Prologue – To Fix a Mistake.
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The world has been embroiled in an endless war for almost 150 years. The reason for the war is the need for resources. 100 years ago mankind had a falling out with themselves this would start a war that would turn nearly 95% of the habitable surface into, forest became charred wastelands, desserts into seas of glass, small islands removed from the map.

Mankind however is tenacious opting create massive under ground city's were the corrupt thrive and the good perish. There are those who still live on the surface, to those who live in the undercitys it would seem like heaven on earth however it was even more cut throat then the undercity if one were to live they would fight for the war was not yet over.

Most humans lived with household androids on the surface due to not having time to care for themselves with the amount of fighting and training one has to undergo. Androids are assigned  at birth and they will tend to their assigned human for the rest of their life. When their life comes to an end the android will start a self destruct procedure to ensure no other humans can get the information held within.

While conflict, chaos and deceit run rampant on  the planet the god had created it was in process of changing the world so such a fate would hopefully not occur again. It had pained them greatly to watch as such greed had ruined it.

As the embers of life had fizzled out the gods plan could be set in motion. They would expand the planet to be much larger then it previously, they rejuvenated the war torn lands, created a system to help guide life, a cycle of destruction to allow new life and cease stagnation and finally added a form of energy to give life new power and paths to take. Then they started the cycle of life once more, allowing some humans to keep vague memories from the past to give them a head start in the now larger and crueler world.