The End?
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As time went on the wars seem to have calmed down or at least from the radio traffic it would seem so, but now is not the time to concern myself with that today is Jades 15th birthday I decided to use the last of our pure sugar to make some cookies for Jade. I hope she can eat them she been bedridden since she was 10 and she been sleeping a lot as of late.

I knock on her door "Jade its time to get up"  however I didn't get a response "Jade get up I made something special for you" at this point I open the door to make sure she alright.

As I walked in she seemed to be awake thank god "Jade do you know what day it is today" Jade turned her head to me she looks so pale I hope she is ok.

Jade puts on a smile and says "My birthday right, you said you made something and it smells great" she said a her smile turned into a toothy grin from ear to ear.

"Yes I did! I made some sugar cookies since its been so long since you had sweets" I go to the kitchen and get the plate of sugar cookies. "Here you go Jade" as I hand her the plate she says her thanks and starts eating.

As Jades eating with such a gleeful expression I cant help but think about what is wrong with her, I have check her inside and out and nothing I have done leads to any know illness, condition or diseases. It just seems like the life in her is being sapped away.

Its not like her likes been bad, she always smiles and laughs even though I tell here not to over exert herself. If only I could just put her in my body so she would be healthy and strong. Androids have an internal battery, that allows them to easily operate longer then the life of a human as long as theirs a power source. 

The real issue with androids it the initial startup takes a large amount of energy afterwards they can just recharge and damage is repaired by the nano machines produce by the core of an android when necessary. The core of an android is made near indestructible and can be repaired by the nano machines they produce so if not for the self destruct protocol they could live forever along as there is energy for them.

"Crystal what are you thinking about on my birthday" Jade said in an almost mocking tone "N-nothing master just admiring how cute you are when eating cookies" she looks a me in scrutinizing eye, she cleanly knows what I was thinking after 15 years she seems to gotten a sense for when I think about theses meaningless things.

"How about to help get your mind off of what you thinking about you take me to the tree and tell me stories about how the world used to be Crystal"

She caught me once again "Sure I also like the stories about how the world once was, but do you think we can go with fantasy I like them a bit more" I ask with a wry smile "Sounds good to me" she said giving a beautiful smile.

I carried her out to our favorite tree an old willow that has stood the test of time though it almost dead now almost no leafs that used to shade use wile we talked all day in the grass. I set her down and began to recite old tails about worlds of magic and mysteries. 

Jade would laugh and giggle at the antics of hero and cry at the death of characters in the story she truly is too good for this wasteland. I as I finish the story with the princess and prince saving the kingdom from from a tyrannical rule the sun begins to set in the sky.

"Jade I think its time to go back to bed" I turn my head to see Jade had fallen asleep on my shoulder. I pick her up and put her in her bed for the night as I do I hear her mutter in her sleep "Crystal thank you".

I went to my charging station for the night and await for tomorrows wonderful day. It was around midnight when I felt a tremor and got up to check on Jade.

"Jade I'm coming in" I walked into the room to see Jade still sleeping soundly, so I go to the bedside to make sure shes safe for the night. I reach my hand to touch Jade cheek as I do I notice shes cold to the touch. "Jade are you okay!" no response I check her breathing and she is not.

"Jade, Jade!, Jade this isnt funny you can stop pretending now!" I begin to administer first aid to no avail. I continued to attempt to revive Jade for well over an hour and she wont wake. Something hurts, it hurts so bad, why does it hurt, I shouldn't hurt even if I were damaged so why does everything hurt so bad!

I check my internal battery well below critical must be from trying to revive Jade, not like it matter the self destruct should happen soon. "Jade I love you, I loved you so much, I hope you didn't hate your life I hope it was good enough for you. I know it was for me" And so I went to Jade side with all my pain and well waited, I waited for my death I don't know if the pain was the self destruct or not but I and running out of power soon, so soon I will be with Jade again. "I love you Jade"