A Beginning
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As the god's plan came to an end life returned to the dead planet. Land revitalized new land formed foliage started to fill the land and finally god place many species small and big.

Humans were quick to start a foothold in the world building cities and kingdoms concurring many lands exploring the ruins of an ancient civilization. All while mastering a new power a power that seemed to bend what they knew, they would call it magic. Magic was the humanity biggest boon allowing them to strengthen them self and attack their enemies create items of power and potions to heal the wounded.

A guild was set up in all kingdoms under the banner of the Exploration guild although the member are called explores they are also like a local guard protecting towns from the magical beast and monsters who inhabit the lands. They also explore the old ruins of the ancient civilization that has long since passed usually theses ruins contain items of immense power how ever monster also gather in them due to the dense magic. Magic gather were things once where, as a general rule the older the more power it holds. Even broken items will attract magic making them valuable however not everything will attract magic only some items.

Most items that attract magic that are broken are given to the local Exploration guild as trophies as a kind of competition and to bolster the magic around the area the guild is in. In the royal capital the guild has an item makes all others seem insignificant. They call it Gods Jewel due to its never fading shine and immeasurable colors on it running through like map of rivers. Attempts to take a piece have all resulted in failure.

~~Power requirements met initializing start up~~

As my sensors came back to life I saw what seem like a grand hall filled with many broken tools of war a supersonic cutting blade for cutting through heavily armed targets plasma rifles, shells of what would become warheads there were also some that seems like there there for comedic effect or something a hard light projector, and other luxury items. As I thought all this the quest that I was really concerned with was why I was still operational I should have died after Jade did.

I began to release my nano machines to reconstruct my body how ever as I did a man dressed in an incredibly gaudy outfit had just walked into the hall. Huge furs around his neck, a long purple cape just barely not touching the floor. His clothes looked like they were taken out of a children's book of a king. A golden crown with many jewels embossed inside (Why use such a precious material like gold for crown what do you think you are a king or something?).

Soon other had followed into the grand hall one looking like the depiction of a wizard big floppy hat and robes, One carrying shield that looks inhumanly large something like a human would need an exoskeleton to carry, another man sporting an inhuman strength with a sword that looked like it crush a hovercar in one swing and finally a women with no feat of strength or comical getup, scratch that she has cat ear implants as well as a tail, geeze who do they think they are.

While this is going on the "King" has gotten to were I am but seems perplexed by something. Also it seems as if I am in a container of sorts cause I can't release any more nano machines. As I thought this the "King" seems to open whatever I was in allowing the nano machines to spread out.

I decide to take a form quickly so I could talk with them, as I begin to take a shape the "King" is visibly startle and the others see to take some form of stance as they rush between me and the "King". I mean from what I read when an android take a form humans say it looks unpleasant but never to this degree.

As I finish taking my form the "King" and co have started speaking in some strange dialect, when did they have time to do all this with the war. They have surrounded me by the time I had finish setting up my voice.

I ask "Where is this and who are you" if your wondering at this point I just barely meeting the requirements to hold my core in place while I speak my current height is only about a foot tall some of my core is visible around my chest.

After I spoke they all seemed confused, so they don't understand English?

¿Dónde está esto y quién eres?, Где это и кто ты... As I tried all of the languages I knew they seems to not know any of them, how strange?

At this point they have lowered their guard and looked puzzled. So I guess its time to learn a language. And so started the game of charades I would point to part of my body and repeat it waiting for a response as I did this I was constructing a compressive guide to their phonetics.

After getting what I would say my fair share of heads, shoulders, knees and toes (seriously I spent more then a few hours doing this it better be worth it some servant looking people came through with a table and tea).

I tried forming a sentence with my new fond dialect "Where am I and who are you". As I waited for a response the man with the comical blade went to speak by the "King" stopped him and said "Where in my kingdom and I am the King"

At this point I am fed up with them. "I mean in the world, like America, Russia with preferably the state!" 

The "King" flashes a look of disgust then on of puzzlement and replied with "There are no Kingdoms that go by that name this is the Kingdom of Estill laocated on the southern side of Terrafirma."

At this point I begin to cry, wait I'm crying androids cant cry yet here I am, an android with no master, no Jade and is some place called Estill.

As I am breaking down the Cat eared girl said to the King "What why you go and make her cry" as she said that she rushed over to rub my head. As she did I began to deconstruct my form I am tired I hurt Jade where are you.


"awawa she melted?" that was surprising she first started crying then melted?

"I don't think shes gone though it was pulling in a huge amount of mana for a before we say it make that body, even now mana is being pulled into it" said King Estill

"What should we do relic never have spoken much less have a body" Said Roy our warrior

"Yea I never seen such a adora... I mean fascinating relic I mean for a relic which has been broken for so long to activate and no less be sapient makes one wonder how many more there are like it. said Luna are Ark Mage

"The real question is what do we do with it now that it activated?" Albert our paladin said

"I believe we should give it a room if it really is alive imaging waking up in an old box in a room full of broken things on display"

"I also believe this to be a good course of action Ill have one of the guest room fitted to fit two Abigail you will stay with it until it wakes up." The king also likes my idea. I also get to stay with the cutie Nice.

As we finish the talk with the king about the relic we went to the guest rooms.


"Yes my lord"

"I want you to look into this America and Russia that it spoke of"

"As you wish my lord"

How should I do character dialog should I just put their name in front of the sentences like this

<Crystal>I like Jade lots.

Or should I keep it like I have been doing it?