Crystal and Master
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The day has come for me to be assigned a human to care for like the many before me, however it seems like I am the first of a new model the warehouse workers call me an economy model and said "Its less fun to look at the eco-models".

I don't see the issue with my appearance other then being smaller then the previous models I don't have any defect at all. Nice short sky blue hair (though the sky isn't blue any more), deep blue eyes with the trademark diamond shape iris all androids have and almost white skin with no flaws except for around the joints witch look like ball joints.

I cant wait too see my master from what I know new born humans start small and cute but grow into a very unique individual later in their life. My new masters name is apparently  Jade from the Adair family. I will be the only one to care for her until she old enough to participate in the war.

It has been three weeks since I started taking care of the young master and if I were to be honest its.. been dull to say the least, all she has done is move around a little eat then sleep again. Although she does seem to becoming more energetic as she gets older.

Something great happen today Jade has finally began to crawl after 7 months and 3 days I am so excited to see the Jades mother's face when I show her the video.

Its been almost a little over a year now Jade has made great progress she already has started talking, her first word was yummy after I gave her some sweets on her birthday. Her eye positively lit up when she first tasted it, how I wish we could get more.

The have been some worrisome news as of late, it seems like all life has stop having children or should I all life that is born is born still, although it seem humans can no longer even conceive a child even through artificial insemination.

I have been living with Jade for 5 years now and she is so adorable big red eyes like a ruby long blonde hair  usually done up into one long ponytail. Fair skin with no blemish's. And a heart of gold she is unnecessarily kind. She even gave me a name Crystal she said it cause my eyes look like the crystal clear oceans from before the war.

Jade's mother passed away in the front the other day. I don't know if I have the heart to tell her. There have been more then a few beak ins since her death I was hoping it wouldn't be like this but this how the world works. Thankfully the security systems had made quick work of the who broke in.

It seem that there is no choice but to use the plan Jades mother had set up in case her daughter was hunted that was to hide with Jade from those who want to harm her. We would move into a hidden cabin in a remote area of land with little to no life around it, just the necessities to live that Jades mother prepared.