to see what are you wearing beneath that lovely dress, so all of you, hike up your dresses to your waist!"

A chorus of happy "Yes, Daddy!" echoes in the room as the girls do as ordered, excited that they get to show daddy their new lingerie.

Tina wars a black skimpy lacy G-string, basically a thin small triangle of semi-transparent lace with a flower design that can barely cover her labia, leaving her butt cheeks completely exposed, and I find my hand instinctively navigate to grab and squeeze her round butt, causing her to moan happily.

Rose, on the other hand, opted for a white see-through thong with floral details on the sides.  Giving her exhibitionist nature, the choice of a see-through fits her character perfectly.  Seeing her kneeling in front of me with her legs open and her dress hiked up to her waist, almost makes me want to [email protected] her on the spot, but I decide not to spoil my plans for tomorrow.  Instead, I remove one of my shoes with the help of my other foot and extend said foot forward to rub her lacy-covered pussy lips with the upper part of it.  Rose shivers at the contact, and I can already see her new panties getting soaked.

Finally, Ella, my little princess, surprises me with a crotchless red G-string, that looks more like three interlaced strings than anything else.  Having a free hand, I happily oblige to my instincts as I extend a finger to lightly penetrate her pussy, causing her to whimper in excitement.

"You are all adorable, girls, and I am very lucky to have you in my life.  As pretty as you look, though, Tina and Rose might want to remove their panties, otherwise, we will ruin them even before we leave the house.  Ella… well, honey, given your choice, there is no difference if you leave it on…"

Ella smiles smugly at my words, while her sisters hurriedly remove their panties.  The stage set, I give the go-ahead to my selected cocksucker.

"Go ahead, honey", I say, and Rose immediately dives forward and swallows my cock to the root without however breaking eye contact with me.  Sigh, I really trained them well, I think contentedly while I watch the youngest of my daughters chocking on my dick while her little tongue darts out to lick the upper part of my testicles.  I relax and enjoy the feeling of her throat enveloping the engorged shaft of my penis, while my little bunny sucks the life out of me like a nuclear-powered vacuum cleaner.  Of course, I don't forget to put my hands and foot to good use, as I keep rubbing all three of them in synchronicity with the awesome blowjob.  Soon, a chorus of moans echoes in our living room, as the girls are getting more and more excited at my ministrations.  For myself, it takes all my willpower as I hold on for dear life, unwilling to cum before I make my kittens reach orgasm.  A detached part of my mind notices that the sock covering the foot rubbing on Rose's pussy is completely drenched, so I tell her to remove it, which my little slurper does without breaking rhythm.  Feeling in the mood to make her squirm a little, I reposition my foot so I can press on her labia lips with my big toe and gently start pushing it in.  Rose stops sucking and starts trembling as if electrified, the shock of my action causing her to mildly choke on my cock for real until she is forced to remove my dick from her throaty prison and cough.


"Oh, come on, bunny girl.  It's just a toe. How do you expect to handle daddy's cock tomorrow if a little toe gets you so flustered?"  As if to punctuate my words, I push my big toe a bit deeper and start clenching it, causing it to apply pressure on the lower part of her hole, at which point, a deluge of juices floods my foot.

"Nghhh... Daddyyy…"

Having achieved her orgasm, even though such an unorthodox method, my little bunny slumps to the floor, only to be brought up again by my words.

"Honeybunny, did you perhaps forget that you left something in the middle?"

Rose raise her head while panting and looks at me, then looks at my cock, before smiling and moving to continue her 'duty'.

"Sorry, daddy, I got carried away!  Ahmmm…"

One pet down, two to go, I think to myself, as I intensify the movements of my hands while at the same time alternating kisses between my two still unsatisfied kittens.  Since it takes too long to make them cum with my hands and since I am already on the cusp of a monumental orgasm, I decide to edge the girls with my words.

"Ella, dear, just think.  After we come back, daddy will finally [email protected] you.  I will drag you to the basement and bend you over a low table.  Rosie will hold you down tightly and I will stick my cock deep into your throat… then while I will fuck your throat hard and deep, Tina will move behind you and start hitting your ass with the paddle.  Every time I will thrust my cock deep in you, you will feel a burning pain in your butt… by the time that I cum deep in your stomach, your perky little ass will have become fiery red and twice the size… and that is when I will move behind you, and nail your asshole with my cock as fast, hard and deep as I can.  I will cover your body with mine and grab your hair to force your head back as my balls slap against your pussy, until finally, I will pump your ass full of daddy's delicious hot cum.  Would you like that, honey?  Would you like daddy to [email protected] your ass this way?"

My words are too much for my baby girl, who with a cry of "daddyyyy!" squirts all over my hand.  On the other hand, my pet Tina has not stopped cumming ever since I mentioned the paddle…  Ha!

My girls being finally satisfied, it's my turn.  I remove my hands from the girls, grab Rose's head with both, and then start fiercely slamming her mouth against my cock.  Choking sounds escape from her air-deprived mouth as I brutally face fuck her, but she still does not break eye contact with me.  Satisfied with her obedience, I hug her head against my cock as tightly as possible and let go, flooding her insides with a flood of white, hot, cum.  Having blue balls since yesterday the amount is much greater than usual and before long, my little bunny cocksucker is struggling to breathe while my nut batter fills her throat, mouth, and finally starts escaping from her nose.  Still, to her credit, she does not go down without a battle as she does her damnedest to swallow everything and avoid staining her new dress.

When my balls finally signal me the 'all done', MY poor bunny is a mess, her face white as a sheet as she tries to swallow the huge load remaining in her mouth.  Her two sisters move forward to 'share' the bounty, but I quickly grab them both by the hair and pull them back.

"Where exactly do you think you are going, girls?"  I ask in a semi-serious tone.

"D-daddy, we… uhmmm…"

"Lemme guess, you wanted for Rose to share my cum with you, correct?"

"Y-yes daddy…", they both answer timidly.  Even though they do not know what they have done wrong, they feel that I am not happy with something.

"So, let me see if I understand things clearly.  Your sister spent a good fifteen minutes to get that cum out of me, and yet, you decided that you wanted a share, without even bothering to ask me if I wanted her to share with you?  Am I correct?"

The girls tremble at my words, while Rose looks at me with her mouth still full of cum, not sure whether should she swallow or not.


"let me be clear, daughters of mine.  Only daddy decides where his cum goes.  You don't get a say on the matter.  You might ask me, and I might agree, but you will never again do something like that without my permission.  Ignore me on this, and daddy will ignore you as well until I feel that you have learned your lesson.  Am I clear?"

I can see the tears gathering on all three girls' eyes as they trembling reply,

"Y-yes daddy… sorry…"

I soften my tone as I continue,

"Girls, there will be days that daddy will not be able to play with any of you, and there will be days that daddy will want to play with just one of you specifically.  I will keep things fair and never ignore one of you for the sake of another, but this is something you must understand if you truly want to be daddy's…  Unless I tell you to, you will not 'help' each other, especially when I am not present.  I love you all and this will never change, but that does not mean that you can do whatever you want.  Are we clear?"

Calmer now, they answer with a chorus of subdued "yes, daddy."

"Good, I want you to think about it before we take the final step and I take your virginities.  I will love you no matter what you decide, but I want you to make the decision while having all the facts.  Now, wipe those tears and give me a hug.  Oh, and Rosie, you can swallow now, honey…"

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